The Best 4K TVs to Buy on Black Friday 2018

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • We take a look at the best TVs to buy on Black Friday 2018, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of key TV models from Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic, namely:
    - Samsung NU8000 UHD LED LCD
    - Samsung Q9FN 4K QLED TV
    - Samsung Q900R 8K QLED
    - LG C8, E8 & B8 4K OLED TVs
    - Sony AF9 & AF8 OLEDs, and ZF9 LED LCD
    - Panasonic FZ802 & FZ952 OLEDs
    Many thanks to UK electrical retailer Crampton & Moore for allowing us to film this video in their shop. If you're considering buying a new TV on Black Friday, please consider buying it from them. Call David on 0113 244 6607, mention HDTVTest, and he'll try and give you the best TV deals.
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  • DjK 4 Yahweh
    DjK 4 Yahweh 7 days ago

    Hey thanks for the great informative video and I will give that store a call in about a month or 2. I'm waiting for Samsung's 2019 Qled flagship model to come out, do you have any idea when this will hit our stores in the UK?
    Lastly, how do I go about getting my TV professionally collaborated by yourself? Cheers!

  • vadimkrylov
    vadimkrylov 14 days ago

    Picture quality of Samsung TVs so bad . I can see it even from TheXvid video. Why would anyone buy such aTV ? They’re must be really dumb

  • Nick Olas
    Nick Olas 24 days ago +1

    Actually im stuck on LCD but at least it doesn't have screen burn! Make sure you dont watch the news or sports or anything that has a fixed graphic on screen. Dont even play a video game. Oh and I am not debating the picture quality. OLED is awesome and looks amazing. I almost purchased one. That is until I saw the horrendous screen burn on my brothers OLED.... Dont be sad. Its ok. Long love happy time. Sucky sucky. Me love you long time

  • blah blah
    blah blah 26 days ago

    all this and then we die

  • Che Ati
    Che Ati 26 days ago

    I bought an LG C8 (55'). I play survival horror games a lot at night and guys... Resident Evil 2, RE7, Alien Isolation just looks so amazing on Oled I feel like its everyday christmas for me now... Unbelievable experience. Highly recommended when you like horror games / movies. (also nature documentaries on 4k, but even on 1080p are amazing)

  • Sylvex Dragonskin
    Sylvex Dragonskin 27 days ago

    Only 75 inch xd It's expensive, even a 65. But NOW there's some cheap 65 inch tvs. (as in less than 900 euros/usd)

  • J50N myers
    J50N myers 27 days ago +1

    this guy knows way to much tv

  • Dalmatinac3
    Dalmatinac3 Month ago

    Now what? 2 months has what. Same shit every year. Next yr new video. Bs. Now we have TVs now what? It's all bs.

  • Henry Bliggins
    Henry Bliggins Month ago

    Thank you for all the AMAZING work you do! We love your videos!!!

  • Georgios Kanaris
    Georgios Kanaris Month ago

    I want to purchase a
    55” oled and I’m between the
    LG c8 pta and the Sony A8F
    I need it for movies Netflix and TheXvid music videos only -
    No gaming at all - most of ppl would say go for Sony but I don’t like that is so low and can’t add a sound bar... what u recommend? I read also that Sony doesn’t really need a sound bar cause the sound from the build in speakers and woofer is already super good ... mounting Sony would effect the sound from the woofers on the back side ???

  • Jordan Holmes
    Jordan Holmes Month ago

    I'll nevet buy an edge lit led tv ever again after the experience with mine

  • MoneyMaker
    MoneyMaker Month ago +1

    I'm still rocking with my x900e 49" loving this TV

  • philj212
    philj212 Month ago

    a part of me feels like he can actually speak flawless queens english but puts on the accent to play the character of professional tv reviewer and calibrator

  • Jeofrey
    Jeofrey Month ago

    i still have a samsung ln46d630 lcd tv 1080p is it worth the upgrade to 50'' 4k tv -$300-500 range?

  • Wei Keung Tang
    Wei Keung Tang Month ago

    Too long. Then, what models that you preferred to buy are your conclusion ?

  • AVNSpider
    AVNSpider 2 months ago +1

    i am looking for my first 4ktv and was thinking on the Sony Bravia XBR65X900F or the Samsung UN65NU8000- I was thinking on buying the xbox one x console as well.
    what do u recommend?

