How Does The Mosasaurus Escape? | Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Mosasaurus Theory

  • Published on Apr 16, 2018
  • Swimming in the open seas, the Mosasaurus has escaped by the time Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom kicks into gear, but how did it get out in the first place?
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    How Does The Mosasaurus Escape? | Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Mosasaurus Theory
    Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom is the sequel to the box-office hit Jurassic World. Releasing in 2018 it'll star humans AND A BUNCH OF DINOSAURS like the velociraptor Blue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex Rexy, new ones such as the hybrid Indoraptor and a bunch of others trying to escape from Islar Nublar. In this playlist we'll speculate about Fallen Kingdom, breakdown the trailers and review the film when it eventually comes out. Does Blue the Velociraptor have a Baby Velociraptor of her own as well?
    No swearing, family friendly commentary.
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  • BestInSlot
    BestInSlot  11 months ago +100

    Content gonna be a little light this week folks. Got a tooth infection which is making videos... hard work, to say the least. Hopefully recover soon!

    • jairuis jab
      jairuis jab 8 months ago

      BestInSlot download show box it let's you watch jurassic world fallen kingdom

    • Zeniph
      Zeniph 9 months ago

      It was in fallen kingdom and the mosasaurus escaped through the gates that were opened for the submarine that took a tooth from indominus body to make indoraptor

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie 9 months ago

      Trh 12 gaming no they were going in to get a bone of the indominus rex and the people In there got eaten and couldn’t close the gates so It got out.

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie 9 months ago

      William Allan-dunbar No when they were in the enclosure to get a bone of the indomanis they got eaten and they couldn’t close the gate so it got out

    • Glitchtale Sans
      Glitchtale Sans 9 months ago +1

      Just watch the first few minutes on Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

  • Zxm Ghxst
    Zxm Ghxst 3 months ago

    we are gonna need a navy ship..

  • Aung Hein Khant
    Aung Hein Khant 4 months ago

    May be like when the place is shut down there is no more power in the fence where they keep her in and like they forget about her and like the jurassic park film in 1993, the power went out and rexy escape may be she also escape like that. I know that because I have seen Lego jurassic world game in youtube.

  • NovaCade
    NovaCade 5 months ago

    In the Lockwood mansion they pull up a map of the island. The lagoon is now in the bottom right side of the island. So... yeah

  • Muhammad Rameez Khan
    Muhammad Rameez Khan 7 months ago +1

    The submarine opened the gate to get the DNA and the bones of the Indominous Rex . They thought that the Mosasaurus died because of starvation but they were wrong the opened the gate and the Mosasaurus ate the submarine.
    Then the assistants on the island of the submarine were leaving they had the gate controller.But suddenly the T-rex appeared. Everyone was inside the helicopter but one man was at the Island. They were warning the guy on the island that there is a Dinosaur in the trees but he didn't hear them. Suddenly the T-rex roared and the helicopter started flying . The T-rex was chasing the guy on the island and in the chasing the guy dropped the gate controller and the T-rex stepped on it and the gate opened and the Mosasaurus escaped. The poor guy was running towards the helicopter . He was screaming for help then the helicopter throwed a ladder. T-rex was still chasing him then he jumped to get the ladder and he was successful but not for long. The T-rex grabbed the ladder and T-rex was pulling it. The helicopter's pilot said cut the ladder. But the guy on the ladder was screaming and saying please no don't cut it. The pilot said cut it otherwise we are all going to die. But T-rex grip got loose and the helicopter get awayed . The guy on the ladder was cheering but suddenly the escaped Mosasaurus jumped his mouth and eated that poor guy . The helicopter successfully escaped but the Mosasaurus escaped and he swim through the gates towards the ocean

  • Jake Goddard
    Jake Goddard 7 months ago

    My theory is that the gates actually open to a maintenance area used when the Mosasaurus was smaller. The area is either linked to the sea directly or the river; both offering an escape route.

  • GB
    GB 8 months ago

    When it ate the guy on the ladder it stayed on and it flew to Costa Rica and let go. Life... uh finds a way

  • Mary Higgins
    Mary Higgins 8 months ago

    Spoilers They get the sample from the I Rex and they had to open the gate and mosasaoururus made its escape

  • B4D
    B4D 8 months ago

    could of done a spoiler alert ya fgt

  • Cthulhu
    Cthulhu 8 months ago

    2:27 Who else saw a person shape in the volcano

  • Harry johnson
    Harry johnson 8 months ago

    I think they will just ret-con a huge gate for it to swim through

  • Zamurai
    Zamurai 8 months ago

    My Guy Its simple They left the gate open lol

  • Boomay
    Boomay 8 months ago

    they left the gate open when using the submarine to get the indominus fossil.

  • saran biotech
    saran biotech 8 months ago

    I have a doubt, in that film they say that the team which came to collect the indominus DNA will come after 6 months of the last incident. Then how does the mosasaurus survive in that lagoon for 6 months without food?

  • PaulBooya lolol
    PaulBooya lolol 8 months ago

    Rexy stepped on the door remote

  • Pokey
    Pokey 8 months ago

    Probably vulcano proyectiles broke gate.

  • DINOS br
    DINOS br 8 months ago

    The t-rex destroyed the padock gate control with her foot

  • Young Boy Blaze
    Young Boy Blaze 8 months ago

    While they tried to close the gate you can see that the gate doesn’t close it kind of stops halfway. We then can assume it makes its way to the water from there.

  • gentlemen.
    gentlemen. 8 months ago


  • TTV5
    TTV5 8 months ago

    Yes, yes these are all very clever ideas.
    Which is why the movie makers will retrofit the pool to border the island! Nature finds a way, even if that way has nothing to do with movie continuity.

  • Eric Hamp hamp
    Eric Hamp hamp 8 months ago

    I watched the movie in the theatres and Jurassic world floods

  • MLGmagicpizza
    MLGmagicpizza 8 months ago

    um the retards let her out

  • Kelli Anstey
    Kelli Anstey 8 months ago

    t-rex stepped on a pad stopped the mosasarus gate from closing thai is how it escaped it also ate a poor guy from a rope the t-rex did not get her dinner lol XD

  • Froy Lapid
    Froy Lapid 8 months ago

    She uses her or jumping skills when she was pretending that there is a shark there

  • Nicolai Senne
    Nicolai Senne 8 months ago

    How did mosasaurus escape???

    It swam...

  • RPG Skills
    RPG Skills 8 months ago

    Love how the movie came out and all of you hoes are wrong

  • Giantsfan1013 ghg
    Giantsfan1013 ghg 8 months ago

    Sadly the Franchise just keeps widening Plot gaps, it all started with JP3 but at least that was minimal. In Jurassic world the lagoon is in the center of Nublar and is filled from vents that go out to the sea under the Island, then in Fallen Kingdom its just randomly attached directly to the sea. All of this Nonsense could have been Stopped if they had left Sorna alone after TLW and made JP3 take place on Tacano, then the writers could do what everything wanted without constantly contradicting themselves.

  • Stop mo Fig
    Stop mo Fig 8 months ago

    The cage door opened for indo Rex bones on film

  • Gavin Brodene
    Gavin Brodene 8 months ago

    this is how the mosasourus escaped: (SPOILER ALERT)!!! In the opening you see InGen fixing some sort of generator or gate switch) ...and hes chased by the T-Rex but survives. Then when hes flying away the beautiful Msaur jumps out and CHOMP!... then we see the camera (view) going below the water and the gates closing...but you can tell the Msaur escaped...5000/5 stars

  • Dániel Veres
    Dániel Veres 8 months ago

    Well its awkward now isn't it? They just screwed continuity and put the Mosasaurus pool right next to the fucking ocean, with a fucking gate DIRECTLY leading to the opean sea...

  • Hilda Mazariegos
    Hilda Mazariegos 8 months ago

    this is a bit off topic and also a little spoiler the reason thee are bone in the water is because those are the bones of the in dominus Rex now this how its bones got in the the first movie the mosasaurs ate the indominus rex

  • Juice
    Juice 8 months ago

    watched the film, literally a couple of dudes f*** up and open the gates to the ocean in the first few minutes.

  • the bros
    the bros 8 months ago +1


  • Extant
    Extant 8 months ago

    How would it not escape.

