Chelsea 2-0 Crystal Palace | Dynamic Duo Abraham & Pulisic Strike Again! 🔥🔥 | Highlights

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • Watch the highlights from Chelsea’s Premier League victory over Crystal Palace.
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    Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with it's many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.
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  • Dion TUNGGAL
    Dion TUNGGAL 13 days ago


  • Sam N’cho
    Sam N’cho 14 days ago

    A great performance from the lions 🦁

  • Kader Said
    Kader Said 14 days ago

    Le star de Chelsea, Ngulu Kanti, a été menacée par l'un de ses conseillers pour un différend concernant une partie de son transfert de Leicester City à Chelsea à l'été 2016. Rachid Saadna, l'un des consultants de Kanti, a admis avoir mis la pression sur le joueur français vainqueur de la Coupe du monde, le site Web est spécialisé dans les reportages d'investigation. Saadna a déclaré avoir rencontré son frère Houari Bante pour réclamer sa part de 4,8 millions d'euros, ce qui représente la part du mandataire du joueur dans son contrat de transfert pour l'été 2016. Il a expliqué que son frère portait une arme quand il avait parlé à Kanti, mais ne l'avait pas utilisée pour menacer le joueur.
    Houari Saadna a parlé à Kante et lui a demandé de rompre avec son agent, Abdelkarim Dweis, et a menacé de le tuer s'il ne tenait pas compte des demandes de son frère, qui réclamait une part de 4,8 millions d'euros. En réponse à cette information, Kanti a nié dans les déclarations des médias à Bart qu'il était sous l'influence de "gangs" afin de faire ses choix. Publicité "Vous me traitez comme une personne immature, vous savez que je suis responsable et je fais mes choix librement et de manière responsable. Je suis un joueur de football professionnel et je ne vis pas avec des gangs

  • Livingstone Silo
    Livingstone Silo 24 days ago

    Perfect Blue ❤

  • Ahmad Mustofa
    Ahmad Mustofa 25 days ago

    Yey...Chelsea menang lagi

  • FioFio Bambam
    FioFio Bambam 26 days ago

    Within 2 years Pulisic will be like hazard unstoppable! 💪💪💪💙💙

  • ManTik Ling
    ManTik Ling 27 days ago

    Awesome Chelsea youths! Wish the club to offer more opportunities to our academy. Don't mind to keep ban of transfer window in coming Jan.

  • Mind Language
    Mind Language 28 days ago

    Dear @Chelsea squad play till your last sweat against big uncles so called big teams in the coming fixtures. We fans always wanted to see you (academy players) rather than overhyped players...prove your worth for the sake of your shirt you are wearing.
    For blues....your coach is a living legend. Kids prove your worth this season.....

  • Broly
    Broly 28 days ago

    To be honest as liverpool fan chesla has big chance to win the leauge

  • William Payne
    William Payne Month ago

    Get in lads

  • Scott Frank
    Scott Frank Month ago +1

    With all that power, pace and dribbling, I wish Mateo had over 80% of crossing and shooting accuracy..Mount is impressive as well.but needs to work.

  • hoki laba
    hoki laba Month ago


  • Charles Masamvi
    Charles Masamvi Month ago

    Captain America with his first goal at the Bridge

  • felix ekene
    felix ekene Month ago

    Chelsea performance was a classical deserved to be remembered seriously

  • Eliezer Pashanael
    Eliezer Pashanael Month ago

    Frank is the new pilot !

  • Michael Purba
    Michael Purba Month ago

    mantap chelsea

  • Salum Sumbu
    Salum Sumbu Month ago +1

    one heart,,one love,,,one Chelsea forever,,,

  • Frank
    Frank Month ago +1

    Background track?

  • Sane Fran
    Sane Fran Month ago

    Wierd defending during 1st goal...why no one was even trying to close down tammy.....
    Pulisic is just next level....cannot even try fathom what he is going to do in coming years when he grows into strength...

  • Paulo Gabriel de Farias

    Batshuayi ta jogando muito 😍Come on!

  • Dika sanjaya
    Dika sanjaya Month ago


  • Moses John . Pedro
    Moses John . Pedro Month ago

    Great performance

  • Timi Lekan-Lawal
    Timi Lekan-Lawal Month ago

    I some how prefer this team to man city.