  • Willem-Jan Geboers
    Willem-Jan Geboers 2 months ago

    Good content- PLEASE deliver it a little bit less dry and monotone.

  • Matt Grizzle
    Matt Grizzle 2 months ago +1

    love this guy... sucks he's not here in the US

  • John
    John 2 months ago

    Was this filmed in Leeds?

  • oaoah
    oaoah 2 months ago

    Whats the difference between a NU8005 and a NU8075??

  • 4REAL
    4REAL 2 months ago

    I ordered Samsung Q9FN 65” cant wait ! Hope it will perform great for me on Xbox one X etc

  • MrSixxshooter
    MrSixxshooter 2 months ago

    Absolutely fantastic video ! Subscribed ! Thank you so much !

  • ammomeister
    ammomeister 2 months ago

    LOL...they got Black Friday in UK?

  • Dr Kaufman
    Dr Kaufman 2 months ago

    Why does my Samsung Q7 TV have poor skin tones, particularly when watching Movies. The skin tones are shiny and flicker, not natural at all. I have followed set up from a range of people including digital foundry.

  • Bill MacKinnon
    Bill MacKinnon 3 months ago

    It depends on what you use your T.V. for, I use it just for movies, I watch them at night, so the LG C8 65 has worked out well for me, scratch that, it is beyond my wildest dreams and I don't impress easily. I've had it for 9 months now and still can't believe how great it looks, absolutely a fantastic buy for me, I love it. You can't too wrong with any of these OLED's because they are all LG panels.

    • Sir Jon Smith III
      Sir Jon Smith III 15 days ago

      Have a b8 in my computer room. A quantum in my living room. The brightness of the vizio makes HDR so much better, it is by far my favorite. But then again, HDR is favorite new technology (to each their own). Not to mention vizio BFI is unmatched.

  • copinonino
    copinonino 3 months ago +1

    I was in the market for a 4k tv in april 2018, then i learnt about HDR, then about Dolby/Oled , then about Oled image retention, then i bought the Sony X9300E/ Dolby vision here in India. Thanks to Vincent i realised how much i love picture quality & personally i don't think my future tv's can be without Dolby Vision...!!

  • James Stephens
    James Stephens 3 months ago

    your English is better than mine but not at the same time AMAZING

  • Anant Kumar
    Anant Kumar 3 months ago

    O really ..... u f word the conclusion

  • Kshitij Gopal
    Kshitij Gopal 3 months ago

    Wanted some advice. I have an LG OLED 55C7T but I'm keen on upsizing to a 65" 4k TV. I'm in love with LG OLED's but the 65C8 is far too expensive where I live. What's the best choice for my needs? Budget limitation is below the cost of a 65C8 wherever you are. Usage is general mix - Movies, TV, Sport, minimal gaming. Location of TV - living room, fairly well lit.

  • Ricky Spanish LaFlare
    Ricky Spanish LaFlare 3 months ago

    Bro I got a LG OLED C8 at best buy with a wall mount and 5 year warranty all for $1,500!

  • TheTruckDrivingGamer
    TheTruckDrivingGamer 3 months ago

    This looks like tv heaven!!! Awesome!!

  • Thenesrookie
    Thenesrookie 3 months ago

    Does anyone know of a TV that has little to no stuttering when playing slower scenes?

  • 3choBlast3r
    3choBlast3r 3 months ago +1

    P.s. I fucking LOVE oleds but can't buy them until they find a solution to the burn in. My TV is mostly used to game with and also often as a secondary laptop screen. I'd burn that thing so fast :/
    I mean recently I obsessively played RDR2 (I literally burned my self out playing that game, I don't want to touch it for a while and haven't even finished the prologue yet lol)
    I can easily play 3 to 5 hours straight. Maybe even more during weekends if I just got a new game. I like to play with brightness maxed out etc... I'm pretty damn sure that if I had bought a good / expensive Oled and played RDR2 like I did recently the map circle in the bottom left would have burned into my screen.