  • NerdWhoCanDraw KindaGood

    Spoiler Alert:
    Someone dude was fixing some technical stuff back on the island, and some people in a helicopter tried to warn dude because Rexy was stalking him, Rexy tried to attack and dude accidentally opened the gates when he was escaping and helicopters dudes saved dude by letting a ladder down before Rexy almost murdered dude.
    Since Dude accidentally opened the gates Mosasaur saw its chance to escape and while it was escaping it noticed Dude hanging on the ladder and snatched dude like a weave.

  • Aaron De Wijs
    Aaron De Wijs 8 months ago

    The gate got hacked for a sub but the sub died and the gate never fully closet that how it escaped

  • veggie sticks
    veggie sticks 8 months ago

    Bruh u made it to complicated the gate to the ocean opened cus the remote broke and it left

  • justin g
    justin g 8 months ago

    Terrible writing, that's how. Nothing like a secret gate that didn't exist in the first film...

  • Gvd 504
    Gvd 504 8 months ago

    If the miss escaped do u think they're going to do a spin off covering her recapture? Or will the fit it into this flim?

  • Furret s
    Furret s 8 months ago

    The mosasarus got out of its cage when someone tried to collect a sample of the I Rex and the gate closer got chased by rexy and ultimately died and caused the gate to not close all so the mosasaurus escaped

  • bloodydove5718
    bloodydove5718 9 months ago

    Something paleontologists think, is that the mosasaurus could go years between meals... prettymuch just like one of their still living relatives Crocodilians. They have an extremely slow metabolism, and an extremely energy efficient biology that produces very little waste. The indominous would have been a very good food supply for a very long time, and it wouldnt have needed to eat the whole thing, for it to last well into the fallen kingdom.
    Dinosaurs and other reptiles dont need much food to live

  • obsuron13
    obsuron13 9 months ago +2

    It Clearly showed the gates where the submarine got it was left open by the guy who was eaten by the monster hanging at the helicopter running away from the T rex. Accidentally he opened and no one noticed about it in the film

  • C DOWG
    C DOWG 9 months ago

    What if the mosasauros is a hybrid and has a set of lungs and could escape off land

  • Jack Shillito
    Jack Shillito 9 months ago

    It got out when those people opened it's cage to get to the indominus rex's skeleton and extract a bone

  • Rudy__ 0305
    Rudy__ 0305 9 months ago

    Or a gate opens by accident

  • Loogis Montoya
    Loogis Montoya 9 months ago

    I think that the gate was open by some bandits trying to extract I-Rex bones thinking that the Moses auras was starved to death

  • Radhika Ramasamy
    Radhika Ramasamy 9 months ago +2


    The mosasaur paddock had a gate which could be opened while they were trying to get the indo bone the remote that opened or closed the gate got crushed by the t-Rex (the Rex chases the man) foot...and yea the gate was open and the mosasaur escaped btw they opened the gate so that the sub could go in or out of the paddock

  • ernestofr1981
    ernestofr1981 9 months ago

    She swam a few good laps in the enclosure gaining much needed speed and momentum, then launched herself like a rocket right out of the water, over the park and right into the open sea!
    Like a BOSS!

  • Josephine Marshall
    Josephine Marshall 9 months ago

    The gate opened

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 9 months ago

    The mosasaurus escapes because the Man was trying to collect the indominus rex bone. And then a trex chases the man away before he can close the flood gates

  • Picklepower 95
    Picklepower 95 9 months ago +1

    In jurrasic world fallen kingdom they were closing the gate before it escaped
    But when Rexy was chasing a guy who jumped on the rope
    Rexy stepped on the controls to open the gate
    Broke the ladder and here comes johnny raincoat guy is dead by mosasaur

  • LinusLing 03
    LinusLing 03 9 months ago

    It swam out the gate

  • Luci Lu
    Luci Lu 9 months ago


  • K3Y
    K3Y 9 months ago

    People are taking it way too far, people opened the aquarium gates, and it swam out.

  • Boofalexis
    Boofalexis 9 months ago

    They open the gate

  • lil hemp
    lil hemp 9 months ago

    or....or.. we could go watch what really happen on june22

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 9 months ago

    How the hell did the Mosasaurus survive 3 years in that cage tho...?

