A Fathers Radioactive Gift Destroys His Son's Insides | House M.D.

  • House diagnoses a college student with severe stomach pains and spasms, he soon finds that that his patient's immune system was destroyed by a radioactive gift given to him by the patient's father.
    Season 2 Episode 5 "Daddy's Boy"
    A student (Vicellous Reon Shannon) who just graduated from Princeton experiences severe spasms at a graduation party. Meanwhile, House's parents drop by but he is reluctant to see them, igniting curiosity among the hospital staff.
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  • The Official AnimeCitizen

    Radiation is the gift that keeps on giving. The gift of suffering and death.

  • Theodore M. K.
    Theodore M. K. 13 hours ago

    They should have zoomed in more so I knew it was an intimate and serious moment.

  • Kairo Knert
    Kairo Knert 14 hours ago

    Someone save my youn freega... He is in pain 😭

  • Amir Ali
    Amir Ali Day ago

    Good acting from most of them 👍

  • Bob Lol
    Bob Lol Day ago

    This is the saddest house episode in my opinion


    Ridiculous farce

  • AllFiery
    AllFiery Day ago

    Clients: “WhY dOeS iT mAAtEr??”

  • Echoes Act 3
    Echoes Act 3 2 days ago

    I always like the internal shots

  • Bread scat Bourd
    Bread scat Bourd 2 days ago

    Man the title sounds dirty

  • Controversial Canine

    nsfw title

  • Matt Oke
    Matt Oke 2 days ago

    The sound of a Geiger counter is so fucking creepy.

  • oliver
    oliver 2 days ago

    A lil chernobyl as a gift

  • Llybophi Bjartskular

    Ohhh the dad's performance is KILLING ME 🥺😢😭

  • lucus lopez
    lucus lopez 3 days ago

    Thats why you dont give gifts to people

  • El zorro.
    El zorro. 3 days ago

    The world needs Dr. House right now!!!!

  • kai nuttall
    kai nuttall 3 days ago

    Not great not terrible.

  • Loek Lodewijck
    Loek Lodewijck 3 days ago

    I always get body ache when i watch dr house. Always feeling something

  • Blah b
    Blah b 3 days ago

    A good luck charm? Not great, not terrible.

  • V Vey
    V Vey 3 days ago

    This title's gonna give me nightmares

  • Fevzi Yiğit Cengizoğlu

    Welcome to the comments also known as world ethics commitee

  • Lostgears
    Lostgears 4 days ago +1


  • Bunny
    Bunny 4 days ago

    “Call the boys in the lead suit” is really funny love that
    It wasn’t the dads fault he just wanted to be a good dad

  • Urick Mann
    Urick Mann 4 days ago

    As sad as this shit was I still l when I see the fucking title

  • wajeh al-saa'd
    wajeh al-saa'd 5 days ago

    as a father, that's hits hard

  • rodericklep285
    rodericklep285 5 days ago

    just give him some radaway

  • Doorstep Mushroom
    Doorstep Mushroom 5 days ago

    isnt he supposed to turn into hulk

  • ÄūšţīńČ07
    ÄūšţīńČ07 5 days ago

    radioactive radioactive

  • Michael Espeland
    Michael Espeland 6 days ago

    His father wanted his son to "not forget where he came from". Well, he surely will remember where his son ended up

  • Nate T
    Nate T 6 days ago

    wouldent the fathers blood balanced the white blood count till he is stabilizing

  • Please Read
    Please Read 6 days ago

    Worst acting and cgi ever.. Tf is this bullshit

  • blondieshshrimp2
    blondieshshrimp2 6 days ago

    In the show does the kid live

  • Ahad Rehman
    Ahad Rehman 6 days ago

    So that is how a man, a father would express his grief when he realizes, his gift was going to kill his own child.

  • NurseJimboSlice
    NurseJimboSlice 7 days ago

    1:01 Cameron's death glare here pierced my soul.

  • Le due S
    Le due S 7 days ago

    When you bought stock in a month prior to the Coronavirus crisis 00:00

  • Billy Purdy
    Billy Purdy 7 days ago

    I don’t think anyone else realizes the irony in him lying to his son about “you’re going to be just fine” even tho he knows otherwise and right after he just apologized for lying and his son asking him to keep it real w him. But the father can get away w it bc either the son lives and boom he was fine, or he does and that was the last lie he got to tell his son but it’s not like he’s around to contemplate it anymore and the dad can be at peace knowing he gave his son hope

  • Crispy Cp Cp Prasetyo

    No one:
    Cats at Night: 0:01

  • Lucky ASMR
    Lucky ASMR 7 days ago

    One of the best episodes of House M.D.

  • M Lang
    M Lang 7 days ago

    Don't buy from Wish...

  • Emmett Smith
    Emmett Smith 8 days ago

    thats sad and all but the dude who acted the dad killed it totally believed it.

  • Rex Luther
    Rex Luther 8 days ago

    It's your fault daddy

  • lol beginner
    lol beginner 8 days ago

    Don't lie to your doctors.