  • 3choBlast3r
    3choBlast3r 3 months ago

    I expected you to also quickly go over the x900f /xf90

  • Les Hilton
    Les Hilton 3 months ago

    Vincent. Can you do review of panasonic fx750 plz

  • Gary Lester
    Gary Lester 3 months ago

    Wow, there are some nice televisions out there, now I’ll have to think more about what tv I’m getting to replace the Sony 60 inch full HD, when the time comes. It’s great to see an 8K on the market, I’m in Perth Western Australia, the 8K hasn’t hit the shelves yet and I’m hanging out to see one, we are always behind in Australia. A Sony tech guy, told me a few weeks ago, 8K won’t be out for another 4 years. Ha ha, they don’t know that much!! Cheers, thank you for your information 👍🏻😊

  • hi
    hi 3 months ago

    Nice Glasses. Never waste money ever on Oled. This guy is paid to push the technology. Oled is the new name for Plasma back in the 2000. This technology is just reborn. Stick with LCD technology. Your money is safely invested. No burn in. Longevity guaranteed. How many computer monitors have you heard of going bad. But glasses man keep up the videos.

    • Sir Jon Smith III
      Sir Jon Smith III 15 days ago

      Love my vizio quantum. The brightness (for HDR) and BFI, makes me like it better then my B8 that I have in my computer room.

    • eurosensazion
      eurosensazion 3 months ago

      So true. I got a 2006 Sony Bravia 48" Plasma was great but burn in within 3 years. Now hurts our eyes. Got 2008 55" LCD Samsung back then $1800 on great deal and man that tv still kills it in quality. No issues with it nothing I want to give it an award for 10 years of awesomeness. Even for gaming it kills still. Thinkin of getting mid range 55" Samsung NU8000 to upgrade another room and compare.

  • rogue warr
    rogue warr 3 months ago

    So we millions of people that have bought Vizio 65 inch m-p series tv with a very good hdr 10 .Don't seem to get any reviews from your channel ...

    • rogue warr
      rogue warr 3 months ago

      +HDTVTest Sorry my bad for not looking into this ahead of time to posting the channel

    • HDTVTest
      HDTVTest  3 months ago

      We are based in the UK where Vizios are not sold.

  • tenj00
    tenj00 3 months ago

    The Teoh-Brothers are at it again!

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    Samsung flagship gives you quality for a decent price.

  • Kevin Taylor
    Kevin Taylor 3 months ago +2

    6:31 Q900R 8K is the only TV you should buy as the rest is obsolete!

    • Marcus Cole
      Marcus Cole 3 months ago

      8K is complete nonsense for living rooms ! You need to sit as close as 0.7mtrs to be able to detect 8K resolution with your eyes !
      From the average viewing distance of 3 mtrs. you can't even tell whether it's 2K or 4K...
      And...btw...the Q900 is a desperate attempt of Samsung to slow down their decreasing sales in the premium segment due to lacking OLED sets in their line up.
      The Q900's concept is full of overpriced, low performing and energy wasting piece of garbage.
      To get an impression watch "this":
      at 9:50 (dimming fluctuations) or 12:10 (average luminance of just 600 and in maximum just 900nits with real content) or 12:25 (horrible EOTF for HDR) or 12:55 (just 89% of DCI-P3) or 13:20 (TCL U55X9006 better in colour gamut than Q900) ... a.s.o.

    • Kevin Taylor
      Kevin Taylor 3 months ago

      ​+Sam Jones It is all about the upscaling from 2K and 4K to 8K. All Hollywood movies have been recorded in 8K since 2016 and AAA games in development are being made in 8K. Japan now broadcasts TV in 8K and satellite TV has been testing 8K. An 8K camera on the S10Plus so you can make your own 8K movies. I think you will find the jump to 8K will happen a lot faster than 2K to 4K. I reading and typing this using my PC with an old Samsung 2K 55" TV which I have used as my monitor for years and I play all the latest games. I was so tempted to buy this Black Friday but I will wait until next year when HDMI 2.1 has been released. Search TheXvid for 8K gaming and content. Search for Q900R reviews for a little more than the 4K Q9FN you are guaranteed future proof with 8K and free HDMI 1.2 Connect Box shipped to you next year. All manufacturers are releasing 8K TVs at CSE in January 2019.

  • G G
    G G 3 months ago

    Hdmi 2.1 box for q9fn in 2019 is it possible?

