How Does The Mosasaurus Escape? | Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Mosasaurus Theory


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    Content gonna be a little light this week folks. Got a tooth infection which is making videos... hard work, to say the least. Hopefully recover soon!

    • Just Mya
      Just Mya 11 hours ago

      Trh 12 gaming no they were going in to get a bone of the indominus rex and the people In there got eaten and couldn’t close the gates so It got out.

    • Just Mya
      Just Mya 11 hours ago

      William Allan-dunbar No when they were in the enclosure to get a bone of the indomanis they got eaten and they couldn’t close the gate so it got out

    • Glitchtale Sans
      Glitchtale Sans 4 days ago +1

      Just watch the first few minutes on Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

    • Suraj Popz
      Suraj Popz 10 days ago

      I like hollywood 😍😍😍

  • Saffron Waite
    Saffron Waite 47 minutes ago

    She escapes when, in the new film a submarine goes into her cage to find the indominous Rex bones and DNA but they forget that she is still alive in there so she eats the submarine and the cage door to her exhibit is left open and she makes her escape

  • frost dragon
    frost dragon 3 hours ago

    the people who work for the villian open the gate to find the indominus rex skull and can't close the gate because the T-Rex attack and destroyed the control pad to close the gate

  • Dylan Stankewicz
    Dylan Stankewicz 7 hours ago

    It just swims out the gate

  • Ian Is happy Gilmore
    Ian Is happy Gilmore 7 hours ago

    It’s me from the future and the Mosasaurus breaks out because a group of people went back to the island to grab the Indominus Rex bone(teeth) when they didn’t know that the mosasaur was still alive. The gate is opened and they get eaten while in their submarine and a tech guy starts to close the gate until text attacks him and steps on the remote which pauses the gate, letting the mosasaur out and eat the tech guy on the ladder

  • Creeper 777 YT
    Creeper 777 YT 10 hours ago

    I know how like if you've seen the movie

  • Just Mya
    Just Mya 11 hours ago

    If you’ve seen the movie, it’s literally the 1st seen. It didn’t break out. They were going into the enclosure to get a bone of the indominus, something went wrong so the gate remained open as they were coming out, and the people in there got eaten so they couldn’t close it, so the mosasaur swam out. Now you don’t need to watch this.

  • Justin Rideout
    Justin Rideout 14 hours ago

    Well, now we know the Mosa's escape is the first scene of JW2

  • Eye ' z Killer
    Eye ' z Killer 20 hours ago

    Watch the movie (I know this video is before it was released)

  • Bcrazeee YT
    Bcrazeee YT 20 hours ago

    No the gate opened in the movie and it didn’t close all the way and it lead to the ocean

  • paulyn delan
    paulyn delan Day ago

    When he said jurasic world

  • Mexicandoodle295 09

    They were trying to get dna

  • barricade decepticon

    First I know mosasaurus how escape because of gate is open

  • Fag
    Fag 2 days ago

    You see it's escape in the new movie! :D

  • Peter Corr
    Peter Corr 2 days ago

    So the results are in.
    They just didn't explain it.
    Because the film was fucking dumb

  • Elias Engelhard Dale Aangeltveit

    Spoiler alert

    Blue died

  • HeyItzArcanine 07
    HeyItzArcanine 07 2 days ago

    No in the trailer you can see the submarine and that has to open the gate from the coast to the mosa swamp because they need dna from the I-Rex to use to make the Indoraptor

    • HeyItzArcanine 07
      HeyItzArcanine 07 2 days ago

      So in that time that the gateway was open while they were gathering dna from the I-Rex’s corpse the mosa escaped in to the open waters

  • MineGunFormers
    MineGunFormers 5 days ago

    My Theory Has Spoilers!!!

    The Mosasaurus Escaped Because the Door Was Open, he Ate the Submarine that Cutted Indominus Rex’s Bone, Thats My theory

  • Estella Skywalker
    Estella Skywalker 5 days ago

    A mercenary team who arrived on the island to retrieve DNA from the remains of Indominus rex, which lie at the bottom of the Mosasaurus lagoon was attacked by the Mosasaurus and Rexy.
    As the team barely escaped, they forgot to close the lagoon gate. It was left open, causing the Mosasaurus to escape into the ocean.

