• Published on Dec 4, 2019
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Comments • 250

  • Livvy
    Livvy Month ago +12


  • Julia _F
    Julia _F Month ago +20

    Les Gets, France for skiing. It’s a nice little town with great chalets (with hot tubs)

  • Noemy Sanchez
    Noemy Sanchez Month ago +10

    I sang Christmas Carols in Spanish (Villancicos Navideños) at church today haha

  • Haile Richards
    Haile Richards Month ago +283

    why is the chicken soup blurred?😂

  • Noemy Sanchez
    Noemy Sanchez Month ago +6


  • Alana Chan
    Alana Chan Month ago +32

    who else is here straight from zoe's vlomas day 3😊👌

  • emily__reardon
    emily__reardon Month ago +7

    Skiing/snowboarding: The Berkshires in Massachusetts. You both would love the town of Great Barrington, MA.
    Manhattan: Bryant Park Winter Village

  • deequu
    deequu Month ago +26

    For the nespresso calander, the rating doesn't mean caffeine, it means intentisty of the bean/s.

  • Elin Lindberg
    Elin Lindberg Month ago +69

    Best part besides all the Christmas feels - you censoring your chicken soup! 😂

  • Shan nel
    Shan nel Month ago +11

    i love all of your content recently, vlogs however are such a sweet spot always. I live in NYC in queens.. I hope you enjoy your trip.. def. visit Rockefeller center during Christmas time, its very busy but still fun.

  • Ann Stasishin
    Ann Stasishin Month ago +86

    why did he sensor out the soup?? lool

  • Saarah Mackenzie
    Saarah Mackenzie Month ago +10

    BC Canada for skiing!! 🇨🇦

  • Rosalinda Castillo
    Rosalinda Castillo Month ago +6

    Love the festive feeling in today's vlog😍

  • eileenVLpottery
    eileenVLpottery Month ago +11

    What do you do if you’ve been out and about and when you come back the gate is frozen shut and you don’t have any hot water with you?

  • hi.annalouise
    hi.annalouise Month ago +5

    I’m glad you are doing vlogmas! I always am waiting for your and Zoey to post videos! Miss seeing you guys regularly

  • hi.annalouise
    hi.annalouise Month ago +1

    Aspen- but Snowmass which is right next to Aspen Colorado in USA. For tour ski-snowboarding trip

  • Kristina Milicevic
    Kristina Milicevic Month ago +10

    Tapping the milk gets rid of all the bubbles therefore leaving you with smoother milk, which makes for nicer latte art :)

  • Maryam Hosseini
    Maryam Hosseini Month ago +1

    Heavenly Resort Lake Tahoe in California is really good for skiing so is Boreal Mountain in Lake Tahoe. Another great place is Aspen Colorado. They’re famous for their mountains.

  • Kimberly Bailey
    Kimberly Bailey Month ago +1

    Oh also go see the Rockettes in NYC

  • Kimberly Bailey
    Kimberly Bailey Month ago +4

    Utah and Colorado have some stunning ski resorts!! Park City once hosted the Winter Olympics and is home to the Sundance Film festival.

    MILO FILMS Month ago +1

    ever consider doing a meet up in New York?

  • Alyx Muldowney
    Alyx Muldowney Month ago +3

    You should go to the rooftop igloo bar- 230 fifth rooftop bar!

  • Hillary Whitfield
    Hillary Whitfield Month ago +3

    Zoe would love Rolf's in NYC! Its a Christmas themed German restaurant and bar, def check it out!

  • MMontano
    MMontano Month ago +5

    The time Alfie forgot what day it was and the calendar is right

  • Lexy Jones
    Lexy Jones Month ago +1

    You must go and see the Christmas light display at the saks 5th Avenue right across from Rockefeller center!!!!

  • rebelodge
    rebelodge Month ago +4

    For the frozen gate, try WD 40 instead of water. My car doors freeze in the winter, so I can't shut them after I yank them open to get in (old jank car) and WD 40 is what a mechanic like a charm every time!

  • Alex Bullock
    Alex Bullock Month ago +2

    What about Canada for skiing. Whistler in BC is very nice but a bit of a long way from England. Quebec is also good for skiing, a bit closer to England.
    New york - bring warm clothes, it will be cold. Lots colder than England. Also you will probably see snow.

  • Jordan Grace
    Jordan Grace Month ago

    Hands down the best pizza place is this small shop called Johns Pizza. Address is 260 West 44th Street. It’s right near the theatre district so if you’re going for a show, pop in for a slice! This pizza shop is actually in a remodeled church so it has a really cool vibe! And Alfie, the drinks are spot on! 😉

  • Jule Saurbier
    Jule Saurbier Month ago

    Eat at Le Pain Quotidien when you are in New York!! It is the best breakfast place

  • Madison Schrimpe
    Madison Schrimpe Month ago +3

    Can you play don’t look at me for a blog as day

  • Laura Cole
    Laura Cole Month ago +8

    Hello Alfie!! I’m a barista at a coffee shop and I just wanted to explain why we tap the milk pitchers! When you are pouring steamed milk, it often has bubbles and you can’t make proper or symmetrical latte art with the bubbles. The tapping makes all the bubbles rise to the top of the pitcher so that you have smooth milk to pour :)

  • Marine Durand
    Marine Durand Month ago +1

    You should go to Alpe d'huez, in french alps. Been there many times, it's just amazing !
    Love the vlogmas so far !

