Top 5 Best Super Mario Bros Super Show! Episodes

  • Published on May 8, 2018
  • Walter, Heather, & Aiyanna count down their favorite episodes of Super Mario Bros Super Show!
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Comments • 250

  • RGS TheBadGamer
    RGS TheBadGamer 14 days ago

    DiC is also responsible for Inspector Gadget? Wow. You learn something new every day, I suppose. Actually, for the longest time, I thought Inspector Gadget was actually called Robocop. :P

  • jeniel cross
    jeniel cross 2 months ago


  • The Grassy Man Productions

    Eh, so this is the best Super Mario Bros adaptation? Well, I’m not counting Stupid Mario Bros and Mario Warfare.

  • Chungenour 206
    Chungenour 206 11 months ago

    This guy has a million Subscribers and this only has 34k views

  • Demonanimator
    Demonanimator Year ago

    i always hated the end credits song...

  • Dylan Ogg
    Dylan Ogg Year ago

    Captain Lou Albano!? BILLY! BILLY! BILLY!

  • Abs Un
    Abs Un Year ago

    Bro my childhood

  • zoeynot101
    zoeynot101 Year ago

    May the pasta be with you..APH Italy motto

  • Moth
    Moth Year ago


  • Sea-Salt Art
    Sea-Salt Art Year ago

    What's funny is that the "turning people into bricks" thing is actually from the manual for the first SMB.... Not sure if coincidence or if someone on the writing staff was a lore enthusiast.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Year ago

    Who calls bowser koopa? retards

  • poopnach
    poopnach Year ago

    No "Bad Rap" or "Karate Koopa"? I call shenanigans. AND fraud.

  • wackko300
    wackko300 Year ago

    Awesome reviews! Are you guys gonna do the other Super Mario cartoons too?

  • GameDjeenie
    GameDjeenie Year ago +2

    So sad that both of them passed away ! R.I.P. guys ! The 80's and 90's were magical !

  • Jman Simp
    Jman Simp Year ago



  • dannymusic
    dannymusic Year ago

    The Imaginationland rainbow! I 'member!

  • Brian the Trainer
    Brian the Trainer Year ago +1

    Even though that's a fake moustache it's still look real for Walter's face 😂

  • joeriveracomedy
    joeriveracomedy Year ago

    A Captain N review would be dope too

  • PusoPimpOVER9000
    PusoPimpOVER9000 Year ago

    Did a one month boycott of CA, this is the first thing I'm watching after tentatively lifting it lol

  • Boy Aditya
    Boy Aditya Year ago

    My fav show in 90s ... The sucky things about this show is, we never watch it in English language (obviously dubbed locally) ... Finally watch it in English in 2000s ... I never seen Mario in Brooklyn accent on video games (^^), so this is interesting

  • Welcome To My World
    Welcome To My World Year ago +2

    *M A Y T H E P A S T A B E W I T H. Y O U*

  • Christopher Doxtator

    i hate to be "that guy" but Phelan already did the multiples concept 2 years ago

  • Franklin Kuzenski

    The only episode I remember is the one where they meet Milli Vanilli

    • John McHenry
      John McHenry Year ago

      Franklin Kuzenski that was from the Super Mario Bros.3 one.

  • JustinEvitable80
    JustinEvitable80 Year ago

    Flatbush Koopa is the only one I specifically remember. Glad to see it was included.

  • DA MotoNeko
    DA MotoNeko Year ago

    I didnt expect someone to actually make a GOOD SuperMarioBrosSuperShow since Nostalgia critic put up his negative one.

  • Mario from Greece

    the troopas sound like ninjor

  • Louise Lark
    Louise Lark Year ago

    one more bit of this stupid story i am unsubscibing

  • Void
    Void Year ago

    I guess people these days forget very easily, all the controversy surrounding this channel is gone

  • 1wolffan
    1wolffan Year ago

    It's a shame I missed those gadget episodes when I was young. I would have liked to see a live-action Inspector Gadget back when this show was airing. And now that I'm grown, I STILL would have liked to see a live-action gadget, except one that wasn't terrible. ;)
    Much better pacing on this episode. I came for the top 5, but now I'm concerned that that warp pipe may not quite lead where one might expect it to. Good job of actually pulling me into the background story, if even just a little bit.

  • NighTWolF
    NighTWolF Year ago

    Wish it would have been the real Gorbatschow. That would have been legendary.

  • Ultimate Disappointment


  • Aman Chooses
    Aman Chooses Year ago

    Walter, Heather, & Aiyanna cosplay in a cave in the dark. Not what I would have imagined but hey whatever gets it up for you I guess.

