One Guy Changed My Pizza Game Forever

  • Published on Nov 17, 2021
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    00:00 - Intro
    00:43 - Vito
    02:59 - Perfect Dough
    06:43 - Toppings
    10:07 - Pizza Making

    The Karu 16 is the the first and only pizza oven to be ‘Recommended for Domestic Use’ by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the acclaimed international authority on true Neapolitan pizza.

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  • Lawson Lindsey
    Lawson Lindsey Month ago +2081

    just getting to listen to Vito talk through the whole process is so amazing

  • drocomalfoySlytherin

    I've done many pizzas from so many receipes. But this one is truly the greatest one of all. The pizza dough is soft and crispy, perfectly balanced. Thank you 🙌

  • Jas Bataille
    Jas Bataille 13 days ago +97

    Imagine that your first job at 16 years old at a pizzeria end up with you having to deal with the mafia and change city, and the first you do is to go to Naples to learn how to make a pizza the even more traditional way. The love this man has for pizza is unsurpassed. Truly a master!

    • hoschiadedodi
      hoschiadedodi 12 days ago +7

      I think he actually opened his very first own shop at 16. It was his place they burned down

  • keli Surfs
    keli Surfs 3 days ago +24

    Mike, when you asked Vito, "What does it feel like to give away your secrets?" All I could think is that it is great for his business because everyone that didn't know about his restaurant now has a great expectation of eating his pizza. Shoot, I want to drive 600 miles from where I live to eat his pizza!

  • Matthew Carter
    Matthew Carter 20 days ago +54

    This video massively changed/improved my pizza game, thank you so much!

    One master tip I got from an old Italian Chef years ago was to substitute about 50g of the water for white wine. This improves the taste of the dough a ton, gives the yeast a little extra sugar to work with, and just adds that little extra something that people might not identify right away, but they will miss it when they make their own pizza at home without the wine!

    • Matthew Carter
      Matthew Carter 3 days ago

      @David It makes the dough pop!

    • David
      David 3 days ago +3

      I've been home cooking for 15 years now and I can't believe I forgot about adding wines. I have distinct memories of my mom cooking with wine and the smell, and my cooking absolutely missing this.

    • Matthew Carter
      Matthew Carter 11 days ago +2

      @Max Savage what James said.

    • James Spencer
      James Spencer 11 days ago +11

      @Max Savage 50g of white wine should be equal to 50.3ml so either or really

    • Max Savage
      Max Savage 11 days ago

      50grams of wine or 50ml?

  • Bubbleman's World
    Bubbleman's World Month ago +443

    Best pizza making video I have ever seen by far.. Seriously Thanks dude.. I am also going to buy that oven you showed. Looks proper... Been a pizza connoisseur and traveller for 30 years so this is a HUGE addition to my life. Thank you so much

      0FFICERPROBLEM 4 days ago

      I'm gonna start making pizzas like this now, they're my favorite, but I just made home style thick crust pizzas. Problem about the special kinds of flour they use though, that's not easily available where I am in Mexico.

    • Taking Stock
      Taking Stock 20 days ago +1

      i'm not a fan of these ovens, we've just built a proper brick pizza oven. But really, the secret is in the dough and ingredients, we've been making amazing pizzas with pretty basic dough skills. I'm going to work harder on the dough, as per his instruction. Funny, I had some restraunteurs and an italian who grew up working in a pizza joint teach me about pizza ovens and no one ever talked about this "poolish".

    • Jon Reed
      Jon Reed Month ago

      Order sooner than later! I have been waiting for my Ooni Karu 16" since August!! Any week now I hear!

    • C00PS
      C00PS Month ago


    • Yeah No
      Yeah No Month ago

      Yeeee!! Bubble man 👨

  • Simone qualcuno
    Simone qualcuno 15 days ago +82

    -200 g of water
    -5 g of honey
    - 5 g of dry yeast
    -200 g of 00 flour ( or ap flour )
    Mix everything and leave the poolish for 15 min uncovered and then put it in the fridge for 16 hours. Not more than 24 hours.

