Ice Age: Milking a Franchise Dry

  • Published on May 4, 2019
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Comments • 5 094

  • Fancy .Fancington
    Fancy .Fancington 5 months ago +16279

    Ice Age 69: *We don't know anymore. Come watch it anyway.*

    • Mr Armscar
      Mr Armscar 11 days ago

      Ice Age 98765432114778754337885435788654435677644 part356:Everyone comes back to life to watch thanos maturbait

    • MrShoy
      MrShoy 13 days ago

      Let's just make 1 hour and half of hunting a nut.

    • Hadrian Pride
      Hadrian Pride Month ago


    • Srdjan Dakulovic
      Srdjan Dakulovic Month ago

      ice 40000:it just now nowadays and insted of manny we have his ancestor ello

  • Harrison Campbell
    Harrison Campbell 15 hours ago

    Should of left at it 3

  • Omar jr
    Omar jr Day ago

    Scrat needs a solo movie

  • 160tried&true
    160tried&true Day ago

    Ice age 1 and 3 are the only good movies in the franchise everything else is God awful 2 would have been decent if those possums weren't a thing very obnoxious.
    If ice age needs or has to keep going they should make a scrat TV show instead of more movies been saying it for years he's the best thing about the franchise anyway and I always love and look forward to his short movies if another movie does get made just end the franchise it jumped the shark by the forth.

  • TheDarkSeraph
    TheDarkSeraph Day ago

    I liked the first couple. They started getting old after the third

  • Caio Leão
    Caio Leão 2 days ago +1

    Ice age 576: Manny vs Ricardo Millos

  • Blue Shirt Guy
    Blue Shirt Guy 2 days ago

    I still love the first 2 because I loved those as a kid and can somehow still find it enjoyable now days.

  • Jaden
    Jaden 2 days ago

    Toy Story is heading this route as well.

  • El Macho
    El Macho 3 days ago

    So..Ice Age needs to be 'iced'

  • Not the Shuckmeiseter

    Ice age 512)52)5365)32156)256)67’ewutkwaetkutkawetkuaw6’wewetyue64664646464646466466545554464646545464646646466446466644646464646.

    Manny goes to I hop with the Addams family the end

  • smelly clementines, horrifying times

    ice age 6: sid coverts to islam and shoots up an lgbt pride parade in the name of allah

  • Paistin Lasta
    Paistin Lasta 5 days ago

    Ice Age 59: Sid's penis gets stuck in a microwawe and when Manny tries to free him they create a wormhole that takes the whole cast and also all of their Facebook friends to 1862 where they must help the confederate army to win the American Civil War and conserve slavery

  • Jordan Harding the meme

    That damn squirel......

  • Milan Andreoli
    Milan Andreoli 6 days ago +2


    I just realised, if Scrat had stayed dead at the end of Ice Age 2, movies 4 and 5 (imo the worst films of the series) wouldn’t have happened. So really you can blame Sid for bring back Scrat.

  • Kelly Gregory
    Kelly Gregory 8 days ago

    This franchise is my guilty pleasure

  • TheDivinciHouse
    TheDivinciHouse 9 days ago

    Ice Age 705: Its a Trap

  • TeqZ_fn
    TeqZ_fn 11 days ago

    i love ice age no matter what i need a new one!

  • Pepper The Real MVP
    Pepper The Real MVP 11 days ago

    Whatever about the first four, the fifth just didn’t happen in my books. You can tell they really ran out of ideas

  • CommonerJam43
    CommonerJam43 12 days ago

    Why do they celebrate christmas when jesus haven't even born

  • Tobias jacobsen
    Tobias jacobsen 13 days ago


    How Can you hate granny sid

  • Mister Wuss
    Mister Wuss 13 days ago

    Ice age 1: Meh, not bad.
    Ice age 2: Pretty same-y but they shouldn't be anothet
    Beyond then: Oh........god.

  • BakedHamKing 546
    BakedHamKing 546 14 days ago

    Ice Age 52281912946390119363: Sid founds out he is homosexual, eats weeds, and likes anime. Peaches has her 3rd child and Manny fucking dies eating dirt favored ice and Diego gets arrested for killing children. Last movie I swear...
    Ice Age 522819129463901193633929292 : jk everyone is dead except Sid the GOD

  • Tyler Morgan from East Enders

    Ice Age Engame?

  • FruitNDoggie
    FruitNDoggie 15 days ago

    Imagine Ice Age getting as many movies as the Land Before Time series. In case you're wondering, there are 14 LBT movies.

  • Sherocha Fernando
    Sherocha Fernando 15 days ago

    Ice Age 64: You need a Nintendo 64 to play it, and it's finally in 3D... oh, wait...

  • Pilvion
    Pilvion 17 days ago +1

    Ice Age 6: Scrat has Vietnam Flashbacks.