  • E - Man
    E - Man 5 days ago

    didn't some dude accidently open the gate at jurassic fallen kingdom that connects to the mosasaurus cage?

  • Robert Fontana
    Robert Fontana 5 days ago

    Beginning of movie when ingen grabs indominex rex skeleton rib cage open too long and mosasaurus escapes according to watching the movie

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams 6 days ago

    There could had to be a tunnel where it could go bc they needed salt water for the mosusoarse

  • yashvone
    yashvone 6 days ago

    now that the movie has come out... i feel funny how less thought they put in its breakout

  • zain bhalli
    zain bhalli 6 days ago

    I watched the movie! The opening scene conspiracy is correct

  • Warlpa Thompson
    Warlpa Thompson 7 days ago

    Mosaurus is similar to the plesiosaurs and because it’s not effected by the electrical fence it just jumped out and crawled to the water and survived because it is a reptilian animal

  • iConic LernZ
    iConic LernZ 7 days ago

    Maybe the whole island fallen apart letting it out

  • Gr8whitedyk
    Gr8whitedyk 7 days ago

    They left the gate open

  • KYLE
    KYLE 7 days ago

    They wanted to take a piece of the Indominus teeth and they opened the gate so a submarine can go in but when the process of closing the gate the controller got smashed by the T-Rex XD 😂😂😂😂 2018

    AK GREEN 8 days ago

    What the mosasuras had to battle the megalodon

  • Thomas Zulli
    Thomas Zulli 8 days ago

    my theory is if the opening scene is them rescuing or capturing the mosasaurus. Perhaps they try triquilzing it. then carry via several helecopters onto a cargo ship. but it wakes up sooner then expected and breaks free of the cables holding it and falls right into the ocean

  • Breaden Meylan
    Breaden Meylan 8 days ago

    The mosasuars gets out from the submarine opening the gate that leads into the river

  • Asphalt 8
    Asphalt 8 9 days ago

    It escaped by getting out of the pool then jumping to the sea, not even saying goodbye.

  • Stealth Z
    Stealth Z 9 days ago

    (Spoiler alert)

    It goes out the gate .. simple

  • Anukshayan Sutharman

    people were trying to get the indominus bones and they got killed by the moasasarus and the person who was controlling the gates died so the moasasaurus escaped

  • Dragonman 128
    Dragonman 128 9 days ago

    I watched Jurassic world in June 8 so he escaped by an accident of someone open the mosasosaurus gate so that how it escape

  • Rainbows115 Dash
    Rainbows115 Dash 9 days ago

    So the Masosaurus escaped into the for people at the beach's and that loves to surf

  • Andi Ronaldo Marbun
    Andi Ronaldo Marbun 9 days ago

    They opened the cage but when trying to close it, the guy who should do it got eaten by T-rex so the cage is still open then Mosasaurus escaped

  • odd burger 10
    odd burger 10 9 days ago

    the guys that get the tooth of indo rex left the gate open

    • odd burger 10
      odd burger 10 2 days ago

      its the same reason they get the tooth the guy in yellow dies the guys in the sub dieds as well

    • Daniel Bromley
      Daniel Bromley 3 days ago

      No they go in get eaten then it swims out of the gate

  • Booty Sweat
    Booty Sweat 9 days ago +1

    She free willies that shit x10

  • Jackson Cairns
    Jackson Cairns 9 days ago +1

    Because rexy stood on the remote that closed the gate and rexy stood on it witch made the gate stay open

  • Nathalia Bello
    Nathalia Bello 9 days ago

    I think maybe someone tried to move it to another place (like they do in the JW evolution game and he woke up in the middle of the transition and fell in the ocean

  • Suraj Popz
    Suraj Popz 10 days ago

    I like hollywood 😍😍😍

  • Blake Crawford
    Blake Crawford 10 days ago

    Life finds a way dude

  • James Clay
    James Clay 10 days ago

    Under water caverns

  • Marco Aliaj
    Marco Aliaj 10 days ago

    Already seen the movie😂😂

  • Sofia Cooper
    Sofia Cooper 10 days ago

    There’s a door that the submarine that needs the indouminus dna to create the indo raptor then
    When the mousasours see the door that open he goes through it

  • Allan Jason S. Ramirez

    We just finished watching this movie in our near cinema. Why we don't saw this huge monster sea creature in the movie?

