EDDIE HOWE MIC'D UP 🎙️ | Fascinating insight into AFC Bournemouth training

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • A truly unique insight into AFC Bournemouth's pre-season training in La Manga, as manager Eddie Howe's every word is captured by a clip-on microphone.
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Comments • 511

  • Lee Stewart
    Lee Stewart 6 days ago

    Wow what an insight. Seems you gotta now what you know.

  • Wyatt Hunter
    Wyatt Hunter 7 days ago

    I think he would be a good national team coach

  • Oliver Michael Cousins
    Oliver Michael Cousins 12 days ago +1

    Next England manager 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Greg Taylor
    Greg Taylor 13 days ago

    Seems like those passing patterns and transitions from midfield to the forwards/ wingers were a bit of an issue in first half against su

  • TheRealSamPreece
    TheRealSamPreece 15 days ago

    enjoy our harry wilson!

  • Sallah Abdullahi
    Sallah Abdullahi 17 days ago +1

    Inter Milan fan this is classic coach. I hope him extraordinary victory.

  • Joshua Stacey
    Joshua Stacey 18 days ago

    Very eloquent is Eddie Howe, excellent vocabulary

  • Sean Bean Gene
    Sean Bean Gene 18 days ago

    He gets so much out of a squad that really isn't that good.

  • Connor Ferrand
    Connor Ferrand 19 days ago +4

    Bournemouth being top flight for this long is mental. I don’t think people realize that.

  • Alex Saynor
    Alex Saynor 20 days ago

    Someone whose instructions make sense, combining defensive and attacking drills to great effect - no wonder they always stay up

  • You Joker
    You Joker 21 day ago

    Kelly handy on the mtb. Great balance

  • kevvo26
    kevvo26 21 day ago

    Shame they haven’t showed all the time he spends on teaching his time wasting tactics . Fraud of a manager.

  • Mohammed Ibrahim
    Mohammed Ibrahim 22 days ago

    "different gravy" got to love Eddie aha

  • D person
    D person 23 days ago

    Good manager, but seeing a 41 Yr old call other grown blokes 'son' is unedifying.

    • MeOhYesMe
      MeOhYesMe 22 days ago

      D person It's just bantz, mate

  • Marco Fish
    Marco Fish 23 days ago

    King are new number 7 (seen it on his shorts)

  • Josh Thorman
    Josh Thorman 25 days ago

    Bournemouth looks nice this time of year.

  • Heretickid
    Heretickid 26 days ago

    This man should of got the utd job not gollum

  • Hunk Kwoizer
    Hunk Kwoizer 27 days ago

    Eddie is a Top Lad n Wonderful Coach!

  • Sam
    Sam 27 days ago

    Mark my words, Solskjear will be sacked by November. United appoint Poch, Eddie Howe takes over at Spurs. All before Christmas. I'll put coin on it at Ladbrookes and win big, You heard it here first. Thank me later.

  • lukeroro
    lukeroro 29 days ago +2

    It's so refreshing to see a video where all the comments are positive. Good stuff AFCB. - disappointed Fulham fan

    • Connor James
      Connor James 27 days ago

      Scotty P is probably just as good as this mate - from an optimistic Fulham fan.

  • uki017
    uki017 29 days ago

    Fantastic manager

  • Paul S
    Paul S Month ago

    So turns out Howe is an English, less wrinkly, Gordan Ramsey.

  • Calzonie
    Calzonie Month ago

    Eddie Howe will deffo be the future England manager he’s absolutely brilliant and it’s a miracle what he’s done at Bournemouth as a Newcastle fan who’s got Steve Bruce I’m very jealous but good luck 😂

  • Legend Torreira
    Legend Torreira Month ago +1

    I think that he’s future England manager material

  • ads 2k14
    ads 2k14 Month ago +1

    Seems like a top manager id have him at my club should Pep Leave - Man City fan

    • 4 Eyes
      4 Eyes 27 days ago

      I’m sure Eddie would have a lot of fun at city, he loves attacking football, especially full backs like Walker that don’t hesitate to leave the back line

  • Totalavulsion
    Totalavulsion Month ago

    I’m a Lakers fan and this looks great

  • yilmanbabilonia
    yilmanbabilonia Month ago

    Why are you giving away the secret weapon!

  • Noel Doe
    Noel Doe Month ago

    Great manager knows his stuff and very informative you can see clearly see the Bournemouth style of play within there training camp intense fast direct football great to watch

  • Nima Scolari
    Nima Scolari Month ago

    Let's be honest if he was called Jose Howe or Julio Howinio he'd be coaching a top 4 club in any country. What he's done at Bournemouth is nothing less than genius. As good as what Poc did at Southampton if not more. So, why is he not coaching bigger teams? English.

  • agnes obel
    agnes obel Month ago

    Just don't go to a Liverpool or utd and ruin your career. Wait till pep gets bored at City and join then :D

  • Waldo Espinosa
    Waldo Espinosa Month ago

    I like that Fraser is just "wee man"

  • Nikos Capraroiu
    Nikos Capraroiu Month ago

    That pass from Fraser at 9:07 was sheer class

  • Pierre Degaré
    Pierre Degaré Month ago

    Where is that training?

