Ice Age: Milking a Franchise Dry

  • Published on May 4, 2019
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  • Fancy .Fancington
    Fancy .Fancington 2 months ago +13542

    Ice Age 69: *We don't know anymore. Come watch it anyway.*

  • Jonathan Eilbeck
    Jonathan Eilbeck 2 hours ago +1

    Ice Age 33 1/3: Just for the Record

  • AmazeBrickZ
    AmazeBrickZ 3 hours ago +1

    Like, i really liked the 1st film, the second felt a bit simple and definetly not amazing but ok. The 3rd was my favourite, probably over nostalgia, the next 2 felt rlly milked and annoying.

  • Andres E. Gomez M.
    Andres E. Gomez M. 6 hours ago

    Pokémon is another franchise being milked dry

  • Doritos :space jam flavoured

    Ice age 88:Sid has a baby with stalin and there is 77 more characters

  • Kɨttʏ Cɦessɦɨʀe

    Ice age 94734: Sid creates a TheXvid channel

    I know it wasn't funny

  • Matthew Tennet
    Matthew Tennet Day ago

    Your fursona is cute

  • Fruity Ninja
    Fruity Ninja Day ago

    Ice Age 6 Global Warming

  • Victoria Mathieu
    Victoria Mathieu 2 days ago

    I don't care how old I'll get I'll always love ice age even if some of it's characters are under developed and some themes pander to the lowest common denominator to me the franchise hasn't really lost what made it good.

  • Owen Keys
    Owen Keys 4 days ago

    Ice Age 6: Dont be late for the Stargate
    Manny and friends go to another dimension, seeing as the one they are in is out of ideas.

  • Harith Sami
    Harith Sami 4 days ago

    Watch your monotone.

  • Brittany B
    Brittany B 4 days ago +1

    Ice Age also has a 4D show!

  • TheTTVCrew
    TheTTVCrew 7 days ago +1

    Your complaint about Scrat's importance in almost killing everyone with an asteroid is hypocritical regarding you ignore the fact that he almost killed everyone in the second one and destroyed everyone's homes in the fourth one. Granted, destroying the planet is a LOT bigger, but it isn't out of nowhere like you make it out to be. Also, though I think five fucking Ice Age movies is ridiculous, I saw the first four and I don't think any of them are bad. I also don't think the movies got worse as they went along. In fact, I like the third and fourth better than the first two. None of the movies are super great, but out of the four I've seen, they're really not that bad like you make them out to be.

  • Katelyn Carson
    Katelyn Carson 8 days ago +1


  • Detached Mars
    Detached Mars 9 days ago +1

    I liked the first three Ice Age movies coz they were unique and fun to watch. The fourth movie was not all that. The fifth part was just garbage.

  • socialgirl 378
    socialgirl 378 9 days ago

    I honestly feel the same after watching the fourth film which is really forgettable to me, and I stopped caring about the fifth. I really don't want to see another Ice Age movie again. Blue Sky needs to move on.

  • Isaiah The Loser
    Isaiah The Loser 10 days ago

    Never watched the 4th movie

  • Ionian Orion
    Ionian Orion 11 days ago

    I swear there are as much trans-species relationships as bad reviews for the movies

  • ThePhantomMaZe
    ThePhantomMaZe 11 days ago

    3:13 i thought that was manny being an adult and having his family killed in front of him

  • Slyphknøtt Dotdotdot
    Slyphknøtt Dotdotdot 11 days ago +1

    "They went too hard on the family aspect barely any kid can relate to any more"


  • sgreen4
    sgreen4 11 days ago

    What does Diego eat ?

  • heee boisss
    heee boisss 11 days ago

    Ice age and game of thrones are a lot more similar than i realised

  • Sehr Geheim
    Sehr Geheim 11 days ago +1

    I'm conflicted. You are a furry, but the video wasn't terrible. should i dislike anyway?

  • Moon-Glow
    Moon-Glow 12 days ago

    Ice Age 185: The Franchise Finally Dies

  • Fernando Gerônimo
    Fernando Gerônimo 12 days ago

    Ice Age 16944: Sid finds Cthulhu and have a lot of trouble containing him once again.

  • Nerf Elite Army
    Nerf Elite Army 12 days ago

    Ice Age 1204: *D E U S V U L T*

  • Amateur Programmer
    Amateur Programmer 12 days ago

    "animation that rivals DreamWorks's best"
    As of course we all know DreamWorks has always killed it on the animation front. I'd put that miles ahead of DreamWorks any day.

  • Ellie Watson
    Ellie Watson 12 days ago

    I thought the first 4 were pretty good. Number 5 you could tell was just a money grab.

  • Dave Kalloo
    Dave Kalloo 13 days ago

    I counted 64 characters in movie 4

  • Tropical
    Tropical 13 days ago +1



  • Leo Argent
    Leo Argent 13 days ago

    Ice Age 6: Manny, Sid, Diego and Scrat have lost all their loved ones, as while time takes all the others, they do not age. In the year 3000 A.D after mankind has been destroyed by robot uprising they seek out not the Fountain of Youth, but the Pool of Death, desperate to finally bring their eternity to an end and rejoin their loved ones in the grave.

  • Positive Player One
    Positive Player One 13 days ago

    Had no idea there were more than 3 Ice Age movies....

  • marine 301
    marine 301 13 days ago

    excuse me but is that a f*cking dalek on the right?!?

  • Limey Blimey
    Limey Blimey 13 days ago

    I saw the fifth one in theaters with my little brothers, who were 8 and 12, and none of us remember the "villains" of that movie. Mostly I just remember rolling my eyes out of my head when I saw Sid get a girlfriend too.
    Also, I'd like to say here that I love the first Ice Age movie & believe it's the best, but Ice Age 3 is amazing if only for Buck and baby Peaches. The movie dealt even more with Sid's abandonment issues that have been fully established since the first movie, as well as Diego having a midlife crisis. It's honestly not that bad

  • Sin Bushido
    Sin Bushido 13 days ago

    Dude, some of this music is from Pokemon mystery dungeon team. I just got smacked with nostalgia I was not ready for. 10/10

  • Logan Simpson
    Logan Simpson 13 days ago

    Ice age 100 : sid gets a victory Royale in Fortnite

  • zadose
    zadose 14 days ago

    I hate Despicable me and Madagascar.... not sure why such cheap movies make such good profit...

  • Andrew
    Andrew 14 days ago

    You actually sold me on the soap opera and watching the films.

  • Darhk
    Darhk 14 days ago

    Is Cos from Austria

  • Knox
    Knox 14 days ago

    I didn't even know there was a 5th film

  • Pandega Wikantyasa
    Pandega Wikantyasa 14 days ago

    The third one should have been the last imo

  • Zack Just.Zack
    Zack Just.Zack 14 days ago

    Ice Age 1939: Manny (Manfred) and the Gang get resurrected by the German 3rd Reich to fight alongside wehrmacht and conquer Europe.

  • the Dark Bright
    the Dark Bright 14 days ago

    ridiculous plot!! how about the plot of inside out? or toy story? Toys come to life and emotions has human figure ...!! bro most of the animated films have unusual but interesting plot... I personally don't like ice age 5 too...and I am a huge fan of Toy story.. as long as audience are entertained ...production companies will make movies and nobody is forcing you to go to the theatre ..simple as that

  • lol soup
    lol soup 15 days ago

    this is unwatchable. why do you need so many ads. is this video revolutionary enough? it’s literally about ice age. try to brand your content as something less money hungry

  • piro gaming yt
    piro gaming yt 15 days ago

    You dare touch scrat I will end you


  • The Rubber Cop
    The Rubber Cop 15 days ago

    I’ve literally only seen Ice Age 1 and 2, And I think I’ve seen the 3rd, and the 5th

  • CheatyTycoon 2
    CheatyTycoon 2 15 days ago

    I suppose my ranking would be.
    1st: good movie, but didn't see it when it came out.
    2nd: Excellent, probably my favourite in the entire series.
    3rd: Also good, just about keeping up with the last two.
    4th: Last one I saw in the cinema, it was ok.
    5th: Literally didn't know it existed until today.