  • Sagar Verma
    Sagar Verma 3 months ago

    we want to see tv only

  • Toddy3474
    Toddy3474 3 months ago

    Hi Vincent I love your reviews I have a Samsung q900r what do you charge for a picture calibration many thanks

  • Muhammad Nasir
    Muhammad Nasir 3 months ago

    Black Friday bargain

  • Mr. Ihab Issa
    Mr. Ihab Issa 3 months ago

    Sony X930E

  • Emiliano Escobar
    Emiliano Escobar 3 months ago

    Hi Vincent. I will be arriving to London next week. Do you have any suggestion where can I get good prices for AVRs? I want to get an Onkyo RZ that are not available in my country. Thanks in advance. BIG FAN HERE

  • Arc. Charles
    Arc. Charles 3 months ago

    How do i get TV down to Nigeria

  • paul productions
    paul productions 3 months ago

    Sony is best, and isn't pricy as before.

    • СНС Богдан
      СНС Богдан 3 months ago

      Do not forget. Sony used lg oled panels

    • Marcus Cole
      Marcus Cole 3 months ago

      "Best" is not a technical property ! ... and £1000 more for an AF9 compared to the C8 ... I would still call that pricy

  • Coin Stacks
    Coin Stacks 3 months ago

    65 inch sharp at best buy for $399 was a killer deal.

  • eurosensazion
    eurosensazion 3 months ago

    Avg UK household. They must all be house rich or in debt with a house. I wouldn't go over $2000K on a tv. There's some good 55" looking at QLED Samsung. Waiting for price drop in Canada.

  • Tom Elew
    Tom Elew 3 months ago

    Hello Vincent, Answer me a question if you would. Why is it that LG makes the best OLED tv's but the consumer can't seem to convince them to make an OLED phone (unless it's 7 inched tall)? And Samsung makes the best OLED phones but they can't seem to understand that the consumer wants OLED tv's?

    • Tom Elew
      Tom Elew 3 months ago

      Okay thanks Sam. I just love oled - it is so impressive, and it's somewhat frustrating we don't have more choice out there when it comes to oled adopters . It's the superior technology so I'm surprised more companies are not making the push for it.

  • Ivica Cerin
    Ivica Cerin 3 months ago

    Vincent, 55" AF8 or 65" XF900? For Netflix and gaming.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    Philip OLED comes second as they are good with lots of local dimming zones to adjust to lighting and antiglare.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    3d without glasses would be the next big thing and someone is already found a solution at MIT.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    They should have had more 3d games and movies.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    What I am sad about is the death of 3D tvs.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    Upscaling softwares are not that enhanced to give you true 4k definition.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    The funny thing is that contents havent even reached 4k hdr or dolby vision standards and Xbox just reached native 4k when there is already 8k in market.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    Philips is quality brand 2nd to Samsung. Its ambilight is really good.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    The only issue with Samsung is that they only place backlights on the bottom of the panel compared to Philips who have backlights at the top and bottom yet I havnt seen a sharper and brighter image than Samsung despite colour inaccuracies.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    There is a behind the curtains R&D development into pulsating laser beam technology to power an even better screen.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    Every TV in future should have dobly vision and dolby atmos sound.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    Well I think Dolby Vision is a futureproofed technology than HDR10.

  • Assasson Worrior
    Assasson Worrior 3 months ago

    Hey this guy liked Samsung for once. I have been advised before that QLED was not worth its price and was rather just a gimmick compared to inkier colours of OLED. I was shown 3 OLEDs from LG, Sony, Panasonic. LG gave me a plasma screen feel. Sony had deeper blacks to the point that it was such a dim and dark screen that it looked like the pixels were turned off around the blacks and not looking like a natural black plus sharpness issues. Panasonic is worst, it has a fuzzy screen with lots of colour inaccuracies. I was told that they all OLEDs use a more complex technology than Samsung TVs but man I have tried many TVs and in the end I return back to Samsung. I bought an LG OLED and even that had energetic pixels, fuzziness and dimmer screen compared to the simple technology of Samsung which always looks one tier above this one, its super good and I wish Samsung maintains dominance with its uLED ready to kick ill manufactured OLED out of the market.

  • KeenAesthetic1
    KeenAesthetic1 3 months ago

    NU8000 82 inch vs high-end 4k projector?
    Projectors can display larger images I know, but still ...?
    I've a 4 x 4.2 living room so extra size has somewhat diminished returns.

