SML Movie: Mr. Goodman's Son!

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • Mr. Goodman needs Mario to babysit his son for a few days!
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  • Thelma Govea
    Thelma Govea Minute ago

    Do a part of Goodman’s wife

  • William McLauchlan
    William McLauchlan 7 minutes ago +1

    1 like = 1 penny

    Result: 5:18

  • Alba nidia Letriz
    Alba nidia Letriz 32 minutes ago

    Not really

  • Yaboi Say HOi
    Yaboi Say HOi 40 minutes ago

    Well,Money can buy money,which can buy more money,which can buy even more Fruit Loops, Which MAKE ME HAPPY

  • Eli Edwards
    Eli Edwards 45 minutes ago +1

    This is how many soaps richard had to eat πŸ‘‡πŸ»

  • Kevin Cleveland
    Kevin Cleveland Hour ago

    So funny

  • the granny gamer fnaf

    Fuck no

  • Bobby Jai
    Bobby Jai 2 hours ago

    I need to piss on the moonπŸ–•πŸ»

  • Daniel Visser
    Daniel Visser 2 hours ago

    money will make me happy for about a month

  • kelly shaw
    kelly shaw 3 hours ago

    0:05 you can tell that jeffy was anoing mario

  • Kitty Gamer
    Kitty Gamer 3 hours ago

    make a song of dont stop that ooh ooh ooh please

  • Mason GamesKC
    Mason GamesKC 3 hours ago

    i mean i wouldn't care to have allot of money because i have a house and a happy home and its perfectly fine how i am so no i wouldn't care that much

  • Kurd15_ Millan
    Kurd15_ Millan 3 hours ago +1

    Airpods fall out

  • My ig is Brythepatato
    My ig is Brythepatato 3 hours ago

    That John F .Kennedy joke was not funny at all it was really disgusting to see that a creator to take a assassination as a joke it was a serious crime and took a persons life away

  • Marcus Honeybourne
    Marcus Honeybourne 5 hours ago

    how does richard have a moustash
    one like = one moustash hair loss

  • Milky_ Oreo
    Milky_ Oreo 5 hours ago


  • ExtremePlaysRBLX
    ExtremePlaysRBLX 6 hours ago

    Please this next
    SML Movie: Poorard

  • Dino DeathYT
    Dino DeathYT 6 hours ago

    Yes money will make me happy by making me gay like Cody

  • Scott Baxter
    Scott Baxter 6 hours ago

    If you can buy a better Pusey you can get a better ass

  • Alya,s blog channel Suleiman

    No money doesn’t make you happy

  • Loukai Lor
    Loukai Lor 7 hours ago


  • Little Gansta
    Little Gansta 8 hours ago

    Yes because I could use the money to pay rent for a house that holds me and 3 of my friends

  • Chelio Lopez
    Chelio Lopez 8 hours ago

    Money πŸ’° does not make you happy friend make you feel better

  • TheLoopyNinja
    TheLoopyNinja 9 hours ago

    i guess a lot of money would buy stuff that i could only dream of buying!

  • fortnitegamer
    fortnitegamer 9 hours ago

    if i alot of money i would buy Gift cards and buy vbucks :)

  • Israel De La O
    Israel De La O 9 hours ago

    0.01 wow just a surprise

  • Echo sans' REAL wife
    Echo sans' REAL wife 9 hours ago

    Yes I would buy fame

  • The Cuber
    The Cuber 9 hours ago

    This poor food is actually good

  • YT_ Lazer
    YT_ Lazer 10 hours ago

    But your vids are awsomer

  • YT_ Lazer
    YT_ Lazer 10 hours ago

    Aye dude that’s low key racist how you said the n word

  • Patricia Scott
    Patricia Scott 10 hours ago

    How so much money

  • Alberta Colbert-Shaw
    Alberta Colbert-Shaw 10 hours ago


  • Jhoniel De Jesus
    Jhoniel De Jesus 10 hours ago

    Good men's son is a dick

  • raymond samadan
    raymond samadan 10 hours ago

    Nope more important is family

  • TheHowlingSparky
    TheHowlingSparky 10 hours ago

    Are those dollers even real?