  • jenanna1590
    jenanna1590 Month ago +2

    Loved the part when you remember the editing part of vlogmas! 😂😂

  • X Emma X
    X Emma X Month ago +4

    Nala at the end of the vlog looking like a little baby, was the cutest

  • Gina Marie Wood
    Gina Marie Wood Month ago +1

    Lol 😂 the beginning you couldn’t remember the day with a clock that’s so big with a 3 on it classic alfie lol 🥰💕 sooo happy you r doing vlogmas💕 love this one so much fun

  • Cormac McKenzie
    Cormac McKenzie Month ago +8

    Alfie: Welcome to Vlogmas day...
    Clock behind him: Am I a joke to you?

  • CharParty
    CharParty Month ago +1

    I know three good places you can go to for skiing/snowboarding:
    1) Banff which is in Alberta, Canada
    2) Big Sky, Montana
    3) North Lake Tahoe, California- specifically NorthStar.
    It’s been a while since I’ve been to those spots, but the memories are still vivid. The scenery is breath taking at all three locations!!

  • Gaby Egas
    Gaby Egas Month ago +7

    Why did he sensor the chicken soup omg

  • Hattie Martin
    Hattie Martin Month ago

    Powder n Shine in the 3 valleys is amazing!!

  • Lex&Megs
    Lex&Megs Month ago

    taping the milk makes the bubbles go away so the milk is more smooth for your coffee. xx

  • Miranda Eaton
    Miranda Eaton Month ago

    Anyone still apart of that LBW club???

  • Jackie Andre
    Jackie Andre Month ago +1

    Whistler, British Columbia in Canada for your ski trip!

  • Lindsay Ashton
    Lindsay Ashton Month ago

    ok but the end was literally the cutest thing ever!!!

  • Oliver Hartmann
    Oliver Hartmann Month ago +4

    Grindelwald Switzerland , 3 Vallées France, Verbier Switzerland, Saint Moritz Switzerland, Austria Saint Anton!

  • CruisingThroughLife
    CruisingThroughLife Month ago +2

    You should go to Alpe d'Huez in France. Not only is the skiing great as there are multiple levels of difficulties that suit most skiers. But also the apres ski is amazing there. From small little bars on the side of the mountain to local town clubs😁 We normally drive down with 3 other families (from England) and stay in a ’ski in ski out’ cabin - with a hot tub and sauna of course 😁. And I must say I enjoy it every year. I may even prefer skiing over my trips to the Carribean and that's saying a lot as I really love the Carribean.

  • Nahed Akhtar
    Nahed Akhtar Month ago

    Love that ur back!!!!

  • Sinead Brannigan
    Sinead Brannigan Month ago

    I’m going skiing ⛷ in January to Bulgaria 🇧🇬 definitely somewhere you should look into ❤️

  • Jessica Surrey
    Jessica Surrey Month ago

    Zakopane in Poland!! They have the best thermal baths too!! 😍😍

  • Ella Løvik
    Ella Løvik Month ago

    Norway for skiing / snowboarding. Tromsø is absolutely beautiful

  • Munstergal82
    Munstergal82 Month ago

    Please look into grindelwald Switzerland for your ski trip it's such a beautiful place

  • Chiara Ingallina
    Chiara Ingallina Month ago

    I love that you don't remember which vlogmas day it was while having a full on calendar just behind you hahaha
    However, we all know how hard it is for you to upload a video everyday while sorting all of the other life things you have to keep up with. So thank you so much for making the effort! That means a lot for all of us

  • Lucille Elizabeth
    Lucille Elizabeth Month ago

    Why is your soup blurred out?...

  • Grace Duffy
    Grace Duffy Month ago

    you blurred out your chicken soup😂

  • Erin Eng
    Erin Eng Month ago

    If you haven't plan this for NYC, you should go to the Bronx Botannical Garden Holiday Train Show! It's beautiful and indoors so it's not cold.

  • The Mobile Travels
    The Mobile Travels Month ago

    Loved the vlog as always you inspire me so much to get creative and do what I enjoy doing which is photography. I want to make my own channel but I'm so scared and have 0 skills about videography but I want to learn as I create...thankyou for being so inspiring, what is the photography book you had in a vlog not too long ago while sat on the beach? I'd like to purchase it for myself :)

  • Chantel Marshall
    Chantel Marshall Month ago

    Have a good vlogmas does feel weird you guys vlogging again but it's a nice kinda weird... Bless nala she such a pampered poochie just like a baby ♥️
    Hope you all have a very merry Christmas 🎄⛄🎅

  • Ella McRae
    Ella McRae Month ago

    I heard Zoe also say on her vlog that’s you haven’t booked accomodation for nyc yet. I stayed 3 years ago at hotel giraffe at Christmas time and I highly recommend it! Check them out on trip advisor I think they are still number one just amazing staff, amazing spot and free drinks and nibbles in the night time. It mad our trip so magical

  • Federica De Girolamo
    Federica De Girolamo Month ago +7

    You should definitely go to Courmayeur snowboarding!! It's in Italy in Aosta Valley and it's bloody great. It's right next to the border with France as well so you could easily get to Chamonix in less than an hour!!
    Loving the vlogmas so far ❤️❤️

  • Sarahjane Baxter
    Sarahjane Baxter Month ago +4

    NYC- makes sure to bring warm cloths , boots 🥾, Rockefeller center for ice skating and see the tree 🌲 all decorated out

  • Gabi Stan
    Gabi Stan Month ago +7

    Zakopany, poland for skiing⛷🏂⛷🏂