  • Autum Breeze
    Autum Breeze Year ago

    Oh God. I got the reference point of the Mario stuff starting back last episode, leading into this one as this video recaped.
    You're both dressed as Mario and Luigi going into a Dino dimension.

    I don't know whether to laugh or groan

  • J. C.
    J. C. Year ago +1

    It's not at all weird that King Koopa would turn people into bricks. That was the backstory in the original game. It was in the booklet.

  • GBlastMan
    GBlastMan Year ago

    Vinesauce....nuff said

  • gregman05
    gregman05 Year ago

    There was that episode with Milli Vanilli, but I think that was a different Super Mario cartoon

  • Kairu Hakubi
    Kairu Hakubi Year ago

    LaMarche's Don Adams impression is so spot on it's eerie. He should have been in the live action movie.. but I think he had put on a little weight by then and no longer quite visually matched the part.

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey
    Jeffrey Jeffrey Year ago

    Damn, just watched this off of The Scoobie origin story Critic Ep, and their lines stated the lizard as Rob Walker. Was the intro a job much on this? Gang, this seems just bitter ass drama. After all, you are running Critic after he's gone for revenue far as I can tell. It's just hard to give time to this not knowing the personalities, given what I hear the be the truth about this MCN slave.

  • LaDracul
    LaDracul Year ago

    The Little Richard inspired one is my personal favorite.
    "Whoa Mario!"
    However, Maurice appeared years before on "Faerie Tale Theater" in "The Princess Who Couldn't Laugh" as an impressionist.

  • James Stacey
    James Stacey Year ago +2

    Am I watching Porn, because this is how porn starts out.

  • Eggs dee
    Eggs dee Year ago


  • devin rice
    devin rice Year ago +1

    keep it up please

  • Steviofo
    Steviofo Year ago

    3:00 on the left you can see Woody from toy story when he was younger

  • Kuruttra
    Kuruttra Year ago

    Actually, I like dthe life action sequences more than the cartoon

  • Josh Lost In Time

    ok... I'm actually loving the plot being added to Top 5. Keep it up, guys! :)

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro Year ago

    a three parter? you guys are such teases

  • George The Pasta Wizard

    *D O T H E M A R I O*

  • Daniel Eliassenfgh618


  • moviegirl
    moviegirl Year ago +1

    God that was boring

  • Peter Tennant
    Peter Tennant Year ago

    What is the Mario rap

  • Vincenzo Scannella
    Vincenzo Scannella Year ago +1


  • Sir Ravix of Fourhorn

    Pasta power!

  • WhenCornAttacks
    WhenCornAttacks Year ago +1

    Love how this has become a show in itself. Keep up the good work, guys!

  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL Year ago

    There are none, because this show is complete garbage and you should be ashamed for liking this disgrace to the franchise

  • Dai Kaizen
    Dai Kaizen Year ago

    I loved this as a kid. Because kids love everything related to everything they love.

  • Lord Zephyros
    Lord Zephyros Year ago

    "May the pasta be with you" .... Omg they follow the flying Spaghetti monster !!!

  • Sitharos
    Sitharos Year ago +1

    Still no word from them on the controversy

  • PKMN Trainer Mark
    PKMN Trainer Mark Year ago +1

    Seeing her do the Mario was great.

  • PKMN Trainer Mark

    Well, he also turned everyone into bricks in the original game. According to the manual, anyway.

  • Jared Caflun
    Jared Caflun Year ago

    Wait wtf Gorbachev was in this

  • PKMN Trainer Mark
    PKMN Trainer Mark Year ago +1

    The DVDs cut out everything live action.
    Though, I did once notice a frame remaining from one segment when an episode cut back from "commercial."

  • Christopher Rowe
    Christopher Rowe Year ago

    the one with the 007 parody should be mentioned. Secret Agent Mario I think it was called

  • Штатный Комментатор

    Сколько можно обыгрывать Марио? Сколько у вас уже таких выпусков?нинтенда на вас нет.

  • Frondome
    Frondome Year ago

    I liked this show, it was fun and good for children. The show was very touching.

    • Frondome
      Frondome Year ago

      Just like JewWario was... RIP

  • MetallSwede
    MetallSwede Year ago

    There are two episodes I remember the most. One was "The Toad Warrior", because I loved the car-theme. Also, the one where they go to the Tetris world and you hear the Tetris theme. ^^

  • DracO HirudO
    DracO HirudO Year ago

    6:45 The Quiet peace-loving Mushroom people were turned into mere stones, bricks, and even field horse-hair plants, and the Mushroom Kingdom came into ruin.

  • Zen Productions
    Zen Productions Year ago +1

    I'd be more into these top 5s if the production/acting was better.

  • BrokenOpus
    BrokenOpus Year ago +2

    Wtf is a pizano?