  • billy bob
    billy bob 9 days ago

    First clip of this show I've ever seen and this dude is ungodly annoying

  • Micah Kohi
    Micah Kohi 9 days ago +1

    6:06 that face

  • 52vnnon 2avvad5kl
    52vnnon 2avvad5kl 9 days ago +1

    So the radioactive gift was a dildo or a vibrator?
    Half the comments are about guilt, yet probably gifted their kids a cell phone

  • Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    it is not uncommon for people to be exposed to Radiation Poisoning scrap workers and medical students are the most at risk. Although their are radiation monitors in these places still Class 7 Material always gets through. Everything Class 7 Radioactive and it you touch it you will be left inferential. If a male touches radioactive material without a suit first the testicles die then the glens die and so does the penis as the radiation spreads the prostate dies and then it attacks vital organs. Females are the most at risk of radiation exposure when they get exposed the breast are the first to die this is fallowed by the organs that make up the vagina, vulva, the cervix, labia, and the clit after these die next to go is the ovaries with the uterus the last female organ to die from radiation exposure. As radiation exposure spreads and all the organs die the last to be attacked is the bones when the bone marrow dies radiation can spread to blood, brain, and heart and at 1 million RADS this instantly causes death. To avoid being exposed all people touching radiation need to remove their clothing and shower before they put on a hazmat suit. over this goes 15 layers of lead this is to block the radiation but they can not be in there longer then an hour past an hour dosimeters go off meaning it is time to get out. If you are working with radiation don't touch it have someone with a hazmat suit pick it up because radiation is fatal and heavy doses can kill you. Radiation Exposure ranks 9/10 on the Zebra Scale you can die from this and 500 RADS can make you inferential. Stay Away from Radiation! I lost my grandpa in Arizona to Radiation Poisoning he was mining uranium in Monument Valley during WWII there was an accident at the mine and everyone in Oljato was exposed. When Bush signed the START Treaty the Department of Energy closed the mine and the day my grandpa was buried they closed the Monticello Smelter and the uranium was trucked to Moab and buried but it ended in a problem the Atlas Site was highly radioactive and the radiation was getting into the Colorado so they dug it up and hauled the uranium to Crescent Junction where it is now.

  • oodles noodles
    oodles noodles 10 days ago

    Wow that is not a good caption

  • Lex60
    Lex60 10 days ago

    This brings to my mind the worste radiactive emergency we had in Mexico [and the USA] in 1984 with Cobalt 60. You can check some info here: https: //www.webcitation.org/5WJdA3Qgz

  • CubeBizz
    CubeBizz 10 days ago +1

    The dad is Big Smoke's voice actor

  • Mauz
    Mauz 11 days ago

    I saw it, the keychain was on the floor

  • Bozocow
    Bozocow 11 days ago

    Don't worry he will later gain some obscure super power and have to save the world.

  • Gesißtiwaden Gaming
    Gesißtiwaden Gaming 11 days ago

    This episode sent me through a loop the first time I watched it... this show should've never been cancelled

  • Kashi K.
    Kashi K. 11 days ago


  • bobby white
    bobby white 12 days ago +1

    Take away the word radioactive from the title and you have a pornhub title.

  • T1J
    T1J 12 days ago

    clifton powell is one of the most underrated actors ever

  • Gamer2000
    Gamer2000 13 days ago

    Can't blame the dad but at the same time..... I say keep that shit away from your son

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima 15 days ago +1

    this is a really smart way to get away with murder like “oopsy daisy i gave my son a radioactive gift and hes probably gonna die” and no one would know

  • Mr Shadow
    Mr Shadow 15 days ago

    Even 1 nano second before proving himself to be right, why every doctor refuse to agree with him?

  • Anthony David
    Anthony David 15 days ago

    Shut up!

  • Ján Farkaš
    Ján Farkaš 16 days ago

    This kid did some hole searching

  • Augustus Baldwin
    Augustus Baldwin 16 days ago +1

    3.6 roncon not great not terrible

  • NanaGram
    NanaGram 16 days ago

    Cement das conk creet baybee

  • DrunkenBum
    DrunkenBum 16 days ago

    This was one of the hardest episodes House gave us. I still think about it all these years later.

  • Chris Currey
    Chris Currey 17 days ago

    A father's RADIOACTIVE gift DESTROYS his SONS INSIDES (not clickbait) (gone wrong) (gone sexual)
    There boom more clicks

  • Ankur Baruah
    Ankur Baruah 17 days ago

    The actor playing the father is an awesome actor...

  • Glo 100
    Glo 100 17 days ago

    I know this is a show but that hurt as a parent, especially if is your fault your child might die and you didn't know.

  • kira thompson
    kira thompson 18 days ago

    Idk why but when i read that title my first thought was 'radioactive sperm' SMH something wrong with me

  • SgtxAnus
    SgtxAnus 18 days ago

    i like this show, fucking shame no doctors ive ever seen IRL for my wegner's has ever had the whole "heart to heart" thing even when I was in pediatrics as a kid. They just sorta come in, do their shit tell u bad news then are like "mmmm yea ok time for lunch hurk durk durk"

  • trezway
    trezway 18 days ago

    Did the kid live

  • carlos guerreiro
    carlos guerreiro 18 days ago

    Search: Goiânia accident :D

  • nick olekshuk
    nick olekshuk 20 days ago

    House isnt real people

  • artsy fartsy
    artsy fartsy 20 days ago

    This sounds like a title to a gay adult film

  • James Fauvelle
    James Fauvelle 20 days ago

    So the kid dies

  • James Fauvelle
    James Fauvelle 20 days ago


  • Bethany The panda GIRL

    Wasn’t the Fathers fault

  • A. Apio
    A. Apio 20 days ago

    This episodd was based in a real case in Brasil in the 80s.

  • danwat1234
    danwat1234 21 day ago

    4:20: "check his cervical spine"??

  • Monkeyman Ivan4000
    Monkeyman Ivan4000 21 day ago

    What is that stuff coming out of his large intestine at 0:08?

  • Abdu Salam
    Abdu Salam 21 day ago

    I feel bad for the dad, he wanted to give his son a great gift so hed remeber where he came from. He didnt know the metal was radioactive and killing his son

  • isabella delgado
    isabella delgado 21 day ago

    the dad on god was on dr phil recently

  • Chris Freda
    Chris Freda 21 day ago

    Simply heartbreaking.