  • SmithN' Wesson
    SmithN' Wesson Month ago

    Gotta give Pulisic credit, he is really showing he belongs with the best players in the world. If only more Americans were as good as him...

  • Nguyễn Minh Giang

    Love from Vietnam 🇻🇳. Since 1996

  • I Fan Of Beyond
    I Fan Of Beyond Month ago

    I love supper fank and Chelsea

  • Noviana Agung
    Noviana Agung Month ago

    Frank lampard👍👍👍

  • Hamster En ligne
    Hamster En ligne Month ago

    I was very worried about Pulisic when he joint Chelsea. I'm very happy seeing him thrive thus far despite the early season scare. Hopefully he can keep this momentum up. Saying that, I love everything about this Chelsea team. Frank Lampard is doing an amazing job and the players are a joy to watch.

  • Pilo P
    Pilo P Month ago

    it makes me so happy to see my boys doing great, especially with Frankie Lampard as Manager. Through thick and thin, i love you Chelsea

  • Masalu Masunga
    Masalu Masunga Month ago

    Whatever you do Chelsea Manchester is the best to you

  • Rodrigo Miranda
    Rodrigo Miranda Month ago +2

    23 tiros!!
    Vamos mi Chelsea⏺️⏺️

  • Shabil Magalla
    Shabil Magalla Month ago +2

    Chelsea fc fans from East Africa

  • 冯亮
    冯亮 Month ago


  • memo aung
    memo aung Month ago

    I’m not a chelsea fan but this upcoming bright young team wakes me in emotions. I have seen pulisic in dortmund for so long, seeing his improvements and now at chelsea. What a team!

  • asian drama ꦌꦯꦼꦟ꧀ꦢꦿꦩ


  • Zakir Hussain
    Zakir Hussain Month ago

    tailor made replacement for Hazard

  • Orang Awam
    Orang Awam Month ago

    Step by step, pulisic will be replaced hazad, goodbye hazard

  • Da T
    Da T Month ago

    pulisic world best contender.

  • Fat King II
    Fat King II Month ago

    Lets be real Lampard is playing like a FIFA career mode, playing young players with high potential, and it seems to be working out. I'm worried about Man City, i hope we win 4-0 but I don't think we will. Best of luck lads, and i hope you prove me wrong and smash them

  • july le
    july le Month ago

    Captain america p22... Love u more 😘

  • Ian Gomez
    Ian Gomez Month ago

    I wonder if Pulisic still calls it soccer

  • natnael belayneh
    natnael belayneh Month ago

    Willian's touch to Abrham is a killer one

  • Nanish Eyow
    Nanish Eyow Month ago

    Super coach+super pulisic together for ever

  • Mbon Daemond
    Mbon Daemond Month ago

    arema asu

  • Imam Sujarot
    Imam Sujarot Month ago

    How impressive performance this season. Thanks to pulisic, abraham and mount especially Super Franky

  • Thoại Kỳ
    Thoại Kỳ Month ago

    Tuyệt vời

  • Iqbal Nur
    Iqbal Nur Month ago

    1:40 excelent skill from captain america

  • Peggy virgile özil


  • Bokory Doumbia
    Bokory Doumbia Month ago

    Champion 2020

  • Cornmealia
    Cornmealia Month ago

    When Willian gave Pulisic a hug at the end of the game, he was saying “USA, USA”. Did anyone else catch that?

  • joko sb
    joko sb Month ago

    Chelsea fans please subscribe

  • John Chierichella
    John Chierichella Month ago

    Captain America is just turned 21 and he’s playing as well as a starter on Brazilian National team Willian
    Better already in my opinion
    That’s nuts

  • Talitemjen Imchen
    Talitemjen Imchen Month ago

    Can't wait for next game. Go Chelsea! Blue is the Color!!!!

  • pejuang sejati
    pejuang sejati Month ago

    Wowww CHELSEA❤❤

  • Jean Pierre Desir
    Jean Pierre Desir Month ago

    Willian and Pulisic Are on 🔥

  • Alex Njenga
    Alex Njenga Month ago

    We are on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 come on blues

  • Prophet 52
    Prophet 52 Month ago

    Pulisic made us forget Hazard..

  • Prophet 52
    Prophet 52 Month ago

    My Chelsea :3

  • Enno
    Enno Month ago +1

    Kanté ist baaaaaack!!!!

  • manuejuru
    manuejuru Month ago

    That pass from Kova to Pulisic 😱😱