BKCHAT LDN: S4 - EPISODE 7: "What Did You Learn From Getting Beaten As A Child?"

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • The cast talk about Abuse in the household... Has this father gone too far?
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  • mabel mabel
    mabel mabel 2 hours ago

    This episode funny nah rass

    DEAVD WRLD BEATS 2 days ago

    a bit too much still, there is a civilised way to beating

  • Amy Grace
    Amy Grace 3 days ago

    As a girl from white parents, I was beaten so the white stereotype cannot always be applied. Separately, I believe beatings is a consequence not a lesson. If you’re going to beat your child, make sure the child knows WHY they are getting beat and WHAT they should be doing/acting like after they have faced that consequence. Also, it should be a serious resort (which obviously depends on personal judgments) and, in my experience, some children respond better with positive reinforcement instead of negative where they have room to rebel.

  • Miriam Mills-Walters

    Young p needs to be terminated ... he is not a representation of Caribbean’s

  • Miriam Mills-Walters

    I am worried about these people having children, i also am worried about these views still being perpetuated in this day and age. B moni had valid and accurate points.
    This is why the show should not be dominated by one culture.
    Esther always talking about back home - you are from London, this is not back home

  • Abida Uddin
    Abida Uddin 5 days ago

    How can you smile at that video? It’s disgusting

  • Lisa Oluwole
    Lisa Oluwole 5 days ago +1

    “Ahh... Pepsi”
    I dieddd

  • Christabel Allison
    Christabel Allison 6 days ago

    It's only Africans that take that spare the rod phrase literally. It's figurative please. And I'm training both my son and my daughter in the same way, and that's on gender equality 2025

  • Mimi Mudry
    Mimi Mudry 7 days ago +1

    No the way that the child was getting beat in the begging was way to much. She was crying and clearly that was to much. That’s disgusting.

  • joe M
    joe M 8 days ago

    Young people today are just got it too nice ! That’s why society so fucked up today !!! That arab Guy was right ! There is abuse and there’s discipline... that , for what she did , was discipline!!!

  • Dreonix
    Dreonix 8 days ago

    dont need to watch the rest of the video, to know that this counts as child abuse

  • selma ahmed
    selma ahmed 9 days ago

    if an invidual is comfortable with having sex at age 12 years old, then may be we should consider not calling them a child

  • tony grant
    tony grant 11 days ago

    Look kids .... home or police .? And then hostile . Then the gov will sell dem underneat. True talk if you want to know.

  • Lucas Vegen
    Lucas Vegen 11 days ago

    Jamaican family here, we got licks. Boys and girls

  • Lucas Vegen
    Lucas Vegen 11 days ago

    Finally! A decent question. Timeless! Regionless! Waveless!

  • tolu olaniyan
    tolu olaniyan 11 days ago +1

    Everyone thinks "spare the rod and spoil the child" in the bible means hit your child with the rod, however it actually means that parents should guide their children with a rod like a sheperd would use their rod to lead their sheep.

  • mide awosika
    mide awosika 11 days ago

    15:29 are we going to ignore the fact that Esther said 'Year 12, 13, 14...' lmaooo

  • Pure Soul
    Pure Soul 11 days ago

    NAAAA when b moni was like let her talk.. i mean he. he was done HAHAHHAHAHA his face!! and all the girls laughing lol awks

  • Tosin Babatunde
    Tosin Babatunde 14 days ago

    I hope I never see young P in this show ever again

  • Leon Wallace
    Leon Wallace 15 days ago

    Esther your carribean friends lied too u, they got beating when they got in the yard or lied to there parents too,

  • Meysa Mohames
    Meysa Mohames 15 days ago

    No i am sorry but that is child abuse. There are certain levels of beating but that one was too far and frankly is going to scar her. And the way he kept asking her if she’s going to be a hoe? No, I am sorry but this is wrong

  • TJ Fasan
    TJ Fasan 15 days ago

    This premise of this topic breaks my heart, I have seen worse beating over poor grades with horse whip causing bleeding and deep lacerations all over a childs body.
    The sex dimension skewed the narrative. It's child abuse plain and simple.
    The discussion is shallow, where is the comparative study with other race that dont beat their children.
    How come blacks are over represented in the prison system with all the alledge benefit of beating.

  • Tina Trombino
    Tina Trombino 15 days ago

    young p juss su mannn

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 17 days ago

    Can someone pls tell me what was Chris' role in this episode?

  • Dassa Nice
    Dassa Nice 19 days ago

    Put me on this show as a mother i wanna give my opinion lool

  • Dassa Nice
    Dassa Nice 19 days ago

    And yes I would raise my son and daughter the same with the same morals and respect

  • Dassa Nice
    Dassa Nice 19 days ago

    Young p is soo stupid ...how is the 12year old a hoe..... she's clearly naive

  • Samara McGraw
    Samara McGraw 20 days ago

    Chris is so calm, yet spicy. I love it.

