Henderson on Mo Salah: "He's a JOY to Play With" | Everton 1-4 Liverpool | Post Match Reaction

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Jordan Henderson speaks to the Amazon Prime Sports studio, featuring Thierry Henry, Steve McManaman & Leon Osman, as they talk about the impressive display show by Liverpool and what it's like to play with Mo Salah, as they thump Everton 1-4


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Comments • 98

  • Mani Kandan
    Mani Kandan Month ago +152

    Henderson is an example to youth on how to be a great team player, leader, hard worker.. He is exceptional en everyway as a footballer

    • Noname mr
      Noname mr Month ago

      True not exceptionally talented but consistently worked hard to reach where he is now❤🙏

  • silver in the garden
    silver in the garden Month ago +157

    Hendo has grown into captain fantastic. His touch and passing range is phenomenal, long may it last.

  • Forze
    Forze Month ago +91

    Couldn't of asked for a better Captain to replace Stevie. Hendo is pure class, love him. YNWA

  • david05111
    david05111 Month ago +25

    Hendo is writing his name into the history books of LFC, and onto a very, very elite list for his club. Class, talent, work rate, perseverance, loyalty...he's got it all. He has really put the doubters to the sword over the past few years. People shouldn't consider him to Stevie anymore. He is now up there with him in his own right, and a very worthy Captain of Liverpool. All Liverpool supporters should be proud to have him representing the club

  • Gillie Monger
    Gillie Monger Month ago +131

    Hendo's control of the team tonight was world class in itself. Add to that his goal and an assist makes him MotM.

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright Month ago +11

    I was once guilty of thinking he wasn't good enough, never faulted his effort but what a player since Klopp came in, he is improving year on year and considering the captains boots he has filled in for!

  • Mostafa Shalaby
    Mostafa Shalaby Month ago +71

    Mo Salah ..

    What a player and what a beautiful style to watch

  • Ahmet Tugay
    Ahmet Tugay Month ago +14

    I never believed that this man could become a world class midfielder, but I have to admit: I was wrong..

  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith Month ago +39

    Henderson is having such an underrated season

  • lamp man
    lamp man Month ago +5

    Such a good skipper. He always underplays his own performances but his importance to Liverpool is massive. He seems to be more dangerous in attack and his passing is exquisite. I reckon Mo appreciates the relationship they have on the pitch too. COYR

  • Exploits Root beer
    Exploits Root beer Month ago +36

    Respect for Henderson struggled initially but came through

  • Ed Dunne
    Ed Dunne Month ago +35

    As is the same for all teams,when victorious there will always be a few candidates for MOTM and tonight was no different but Jordon Henderson was the stand out performer

  • Abdi Moalim
    Abdi Moalim Month ago +4

    What a captain what aman we love him🙏👊🔥👊👊

  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man Month ago +17

    Hardest-working captain in football.

  • PS4Base
    PS4Base Month ago +48

    144 goals 56 assist salah Liverpool

    • Anglemasterextraordinaire
      Anglemasterextraordinaire Month ago +1

      He's the business salah

    • Anuj prajapati
      Anuj prajapati Month ago

      @SChook hmm, funny co incident

    • SChook
      SChook Month ago +2

      @Anuj prajapati Salah is wrong in Malay or Indonesian language...

    • Anuj prajapati
      Anuj prajapati Month ago +3

      Huh! When translated to English, your comment says 144 goals 56 assists wrong Liverpool

  • Solomon
    Solomon Month ago +2

    He controls the team tempo, when he is not there you can see the difference. its more manic than structured. He speeds up and slows down the game, which is a skill very few players have. We are very lucky to have a world class footballer as our captain.

  • Munte Kald
    Munte Kald Month ago +17

    A little bit of luck this season and they can win the Champions League again. Very strong personality and solid, high spirits this season from all the players, very intense. Bravo

  • NC3
    NC3 Month ago +1

    For the last few games, Liverpool are playing some of the greatest football in the clubs history. It doesn't get much better than that considering some of the past teams they've had

  • Mean Bean
    Mean Bean Month ago +34

    Definitely my MOTM tonight boss that midfield got himself a goal & assist in that first half.