  • Another User
    Another User 4 months ago

    Wait wait. I missed Black Friday...nooooooooo

  • Paul Tibbs
    Paul Tibbs 4 months ago

    Cute ending :-) I skipped through some parts but didn't hear you mention that Samsung is not supporting Dolby Vision. It's new TV time here, so for me:
    Being U.S. based, Panasonic is out.
    OLED burn-in, LG is out.
    No DV support, Samsung is out.
    Sony it is, my XBR-75Z9F is on order. (Lucky for Sony that TCL doesn't make a 75 inch 6 series!) Hoping I can deal with the DV profile issues. BUT, if you are dealing with one or two viewers only, the Z9D has finally been discounted to USD$4498 on Amazon, it was a close thing not to go for the old one at that price. My decision was based on better viewing angles for Z9F and better response on the remote with Ultimate chipset.
    Vincent, if you want to calibrate my new set in exchange for being able to review it, let me know! My set should arrive by 6-Dec. Sorry for you it is on US West Coast, but it's very nice this time of year usually here. I'll cover hotel costs, what the heck. 8-D

  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange 4 months ago

    I couldn't decide so I'll wait to see next year's models.

  • Memphis Reines
    Memphis Reines 4 months ago

    @HDTVTest is Crams no more or something willing to ship to the U.S?

    BILLEL SAHRAOUI 4 months ago

    Hi i have a Lg uhd 43UJ630V what is the best settings in gaming on ps4 pro

  • crouchingtg
    crouchingtg 4 months ago

    I'm going to ask here because i couldn't find anything on google. If i own an Oled C7, would a separate 4k player be better when it comes to colors or the built in media player the TV has is enough?
    Never had an issue with 4k so far but i can't help but wonder if the TV downgrades the image a little and i have nothing to compare it with.
    Would also a 4k player bring any benefits like better upscaling or different image processing techniques?
    I'm only watching REMUX which are mkv from an external hdd.

    • Marcus Cole
      Marcus Cole 4 months ago

      You are using your C7 far beneath it's capabilities...
      The maximum performance you (only) get from a 4K Netflix subscription by watching their Dolby Vision movies and shows ... OR with a Dolby Vision capable UHD player (OPPO 203, Pana UB820) and with movies like the 4K DV "Matrix" trilogy , 4K DV "Ready Player One", a.s.o. ... just to name four examples.
      Or at least with any HDR10 content and using "Active HDR" with it ... static or dynamic meta data is what allows these sets to produce fantastic pictures.
      If you'll stick to your mkv-containers and do not have an OLED yet ... don't get one ... it'd be like driving a Ferrari in a pedestrians area.

  • Artur
    Artur 4 months ago

    los televisores deben mejorar en funciones y ya no tanto que si mas HDRs ,8K ,...

  • Artur
    Artur 4 months ago

    todos los oled se ven bastante bien con señal 4K la prueba hay que hacerlo con emisiones de TDT normal HD o SD y ahi se ve igual o parecido que un LED de gama media alta , está claro que estan bajando los OLED para mi el problema es que todos los OLED que sacan son de 55" ,¿motivo? solo LG lo sabe, es mu probable que si sacase en 49" o algo menos venderían bastante mas y eso que ahora mismo estan bajando precios de los OLED el tema es que los avances en imagen ahora mismo para TDT normal no se notan y que si tenian que mejorar en apartado de funciones de los televisores lo cual está cada vez más descuidado y no se avanza , un ejemplo las funciones PIP PAP Y PAT para poder ver dos canales ala vez o ver un canal en un ipap o tablet hay pocos modelos que dispongan de doble triple sintonizador y que esté dichas funciones bien implementadas en un boton del mando a distancia, GRUNDIG en algunos modelos lo tienen otro ejemplo es por que las marcas nos quieren meter su smart tv como sea y podrian hacer algunos modelos sin smart tv y que se le pueda enchufar uno el smart tv que uno quiera (chromecast...) habra que ver este año 2019 que modelos sacan las marcas espero que no nos vuelvan locos con televisores 8K negros mas profundos HDRs más brillantes y pongan mejores funciones a dichos televisores y que la gente no busca solo las mejores funciones en los televisores grandes sino tambien en modelos más pequeños (43")

  • Artur
    Artur 4 months ago

    and GRUNDIG ?

    • Marcus Cole
      Marcus Cole 4 months ago

      You mean the Turkish tvs from company Arçelik ? ... not interesting ...

