Name That Song Challenge with Miley Cyrus

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • Miley Cyrus and Jimmy compete as they try to guess random songs The Roots are playing one instrument at a time, like Miley's own "Party in the U.S.A."
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    Name That Song Challenge with Miley Cyrus
    #Miley Cyrus
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 638

  • LaProfetesse
    LaProfetesse 3 hours ago

    I love Miley but does anyone else find her a bit irritating here?

  • Caroline Piazza
    Caroline Piazza 4 hours ago

    why do people like her? she has no vocal range and sounds like a life time smoker

  • R VIN
    R VIN 7 hours ago

    Over acting

  • caliana odeh
    caliana odeh Day ago

    0:26 why did I think it was money by cardi b on the first note

  • Ms.K
    Ms.K Day ago

    His band is so talented!

  • natacha peace
    natacha peace 3 days ago

    Miley should be ashamed of herself

  • Dicky Arianto
    Dicky Arianto 3 days ago

    Yap queen miley is in da house 💥

  • Ares Reflex
    Ares Reflex 4 days ago +3

    Miley sounds just like Dolly Parton. Mainly cause Dolly is Miley's God Mother.

  • Apaibi gaming
    Apaibi gaming 5 days ago

    That bitch

  • Suleimen Emirov
    Suleimen Emirov 5 days ago

    Пельша на вас нет

  • Muddasar Shaikh
    Muddasar Shaikh 6 days ago

    Miley have such a harsh voice when speaking and she is breathtaking while singing how is that possible😒

  • Niegazowana 83
    Niegazowana 83 6 days ago

    3:40 what title?

    27 LILLY HOLLIDAY 7 days ago +2

    Bob Marley, YASS QUEEN

  • Ryan Fiore
    Ryan Fiore 7 days ago

    I thought 9 to 5 was Sir Duke as well

  • Gustavo
    Gustavo 7 days ago

    -you got what I need
    -YOU SUCK!!

  • Hannah Marfil
    Hannah Marfil 7 days ago

    I love it☺️

  • Lucas Muller
    Lucas Muller 8 days ago

    3:50 music?

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar 9 days ago +2

    Jimmy needs to stop singing for god's sake.

  • eve celeste
    eve celeste 9 days ago +2

    jimmy actually needs to shut the fuck up

    MALEZIA SHORTING 10 days ago +1

    Who didnt guess all of da songs..;-;

  • Good Game Well Played
    Good Game Well Played 11 days ago

    If you love music
    Its Your turn to play


  • chiccoka
    chiccoka 12 days ago

    Loved it

  • Mayan Khonji
    Mayan Khonji 14 days ago +1

    None of these songs really sound like their songs tbh.

  • Coco H
    Coco H 14 days ago

    Miley don’t tell him.. lol

  • Katie Cushman
    Katie Cushman 15 days ago +1

    She's honestly so beautiful

  • Sujit Gupta
    Sujit Gupta 15 days ago

    Sorry jimmy disliked for Miley bitch

  • Henrik Fisker
    Henrik Fisker 18 days ago

    Really wosh this band had its versions on Spotify. They really make the best versions of the songs!

  • Rhiley Peters
    Rhiley Peters 18 days ago

    My vegan princess.

  • Uzma M
    Uzma M 19 days ago

    Omgg. I need a rendition of 9 to 5 by Miley 😍 she’s amazing!!

  • EGB FschJg
    EGB FschJg 19 days ago

    Whats the last song?

  • Виктория Батюшкова

    I couldn't guess a single song

  • Виктория Батюшкова

    Can we appreciate the way Miley sings?! It's perfect!

  • james friel
    james friel 19 days ago

    Needs to do more great segments like this and less of his very lame game show stuff. Great songs, and watching the Roots doing a awesome job showing their talent.

  • SkriP StreaM
    SkriP StreaM 19 days ago

    Miley looks good, and so close to winning!

  • Chris Kenny
    Chris Kenny 20 days ago

    I think I can beat Jimmy Fallon if I had the chance if you read this I want to challenge you

  • deedle6785
    deedle6785 20 days ago

    What a dumbass, but that Miley for you.

  • Nicolò Frittelli
    Nicolò Frittelli 20 days ago


  • Ankit Tripathi
    Ankit Tripathi 20 days ago +3

    She's man in body of women😂😂

  • YiZong Chen
    YiZong Chen 21 day ago

    Love that dress !

