Your Club's Biggest OVERSIGHT This Decade

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • The Irish Guy takes a look at what footballer each Premier League club has overlooked in the last decade, including the likes of Wilfried Zaha, Harry Kane and Kevin De Bruyne.
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  • Jonontoast
    Jonontoast 4 days ago +1

    Norwich one just shows a lack of knowledge

  • Roland Ronny Asenoguan

    The way u talk about Mustafi defending, I swear I can see u leading towards calling him the next Titus Bramble 😂

  • pedro p
    pedro p 21 day ago

    mourinho doesn't like the academy players

  • Kian Shayegan
    Kian Shayegan 22 days ago

    The Southampton bit 😂😂

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan 25 days ago

    Chelsea letting go of Mo Salah should of been mentioned as well with Kevin De Bruyne.

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan 25 days ago

    Man U letting go of memphis depay and keeping Jessie Lingard should be in this too lol

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan 25 days ago

    Really for Everton you pick Eric Dier as the player to let go off instead of Gerard Deulofeu hahaha

  • Lukas Bason
    Lukas Bason 26 days ago

    Gnabry is great but he is not Germany's best player

  • Canary Catch-Up
    Canary Catch-Up 28 days ago

    Holt is better than Kane stfu

  • Aris da mlg
    Aris da mlg 29 days ago

    Lesicter Harry kane

  • Rodney Higgins
    Rodney Higgins 29 days ago

    O. M. G. Imagine how many Champions leagues Chelsea would have if they kept Mbappe, KDB and Mo Salah... plus whoever else they sold for peanuts and who is now a world 11 player.

  • Minhaz Sami
    Minhaz Sami Month ago

    Wow,good job,Chelsea. Let's sell the future best wonderkid, whose quality is better than 97% of the entire team.WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG ?

  • Joshua Bulloch
    Joshua Bulloch Month ago

    Wilfried Zaha is 27. He appeared 3 times for United. While he wasn’t bad, he wasn’t good either. He didn’t shine or do anything exceptional. We watched him on loan at CP and Cardiff. He made 44 appearances for both clubs in 3 years and only scored 2 goals.and only a handful of assists. He didn’t perform at a top 4 club level on loan either. Hes only just started performing well but again, I don’t think he can walk into the starting 11 at any top 4 club and that’s what United needed at the time they sold him. Of course our standards have dropped and I’d take him over Lingard but that wasn’t an oversight.

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey
    Jeffrey Jeffrey Month ago +1

    00:01 them hands tho

  • Ben Gaerty
    Ben Gaerty Month ago

    Sterling with Liverpool

  • Will Rees
    Will Rees Month ago

    Tomori was wank at Brighton. Also, they have Dunk, Duffy and Webster

  • Connor Strachan
    Connor Strachan Month ago

    watford- hector bellerin

  • Nick Grech
    Nick Grech Month ago

    Comparing Iago Aspas to a "malnourished pillowcase" has made my night!

  • Nwah Nerevar
    Nwah Nerevar Month ago

    Fat Grant Holt was the Hephaestus of football and I won't have a word said against him.

  • Freddy Main
    Freddy Main Month ago

    Palace’s should’ve been Jose Campana

  • ghostninja010
    ghostninja010 Month ago

    Tomasson winning the eufa cup with feyenoord and the champions league the year after with milan must have been hard for the newcastle fans

  • Nathan Watts
    Nathan Watts Month ago

    Kylian, Salah de bruyne you done fucked up Chelsea.

  • Nathanael Sadgrove
    Nathanael Sadgrove Month ago

    What the hell was wrong with Park?!

  • Football Madrid
    Football Madrid Month ago

    De Gea is worst then Karius
    He has made more howlers

  • KaasKopGameplay
    KaasKopGameplay Month ago

    I think Suso is a bigger regret than Aspas

  • Not in use
    Not in use Month ago

    Watford’s should be Jadon Sancho

  • Amman Haider
    Amman Haider Month ago +1

    I thought Chelsea might have been salah .

  • Tahmid তাহ্মিদ

    Please make a video on ' Every premier league club's team of the decade'

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez Month ago

    Honestly I be having a straight face seeing his videos but the Mustafi roast had me in tear😂

  • Tonny K
    Tonny K Month ago +3

    Hey come on Park Ji Sung was class

  • Jaime Segundo O. Montanares

    zaha left cause he couldnt handle the pressure of a big club. his words. js

  • Jericho Kane
    Jericho Kane Month ago

    Depay, Zaha at United

  • Top Militèrian
    Top Militèrian Month ago +1

    On Chelsea, I expected Salah but KDB will do

  • Mart Glass
    Mart Glass Month ago

    Did he really just say Gnabry is Germany's best player?!