  • I am a fork
    I am a fork 11 days ago

    It jumped out of the enclosure and seal walked to the coast

  • tachit stapornkul
    tachit stapornkul 11 days ago

    The trex broke it out

  • tachit stapornkul
    tachit stapornkul 11 days ago

    At the beginning the t rex broke the

  • Captain - N
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  • Take This L
    Take This L 11 days ago +1

    After seeing gameplays of the overpowered jet pack in fortnite the beast decides to make its own and flies out of the enclosure herself like a noob trying to get out of dusty divot

  • Markish 00
    Markish 00 11 days ago

    Welp, not so accurate

  • Jonas Møller Thomsen 8A Thyregod Skole

    I have seen the movie so if you don’t want spoilers, don’t read more

    The mosasaurus has the indominus-rex skeleton. The (bad guys) are trying to find it and take a sample.
    But the guy in charge of the gate fails to close it because of a T-rex. The guy escapes by a helicopter. The mosasaurus then eats the guy escaping the T-rex by helicopter. And with no one to close the gate the mosasaurus can simply swim out.
    Hope you enjoyed

  • KT 123
    KT 123 12 days ago

    First of all the peaple who going in the paddock is dumb as shit and you know it's going to fucking eat you


    I know now thats why hes escaped because Jurassic world is broken now hes cage is broken thats why he escape

  • Kasper Andersen
    Kasper Andersen 12 days ago

    The main bad guys were getting DNA samples from the Indominius Rex, they didn’t close the gate and it swimmers out

  • Chocolate Sandwiches OFFICIAL

    i am most excited for the mosasaur in this movie, i hope its in there a-lot and i hope it eats somebody, imagine (however unlikely) seeing a megalodon

  • Chocolate Sandwiches OFFICIAL

    do yo u think that the bad guys in the fallen kingdom trailer may have taken the mosasaur out themselves and it broke out on the way somehow

  • StojanHD ™
    StojanHD ™ 13 days ago

    It's a really smart way, but I'm not going to spoil it

  • Kevin Du Bois
    Kevin Du Bois 13 days ago

    As an aquatic reptile it could have perhaps got desperate for food and escaped it pool and clumsily travelled along land towards the ocean.

  • Phurin Chatchalermchai

    submarine retrieving indominus ribs gets eaten by mosasaurus. rexy attacks lagoon gate opener and locked the gate opened. well apparently i watched it already. teehee

  • Nixon Shiung
    Nixon Shiung 13 days ago

    there a few of this in borneo...

  • DarklordZ
    DarklordZ 13 days ago

    Ingen accidentaly let it out while they were searching the remain of indminus rex

    Spoiler alert

  • Gold Bolt
    Gold Bolt 13 days ago

    I have a theory: Scientists realizing the indominus Rex’s dna would be worth millions take a probe into the tank to collect a dna sample of the Rex’s bone. On the way out they open up the gate of the tank to let the probe escape via helicopter but before the person controlling the gate can close it he is attacked by a T-Rex. he nearly escapes by clinging onto a ladder that the helicopter dropped but since the gate of the tank was left open the mosasaurus leaped out and ate the man and then escaped into the ocean...;)

  • Gert Gert
    Gert Gert 13 days ago

    I saw the movie there was a gate

  • Let's do This
    Let's do This 13 days ago

    It escaped trough the walls when they open it, it escapes by haunting a man hanging from the helicopter. And blue dies the t-Rex is not the main dinosaur and everything on the island dies

  • Omar Trevino
    Omar Trevino 13 days ago

    I know how the a mosasaur Escape

  • Gertjan Kluvers
    Gertjan Kluvers 13 days ago

    Its so simple now

  • Puck Poutsma
    Puck Poutsma 13 days ago

    And it turned out that it's just because of some broken remote😂

  • Peter Kristensen
    Peter Kristensen 13 days ago

    You should see the movie 😉 ... then you would know and not making a stupid youtube video about somwthing thats happend at the stsrt of the movie.

  • Extra-ordin-arily
    Extra-ordin-arily 13 days ago

    Warning spoilers! It escaped because the men who were trying to retrieve the i rex’s rib but was eaten by the mosa and the gate keeper was eaten by the mosa who was getting attacked by the trex

  • Azazel Belial
    Azazel Belial 13 days ago

    They leave the gate open and it just swims out.