  • sherepunjab07
    sherepunjab07 4 months ago

    Hi Vincent - please advise the difference between Samsung UE65NU8000 and Samsung UE65NU8070 ?All specs are same except NU8000 has PQI of 2500 vs PQI of 2600 for NU8070

  • chelsea boy
    chelsea boy 4 months ago

    Samsung ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Avalon Arthur
    Avalon Arthur 4 months ago

    Vincent, which TV would you buy, a 75" Samsung Q9 or a 75" Sony X900F?

    WOLF - DARK 4 months ago +1

    I want a review of the Sony X7000F TV 2018

  • Steve Hoshea
    Steve Hoshea 4 months ago

    Way out of my budget. You did review any budget TV for us poor souls

  • So Dope
    So Dope 4 months ago

    By far: the most complete analysis of the display market on youtube. Well done.

  • Jonathan Roebuck
    Jonathan Roebuck 4 months ago

    I'm interested in Philips for the ambiilight feature. Any recommendations?

  • Mordakie
    Mordakie 4 months ago

    do yall even have black friday?

    • Mordakie
      Mordakie 3 months ago

      +Marcus Cole lol

    • Marcus Cole
      Marcus Cole 3 months ago +1

      In some places I've already seen "Black Weekend" and even "Black Week" ... next year "Black Month" maybe :-D

  • Luis Jarama
    Luis Jarama 4 months ago

    Witch tv has higher soap opera effect??

  • Soul
    Soul 4 months ago

    Vincent can you make a video about only gaming TVs?

  • Arijit Bhattacharjee
    Arijit Bhattacharjee 4 months ago +2


    • Che Ati
      Che Ati 26 days ago

      +3choBlast3r its not a problem if you are a gamer but also have a life... ;)

    • Grande1124
      Grande1124 2 months ago

      +Arijit Bhattacharjee The Sonys are slightly better.

    • Arijit Bhattacharjee
      Arijit Bhattacharjee 3 months ago

      +3choBlast3r yeah I do agree with you... it primarily depends upon the overall time duration ,how long we are watching something with some static contents on it...
      so I think it is better to switch off the tv after every 3/4 hours ... though minimum time to produce burn in is yet to be evaluated for an LG OLED...but I read most of the burn in issues came only after 8/10 hours of continuos watching .
      still LG C8 OLED will be my personal choice in 2018.
      Let's see what happens next in CES 2019...what LG does will be an interesting thing to watch for...

    • 3choBlast3r
      3choBlast3r 3 months ago

      +Arijit Bhattacharjee Brother, I am not saying you cannot play games on it. In fact I am sure that games look fantastic on OLED TV's. According to RTINGS the input lag is also fantastic (e.g. with the X900F that I just bought the input lag is 40ms with 1080p (slightly lower for HDR) content and 21 for 4K (again slightly lower for HDR)
      On the B8 the input lag is 21 for 1080p/4k only 35 or so with 4K HDR (which is trange) but with the C8 it's only 21ms for all resolutions etc. So it is great. Not the best (samsung has 15/20ms which is VERY good for a TV)
      The problem with Oled is the burn in. And with games you have static UI almost with every game. You can sometimes turn it off but that makes the game much harder.
      e.g. map, compass, health, ammo count, equipment and crosshair with most shooters
      If you only play games once a while for an hour or so. I don't think this is a big problem. But if you play games for many hours with very bright settings you will likely get burnin.
      For example. I played 6 hours of Red Dead Redemption 2 last weekend. If I used an OLED screen, even though it would look FANTASTIC, after 6 hours there is a big chance that the map of that game will be burned into the screen.
      That is why OLEDS are not good for gaming until they fix the burn-in issue.
      Same if you use it like a laptop / tv screen trough HDMI. All the icons etc will burn in. I use my TV as a secondary screen for my laptop. I leave it on for the entire day. If I do that with an OLED I will damage the oled very quickly

    • Arijit Bhattacharjee
      Arijit Bhattacharjee 3 months ago +1

      +3choBlast3r I am not saying this tv is for gamer ... but you can play games on it ... in fact I have personally played call of duty on B8 oled which is inferior to C8 runs absolutely ok on B8 with no retention...
      but yes ,there have been some instances when these oleds have had some screen retention issues...I hope it may get resolved in 2019 LG OLED series...
      my point is ,if you want just the best picture quality out of a television then LG OLED series is the best buy till date... specially for watching movies...

