Breakfast In Bed With Anne-Marie • Tasty

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Singer-songwriter Anne-Marie sits down with Tasty to spill the tea about her perfect breakfast routine and more!
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Comments • 1 106

  • Matthew Guy
    Matthew Guy 5 days ago

    I love it when she just LAUGHS 😂😂😂

  • 배진영평생
    배진영평생 11 days ago

    She’s so lovely 🥺🥺🥺

  • ronak kothari
    ronak kothari 27 days ago

    Dipping toast in tea is so so indian thing.

  • Rayan Spittre
    Rayan Spittre 27 days ago

    Her laughs though...... Looove

  • Tiger
    Tiger Month ago

    Beautiful eyes :)

  • the wolf GAMER
    the wolf GAMER Month ago


  • Raja Azim
    Raja Azim Month ago

    Cockney accents be like But-Uh

  • Haseena Nizam
    Haseena Nizam Month ago

    Her laugh is the cutest thing I've ever heard 😄😄

  • Talha Ahmed
    Talha Ahmed Month ago +1

    Peanut bu-ah 2:40

    SUBZEROUK 2 months ago

    Shes well sexy and cute

    VIPERGUM 2 months ago

    I thought it was butter but now I know it's ba urr

  • Amy Zhu
    Amy Zhu 2 months ago

    Anne-Marie laughs or giggles really weird

  • Seerat Fatima
    Seerat Fatima 2 months ago +1

    omg i love her british accent

  • Xxi Xxi
    Xxi Xxi 2 months ago

    I loveeeee her!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • hsjsjddbggevs jjdjshshsfcssj

    I'll try dipping peanut butter toast in tea

  • Meenal U
    Meenal U 2 months ago

    Who votes anne should cut her hair

    1like =1vote

  • Furkan Yılmaz
    Furkan Yılmaz 2 months ago

    I love Her accent ::) it's an amazing

  • abrar tipusul
    abrar tipusul 2 months ago

    she is so innocent even she blabbers

  • DeeJay1210
    DeeJay1210 2 months ago

    Love her little "girlie" laugh

  • Harper Szpur
    Harper Szpur 2 months ago +1

    This is how many times she squealed

  • Crafting Unicorns
    Crafting Unicorns 2 months ago

    "I like peanut buh-ah and buh-ah" Britain in six words..(no offence don't come @ me)(^・^)

  • storm bolatuku
    storm bolatuku 3 months ago

    her laugh tho is the cutest

  • Lakshman Bodepudi
    Lakshman Bodepudi 3 months ago

    Baha suga

  • Munna Mahir
    Munna Mahir 3 months ago +1

    Anne Marie love you so much.... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • just me
    just me 3 months ago

    „What is it in English?”
    * answer *
    „Yeah, i knew that!“

  • Alief eL Syafi'i
    Alief eL Syafi'i 3 months ago

    Nonono. The subtitle should've be "To-mah-oh" 😂

  • TeeMakesBeatz
    TeeMakesBeatz 3 months ago

    2:39 JELLY *Soulja Boy voice* That's grapes still

  • Ashgang Tv
    Ashgang Tv 3 months ago

    I am her big fan I can anything for her and I really mean it.

  • Maduwanthi Sumanaweera
    Maduwanthi Sumanaweera 3 months ago

    Her laugh is so sweet

  • Lillian
    Lillian 3 months ago

    "Friends" is a great song, but the video is WAY beyond creepy for my taste. It's nice to see that Anne-Marie is just an average cute and happy girl in real life

  • Zaynab Mohammed Sattar
    Zaynab Mohammed Sattar 3 months ago

    When they said Apple or banana I was thinking of something else if u know what I mean

  • Sevde Unal
    Sevde Unal 3 months ago

    Çilem’in videosundan geldiik

  • Levi King
    Levi King 3 months ago

    She is adorable, I literally cannot say no to her when she smiles

  • Wally Schroeder
    Wally Schroeder 4 months ago

    Peanut butter/butter/on toast fave thing in world?! Hmmmm, I have other thoughts ;) Anyways, let's just put a ring on her finger, no waiting.

  • angry Dani
    angry Dani 4 months ago


  • Gabriel Koroma
    Gabriel Koroma 4 months ago

    She's so cute

  • Abhishek Meena
    Abhishek Meena 4 months ago

    1:11 her laugh sounds like a car drift

  • Abhishek Yadav
    Abhishek Yadav 4 months ago +1


  • Lisa Vigus-Brown
    Lisa Vigus-Brown 4 months ago

    Her laugh

  • Fieke
    Fieke 4 months ago

    Peanut butah

  • Hashique Vilangalil
    Hashique Vilangalil 4 months ago

    Luv her laugh

  • Alex Luca
    Alex Luca 4 months ago

    Philadelphia 😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Ellie MD
    Ellie MD 4 months ago

    I will see you in 3 weeks Anne - Marie , ily ❤️❤️ Going to your concert in Ireland 🇮🇪. I can’t even explain how much I love you gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (edit : I went to your Ed Sheeran concert when you were a supporting act and you said hi lovely to me and I freaked out so much. Edit 2 : your laugh is so precious 😂)

  • LadyAva
    LadyAva 4 months ago +1

    there must be a problem with her mouth 😹😹

  • Average
    Average 4 months ago +1

    Peanut but-ah and but-ah

  • Molly xx
    Molly xx 4 months ago

    *butter has two t in it lol*

  • Seerat Fatima
    Seerat Fatima 4 months ago

    I love her accent!

  • Twin Avocados
    Twin Avocados 4 months ago

    Her laugh tho-

  • EMPERØR Legends
    EMPERØR Legends 4 months ago +1

    Best thing in the world lay in bed and see anne marie rose nicholson everytime

  • Anja's Life
    Anja's Life 4 months ago +1

    Peanut BU A

  • kuroko chanak
    kuroko chanak 4 months ago

    When you realize that you recieved the wrong gift

  • Innafan .tr_
    Innafan .tr_ 4 months ago

    Her laugh is so cute😗😗😗

  • gg pz
    gg pz 4 months ago

    The way you say But-ah.....i know its douche....but why does it sound soooo cute from your mouth?????

  • Seymur Alin
    Seymur Alin 4 months ago

    may 2019 anyone? remember watching this back in february... the good memories

  • Tahmina akter
    Tahmina akter 4 months ago

    My ideal breakfast is porota and chicken curry which is a must at our region not these British ways coming out my way

  • Tahmina akter
    Tahmina akter 4 months ago

    Peanut bukuah

  • Ashok
    Ashok 4 months ago

    Peanut what ???

  • Emma Ernst
    Emma Ernst 4 months ago

    Her Accent kinda sounds like David Beckham

  • Emma Ernst
    Emma Ernst 4 months ago

    Buh ahh

  • henry tr
    henry tr 4 months ago

    She is saying" buher'' instead of butter 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂silly girl