American Twins Cause CHAOS On UK Roads

  • Published on Nov 27, 2021
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    American twin sisters take a driving test in the UK and make many serious driving faults.

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  • J999- Gaming!

    they are my cousins, they are so funny lol.

  • Elena Spano

    And the best part about this is they’re not even driving a manual car! Get them to drive manual next time. That would be hilarious!

  • HeyIt'sTaz! :D

    I was gonna say "I'm surprised they didn't stall", until I realised they were driving an automatic.

  • Lightning Farron

    Beautiful and incredible chemistry, I love this! I was laughing and smiling throughout this entire video. Pin, you have my favourite family on social media. I can imagine Brandon and Taz here too. You all are awesome and deserve the best. Thank you for this video. It really uplifted my day significantly. 🙂👌

  • john13mps
    john13mps  +64

    Joined the “watching for entertainment” club a few weeks ago, after passing my test with two minors.

  • KezzaB
    KezzaB  +237

    Sounds like it’s so much easier to drive and pass in the US 🥲😂

  • Its Lemon x

    This has to be one of the funniest mock tests I’ve ever seen lmao 😂 We need a part 2 of this

  • Lee Mason
    Lee Mason  +27

    I passed my driving test on Thursday and a huge thankyou to this channel! Pin's videos have definitely made me more aware and my knowledge much greater when driving! I had to wait 18 months as I initially went to book in March 2020.. So thankyou again!

  • James Ohearne

    Just want to say a massive Thankyou to pin, passed my test first time on Friday in pontefract. Whenever I was stuck I always used to come to your videos for help. The ultimate driving course made me understand so much more about driving and taught me so much and helped me develop skills for driving. Just want to say Thankyou, and keep up with the great videos, thanks pin👊👍

  • Josh Ogunmokun

    Passed my test last week but I’m still here for the entertainment and to keep learning, mostly the entertainment though 😂

  • WingtipRepair

    When are we gonna get to see Pin take a US driving test?😆

  • Harry Law

    Many thanks for the videos, combined with my lessons they helped immensely I'm happy to say I past my test today!! Keep up the content pin you've got another sub!

  • ItsZink
    ItsZink  +18

    Its so comforting watching these videos having passed my driving test 😌

  • Michael
    Michael  +24

    Lol this explains why 16 year olds in the US already have cars & pass first time. The practical tests clearly aren't as stringent as the UK ones (plus they pretty much all use automatic cars).


    This driving test was whole on an another level. Couldn't control my laughter😂 . You will never see such an entertaining test ever.

  • godfrey phiri
    godfrey phiri 19 hours ago

    I’d have been scared for my life while test as an instructor 😱😂 You’re so calm sir and it helps the learner to relax a bit.

  • seyi E.F
    seyi E.F  +15

    Passed my practical test on Friday with 2 minors. Thought I failed half way through but glad to have finally passed!! 😃

  • martinez 4000

    Just passed my driving tests with a handful of faults on my first attempt. Well happy and these vids helped a lot

  • Sk with the Bright

    I just couldn't stop laughing. It was amazing clip so far . I really appreciate your hard work Pin and as update us by uploading your new videos does help a person like trying to pass driving test. I got my driving test on the 22nd December let's see what happens inshaallah. Thanks Pin

  • RabzzStar

    I just passed my driving test 1st time with only 2 minors, thank you for these amazing videos they rlly helped a lot! Plus the ultimate driving course as well :)