  • Charlie Poulter
    Charlie Poulter 15 days ago +1

    I didn't even know there was an ice age 3 onwards

  • cyber mimi
    cyber mimi 15 days ago

    I can only vividly remember the one with the eye patch because when the little magnets for the movies in the cereal boxes came out we had some on our fridge and my sister drew a bra and a thing on the weasel. Thats it. The only thing I can remember about any of the ice age movies.

  • Denise Stillwell
    Denise Stillwell 15 days ago

    Tbh, I liked the first three movies, and consider the third the best In the series. The other two of the five just are forgettable. I seriously can't remember the plot of the fourth and fifth. And, for a ten year old watching the fourth, I couldn't even remember the main villain's name, or other new characters, just the main four( and crash and eddy) but really, I watched the fifth and all I remembered was buck. I really think they are gonna make probably a sixth and seventh just for money. I would just recommend watching the first three and nothing else.

  • Sergio Vazquez
    Sergio Vazquez 15 days ago

    Who else just watch toy story 5 in 2024

  • Mr McGee
    Mr McGee 15 days ago +1

    Ice Age 25: Sid Fucking Dies

  • Adam Esmat
    Adam Esmat 15 days ago

    THe entire ice age franchise is less than endgame and infinity war nevermind

  • Everlena Oliver
    Everlena Oliver 16 days ago


  • Novus
    Novus 16 days ago

    Cosmodore: Milking Mid-Roll Ads Dry.

  • Dragon Zilla
    Dragon Zilla 16 days ago +2

    Here are my thoughts on all five movies.

    Ice Age : Fantastic
    Ice Age 2 The Meltdown : Very Good
    Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs : Entertaining
    Ice Age 4 Continental Drift : Don't care for it
    Ice Age 5 Collision Course : Forgettable

  • Trent Mills
    Trent Mills 16 days ago

    Ice Age 2319: Sid is contaminated with a foreign object of a human child

  • Eric Fridström
    Eric Fridström 16 days ago

    The first movie is still one of my favorite movies I watched as a kid. After that it just went downhill in my opinion.

  • jb 123
    jb 123 16 days ago

    Buck is literally my gender

  • BoyThunder Productions

    1: Great.
    2. Okay.
    3. Have a soft spot.
    4. Mediocre. Just... bad.
    5. *WHY.*

  • Dr. Iram
    Dr. Iram 16 days ago

    9ce age 43385673883586354835758736: everyone is omae wa mou shindeiru

  • Scrapper 2
    Scrapper 2 16 days ago

    I saw ice age 4 at the cinema. That same year i saw MIB 3. I barely remember ice age but i engoyed men in black and still remember it

  • TheChristmasDude
    TheChristmasDude 16 days ago

    i loved ice age 2 i hated the rest

  • Pip-Boy 5000
    Pip-Boy 5000 16 days ago

    Your oc character think looks like something from one of dr sues’s books

  • Ланцетник Миногович

    Ice Age 2077: Sid sells out his ass to crime lord Scrat who has build a grim cyberpunk empire on his acorns.

  • Ciaran McGuinness
    Ciaran McGuinness 16 days ago +1

    I mean everything Scrat does after Ice Age 1 shouldn't happy since at the very end of Ice Age 1he gets frozen solid and thaws out 3,000 years later washing up on a beach

  • Umbra
    Umbra 17 days ago

    my grandfather always loved these movies and watched them with me every time a new one came out to DVD. so maybe it does have some flaws but my nostalgia googles connected to my grandfather won't let me see them. DISLIKED! (kidding)

  • pointless crap
    pointless crap 17 days ago +1

    Less than 3 minutes into this and I've had 4 unskipable ads... I get that TheXvid as a form of income isn't exactly stable but I don't even see this amount adverts on TELEVISION

  • ELel Animations
    ELel Animations 17 days ago

    Ice Age 1000001: I don't even........ what

  • Dong Mang
    Dong Mang 17 days ago

    ice age 3 was one of my favourite films