Breakfast In Bed With Anne-Marie • Tasty

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Singer-songwriter Anne-Marie sits down with Tasty to spill the tea about her perfect breakfast routine and more!
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Comments • 1 105

  • Shahooda 2583
    Shahooda 2583 12 hours ago

    Don't say Bu ah and stuf
    Cuz I Brit

  • Paulo Fuentes
    Paulo Fuentes 18 hours ago

    why is she so adorable ? i love her 😍

  • AyeItsErin
    AyeItsErin Day ago +1

    1:35 "cause I eat the whole FING"

  • AyeItsErin
    AyeItsErin Day ago +2

    Omg the way she says butter really annoys me. Im British and I hate when people don't pronounce their t's sksksks

  • Haya Al Hinai
    Haya Al Hinai Day ago +1

    do with billie eilish

  • Ashick Khan
    Ashick Khan Day ago

    We want with Justin Beiber

  • あすか
    あすか Day ago

    I like her laughing🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • suresh kala
    suresh kala Day ago +2

    She is beautiful with curly hair❤😍

  • Nurul Ain
    Nurul Ain Day ago

    Omg..her laugh makes me feels like wanna laugh too 😁😁😁😘😘😘

  • Anisha Nepal
    Anisha Nepal 2 days ago

    Where is r? ??

  • Duh_ ItzAmi
    Duh_ ItzAmi 2 days ago

    *"Bu - ah"*
    *"Su - ga"*
    *"Be - er"* (Better)

  • Gayathri Mahesh
    Gayathri Mahesh 2 days ago

    Marshmallow (s) has(have) been friendzoned

  • AlohaMia
    AlohaMia 3 days ago +1

    for all you non brits, she’s from Essex so they don’t pronounce "t" and butter is "buh ah" and sugar is "sugah" 😂

  • Dushyant Deshwal
    Dushyant Deshwal 4 days ago +2

    She is lovely.

  • Sierra & Hannah Richards

    Aww it so fun see her happy

  • Shafia yousaf
    Shafia yousaf 5 days ago +2

    shes so cute
    but her face is gorgeous and her skin woww

  • emosoul
    emosoul 5 days ago +1

    am i the only one who was so stressed by the way she left the bed. i thought she would spill it all

  • Monty Py
    Monty Py 5 days ago

    Is she a psycho?

  • Anisa Gashi
    Anisa Gashi 6 days ago +1

    Am I the only brit here seeing all the Americans make fun of our accents lol

  • Shantnu Singh
    Shantnu Singh 6 days ago

    Its funny how she's saying baa-ahh

  • Aanya Bhagwat
    Aanya Bhagwat 7 days ago

    She is cute:);)

  • Joshua Parrocha
    Joshua Parrocha 7 days ago


  • Fj Cyrus
    Fj Cyrus 7 days ago


  • Larieba Ali
    Larieba Ali 8 days ago

    Yas Queen!
    Also I totally agree with her about the dipping toast in Tea- IT'S THE BOMB!!!!!

  • Murmer Ferret
    Murmer Ferret 16 days ago +1


  • Dani Soto
    Dani Soto 19 days ago

    Tessa Thompson and Drew Barrymore's mix

  • Twin Dorks
    Twin Dorks 20 days ago

    OMG She's so cute...❤
    Also the way she says BU'ER... I wish I could speak like that😁

  • Anne Diche
    Anne Diche 20 days ago +1

    Ba ah

  • Meral Sweet rose
    Meral Sweet rose 22 days ago

    4:04 I am in a British school and I was taught it's called eggplant 🍆, I never knew it's aubergine

  • Meral Sweet rose
    Meral Sweet rose 22 days ago

    U say tomayto I say toma-oh

  • Meral Sweet rose
    Meral Sweet rose 22 days ago

    Hhahhhehehehehe her laugh 😂 hilarious

  • Meral Sweet rose
    Meral Sweet rose 22 days ago


  • Meral Sweet rose
    Meral Sweet rose 22 days ago


  • Winona Kim
    Winona Kim 23 days ago

    she's so cute

  • French fries
    French fries 23 days ago

    She always look very happy 😍😍

  • French fries
    French fries 23 days ago +1

    Ur accents OMG😍 BA-AH😂😂

  • French fries
    French fries 23 days ago

    1:31 you look so happy😂😂😂

  • Deepthi Aloor
    Deepthi Aloor 23 days ago

    I love annnnnn

  • Rosa Alldread
    Rosa Alldread 23 days ago

    3:54 Witches are shook

  • Chiranjeeb Das
    Chiranjeeb Das 24 days ago


  • sanya arya
    sanya arya 24 days ago +2

    Peanut butuh 🤣😂

  • Linh Chung
    Linh Chung 24 days ago +1

    She looks so cute
    Who agrees 🌸🌸

  • txt tomorrow x together
    txt tomorrow x together 25 days ago +1

    She's love suga from bts 😂😂

  • Rokhyatou Biteye
    Rokhyatou Biteye 25 days ago

    She is lovely 😂😂😂😍😍

  • JP boys
    JP boys 25 days ago +1

    her laugh is soooooo cute

  • Sasha Ross
    Sasha Ross 25 days ago

    I love BUH AH TOOO😂

  • Armish Rehan
    Armish Rehan 26 days ago +1

    What kind of voice is that?
    Her laugh? I read that in a comment and then i realizes that she has really a funny laugh that makes me laugh too 🤣

  • Zara Malik
    Zara Malik 26 days ago +2

    Same accent like Louis Tomlinson 💙💙💙💙.... Sorry no hate but I realized that Americans are vulgar and most if their woman are bitches... But Britishers are soo sweet they're cute 😍 you wanna eat them they're polite and adorable... ❤❤❤

  • Herculean Bleu
    Herculean Bleu 26 days ago

    Her laugh burst my eardrums repeatedly

  • Gulaly Khan
    Gulaly Khan 26 days ago +1

    Her laugh is adorable

  • Vanilla sweet chocolate Sweeties

    I thought I am the only one who loves peanut butter because everyone says it’s ewe 😑😅

  • AkiraSan xx
    AkiraSan xx 26 days ago +3

    Loads of *suga* (army knows this)

  • Mariya Mubashir
    Mariya Mubashir 26 days ago

    1:29 Awwwww cute!!!!