    - poolish
    -300 g of Manitoba flour
    - 300 g of water
    - 20 g of salt
    -200 g of 00 flour ( or ap flour)

    • Cpt_Hawk
      Cpt_Hawk 3 days ago

      there's a link to the recipe in the description

    • Carol Burnett
      Carol Burnett 4 days ago +1

      @starf I it sounds like doubling it is doubling everything.......

    • starf I
      starf I 4 days ago

      if you want to double the recipe do you double everything including the poolish?

    • EMA
      EMA 6 days ago

      recipe is per the video but seems odd. i've been making pizza dough weekly for 2 years now. imo, this recipe would not make wet dough. see 5:08. dough went from dry to wet with no explanation. he must have added more water but it didn't show up in the video.

    • Carol Burnett
      Carol Burnett 7 days ago

      I like your amounts........I went and converted them to teaspoons, tablespoons and cups.........and I also put the minutes and times he rolls out, covers, punches again and so forth.......I finally got my list fixed, but thanks to you, you started me by putting all ingredients here for me........

  • Michal Świerk
    Michal Świerk 10 days ago +14

    I've done many pizzas from so many receipes. But this one is truly the greatest one of all. The pizza dough is soft and crispy, perfectly balanced. Thank you 🙌

  • webwizard65
    webwizard65 5 days ago +21

    I'm from Italy... the only strange thing is the Parmesan on the tomato, but for averything else, it's really hard to find someone making a pizza like that, even here. Really a master...

    • Michael Färber
      Michael Färber 2 days ago

      @marco pinchetti this is really good (or adding sugar for the same purpose) for home ovens or less hot pizza ovens, to get a nicer coloring.

    • marco pinchetti
      marco pinchetti 3 days ago +2

      also honey in the dough... that's rather rare and new to what I thought was traditional

  • Verity Dixon
    Verity Dixon 7 days ago +24

    When they have that accent, that wonderful personality, that life story, that love for making their art. You know they’re legit.

  • Vito Iacopelli
    Vito Iacopelli 2 months ago +2631

    You did an outstanding job my friend!!! Thank you 🙏 see you soon for more ❤️

    • Chamod sachintha
      Chamod sachintha 21 hour ago

      Vito??? pizza?? 🤔🤔🤔
      😳 I knew I heard it before....
      Vito's pizza from Garfield. 🥰🤝😍🤘

    • Syed Islam
      Syed Islam 22 hours ago

      Eyes we we as de Ed red red as

    • Manii DFC
      Manii DFC 8 days ago

      Wow. What a spectacle.

    • Kyle C
      Kyle C 8 days ago

      Vito is the greatest

    • YouTube Playlist
      YouTube Playlist 11 days ago

      Thank you Chef! I wish I can taste pizzamade by you directly in future time!

  • phad012
    phad012 19 days ago +32

    I cut so many corners (used standard bread flour, didn't slap and fold, cheaper pizza oven) and my pizza still turned out amazing! Must be a great recipe and techniques; can't imagine how good the proper version must be. Thanks for the upload.

  • Teabagg Editing
    Teabagg Editing 22 days ago +19

    I've seen so many "perfect pizza dough" tutorials but THIS is indeed how to make a perfect pizza. And he explained it so easily that you could really get along.

  • Matt
    Matt 28 days ago +34

    How have I never heard of Vito? This man really knows what he's doing.

    Also, blog post doesn't work, for me at least. Gonna try and incorporate some of this in my home pizza making. Only have an oven though

    • Pro Home Cooks
      Pro Home Cooks  23 days ago +3

      working on transferring everything over to the new site! will be up next week

  • K-k-kannath
    K-k-kannath 26 days ago +30

    I love Vitos energy and engagement in teaching about the art of pizzamaking!

  • Jonathan Kim
    Jonathan Kim Month ago +751

    Imagine what a world we would have if every human had Vito’s attitude toward excellence and sharing? Yea, I want to live in that world.

    • Escola para Dólar
      Escola para Dólar 20 hours ago

      @Brandon G the parasites are the government, no matter where they are, if their incomings come from your pocket (taxes) then they are parasites as well.

    • Brandon G
      Brandon G 20 hours ago

      @Escola para Dólar yea man they're the problem, not the government itself.

    • Brandon G
      Brandon G 20 hours ago

      bro the common people with actual lives like this are never the issue, we're all like this. it's politicians that gamble with people's lives and the environment.

    • Matt Hellforge
      Matt Hellforge 6 days ago

      would u??

    • Pick my Choo
      Pick my Choo 8 days ago +1

      Yeah, start from yourself bud and people will follow😉

  • emretouch Company
    emretouch Company 14 days ago +4

    Amazing to listen to Vito with a decent mic set up and editing quality. Hes a chef not a media guy so thank you for bridging the tech gap . Looks amazing

  • Sourya Basu
    Sourya Basu 25 days ago +6

    So nice to see him smiling throughout the video. This guy is legendary! The pizza looks great!

  • Nathan Spark
    Nathan Spark Day ago +1

    As Italian I have to say ''very good job Vito'!', u r nice and honored one of our best typical food, in the original receipt there is no Parmiggiano cheese but it gives pizza a bit of extra flavor and as a huge Parmiggiano lover I'm sure it tastes amazing. Greetings from Rome!!!

  • Holly Arizona
    Holly Arizona 24 days ago +9

    This video was just perfect timing for me. I’ve been wanting to learn to make this style of pizza for years but I just got an ooni pizza oven for Christmas! Definitely feel like I have a better chance at figuring it out now lol

  • Nelson Dellis
    Nelson Dellis Month ago +136

    This video is GOLD. Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  • Christopher Karr
    Christopher Karr 7 days ago +2

    Wanna' know something crazy? This is exactly how I've been making my pizzas for years, with nobody teaching me about pre-ferment. I just figured getting a continuous sourdough was key to a good dough for gluten development and flavor. That, and I add gluten to my base flour when making the final dough for proofing.

  • SreckoJ87
    SreckoJ87 5 days ago +4

    I've been in love with pizza my whole life especially as a kid, and when i grew up i started making pizza for myself using the stone, spatula, and i was hunting these kinds of videos to make a perfect one... But this guy is amazing... How much love he has for this art and to share it like this, he's incredible! Thank you! 🙏

  • Sung Lee
    Sung Lee Day ago

    I've been on making pizza journey for the past nine years and it's been one of the most worthwhile pursuits I've picked up in my adult life. It's amazing how something so simple is also complicated. The devil is in the details and in my case, every pizza dough I make is different (not by choice btw), but the journey in itself is worth it and fun! My wife swears it's the best pizza she's ever had, but that's a loving wife and true love. :-) Vito is a true master and reminds me of my place and to stay humble; you can always learn more. I find it peaceful and relaxing making pizzas, especially the simple Margherita pizza. "Buon appetito!"

  • OC Run
    OC Run 6 days ago +4

    I've been holding the sauce spoon wrong all this time. F'd up all my pizzas. Thanks for the tip. Here's one for you: you can toss the basil leaves in olive oil before putting on the pizza instead of oiling on the pizza.

  • JacekUW
    JacekUW Month ago +784

    A true master is not scared to reveal his secrets. So much positivity comes from this video. Such a feel-good vibe.

    • JaeTrnn
      JaeTrnn 7 days ago

      A true master knows that you can have all his secrets, but unless you practice; hone, and master your craft, you will still never achieve top result!