  • Heavenlyhounds96
    Heavenlyhounds96 Year ago

    I love how he made the SpongeBob reference.
    *makes a Rainbow* Imaginaaaation!

  • Grungy Perry
    Grungy Perry Year ago


  • SR212787
    SR212787 Year ago

    Separate your stupid story from the countdown :/

  • Nickel The Wise
    Nickel The Wise Year ago

    Alright, I GOTTA hear this..
    (hears that)
    ...huh, those're great episodes~

  • Elora Smith
    Elora Smith Year ago

    This was literally my favorite show when I was little. I especially loved the dance Mario did at the end

  • Raymond Mangual
    Raymond Mangual Year ago

    Walter, you make these segment way better. Awesome bro.

  • Terry Jones
    Terry Jones Year ago +10

    The hype for Waluigi Walter is building......

    • Terry Jones
      Terry Jones Year ago

      _"Oh sure my brother has his video game franchise and is the star of countless quality titles beloved by so many, but in the end I am the one who brought entertainment for the whole family! I created the mouse, I brought forth the animated classics, I made the Marvel Cinematic Universe a reality, I'm bringing Star Wars back! And I didn't need to mooch off of no princess to do it! Who's the second player now?"_

    • mashitandsmashit
      mashitandsmashit Year ago +1


  • AntonyLockhart
    AntonyLockhart Year ago

    These skits before the lists are awful. Please just do the lists and cut out the terrible acting

  • Kyle Groenenboom
    Kyle Groenenboom Year ago

    Imagination...why do I get the feeling that Top 5 should do an episode on Spongebob?

  • Taylor Durette
    Taylor Durette Year ago +1

    Eat a bag of dicks

  • null akjg
    null akjg Year ago

    The video doesnt start till 2:00 min in. You will miss absolutely nothing from the intro.

  • CastledCard
    CastledCard Year ago +3

    Yup, this channel is dead.

    • TheTrueman 818
      TheTrueman 818 Year ago

      CastledCard The website, yes, but the youtube channel, nope

    • WhenCornAttacks
      WhenCornAttacks Year ago +2

      You mean they’re posting the same video series they’ve been doing for years after losing like 2% of their subscribers? If that’s “dead” to you, you must be pretty boring.

    • Damien Reaper
      Damien Reaper Year ago +3

      Untrue, They have a million subscribers and in time people who aren't following the hate will see CA/NC they will get triple the amount of viewers.

  • Luminee Luma Productions

    I always personally found "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" to be more entertaining than Super Show. (Then again, that's mainly because it has the Koopalings in it :T)

  • Drew Kane
    Drew Kane Year ago

    She sounds like she's reading a book report in grade school.

  • MrEricAdam
    MrEricAdam Year ago

    Young Wario and Waluigi at 10:09?

  • Alek V
    Alek V Year ago

    Top 5 Elephants in rooms
    Number 1: channel awesome scandal

  • Ivan Skodje
    Ivan Skodje Year ago


  • nunya biz
    nunya biz Year ago

    You are aware that Bowser has turned people into bricks before, all of the bricks you break in Super Mario Brothers are actually citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom

  • jekblom123
    jekblom123 Year ago

    (comes in as actual Ghostbuster)
    "Ernie Hudson! Thank goodness you're here!"

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez

    I like the one with winnie you know winnie cooper from the wonder years

  • soundwave803
    soundwave803 Year ago

    Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid, Bad Rap and the Toad Warrior should have made the list. In any case enjoyed the video can't wait until next week

  • Heather
    Heather Year ago

    I have all of them...AND Captain N, AND Super Mario Bros 3...AND Super Mario Land. ...uh, the latter Still want to get the Zelda cartoons. Oh my childhood... Slimebusters is not in my two volumes of SMBSS though...

  • Itzmbd
    Itzmbd Year ago

    Hey Michael from Vsauce here..

  • bbarrett726
    bbarrett726 Year ago

    10:09 That looks like Wario

  • Kuronji
    Kuronji Year ago +1

    Star koopa, I totally remember that one good stuff.

  • Hillbilly Stormtrooper

    Do the Mario! Swing your arms to side to side,

  • Jenny Maridowe
    Jenny Maridowe Year ago

    I like this show... Please.... We need MOAR

  • Paul is a person
    Paul is a person Year ago +4



  • Morphic c
    Morphic c Year ago

    That one episode when Mario was hitting the sauce pretty hard he told Luigi he was adopted

  • Meatbyproducts
    Meatbyproducts Year ago

    Can we get the old Walter stuff back?

  • Theanimalonthewall

    Mario Meets Koop-zilla has always been my favorite

  • Kinda Critics
    Kinda Critics Year ago

    Great video. Channel Awesome has always been my inspiration, can't wait for my first video to get up tommorow night!