    • Satimin TV
      Satimin TV Month ago

      Everton goalie have "long shift" in this match

  • Suhaib Ghazi
    Suhaib Ghazi Month ago

    Been my favorite player since 2014..nearly went mad defending him from the haters lol. So glad to see that he's become a fan favorite and cherished now. I will cry when this man retires. Utter class.

  • the stone breaker
    the stone breaker Month ago +58

    Henderson loves Mo , a great team , thanks for the great game tonight , we all will sleep happily

  • Yodit Yohannes
    Yodit Yohannes Month ago +9

    I honestly do feel like Hendo deserved MOTM.

    • Red Lady
      Red Lady Month ago

      Same. Midfielders never get the credit they deserve

  • FordF
    FordF Month ago

    Love how JH has just grown into the captaincy and now looks like he will go down as one of the greats.
    Comes across really well and seems to just get better and better on the pitch. Brilliant 👏👏👏👏

  • Misnawati 021
    Misnawati 021 Month ago +2

    You're the man HENDO..
    you're the fantastic captain

  • Ho Bibi
    Ho Bibi Month ago +17

    both salah and hendo gets 10 out of 10, but i will go for hendo over mo as the motm

    • Ho Bibi
      Ho Bibi Month ago +2

      @Abdullah H nope, I'm not English

    • Abdullah H
      Abdullah H Month ago +2

      You english by any chance ?
      Btw, i agree both are 10/10

  • Xo
    Xo Month ago +5

    Love him . Safc and Liverpool legend .

    ALIF GAMING Month ago +11

    a great captain, he can control his team, he is very disciplined. Steven Gerard will always be proud of you like the fans are proud of Steve

    • Chris Long
      Chris Long Month ago +1

      Bro great comment

    • Dennis Martin
      Dennis Martin Month ago

      ALIF GAMING ... shut up lad.... chatting for chatting shake

  • deathtrack15
    deathtrack15 Month ago +8

    Jordan Henderson has beaten all odds to get where he is today. I'll be looking to the hendo shuffle hopefully when we win the league/FA cup or champions league this year.

  • dojima
    dojima Month ago +26

    Hope hendo stays with liverpool after he retires in coaching

    • Chris Long
      Chris Long Month ago

      @Get to rs girl hey not thats not a bad idea. Milly stay as loop assistant

    • Chris Long
      Chris Long Month ago

      @Get to rs girl hey now thats not a bad idea. Milly stay as klopp assisstant

    • Chris Long
      Chris Long Month ago +1

      @Get to rs girl hey now thats not a bad idea. Milly stay as klopp assisstant

    • Get to rs girl
      Get to rs girl Month ago +2

      Gerrards assistant 🤣

  • Issam Kayssi
    Issam Kayssi Month ago +5

    Leon Osman's face!

  • Acac hala
    Acac hala Month ago

    What a man. Clean hearted guy deserves all the success he’s getting.

  • karlsham eusoff
    karlsham eusoff Month ago +2

    Henderson score also a world class goal..

  • RK2021lfc
    RK2021lfc Month ago +21

    World class 👏👏👏👏

  • Skywalker
    Skywalker Month ago +1

    I still remember the comments coming from world football when Liverpool signed Salah and some where saying whom?!! Funny enough my comment was Liverpool have just singed a potential best player in the world and that was before he even play!

  • MrStark
    MrStark Month ago +4

    This is how a captain takes an interview then theres United's...

  • Keith Ogden
    Keith Ogden Month ago +5

    I remember being at Anfield for Hendo's first game at home and saying, 'That young fella is going to go on to be a great player', not saying I told you so, but... Do you know what makes it all so much sweeter? Slur licks fur gusset's (sir alex furgusson) scathing comments about him have shown what a prick furgusson was, is and always will be. And, outside of his playing abilities, what a nice grounded man he is too. YNWA

  • nikz200
    nikz200 Month ago

    My captain ❤️

  • Arefaine Behane
    Arefaine Behane Month ago +1

    I’m glad to see score and Assist as 🧢

  • علي العكيدي
    علي العكيدي Month ago +2

    MO SALAH the best in world

  • Earlhyn Noona
    Earlhyn Noona Month ago +6

    Our pride, our cap

  • Cameron Clark Carlton TV

    Gerrard may have been superior in many ways but Henderson is all round a more effective captain. For example Gerrard refused to accept any rotation even if it would have prolonged his career and ensured his peak performance and the chances of the SQUAD winning the league. Hendo has 100% more of a team ethic than Gerrard. Hendo is massively underrated and will probably only be fully appreciated once he retires.