  • cp070476
    cp070476 4 months ago

    Is there an oled yet that matches a Pioneer Kuro for image quality? AF9? C8? And i don't mean black level..

    • Marcus Cole
      Marcus Cole 4 months ago

      +cp070476 Ah, Sorry, that's not what I thought^^...thanks for explaining ... Well, I fully understand your disappointment and frustration now...of course you couldn't be happy with an UE55.
      - First of all, I never ever trust in ratings at all...ratings generally are at least too unspecific...and too many publications are manipulated by OEMs and/or are far away from being competent. I am extremely skeptical and critical with any be really informed there is no other way than collecting information widely...about technologies and what and how the sets do what they do...then filter the truth and neglect the crap...and identify information which actually is valuable and important for you. Unfortunately you need to gain as much knowledge as possible for yourself to be able to do that :-(
      - Secondly, Sorry for you ... but you just bought OLED by far too was just not ready at all yet. To better understand it: I was waiting for OLEDs and HDR since 2012 when it got announced ! It took FIVE years until customer sets finally fully kept this promise from 2012 and were affordable at the same time (LG's 7series)...and I eventually bought a 65" C7 ... after using a plasma for 6 years. The "real thing" just started last year...bright OLEDs with up to 700 or 800 nits, HDR10, dynamic processing of HDR10 , Dolby Vision ... AND of course: CONTENT (Netflix, UHD BDs) and players (for DV the OPPO only for more than a year though).
      But back to YOUR situation:
      1. you should really give HDR and OLED a (second) chance...just an idea: get a used 55B7 or 55C7 and check out (in principle) current OLED and HDR performance...the B7 and C7 are both capable of the FULL HDR-range (unlike most other sets) and there were only minor improvements since, no need for a newer set for starters. You may start with watching DV shows on Netflix using the installed app. When finished, sell it again and get one of the 2019 models with improvements you think you need to have.
      2. get a Panasonic UB9000 player ... BECAUSE, this player will also bring more out from your Kuro...due to it's capable of doing a fantastic HDR-to-SDR conversion for SDR-equipment (tvs, projectors) and can maintain some of the 4K and HDR improvements into a 2K SDR signal...without making it look artificial.
      On the "up-to-date" side it is currently the best player available, offering the best chroma-upscaling ... and full support for Dolby Vision ... the perfect partner for a LG OLED though. It's not cheap, but futureproof and will therefore be the only player required in the next years.
      ...and you can even watch UHD Blurays on your Kuro if you like :-)
      - I do not have a Kuro, but I can imagine it will (for SDR) have some advantages compared with current OLED (e.g. motion) ... BUT the OLED sets improve every year. So, when HDR, Dolby Vision and OLED impresses you în general (on the B7/C7)...I am more than sure it will^^ ... but may have some other drawbacks in your eyes: Check EXACTLY these flaws were you might be picky and not (yet) satisfied...whether they get solved with 2019 OLEDs ... CES 2019 starts on Jan 8th :-)
      ...and then get the set, that lets you "throw away" the Kuro ;-)

    • cp070476
      cp070476 4 months ago

      +Marcus Cole I did have a 2013 LG oled UE55? Got 10/10 across the board from reviewers including these guys. What hi-fi, AVFourums all gave it 10/10 so i purchased it.. It was terrible?! But as you said things have moved on but i'm still very sceptical when i see 10/10's... I know none of them will be perfect and i'd be able to pick fault with the image.. I am terribly picky when it comes to image realism and the Kuro does that with ease.. I would love a nice new 4k tv but not if it looks worse i already took that road and cost me. Thanks for your reply!

    • cp070476
      cp070476 4 months ago

      +Marcus Cole I will take your word for it.. I believe you don't fix what's not broke.

    • Marcus Cole
      Marcus Cole 4 months ago

      Just one final point ... as you seem to not have even understood colour gamut and human colour perception capabilities... because of your: "...?? Mmm."
      If you want to learn ... then check out this diagram:
      - the full diagram area shows the maximum human colour perception
      - the yellow triangle is REC.709 ... SDR, the capability of the Kuro ... covering 35% of the visible colours
      - the red triangle shows DCI-P3 ... current standard of the "Digital Cinema Initiatives" and 1st step of UHD tvs ... covering 46% of the visible colours ( already 31% more than the Kuro)
      - the black triangle is REC.2020 ... final step of UHD tvs ... covering 76% of the visible colours then

    • Marcus Cole
      Marcus Cole 4 months ago

      +cp070476 This discussion is completely useless. I got the impression the only thing you want to hear is the (probably "your") Kuro is still the best tv out there.
      Back in 2008 it actually WAS the best tv ... BUT we are in 2018 now ... 10 years later ... with two huge steps in technology in 2016 and especially in 2017.
      You may ignore 10 years of tv development and keep watching your DVDs and SDR BDs, but noone here will agree to the Kuro does provide better image quality than an AF9 or C8 !