  • Dzivi
    Dzivi 18 days ago

    Yo there are 5 ice ages fuck me

  • Yung Stallion
    Yung Stallion 18 days ago +2

    It’s a bit like how I feel about Fortnite

  • Michael VPS
    Michael VPS 18 days ago

    Milking it dry, and then running the carcass through a fruitpresser

  • God of Evil
    God of Evil 19 days ago

    I hated all these movies except for one tiny thing....
    Peter Dinklage as Captain Gutt was pretty likable for me.. He was by far the best villain.
    AND Fun Fact This franchise had Both Simon Pegg AND Nick Frost in it....

  • Rebeltwist
    Rebeltwist 19 days ago

    I loved the third movie, and Buck's entire character, so i thought the fourth one would hold up to how well the first 3 were. I.....I really....dont remember anything about it. I just know I didn't like it. It was so forgettable.

  • scaly raptor 1944
    scaly raptor 1944 19 days ago

    Ice age revenge of Rudy

  • SotLegend Animations
    SotLegend Animations 20 days ago

    Ice Age 6: A trip to Disneyland (Get it? Because Fox is purchased by Disney and Ice Age is owned by Fox, makes sense right?)

  • Stewie
    Stewie 20 days ago

    Ice Age 3210 Sid learns how to twerk

  • UnofficialOfficial sean woodyard

    Ice age 54:Scrat finds his lost sock

  • Tempest Stormbreaker

    Remember Alpha and Omega? Yeah, same thing happened to that.

    and it wasn't even good to begin with, and I say that even with furry bias.

    It's that bad.

  • Trostat
    Trostat 21 day ago

    I can compare Ice age Franchise to Fortnite

  • Quoi
    Quoi 23 days ago

    3:14 Manny was actually the adult Mammoth. This explains why he's so Over protective, since his original family died.

  • J Green The Media Guy
    J Green The Media Guy 23 days ago

    Ice Age 56789943892696: Sid creates the world’s first movie. And it’s about him making the world’s first movie. That’s it.

  • ParaEwie
    ParaEwie 23 days ago

    I love all the ice ages

  • Adddison Cheddie
    Adddison Cheddie 24 days ago

    I want to fuck a sloth

  • Adddison Cheddie
    Adddison Cheddie 24 days ago

    I never liked ice age

  • Nejat Molla
    Nejat Molla 24 days ago

    First 3 were good, 4 was meh at best, and the 5th one was absolute trash

  • Tobi
    Tobi 24 days ago

    Ice Age 1941: Manny Saves Jews from Dachau while Sid dances Macarena

  • Tobi
    Tobi 24 days ago


  • xImBeaST12321x
    xImBeaST12321x 24 days ago

    The time splitters 2 Aztec Ruins soundtrack is not slipping by my ears :)

  • A%
    A% 24 days ago

    Ice age 12: Scrat goes back in time to stop Manny Heffley from becoming hitler and leading Nazi Germany to victory; only to accidentally go to the 1960s and fall in love with Manny's daughter

  • A%
    A% 24 days ago

    Ice age 3 was actually pretty good

  • velazquez armouries
    velazquez armouries 25 days ago

    in the spanish dub of the last movie that random mammoth wasdybbed by a famous youtuber

  • Lives At home247
    Lives At home247 25 days ago +1

    Does anyone think that the 6th film would be the endgame of the franchise or no?

  • Shadow Spector
    Shadow Spector 25 days ago

    So what happens if a 6 movie comes out that redeems the franchise?

  • Theron Brown
    Theron Brown 26 days ago

    Ice age 6: nuclear war
    Ice age 7: space race
    Ice age 8: time travel
    Ice age 9: star war
    Ice age 10: what the hell is happening
    Ice age 11: entropy
    Ice age 12: population reaches 1,000,000,000
    Ice age 13: the end.
    Ice age 14: never mind.

  • paperbag head
    paperbag head 26 days ago

    Alright, so I saw the 1st movie when I was younger (like 3-6 or something???) nonstop. About a few weeks ago the movie was available on TV and you know what happened? I'm 18 years old and was fucking bawling at the end. That never happened before in the past. I've seen it twice the past two weeks and I'm still crying at the end... The other movies didnt really get that reaction.

  • The Mediocre Artist Fer AXAG

    I didn't even knew they made a 4th let alone a 5th movie what the hell

  • Raxez Door
    Raxez Door 27 days ago

    Wait 5?

  • Боян Петров
    Боян Петров 27 days ago

    Ice age is great. And like small child in youtube I will hate you without a reason!

  • Yo Whaddup
    Yo Whaddup 27 days ago +1

    how dare you insult granny syd

  • Jonathan Sutton
    Jonathan Sutton 27 days ago

    The first film is one of my favorite films. But much like so many other series across multiple forms of media, IT GET'S OLD!!! They wring a franchise dry and the whole series suffers for it. #3 should have been the end, (could say the same for Toy Story 3...).

  • Video Game Drummer Productions

    It's not even milking anymore, it's bleeding out a slow and very painful death.

  • Caroline Peterson
    Caroline Peterson 27 days ago +1

    ice age 666: sid summons lucifer