    • Akaz
      Akaz 16 days ago


    • Greg
      Greg 16 days ago

      It's a lot like a good Beef Wellington. It's easy to find the instructions but extremely difficult to execute

    • Sambal bij
      Sambal bij 17 days ago

      What he has done is the best advertisement for himself

    • EviL WeazL
      EviL WeazL 19 days ago +3

      @Artaxerxes : you ok ?

  • David
    David 10 days ago +27

    Now I understand why good pizza is so expensive. There is a LOT of work and knowledge needed to create just one pizza. I never knew. Great video. I enjoyed it very much.

    • Patricius vun Kempen
      Patricius vun Kempen 21 hour ago +1

      yeah honestly i am surprised by a lotta details, i wonder how much there are different pizza traditions in italy, because italy is like many european country very regional.

    • Black Light
      Black Light Day ago

      @Impara BICI e COMPUTER con Gabriele Instead you pay for knifes, forks, and table paper. Heck, I don't even use the damn forks and knives when I'm eating the pizza. To be honest the place in Florence where I ate, the waiters were very experienced, not the teenagers we have here in Israel, so I didn't mind paying 2 euros for "knives and forks".

    • Impara BICI e COMPUTER con Gabriele
      Impara BICI e COMPUTER con Gabriele 2 days ago

      @Cpt_Hawk I mean, that you don't have to pay tips because the waiters have an all inclusive wage, payed by their employer.

    • Cpt_Hawk
      Cpt_Hawk 3 days ago

      @Impara BICI e COMPUTER con Gabriele you mean income included*

    • Impara BICI e COMPUTER con Gabriele
      Impara BICI e COMPUTER con Gabriele 5 days ago

      In Italy a good pizza margherita like this is well below 10€ TAX INCLUDED, tips included, in cities.

  • Randall Hrna
    Randall Hrna 23 hours ago

    I'll definitely have to try that dough, and way of doing cheese like that, its neat to see someone with such a family history and passion for doing things in an excellent way.

  • GobbyRocks
    GobbyRocks 9 days ago

    This was great! I've been making pizza at home for years but I still consider myself a novice. This is definitely going to help me up my pizza game.

  • Catherine Delacruz-Martinez

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing. Yes, this is a wonderful way to bring family together with food and the appreciation of the craft of pizza. I know that my pizza won't ever be at the level of your special guest, Vito Iacopelli, nor your own, but it is something to get excited about when family is around telling you "it's getting better mom!!" I appreciate you, and I appreciate Vito for sharing his passion, his livelihood, his way of life. Much appreciated!

  • RokushoTheBlackCat
    RokushoTheBlackCat 2 months ago +478

    I've never seen Vito before, but the way he talks about the pizza and the process you can instantly tell this is a man who loves his craft and wants to share that craft with anyone who is even remotely curious.

    • Dr. Jimmy Rustlan
      Dr. Jimmy Rustlan Month ago

      His channel is amazing. You get to learn Italian at the same time ☺️

    • Wonk Wonk The Crew
      Wonk Wonk The Crew Month ago +1

      Vito brought my pizza curiosity to the next level. After 12 months of trial & errors poolish/biga and proper oven, you’ve got to appreciate That pizza is an art.
      Thanks Vito for igniting my curiosity and empowering me to do good pizza while still learning

    • umirza85
      umirza85 2 months ago +2

      ​@Vito Iacopelli Youre a legend....hands down my favourite person to watch on TheXvid. your passion is out of this world.. Thank you for elevating my pizza game! Can i fly you out to England :)

    • Saundz
      Saundz 2 months ago +1

      I’ve watched for some time now and it’s amazing the knowledge and passion are not comparable and outside the box and open to creativity also

    • enim83
      enim83 2 months ago +3

      He has a ton of videos. Go check him out. All about pizza haha. And cheese too

  • Alex
    Alex 5 days ago +2

    I've been following vito since i got an ooni last year, made some amazing pizzas with it I would never go back to other styles. Only bad thing about vitos pizzas is its ruined every other pizza for me nothing is as good ever again :D

  • Vành Khuyên Lê
    Vành Khuyên Lê 2 days ago

    It looks like Vietnamese food. Thank you for your sharing!

