Street Panna VS World's most Skilful Goalkeeper!?

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
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  • Street Panna
    Street Panna  Month ago +117

    YES YES!! I hope you enjoy this video! SMASH the Like button for the crazy skills, shots, saves and ofcourse the epic PANNA challenge at the end!! Also let me know... what was your favourite part?? And who should I go against next???❤️ you the best

    • RRQ• Francis
      RRQ• Francis Month ago

      Of course the panna is everyone's favourit , but i enjoyed ur trickshot as well👍👍they're sick

    • Mr Muffin
      Mr Muffin Month ago

      Jack no offence but u spelt skillfull wrong it has 2 ls not one 😂

    • Estic 202
      Estic 202 Month ago

      Bro challenge skill twins

    • josia sihvonen
      josia sihvonen Month ago

      What team does the gk play In??

    • Faze Shadow
      Faze Shadow Month ago

      I train there on Sunday but I'm injured

  • Johnny Pedlow
    Johnny Pedlow 4 hours ago

    Is he an out fielder but just puts on goalie gear

  • Ahmed Mnx
    Ahmed Mnx 6 hours ago

    10:26 song?

  • Abdulvahed Nazari
    Abdulvahed Nazari 5 days ago

    Two gods being together vs

  • Snowyy Freezy
    Snowyy Freezy 5 days ago

    What is the song called when u doing the panna challenge

  • Danbrown 99
    Danbrown 99 6 days ago

    Can you do a panna totorial that would be sick

  • Krish Sharma
    Krish Sharma 6 days ago

    Jack’s top corner shot was amazing

  • Zainisfat Ok
    Zainisfat Ok 7 days ago

    You look like a young version of Conan

  • Darrionroars
    Darrionroars 7 days ago

    Says”you gettin this” *laughs* hits the crossbar

  • ETS 2 Player
    ETS 2 Player 8 days ago

    Neuer want to know his place

  • ETS 2 Player
    ETS 2 Player 8 days ago

    Does he have youtube

  • ly valdez
    ly valdez 10 days ago


  • Henry Paxton
    Henry Paxton 10 days ago +1


    SAMUEL DOUCET 13 days ago +1


  • fo mediano
    fo mediano 15 days ago

    Yo your videos are sick I wish I could be like you right now

  • Samurai OSAMA
    Samurai OSAMA 15 days ago

    When I saw the things u do I subed , ur a bloody legend , But also I want the song at 8:50 anyone pls.❤️

  • Joel Samuel
    Joel Samuel 17 days ago +1

    Bill is more than a keeper m8 he has tekkerz I think he is better cause at the same time he is a GK

    ABDELRAHEMAN HISHAM 25 days ago +1

    You're AMAZING

  • Myctic
    Myctic Month ago

    Who else was triggered by the black hole on the camera?

  • Nighat Khan
    Nighat Khan Month ago


  • Welke
    Welke Month ago

    what are those football boots you wear

  • MasterWeb Crazy
    MasterWeb Crazy Month ago

    Jtrouve sa bien un goal qui est technique, on peut lui faire confiance s'il decide de faire un 11vs1

  • NTC tredell
    NTC tredell Month ago

    It’s so fake it’s funny

  • Omar Khaled
    Omar Khaled Month ago

    Here before 56k

  • foottrain plays
    foottrain plays Month ago

    Do a video with Chris md if you do not reply you are not the best TheXvidr

  • Rakesh B R
    Rakesh B R Month ago

    you mean the most skill full goalkeeper in your street

  • Aimullah Miku
    Aimullah Miku Month ago

    Clean up your lens before recording...its pretty annoying bro...always felt like its my screen is dirty

  • Visca el Barca jr
    Visca el Barca jr Month ago +1

    Somebody pls tell me the music at 4:17

  • Kayden Lusby
    Kayden Lusby Month ago

    You should do a giveaway iPhone 11Bro

  • BallerDej
    BallerDej Month ago


  • Tait Rourke
    Tait Rourke Month ago

    I saw that first free kick and subscribed instantly

  • yasin qar
    yasin qar Month ago

    spelled skill wrong but Very good vid lol

  • Crusher Gaming
    Crusher Gaming Month ago

    Your face like frenkie de jong

  • Rubina Shaikh
    Rubina Shaikh Month ago

    I am better

  • Samet Karatepe
    Samet Karatepe Month ago +1

    Use Galatasaray uniform on video please

  • Karin Zakeyo
    Karin Zakeyo Month ago

    Street Panna

  • Imaad *
    Imaad * Month ago

    Can do rabona and I'm LB

  • jack brodsky
    jack brodsky Month ago


  • GG Bman
    GG Bman Month ago


  • soul lion creative distruction

    Wat is ur intro song

  • Nazia Waheed
    Nazia Waheed Month ago

    Where is waleed

  • swapnil kumar Rai
    swapnil kumar Rai Month ago

    Awesome bro. I hope you get over 2 million subscribers soon.❤️❤️

  • Ahmad Frotan
    Ahmad Frotan Month ago

    This goalie haven’t even played a professional game and he is the best goalie 🤦‍♂️

  • Attackingthirdfootball Channel

    Collab with miniminter

  • duceysanem
    duceysanem Month ago

    You were at 49k like 1 day ago....

  • Artz Lucas
    Artz Lucas Month ago

    I feel like the biggest accomplishment is to panna street panna

  • Anthony Mercado
    Anthony Mercado Month ago

    That’s gk trash, he is so lazy no stamina

  • ッQuicQ
    ッQuicQ Month ago

    Most skillful? HE IS TOO BAD!!

    HAMAD SAMEER Month ago

    jack play against sean garnier

  • Jack Rutherford
    Jack Rutherford Month ago +1

    One day I wish to be as good as jack he’s just so good

  • XxFlameTBNRxX
    XxFlameTBNRxX Month ago

    Jack u should play in a professional soccer team that would be insane if u do u will be Messi #2

  • Deivis Hey
    Deivis Hey Month ago

    How is he one of the best UK 🇬🇧 goalkeepers if he ain’t even popular 😂😂

  • Luke Patterson
    Luke Patterson Month ago +4

    Colalb with chrismd

  • Striker Con7
    Striker Con7 Month ago +12

    1 like= 1 prayer for Street Panna🙏

  • Ryan Clifton
    Ryan Clifton Month ago

    U need to improve ur two touch

  • Frosty
    Frosty Month ago

    Skillful not skilful

  • Panna Legends
    Panna Legends Month ago +1

    Street Panna Can you Plis chek out my vidio

  • László Gyerkó
    László Gyerkó Month ago

    12:55 song????

  • Jesse Enofe
    Jesse Enofe Month ago +1

    I can do the rainbow flick by training

  • Belal Khalil
    Belal Khalil Month ago