  • Rodrigo Basso
    Rodrigo Basso 9 months ago

    So now the mistery is solved. They changed the location. In JK the lagoon is very close to the sea and not (anymore) in the middle of the island. It makes more sense to explain the Mosa's scape. But on the other looks like a mistake.

  • MegaDino gaming
    MegaDino gaming 9 months ago


  • MegaDino gaming
    MegaDino gaming 9 months ago

    The dude was closin the gate but the T rex came and the dude dropped the controller and the T rex stepped on it and it broke lol thats true

  • MegaDino gaming
    MegaDino gaming 9 months ago

    I watched it

  • iNiveous
    iNiveous 9 months ago +2

    Im a bit late here so i already know lmao

  • Ductaost- NHTs
    Ductaost- NHTs 9 months ago +2

    Lol you overtinked it so hard 🤣

  • Death Dino
    Death Dino 9 months ago

    No the person who open the gate closes it but it gets stuck because the T. rex broke the control to close it and then the person who opens it dies by mosasarurus and then they leave and Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello

  • Kaitlyn Watson
    Kaitlyn Watson 9 months ago

    they go to isla nublar to find the bones of the indominous rex, however they’re unaware of the mosaurus being alive still so they are dead. while closing the gates again, they are in a hurry because they hear the footsteps of the T. rex as the small guy drops the device as it was almost done closing but the T. rex stomps on the device leaving the doors to opened as the mosaurus escapes. while leaving the island the mosaurus then jumps up and eats the man off the latter nearly having the whole helicopter fall down. however they go away with the indominous rex bone and proceeds to adapt the rest of the movie

  • Zombie3110bd
    Zombie3110bd 9 months ago

    I mean.... they can't be truely as stupid as they look....
    Making a filter tunnel bigger then the fucking mosasaur it's self, i highly doubt it. or they really give 0 shit's about their park and the human race in general

  • Zombie3110bd
    Zombie3110bd 9 months ago

    You know.... the fact that the mosasaur was able to escape in the 1st place just reassures you of the fact they gave 0 fux about safety designing this basin

  • Yeppy
    Yeppy 9 months ago +1

    The way he says 'k', 'c' , 'q'.

  • Saffron Waite
    Saffron Waite 9 months ago +13

    She escapes when, in the new film a submarine goes into her cage to find the indominous Rex bones and DNA but they forget that she is still alive in there so she eats the submarine and the cage door to her exhibit is left open and she makes her escape

    • Orion Krasniqi
      Orion Krasniqi 12 days ago

      They did not “forget” that the mosasour was their,they thought it was dead

    • A Frustrated Gamer
      A Frustrated Gamer 2 months ago

      frank dizzle any answers to this yet?

    • frank dizzle
      frank dizzle 5 months ago +1

      Still doesn't make sense. The mososaur lagoon doesn't attach to the ocean. It's in the middle of the island.

    • Mary Higgins
      Mary Higgins 8 months ago

      Saffron Waite she doesn’t it the it

    • angel Hernandez
      angel Hernandez 8 months ago

      Saffron Waite the the trex would of heard about the helicopter and then the person was so scared he couldn't do anything and left the tablet to run away

  • frost dragon
    frost dragon 9 months ago

    the people who work for the villian open the gate to find the indominus rex skull and can't close the gate because the T-Rex attack and destroyed the control pad to close the gate

  • Dylan Stankewicz
    Dylan Stankewicz 9 months ago

    It just swims out the gate

  • Ian Gilmore
    Ian Gilmore 9 months ago

    It’s me from the future and the Mosasaurus breaks out because a group of people went back to the island to grab the Indominus Rex bone(teeth) when they didn’t know that the mosasaur was still alive. The gate is opened and they get eaten while in their submarine and a tech guy starts to close the gate until text attacks him and steps on the remote which pauses the gate, letting the mosasaur out and eat the tech guy on the ladder

  • Creeper 777 YT
    Creeper 777 YT 9 months ago

    I know how like if you've seen the movie

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 9 months ago

    If you’ve seen the movie, it’s literally the 1st seen. It didn’t break out. They were going into the enclosure to get a bone of the indominus, something went wrong so the gate remained open as they were coming out, and the people in there got eaten so they couldn’t close it, so the mosasaur swam out. Now you don’t need to watch this.