  • counterPoppy
    counterPoppy Month ago

    Millwall tried to get Wood and went to Leicester and Harry Kane was epic for us, but Spurs wanted him to get xp hence going to narrwich and have our morison who we sold for million plus keeeping him out.. lol

  • ItzJake
    ItzJake Month ago

    Mark albrighton turned down a new contract at villa son

  • Marcus Nyberg
    Marcus Nyberg Month ago

    Chelsea could have had Mbape, Salah, De bruyne and Lukaku xD

  • CareBare Hair
    CareBare Hair Month ago

    Sometimes a player needs to be rejected - that way they will raise their game. Also some blossom late - some get taller and stronger later than others.

    Blaming the managers or scouts is a tad naive.

  • KEITH Fitz
    KEITH Fitz Month ago

    christ you are headwrecking

  • Willem Boston
    Willem Boston Month ago

    Karius made it further in the UCL then Man City ever had

  • Elliott Hughes
    Elliott Hughes Month ago

    Suddenly glad West Brom aren't in the premier league so we don't get a mention. Some of the players we have had and lost is ridiculous. We could have had Gnabry but like arsenal didn't give him a chance. Chris wood came through our academy. We had Lukaku for his break through season in the premier. But best of all we had Alan Shearer on trial as a kid, and turned him down because he couldn't play in goal. *Facepalm*.

  • A.GrayJedi
    A.GrayJedi Month ago

    I watched Aspas' bit like 4 times. He looks more like Boyle than Fakr Boyle!

  • Tony Jove
    Tony Jove Month ago

    Iago aspas was great in Spain, comes to Liverpool and sucked but then went back to Spain and was good again. Nah no regrets he just suited Spain better.

  • Ronnie Granger
    Ronnie Granger Month ago

    Harry Kane for Leicester?

  • Y2Jmarco1
    Y2Jmarco1 Month ago

    Liverpool-Luis Alberto. That was a hell of a mistake. Well, I thought he was crap too, but he’s doing amazing at Lazio (he’s the best midfielder in the league, even better than Sergej Milinkovic Savic and Miralem Pjanic rn, if you don’t believe me just see the last game against Juventus and his 2nd assist, astonishing) and even at his former club (I think it was Deportivo La Coruna) he was solid. Great number 10, a joy to watch.

  • henry hein lin htet

    Aspas in Brooklyn NineNine. Lmao

  • Jimboola
    Jimboola Month ago +1

    Surely Villa should have been Gary Cahill. Yes Albrighton won the league but Cahill has won the LOT. multiple Premier Leagues, Champions League, couple of Europa Leagues etc...

  • Jack Wilcox
    Jack Wilcox Month ago

    No it’s not albrighton for villa it’s Gary Cahill

  • Ali G On WA
    Ali G On WA Month ago +1

    5:47 don't diss Leo Ulloa Irish Guy, man's a hero

  • theroosterbooster1
    theroosterbooster1 Month ago

    Southampton has to be Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain surely!

  • Sl Ash
    Sl Ash Month ago

    For Man United how can you pick Zaha over Pique?

  • Jose Tobon
    Jose Tobon Month ago

    LMAO Aspas is a true talent being able to manage a football and acting career is a true accomplishment !

  • TheShaneTownsend
    TheShaneTownsend Month ago

    Manchester City Jerome Boateng..

  • Rishabh Singh
    Rishabh Singh Month ago

    Debruyne was sold when chelsea had Oscar and mata in the same position at their prime

  • Kuromori
    Kuromori Month ago

    Man City also had Adrien Rabiot in their ranks.

  • Stephen McCartney
    Stephen McCartney Month ago

    what about Tadic at Southampton ? Massive for Ajax last season

  • Karl Clifford
    Karl Clifford Month ago +1

    Good content, but Jesus I can’t stand this fella

  • dannyboy 1004
    dannyboy 1004 Month ago

    Doesn't blame man city for Sancho and then blames Chelsea for not signing a 13 year old mbappe

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady Month ago

    He didn't even mention Salah with Chelsea. Maybe as a Liverpool fan I am a tiny bit biased

  • Zizonagi Gamer
    Zizonagi Gamer Month ago

    A spas Boyle 😂😂