Security Tightened At Fremont High School In South LA After Melee

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • As many as eight fights broke out at Fremont High School. Kandiss Crone reports.

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  • Anesu
    Anesu 24 days ago

    "The greatest country in the world" my ass! LOL

  • Beyond juana
    Beyond juana 29 days ago

    crazy I live a block away and that was supposed to be my school but I’m go to a hs in downtown 😂

  • VPR_4727
    VPR_4727 Month ago +1

    Our school is crazy. I spent a while in my math class because of this.

    BRUT3MURD3R3R Month ago

    Find a path, or make one!

  • eric bell
    eric bell Month ago

    Was it 2 black girls fighting or black against mexican

  • Dion Afeworki
    Dion Afeworki Month ago +1

    This is normal in
    Public schools

  • Dion Afeworki
    Dion Afeworki Month ago

    Blacks vs mexican
    Probably normal public school Fights

  • hungry money
    hungry money Month ago +1

    Sad the kids aren't getting along. Reading the comments here shows why... Humans are terrible creatures full of hate and fear. I doubt we are God's creation. Pathetic ....

  • SparkShark101
    SparkShark101 Month ago

    I go to this school. Being honest, this was the only excitement at this school this year. The students were bad-educated fucks, but this was the only event I remember from this lame school.

  • Beauty Pop
    Beauty Pop Month ago +7

    Aye that's my school!!😂👊

    XXSMOKEYXx 45 Month ago

    Alright... we threw milk sandwiches and water bottles but we did not fucken threw rocks. Stfu and stop making up lies

  • Liz Hernandez
    Liz Hernandez Month ago +3

    I live there

  • Jessy Rivas
    Jessy Rivas Month ago +2

    There we some bad injuries on students some kid was bleeding badly I know because I currently go to school at freemont

    • Ziggy Draws
      Ziggy Draws Month ago +2

      Oh hello fremont student I go there too and saw everything

  • msteinnet
    msteinnet Month ago +1

    Reparations anyone?

    • 1990758
      1990758 Month ago

      They don't deserve it trust me because they don't care

  • Kevin Fernandez
    Kevin Fernandez Month ago +1

    Blacks at their finest

      EVIL KIRK Month ago +2

      You baby Anchors are walking breathing JOKES! DEPORT ALL THIRD BORDER APES!

    • 1990758
      1990758 Month ago

      Some blacks at their finest some

  • Anthony Ciccariello

    And who says women don't run the world

  • Javi Lund Gomez
    Javi Lund Gomez Month ago +3

    Is this school or prison? Are teachers going to have to be cross-licensed as cops now?

  • FaZe junior
    FaZe junior Month ago +3

    My school over did it 😂

  • Night Shade
    Night Shade Month ago +3

    This is nothing the Crenshaw high School riot was the real deal.

  • CALI 420
    CALI 420 Month ago +1

    Blacks again

      EVIL KIRK Month ago +2

      You border hoppers have no room to talk?

    • Night Shade
      Night Shade Month ago

      This type of crap can mess up kids future

  • Ozzy bin Oswald
    Ozzy bin Oswald Month ago

    Only with the colored.

  • Rossana Alvarado
    Rossana Alvarado Month ago

    ...this looks serious... Shits outta control .. very wtf Chuck. ... Mercury retrograde buddy Mercury retrograde

  • 口合口合#來 刷一排

    Kids got better iphone than me 🤣

  • Raider James
    Raider James Month ago +18

    Give Them Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
    That will calm them

  • Sean Brown
    Sean Brown Month ago +9

    Yeah, black kids. Keeping it real, right? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • A M
      A M Month ago

      Yall i go to that school and it was not black kids it was two girls that started

    • 1990758
      1990758 Month ago


    • Raider James
      Raider James Month ago

      Maxine Waters Kids

  • wanderer of the wasteland

    Disciplinary action? Didnt they just get rid of that? More security than counselors? What's happening?

  • J
    J Month ago +2

    Nothing to see here, move along folks!

  • n1gger stomper
    n1gger stomper Month ago

    Bunch of shit-skins acting like they are genetically predisposed to act.

  • Darksider Vago
    Darksider Vago Month ago

    Wasn't this a racial thing????

  • MrQbenDanny
    MrQbenDanny Month ago +3


  • JoyZ of SoRRoW
    JoyZ of SoRRoW Month ago +7

    LAUSD has always been pathetically useless in situations like this. At this point the teachers will have to earn hazard pay if shit doesn't get together.
    Very simple solutions. Expell the fighters and press criminal and civil charges on their parents.

    • elyses extras
      elyses extras 17 days ago

      yea we cant necessarily expel kids because lausd is cheap and other reasons that prevent us from those actions. currently the kids who did fight and participate in these acts are on end of the year suspension until further notice . now us here are left to deal with the consequences of THEIR actions

    • Rossana Alvarado
      Rossana Alvarado Month ago

      Que no though.. ... shits total cause for concern

    • JoyZ of SoRRoW
      JoyZ of SoRRoW Month ago

      @Sean Brown occupational centers are learn a trade, job placement and prison for the criminal gang members.

    • Sean Brown
      Sean Brown Month ago

      JoyZ of SoRRoW ..... I think you are right. We have to cut our loses to save the students we can educate....but eventually, we will have to reconcile with the expelled kids.