  • jinki onabolu
    jinki onabolu 20 days ago +5

    No one at all:

    Esther: I'm a mother

  • Chichi Okafor
    Chichi Okafor 20 days ago

    Terrel is so useless

  • Jemima Onuoha
    Jemima Onuoha 21 day ago

    Having hair means your uncivilised making that person irrelevant.

  • Jemima Onuoha
    Jemima Onuoha 21 day ago

    Someone is jealous of her life.

  • Jemima Onuoha
    Jemima Onuoha 21 day ago

    white man is a devil. If you can be clever with other people then you are a demon.

  • Jemima Onuoha
    Jemima Onuoha 21 day ago

    The black woman is a psychologist by nature and this is because of our native roots.

  • Jemima Onuoha
    Jemima Onuoha 21 day ago

    prostitution and sex trafficking removes the innoncence of african women.

  • Jemima Onuoha
    Jemima Onuoha 21 day ago

    Freedom from modern day slavery

  • Jemima Onuoha
    Jemima Onuoha 21 day ago

    Your not having sex, your just intellegient. black women are still being viewed as attractive please relief this women from lustful desires and gaze from men or women

  • Jemima Onuoha
    Jemima Onuoha 21 day ago

    The dark women is a native.

  • Jemima Onuoha
    Jemima Onuoha 21 day ago

    looks dont matter in 2019-2020

  • Jemima Onuoha
    Jemima Onuoha 21 day ago

    please take her out.

  • stone
    stone 21 day ago

    “sylvia you’re a brave bitch.” had me rollingggg

  • ginger guy
    ginger guy 21 day ago

    That was not discipline that was putting fear into your kids heart

  • yasmin the bratz doll

    21:47 they accidentally put Terrel when Tara was speaking

  • yasmin the bratz doll

    Culture has nothing to do with this situation, its the parents mindset

  • Maria Ndombele
    Maria Ndombele 23 days ago +1

    All i hear from young p is trash 🙄 why is he even there ?

  • Lithiane Muhoza
    Lithiane Muhoza 23 days ago +4

    We need merch with ‘make it make sense’ on it❗️💁🏽‍♀️

  • Nifemi Aderoju
    Nifemi Aderoju 23 days ago +1

    Curfew was that I'm not even allowed to leave house only for school church or sometimes buy McDonalds my dad mostly (drives there)

  • Rose Tristina
    Rose Tristina 23 days ago

    These lot have never had the double combo, I got beats and was being told why it was wrong simultaneously 😂

  • Black Butterfly
    Black Butterfly 24 days ago +1

    I don't know why ester is trying to make out like us "Africans are so disciplined" and "Caribbeans are so wayward" some big double standards going on sweetie.

  • Lenishaaa _
    Lenishaaa _ 24 days ago +3

    All young p knows is to cuss kmt

  • Kristian
    Kristian 24 days ago

    havent started watching but making ur kid fear u to make them behave is extremely poor parenting

  • Ibrahim Yusuf
    Ibrahim Yusuf 25 days ago

    is no one gonna talk about 24:16 🤣😂

  • arrh eye
    arrh eye 26 days ago +2

    The guy in the bonnet is a dumb bih.

  • MobEra89
    MobEra89 26 days ago +2

    Sorry but black people are so narrow minded so your telling me beatings is the only way you can discipline somone? like the donny said all it does it create fear until they are grown enough to no longer fear then your fucked

    • lmfao
      lmfao 24 days ago

      Swear some people man

  • Alb 2
    Alb 2 27 days ago +1

    I’m not saying a few beats is child abuse, especially for a 12 year old having sex, she deserved some physical punishment. But what that man did in that video was pure child abuse idc wtf anyone says disgusting animal fam

    • lmfao
      lmfao 24 days ago

      Nobody deserves physical punishment

  • Justme
    Justme 27 days ago +1

    I used to get some flat hands for being disrespectful or when talking didn’t work. But that is too much. That was flat out abuse... And with the belt too.

  • Its Ocean
    Its Ocean 27 days ago

    bro I grew up in east London near Cannington town period

  • Anais Morgan Scott
    Anais Morgan Scott 27 days ago +2

    Don’t understand why Esther is the only one shouting but we move

  • Myisha Begum
    Myisha Begum 27 days ago +1

    The thing is we don’t know if that boy made her do it or made her give her the feelings like if I don’t do it he might not like me soo we don’t know

  • Alissia Camp
    Alissia Camp 28 days ago +3

    I love how B Moni steared the convo and tried to get everyone involved 👏🏽😊