  • Destiny Coconut
    Destiny Coconut 28 days ago


  • Laisa Islam Riha
    Laisa Islam Riha 28 days ago +1

    She is soo cute

  • Buanga Lalruatfela
    Buanga Lalruatfela 28 days ago

    BAH AH . . 😘😘😘😘

  • simo 1 000 000
    simo 1 000 000 29 days ago

    Lave you

  • mrs mayers
    mrs mayers Month ago

    she’s so lovely

  • Ziggy D.K.
    Ziggy D.K. Month ago +1

    That laugh tho 😁 ....its low key adorable 💯

  • Blank Tae10
    Blank Tae10 Month ago +3

    And suga loads of suga ooooh army found and her bias

  • LM5hassnatchedme already

    Ppl : butter
    English ppl : bu-ah

  • Sadie Hansen-Thomas

    Her laugh is so cute ahhhh😫😍

  • Nur Aireen
    Nur Aireen Month ago

    Omg its Anna Marie!!!!!!!!! Ilysm gurll❤️

  • neha 's channel
    neha 's channel Month ago

    She says peanut buaa I know she has a British accent

  • ijnc26
    ijnc26 Month ago

    Coriander is not cilantro...

  • He is coming soon
    He is coming soon Month ago

    Buh UH always gets me 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Mama Mia
    Mama Mia Month ago +1

    More of her plssss

  • Mama Mia
    Mama Mia Month ago

    I think i love her voice only, but her laugh omgg

  • M T
    M T Month ago

    Wait is that really her

  • PenguinDeerSlothDolphin

    She's like a 4 year old girl

  • Jacob Lesnie
    Jacob Lesnie Month ago +2

    Im addicted to the British accent

  • Rachel Daniella
    Rachel Daniella Month ago

    She's so pretty and I love her for being real

  • Meredith Taytay
    Meredith Taytay Month ago

    I love her

  • Isabella Aphiri
    Isabella Aphiri Month ago

    I love her voice

  • Isabella Aphiri
    Isabella Aphiri Month ago

    I love her voice

  • Patrol Islatilla
    Patrol Islatilla Month ago

    ba ah


    She should try this with her accent. "Betty bought a bit of butter, But the butter was so bitter, So she bought some better butter, To make the bitter butter better.

  • N4tan
    N4tan Month ago


  • Lupus Millenia19
    Lupus Millenia19 Month ago

    Drew Bu'ahmore (not Berrymore)

  • Taylor Mailer
    Taylor Mailer Month ago

    1:13 the sound she made 😂

  • Taylor Mailer
    Taylor Mailer Month ago

    I heard Amery instead of Anne Marie

  • unknown 11
    unknown 11 Month ago

    I hate her accent

  • Kamran Pasha
    Kamran Pasha Month ago

    I am British too

  • Thunder BEAST
    Thunder BEAST Month ago

    British accent 😍

  • Janaaya Gosalia
    Janaaya Gosalia Month ago

    But ah

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago

    Is Anne Marie the new weird noise maker in 2019 !?

  • whoami ??
    whoami ?? Month ago +1

    wht accents she using

  • SäRā Àm
    SäRā Àm Month ago

    So prety smile 😍😍

  • Animesh Jaiswal
    Animesh Jaiswal Month ago

    Confused is Anne is better or her accent peanut bu ah

  • Sandro Tabidze
    Sandro Tabidze Month ago

    Hi aim amarie i like toest with pina bata en bata n ti with suga😂😂😂

    TAKI TAkI Month ago

    Plz do lunch and dinner. Plz plz plz

  • siara quenn
    siara quenn Month ago

    The cutest human being❤😢

  • Cami for life
    Cami for life Month ago

    I love her laugh

  • mahlogonolo mphahlele

    Peanut baha

  • emma lin
    emma lin Month ago

    Anne-Marie's laugh is adorable

  • ZoeyB _927
    ZoeyB _927 Month ago +3

    I’m Indian and according to the Indian educational system, Indians study in British English (not American English)


    Here’s what I say:
    1. Zucchini
    2. Biscuit is more common than Cookie, but I say Cookie.
    3. Arugula
    4. Fries
    5. Cotton Candy
    6. To-may-toe
    7. Coriander
    8. Eggplant
    I guess it’s not what they say, and also most people try to speak the accent of American English not British English.

  • Sadiq Najwan
    Sadiq Najwan Month ago

    I love British accent 😍

  • Sophia Abdallah
    Sophia Abdallah Month ago

    Oh yaaaaaass I TRIED MY PEANUT BUTTER TOAST IN MA TEA ( not the same tea tho I don’t prefer English tea, I do it sometimes with hot chocolate) ITS REALLY GOOD

  • na3ooomah1
    na3ooomah1 Month ago

    Thank u for the vocabulary lesson

  • Phyc Bish
    Phyc Bish Month ago +1

    Awwwww her laugh 😍😍