  • Iain Little
    Iain Little Month ago

    Very decent man. A model for young ones coming through.

  • Hamdan Jantan
    Hamdan Jantan Month ago

    Henderson was underated. The first Liverpool captain that won the Big Ears Cup since Gerard did in the 2005 triller

  • Rifaldo Palaska
    Rifaldo Palaska Month ago +1

    our captain!!

  • uda Oma
    uda Oma Month ago

    He know how to pass the ball to mo salah.

  • sigitpurnama
    sigitpurnama Month ago +4

    HENDOOOO!!!! 🔥🔥🔥⭐⭐⭐

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu Month ago +1

    exquisite. I reckon Mo appreciates the relationship they have on the pitch too. COYR

  • Henry VIII
    Henry VIII Month ago +2

    Like a Fine Wine ….getting better with age.

    Grand Cru Classé 🍷

  • Flash Kay
    Flash Kay Month ago +12

    Hendo is in form cause Gerrard is coming back in his town😂

  • lerev
    lerev Month ago +2

    well established man

  • Ahmad Radwan
    Ahmad Radwan Month ago

    Hendo is the most important player in the team

  • ubelta
    ubelta Month ago

    Our boss hendo😍😍😍

  • SatLive1
    SatLive1 Month ago +3

    Salah is hitting Thierry Henry levels. When he is in the box or one-v-one...you know what's coming! Legend!

  • Souna Samdy
    Souna Samdy Month ago

    LFC is a family.mohamed salah is the Legend of Liverpool family.henderson is the captain of the family and salah and henderson are brothers.

  • Biomirth
    Biomirth Month ago

    Leon Osman: Yeah na, not wanting to talk to Hendo.

  • Chris Long
    Chris Long Month ago +4

    I never want to hear people say Jorginho is better. He is too 10 in the e pl. And one other thing I like how thiago play he just give the bell away too much

    • Chris Long
      Chris Long Month ago

      @dojima facts

    • dojima
      dojima Month ago +2

      Dont know how he is so high. He ain't even best midfielder in chelsea

  • harsh
    harsh Month ago +2

    Why is Thierry Henry looking like he doesn't want to be there 🤔

    • Chris Long
      Chris Long Month ago

      Cause he mad that his former teammate coaching and Gerrard too

    • Paul Ryan
      Paul Ryan Month ago +1

      @Künstlerin-DAB1995 Yeah...4-Nil, He was sure watching the game alright ;-) 2:42

    • Künstlerin-DAB1995
      Künstlerin-DAB1995 Month ago

      Henry asked a really good question, actually.

  • Stephen James
    Stephen James Month ago +14

    Lmao. Pep trying to throw Bernardo silva’ name in the mix. The bald fraud with his delusions

    • Acac hala
      Acac hala Month ago

      See his goal on the weekend? I support liverpool but I appreciate bernardos class ( and we can appreciate it because we got salah who’s better )

    • Make Life Better
      Make Life Better Month ago


  • SA3D
    SA3D Month ago +4

    Wait, can I watch premier league matches on Amazon Prime Video??

    • Kushal Acharya
      Kushal Acharya Month ago

      Mostly in and around Christmas time.
      Only around these times

    • Red Lady
      Red Lady Month ago

      Not many. Just a few

    • Kerisha Nayager
      Kerisha Nayager Month ago

      @ellyot thank you

    • ellyot
      ellyot Month ago

      @Kerisha Nayager I believe so, in France we only have access to the French championship on APV. Would absolutely trade it for Premier League...

    • Natalie Weekes
      Natalie Weekes Month ago

      @Kerisha Nayager sorry I don’t know.

  • Clifford Healy
    Clifford Healy Month ago +1

    Now to beat AC milan away Tuesday night last group win reds YNWA

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt Month ago