  • Cha0s
    Cha0s Month ago

    Great manager. I also like watching Bournemouth, they just need to cut out the poor mistakes

  • ian windsor phillips

    Next Man Utd Manager :))

  • govtom4
    govtom4 Month ago

    Wow, how fun for you guys. I hope you enjoy every minute of your training. You get to play the greatest game on the planet and get paid to do it. This ex-player from Texas is quite jealous.

  • Craig O'Driscoll
    Craig O'Driscoll Month ago

    @1:03 one of the lads going for a slash hahaha

  • iBicky
    iBicky Month ago +3

    Would love to see this in an actual Premier League game!!

  • František Vtelenský

    Arsenal fan here. I have nothing but mad respect for Eddie's work. He is a great mentor but also very honest. Always trying to find ballance between criticism and possitive vibes after players made a mistakes. Love this! All the best to him and Bournemouth fans out there! :)

  • uk whufc
    uk whufc Month ago

    What a guy 👊🏻

  • Ahnaf Drubo
    Ahnaf Drubo Month ago

    This guy is one of the main reasons Bournemouth are my 2nd favorite team

  • tepperman
    tepperman Month ago

    go on wee man :)

  • Paul Jackiewicz
    Paul Jackiewicz Month ago

    As a football coach, I love watching stuff like this. I can always learn something.

  • Satchel
    Satchel Month ago

    5:30 It's so crazy how simple great goals are

  • Ryan Kong
    Ryan Kong Month ago

    Go on Wee Man

  • kaykay london
    kaykay london Month ago

    Fraser sign the gooners contract bro.
    Would love to have him at afc , top baller.

  • Small T
    Small T Month ago

    Eddie somewhat deserves to be in a bigger team. As well as Lewis Cook

    • The FUTGOD
      The FUTGOD 29 days ago

      Small T Lewis cook? He isn’t even one of our best players he is good but not brilliant

  • Zipo Mangaliso
    Zipo Mangaliso Month ago

    This is a quality watch

  • JammyDonut
    JammyDonut Month ago

    Is the The Campus Facility in Portugal?

    • MeOhYesMe
      MeOhYesMe 22 days ago +1

      JammyDonut Spain. La Manga

  • Joe Sheppard
    Joe Sheppard Month ago

    I love this type of thing.

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell Month ago

    I can see why Eddie is such a fan of David Brooks

  • Sean
    Sean Month ago +1

    Eddie Howe. Class act.
    I also don't have to inform you all who I support - because nobody gives a fucking shit 🤔

  • Jo LFC
    Jo LFC Month ago

    Is that Kenny danglish in the stands?.

  • Good Pepper
    Good Pepper Month ago +1

    Is harry arter back ?

  • Let’s Talk Ball Podcast

    Really interesting to see how Eddie manages his players along with how they react. Great upload

  • marrymemaddie
    marrymemaddie Month ago

    Where's Tyrone Mings?

  • dwhbdhkwj
    dwhbdhkwj Month ago

    hes gonna get a shot at a big club soon i reckon, no disrespect to bournemouth

  • Ricky Murray
    Ricky Murray Month ago

    Diego Rico looks class here

  • Ankit Roy
    Ankit Roy Month ago

    Beautiful scenery to create nice training atmosphere

  • p4cks
    p4cks Month ago

    hugely underrated as a manager in my opinion

  • Ahkeem Sealy
    Ahkeem Sealy Month ago

    This is what Arsenal need

  • Liam Doel
    Liam Doel Month ago

    A truly stupendous Insight

  • George Peezy
    George Peezy Month ago

    No one gives a fuck which team you support. Every comment here is "I'm a ____ fan, but i'd gargle eddie's nutsack"

  • kp fwt
    kp fwt Month ago +2

    Where's the "time wasting" and "niggly fouls" part of the training?

  • DarthAlcoholic
    DarthAlcoholic Month ago

    It's so easy being a footballer

  • Lfc Army
    Lfc Army Month ago

    David Brent

  • paolo hewitt
    paolo hewitt Month ago +1

    Should have got this fella over West Ham yrs ago..

  • Liam T
    Liam T Month ago

    I would love to play for his bloke seems like such a nice bloke

  • I 7Vo Skill I
    I 7Vo Skill I Month ago +5

    Anyone think he sounds like Gordon Ramsey when shouting

  • Eleanor Rigby
    Eleanor Rigby Month ago +2

    Top class manager. You just cant hate him #YNWA

  • The Truth
    The Truth Month ago

    Howe is a savage.. Who knew!

  • Antony Evans
    Antony Evans Month ago +1

    I'm a Saints fan but this was interesting. Seems like a good gaffer you've got there.

  • Melvin Fernandes
    Melvin Fernandes Month ago

    Mad respect for Howe! Here's to him gaining more experience and on the account of me being selfish ; hope he comes to Arsenal in the near future :)

  • Fintan Woods
    Fintan Woods Month ago

    Would be a pleasure to play football for a living

  • Fiachra Gallagher
    Fiachra Gallagher Month ago

    Getting Gordon Ramsey vibes