  • Nerd with cars
    Nerd with cars 14 days ago

    Life, finds a way.

    Or it grew feet.

    • Nerd with cars
      Nerd with cars 14 days ago

      Luke to the heavens?

    • Luke
      Luke 14 days ago

      Or someone left the gate open

  • Losgamerz
    Losgamerz 15 days ago

    Someone want to take indominus rex bone so they open the gate then the mosasaurus go to the gate and it escape

  • Andrew Pearson
    Andrew Pearson 15 days ago

    Pitty we didn't see more of it.

  • Ravenex2
    Ravenex2 15 days ago

    I'm so happy Jurassic World has the is akin to the T-Rex of the sea! We got so many big star dinosaurs in this movie.

  • Trin Train
    Trin Train 15 days ago

    The Island is also exploding, probably got through that?

  • William Allan-dunbar
    William Allan-dunbar 16 days ago

    Someone let him out

  • XxP3M4D4MxX
    XxP3M4D4MxX 16 days ago

    Watched the movie today... it was awesome

  • iJoshuaVentura
    iJoshuaVentura 16 days ago

    It escapes with the gates at the bottom, opening by mistake by InGen.

  • yo nino G.M.G BOSS
    yo nino G.M.G BOSS 17 days ago

    That big bih said it's time to eat 💯

  • Meesam Meekko
    Meesam Meekko 17 days ago

    Is the movie released yet ? Cant wait to watch it XD !

  • Jumbo's talent
    Jumbo's talent 17 days ago

    At the map maybe jumping it’s way into the open water

  • Dragonlords578 Gamer
    Dragonlords578 Gamer 17 days ago

    It got out because the people thought over all those years trapped In the inclosure they thought it was dead and so they opened the gate to get a peice if I Rex

  • Bryce Bennett
    Bryce Bennett 18 days ago

    It’s late so I don’t think I can finish this video.
    I saw a trailer and it was being lifted and carried away by an ingen helicopter.
    I think this happens after the volcano explodes, and Claire and others are on the beach. Then they see that Ingen just wanted the Dinos for shifty stuff.

  • survival seven
    survival seven 18 days ago

    In the trailer you see choppers taking dinos away what if the mosasaur was being transported via helicopter right when the volcano erupts volcano takes out chopper when it's over the ocean cage breaks open mosasaur free bam

  • sly
    sly 18 days ago

    I think the scale is off a bit 😂

  • Oracle Studios
    Oracle Studios 19 days ago

    I think they tranqed it and we're carrying it to another enclosed via helicopter or plane at some point it wakes up crashes the aircraft and falls Into the ocean

  • Scaryfox39
    Scaryfox39 19 days ago

    It is Lego JW not JP the game

  • Håvard Viken Lied
    Håvard Viken Lied 19 days ago +3

    As Malcom said: Life Uh... Finds A Way. 😂 Maybe They loved him with many helicopters? No. Okay that doesnt Even make sense. Bye.

    • Håvard Viken Lied
      Håvard Viken Lied 19 days ago

      Not loved him!!! MOVED! MOVED him! Moved.. Moved.. Okay?!!!?? Good!!🙃

  • Killer Brothers
    Killer Brothers 20 days ago

    Anyone know that the mosasaurus is actually a submarine if you look into it like I did it said it is an if you look behind the scenes to

  • Tom Liu
    Tom Liu 20 days ago

    Good, eat them all.....

  • Robert Beres
    Robert Beres 20 days ago

    Title wave

  • dazhibernian
    dazhibernian 20 days ago +10

    Was probably those Green Peace hippys setting it free. God damn hippys.

  • Deadjoker92
    Deadjoker92 20 days ago

    I saw saw the 1st 5 min of Jurassic world fallen kingdom. I know how she gets out. Wanna know? Comment below. WARNING SPOILERS

  • Finly Blitz
    Finly Blitz 20 days ago

    The mosasaur escapes by calling in a tactical nuke on the island clearing everything so it can flop it’s way out to the sea

  • Arron Blundell
    Arron Blundell 20 days ago

    its a just a film. your really over thinking things lol

  • Paul Vader
    Paul Vader 20 days ago