  • Commanda_84
    Commanda_84 23 days ago +8

    Jimmy Fallon has the best f*ckin job in the world. Damn!

  • Paul Dillingham
    Paul Dillingham 24 days ago

    Miley sounds like a guy.

  • Natalie Aguilar
    Natalie Aguilar 24 days ago +1

    What is the song in the end ?

  • James Stout
    James Stout 24 days ago

    How hard is it for her to hit the buzzer lol

  • Dani Bru
    Dani Bru 24 days ago +3

    6:28 .... a german audience would never join like that ... sadly :-(

    • Dani Bru
      Dani Bru 19 days ago

      @jen j. can you show me an example? i would be happy to see an german audience who is going for more than laughing and clapping :-) #germanman ;-)

    • jen j.
      jen j. 20 days ago

      Dani Bru it depends #germangirl

  • Little Wiz
    Little Wiz 25 days ago

    I hit like because Jimmy win

  • Sam
    Sam 25 days ago

    What’s that guitar?

  • mia f
    mia f 25 days ago

    i just really really REALLY love miley

  • Jackson _Made
    Jackson _Made 26 days ago

    Miley looked B0MB

  • The LEGO Doctor
    The LEGO Doctor 26 days ago +1

    I was wearing a t-shirt from my school's production of "9 to 5" when "9 to 5" started playing!

  • The LEGO Doctor
    The LEGO Doctor 26 days ago

    ones I got: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7

  • Jah glory
    Jah glory Month ago +1

    Bob Marley could would BE LOVE

  • Jah glory
    Jah glory Month ago +1

    Happy Friday day VIBES JULY 4TH

  • Jah glory
    Jah glory Month ago +1


  • Jessica Arenella
    Jessica Arenella Month ago

    Miley Cyrus actually has a pretty amazing voice...

  • Cristina Rey
    Cristina Rey Month ago

    3:07 song?

  • Jah glory
    Jah glory Month ago +1


  • Jah glory
    Jah glory Month ago +1


  • Jah glory
    Jah glory Month ago +1


  • Ahanna Stephen
    Ahanna Stephen Month ago

    I think Jimmy knew all the answers before her but let her get some just because.

  • piyush gupta
    piyush gupta Month ago

    I watched falon for the first time...became his fan
    I watched Conan for the first time : fuck jimmy

  • K9 Shepherd
    K9 Shepherd Month ago

    Love how the Audience sings with Jimmy and Miley

  • girlhead4477
    girlhead4477 Month ago +1

    Miley sounded really good singing 9 to 5- I wish Jimmy hadn't been blabbing along with her.

  • Evi Sniket
    Evi Sniket Month ago

    Jimmy mumbling while she was singing "9 to 5" gets on my nerves

  • Will McNamara
    Will McNamara Month ago

    jimmy let her have so much more time on heaps of those

  • Loxdi
    Loxdi Month ago

    I thought the first one was Money by Cardi B

  • Anisha Parvez
    Anisha Parvez Month ago +2

    I thought the first one was cake by the ocean by Joe jonas

  • Ali Mahjoori
    Ali Mahjoori Month ago

    I dont recall seeing Miley this mature and gorgeous! what has happened lol

  • When in doubt Braap_it out

    Jimmy you lost fuck that 10k point bs you sore loser , miley won

  • Le Beete
    Le Beete Month ago +2

    2:15 jimmy acting he dont know the song

  • AarosConcerts
    AarosConcerts Month ago

    That was awful. Get Blake Shelton back he plays correctly

  • Karen Dady
    Karen Dady Month ago

    They're doing a lot better than me I can't understand any of that band's stuff and although songs are from my era and I can't even hear it even when I know the song it doesn't even sound like it to me that's just me

  • bubba gifford
    bubba gifford Month ago +1

    I feel some people think jimmys a good singer , but it sounds like jimmys having an asthma attack every time he sings 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️💀

  • Cecilia Azevedo
    Cecilia Azevedo Month ago

    Miley é nota dez!
    Geração hannah Montana aqui

  • Semion Bleiberg
    Semion Bleiberg Month ago

    The Band is sooo groovy man, i cant concentrate on anything when they start to play the songs.

  • king savage
    king savage Month ago

    mAhhhley cyrus EVERYONE