  • Justin Shape
    Justin Shape 9 months ago

    Well, now we know the Mosa's escape is the first scene of JW2

  • Eye ' z Killer
    Eye ' z Killer 9 months ago

    Watch the movie (I know this video is before it was released)

  • Bcrazeee 1
    Bcrazeee 1 9 months ago

    No the gate opened in the movie and it didn’t close all the way and it lead to the ocean

  • paulyn delan
    paulyn delan 9 months ago

    When he said jurasic world

  • Mexicandoodle295 09
    Mexicandoodle295 09 9 months ago

    They were trying to get dna

  • indominus rex
    indominus rex 9 months ago

    First I know mosasaurus how escape because of gate is open

  • Fag
    Fag 9 months ago

    You see it's escape in the new movie! :D

  • Peter Corr
    Peter Corr 9 months ago

    So the results are in.
    They just didn't explain it.
    Because the film was fucking dumb

  • Elias Engelhard Dale Aangeltveit

    Spoiler alert

    Blue died

  • The_ Brite_ Nite
    The_ Brite_ Nite 9 months ago

    No in the trailer you can see the submarine and that has to open the gate from the coast to the mosa swamp because they need dna from the I-Rex to use to make the Indoraptor

    • The_ Brite_ Nite
      The_ Brite_ Nite 9 months ago

      So in that time that the gateway was open while they were gathering dna from the I-Rex’s corpse the mosa escaped in to the open waters

  • MineGunFormers
    MineGunFormers 9 months ago

    My Theory Has Spoilers!!!

    The Mosasaurus Escaped Because the Door Was Open, he Ate the Submarine that Cutted Indominus Rex’s Bone, Thats My theory

  • Estella Skywalker
    Estella Skywalker 9 months ago

    A mercenary team who arrived on the island to retrieve DNA from the remains of Indominus rex, which lie at the bottom of the Mosasaurus lagoon was attacked by the Mosasaurus and Rexy.
    As the team barely escaped, they forgot to close the lagoon gate. It was left open, causing the Mosasaurus to escape into the ocean.

  • E - Man
    E - Man 9 months ago

    didn't some dude accidently open the gate at jurassic fallen kingdom that connects to the mosasaurus cage?

  • Robert Fontana
    Robert Fontana 9 months ago

    Beginning of movie when ingen grabs indominex rex skeleton rib cage open too long and mosasaurus escapes according to watching the movie

  • Melissa Williams
    Melissa Williams 9 months ago

    There could had to be a tunnel where it could go bc they needed salt water for the mosusoarse

  • ethics humanity! that's all we need

    I watched the movie! The opening scene conspiracy is correct

  • Warlpa Thompson
    Warlpa Thompson 9 months ago

    Mosaurus is similar to the plesiosaurs and because it’s not effected by the electrical fence it just jumped out and crawled to the water and survived because it is a reptilian animal

  • iConic LernZ
    iConic LernZ 9 months ago

    Maybe the whole island fallen apart letting it out

  • Just different
    Just different 9 months ago

    They left the gate open

  • KYLE
    KYLE 9 months ago

    They wanted to take a piece of the Indominus teeth and they opened the gate so a submarine can go in but when the process of closing the gate the controller got smashed by the T-Rex XD 😂😂😂😂 2018

    AK GREEN 9 months ago

    What the mosasuras had to battle the megalodon

  • Thomas Zulli
    Thomas Zulli 9 months ago

    my theory is if the opening scene is them rescuing or capturing the mosasaurus. Perhaps they try triquilzing it. then carry via several helecopters onto a cargo ship. but it wakes up sooner then expected and breaks free of the cables holding it and falls right into the ocean

  • Gaming Channel
    Gaming Channel 9 months ago

    The mosasuars gets out from the submarine opening the gate that leads into the river

  • TheGodzilla Ning
    TheGodzilla Ning 9 months ago

    It escaped by getting out of the pool then jumping to the sea, not even saying goodbye.

  • Stealth Z
    Stealth Z 9 months ago

    (Spoiler alert)

    It goes out the gate .. simple