  • Zanavear A.
    Zanavear A. 10 hours ago

    Good vid but he kinda flexed like a lot in this

  • Jesse Barragan
    Jesse Barragan 11 hours ago

    He said the N-word but I don’t care you still look there’s Doug are you tubers are you think about it the guy who is handling Jackie two is actually white guy

  • Ilse Molina
    Ilse Molina 11 hours ago

    I don’t like him

  • Ilse Molina
    Ilse Molina 11 hours ago

    Omg Richard is mean

  • alecks *
    alecks * 11 hours ago +1

    the best video EVER

  • Shakeia Mcleod
    Shakeia Mcleod 11 hours ago

    how the hell does Richard have a mustache

  • fable solo
    fable solo 11 hours ago

    Love Jeffy song Lol

  • The Random
    The Random 11 hours ago

    Money can buy u big booty bitches

  • God Taze
    God Taze 11 hours ago


  • XxjzthekingXx
    XxjzthekingXx 12 hours ago

    This is how much money Goodman has

  • Jack Roblox videos
    Jack Roblox videos 12 hours ago +1

    Lol wf

  • 113458905
    113458905 12 hours ago

    6:36 hope Jackie Chu gets a purple eye

  • William Patton
    William Patton 12 hours ago

    Also did they use real money or was it all illegally printed

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 12 hours ago

    It can buy most things but not true happiness
    It can bring a girlfriend but it won’t be happiness because it is fake love and your being used.

  • Family Rostanzo
    Family Rostanzo 12 hours ago


  • Dylan Urbanowski
    Dylan Urbanowski 12 hours ago

    Get a life

  • Belen Fernandez
    Belen Fernandez 12 hours ago

    6:35 he said the N word

  • ninja king what a mess
    ninja king what a mess 13 hours ago

    You should do a video of Goodman. Gets poor

  • Zihao Zhuang
    Zihao Zhuang 13 hours ago

    lamborghini's pocket money for driving 8:52

  • Dr.Expose
    Dr.Expose 13 hours ago +1

    I noticed that bike was the bike in the bike sale when they tried to do the stunt watch it come back

  • Natasha Barron
    Natasha Barron 13 hours ago


  • Edna Arellano
    Edna Arellano 13 hours ago

    I Love Jeff

    MIDDIY ETN 13 hours ago +1

    This is how money Richard has


  • ClapZ Stagx
    ClapZ Stagx 13 hours ago

    No bc a wealthy man would never make it to heaven

  • MA. Cristina Yanga
    MA. Cristina Yanga 13 hours ago

    Why is jeffy not talking at school

  • Yeojiburr
    Yeojiburr 13 hours ago


  • Houston2390 Yt
    Houston2390 Yt 13 hours ago

    Yes so I can buy v bucks for days

  • Melvin Parra
    Melvin Parra 13 hours ago

    Oh heck did Richard Goodman get in the house when Richard doesn't have it so how would it get in he drive the way

  • Frankie Montantes
    Frankie Montantes 13 hours ago

    Buy V Bucks 😝😝

  • Dark The Wolf
    Dark The Wolf 13 hours ago

    I hate when Richard is absolutely an expensive asshole, by keep throwing the money that nobody wants his disrespectful ass, just like his father.

  • poWg zeKo
    poWg zeKo 13 hours ago

    At least mario got free airpods when goodmen slapped em out of his ears

  • Alton Jimmerson
    Alton Jimmerson 13 hours ago

    6:35 why did he just say nigga

  • Aiden Lancaster
    Aiden Lancaster 13 hours ago


  • Kirkpatrick Williams
    Kirkpatrick Williams 13 hours ago

    Yeah! But I just take it for myself.

  • Brenden Rutledge
    Brenden Rutledge 14 hours ago +1


  • theaxel101101 oof
    theaxel101101 oof 14 hours ago

    Stop cusing

  • MARIO Crispen
    MARIO Crispen 14 hours ago

    I can buy 1000 and a switch games

  • Michael Hamilton
    Michael Hamilton 14 hours ago

    If youlike jeffy then like this comant

  • Supremebob Richpants
    Supremebob Richpants 14 hours ago


  • mike newman
    mike newman 14 hours ago

    This is how many time Mario's miss his house payment

  • Cody goines
    Cody goines 14 hours ago +1

    Joseph says he wants to buy a new mom but he does not
    Like and comment if u agree with me πŸ‘‰πŸ‘πŸ‘‰πŸ‘πŸ‘‰πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Harlem Dabz
    Harlem Dabz 14 hours ago


  • Marcy
    Marcy 14 hours ago

    When richard drove off in the car a dollar was moving in a circle on his wheel

  • jenn vlasic
    jenn vlasic 14 hours ago

    Original Idea By: Brawler BrandonX

    "The Truth"

    Junior Is Sitting On The Couch And Then The Doorbell Rings,

    It's Joseph and Cody.They Go To The Living Room And Turn

    On The TV A Thomas And Friends Ad Pops Up*Say A Silver Thomas*

    And Junior Goes To His Dads Room And Doesn't See Him So

    He Goes To His Nightstand To Grab His Credit/Debit Card And Find

    Adoption Papers With The Words "Bowser jr." On It And Finds Out "The Truth"

  • Annie Champion
    Annie Champion 14 hours ago +1

    hell yeah I would be balling on tha Benjamin's nigga I'll 22 motherfuckin Lamborghini I can't count e,m

  • Mario Super
    Mario Super 14 hours ago

    With a lot of money I could buy a lot of puppies so it would make me happy

  • ljskywalker1 And skynem


  • Tidae Hill
    Tidae Hill 15 hours ago

    Sure do money πŸ’° is everything

  • Carter Henry
    Carter Henry 15 hours ago +1

    5:40 is funny because Goodman's son says he is winning and he has a doll

  • Ri K
    Ri K 15 hours ago

    :) love it

  • Cheezybiscwuit 12
    Cheezybiscwuit 12 15 hours ago +1

    6:10 haha

  • Darren Hinds
    Darren Hinds 15 hours ago

    Money no it is not the meaning to happiness or life

  • AStranger ThatLilkeFortnutt69

    JEFFY SPITS BARS AGAIN(why am I using caps #next69
    I fort here's them bars 0:00 and 0:21

  • Pink Calaunan
    Pink Calaunan 15 hours ago

    Sick bike sick bike

  • Masonsgaming
    Masonsgaming 16 hours ago

    They should have took Richards money and kept their stuff.

  • Cherrie Shaw
    Cherrie Shaw 16 hours ago

    Sure where do you live logen tell me where you live

  • Kristy Smith
    Kristy Smith 16 hours ago

    No cause you don't have friends and neighbors

  • Yesenia Melendez
    Yesenia Melendez 16 hours ago


  • Donnalyn Sharkey
    Donnalyn Sharkey 16 hours ago

    Move out into the country and buy myself a horse again

  • gaming with krispy
    gaming with krispy 17 hours ago

    If I had a lot of money I still will not be happy

  • gaming with eziquiel and abran hi

    Fuck no

  • γƒ¬γ‚€γƒŠγƒΌγƒ–γƒ¬γ‚€γƒ‡γƒ³

    Richard should pay people $10,000 to stop asking for likes

  • Track Browser
    Track Browser 18 hours ago

    15:01 lol just look at how the puppet hands smacks him

  • X.G.A
    X.G.A 18 hours ago

    Wait... Goodman & Richard are Ginger, I think, so, how are they rich?

  • gacha Italie
    gacha Italie 18 hours ago

    And big ass potatoes