My wife be like... | Dude Dad

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • Here's my impersonation of every wife ever. As a husband, i've been observing my wife for 8 years now and these are pretty much all very very true. Anyone else?
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    About Dude Dad:
    Hi! I'm Taylor Calmus, a Los Angeles based actor/comedian. I started Dude Dad™ two weeks before my son Theo was born as way to stay creative while learning to be a father. My wife Heidi and I now have two kids, Theo and Juno and over 140 videos. My purpose for the channel is to entertain, educate and inspire.
    In addition to Dude Dad™, I have been in numerous TV shows, commercials, and has regular appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
    I am originally from the rural community Howard, South Dakota.
    My wife be like... | Dude Dad
    Dude Dad

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