  • ramicollo
    ramicollo 4 months ago

    Input lag on Panasonic TVs?

  • Battosai Himura88
    Battosai Himura88 4 months ago

    Wish you'd review more the Chinese brands like Hisense,Skyworth nTCL. If there are any available effecient 4K UHD models out there.

  • Timeless soulja
    Timeless soulja 4 months ago +1

    intro was mint!!!

  • EscapeVelo
    EscapeVelo 4 months ago +2

    This guy is very clued in.

  • Shlomo Shekelberg
    Shlomo Shekelberg 4 months ago

    Got an Philips 6703 4k hdr TV with 65 inches and ambilight for 699

  • sleazypig
    sleazypig 4 months ago

    So what content will be available on the 8k TV. We still do not have any TV broadcasts in 1080p let alone 4k. For 4k we only have some streaming and black disc 4k blu rays. BTW the majority of this is only 2k. So why buy a 8k tv?

  • John Wick
    John Wick 4 months ago +1

    I bought the LG C8 65 and "OH my God!" the HDR 10, Dolby Vision image quality and overall visuals have blown me away, I am completely concerned about "Burn In" as this is usually the concern with any OLED unit but after owning the LG C8 unit I could never go back to an LCD/LED/Full Array back light display. Samsung's implementation with QLED just wasn't for me as it was way to bright and overly saturated so it's a risk i'm willing with the OLED and I purchased an extended warranty as a precaution just in case I run into any issues with my OLE and Burn In/Image Retention.

    • Alex b
      Alex b 2 months ago

      QLED overly saturated? the QLED is actually the exact opposite. what are you talking about?

    • Freeze Peach
      Freeze Peach 3 months ago +1

      OLED do look very pretty but they make a poor choice for gaming (and certain types of standard viewing) due to the burn in. They are a tech that really needs to be replaced with Micro led (However long that takes....). They are alleged to be ways to at least decrease the risk of burn in from these tv's but you never know...

    • Marcus Cole
      Marcus Cole 4 months ago +1

      Congrats :-) ... just a very important hint: ALWAYS keep the set connected to power supply. The LG sets start a panel maintenance process after being 4 hrs in stand-by. When disconnected they can't do it and you may actually run into burn in issues after some month.
      This ensured, there is no further action or baby sitting required at all...just use it ;-)
      WHAT you may notice in some rare cases is temporary image retention. This is driven by uneven temperatures in the panel (brighter pixels get hotter)...and will automatically disappear within a few seconds ... after the warmer area has cooled down again to the average screen temperature. This behaviour is absolutely normal for any self-emitting display and will not be there or at least not noticable during normal movie watching or gaming.

  • ThatBulgarian
    ThatBulgarian 4 months ago

    ya boi saying it's "only" £8k smh

  • Sardar Asad
    Sardar Asad 4 months ago +1

    Why tv's are so expensice these Days?

    • mr y mysterious video
      mr y mysterious video 3 months ago

      They are not. As a kid I paid £180 in the mid 80s for a 14 inch remote control portable tv. Now you could get a 32 inch model for that, and that’s before you take inflation into consideration. 180was worth a lot more back then

    • Marcus Cole
      Marcus Cole 4 months ago +1

      The cheap ones aren't expensive...

  • Hanzzl01
    Hanzzl01 4 months ago

    We bought The Philips 55OLED803/12. A very good TV with ambilight. I combined this with a New Sonos beam sound bar.

  • Painter Dood
    Painter Dood 4 months ago +2

    Your the best!

  • Lord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit Gentlesirs

    Vizio P Series 65" for $899 USD, if you're in the US or Canada.

  • gixxerboy555
    gixxerboy555 4 months ago

    Whaaaat???whing one you gonna go for..?So I will go for too... =)