  • Ruby Sephton-Villegas
    Ruby Sephton-Villegas 15 days ago

    Vito’s pizza recipe is the best. Thank you for sharing it with the world. My family loves it! That 00 flour makes all the difference I’ve tried other flours but the 00 gives you the soft chewy crust and the dough is like a soft cloud. Thanks for the fire log tips. I just a portable fire stove and we couldn’t keep the oven hot enough to bake the pizza all the way. Thank you Mike for bring Vito to your channel I always learn something new from this guy.

  • Dave Tighe
    Dave Tighe 13 days ago

    Brilliant, loved this, have watched both you guys for a couple of years (under lockdown) and it's been amazing, thanks to both of you x

  • Hafiz gazi
    Hafiz gazi 2 months ago +2492

    During pendamic I was isolated for a month in my apartment. Watching you and Vito , I was inspired to make a DIY Brick oven in my back yard and learned how to make Neapolitan pizza . Since then I think I’ve made 100 pizza over 2 years . Thank you both .

      BØRGE ODK 25 days ago

      @Ms Mars I see, you misunderstod my simple two word comment. Doesn't shock me at all...

    • Ms Mars
      Ms Mars 25 days ago

      @Damir Ribic LOL!

    • Ms Mars
      Ms Mars 25 days ago


    • l quinn
      l quinn 28 days ago +1

      The Government Lockdown

    • zymbotictoot
      zymbotictoot 28 days ago

      Now THAT is hardcore inspiration right there. Bravo sir!

  • Victor C
    Victor C 29 days ago

    I have learnt how to make pizza from both of you guys and I want to thank you,The glee in my family's eyes when I take the pizza out the oven is priceless.

  • Austin Studios
    Austin Studios Day ago

    Wonderful ! thank you both for caring enough to share !...for those asking about the flour (Manitoba flour) a consideration worth researching is the difference between North American wheat farming ( specially the use of "roundup" -and HOW its used vrs the fact that it is NOT allowed to be used in many European countries ) ... the effect that compound has had on the brewing industry ( at one time ) is enlightening ...and could explain why in some cases these European flours yield such nice results.

  • MM93
    MM93 27 days ago

    Fantastic, I love that type of crust. Year's of experience and practice condensed in a short clip, thanks for sharing, It'll up my home pizza game for sure.

  • greenbergjoshua
    greenbergjoshua 16 days ago

    Vito's love and enthusiasm for pizza is contagious! Thanks for the great video

  • Daniel Kö
    Daniel Kö 2 months ago +245

    Finally somebody huge made a colab with Vito. I discovered him over a year ago and made his pizza recipe since then.
    Totally changed my pizza game and wrecked my appreciation for local pizza restaurants!

    • Tiger In the Desert
      Tiger In the Desert Month ago

      @Ram R 🤔

    • Ram R
      Ram R Month ago +1

      Stop talking like low iq . Speak English properly like, it totally changed the way I make pizza, it made it better, instead of butchering the language saying shit like changed my pizza game. This isnt a game son, this is life. Didn't you see how passionate the chef was, this is life, not a game.

    • aicha said
      aicha said Month ago

      Same !!!!

    • Marcel Audubon
      Marcel Audubon 2 months ago +1

      @Ray Meyers good man

    • Ray Meyers
      Ray Meyers 2 months ago

      @Marcel Audubon nope

  • Kjartan Kjartansson
    Kjartan Kjartansson 9 days ago

    This was amazing to watch. Love that passion and pizza looks amazing.

  • Library Minnie
    Library Minnie 15 days ago

    This is the greatest video! So many details, there is a reason behind every single thing he does. I don’t know how I have never come across his videos before now. I have some catching up to do! Thanks for flying him in, it was totally worth it no matter the cost of the ticket!

  • Brian Anderson
    Brian Anderson 15 days ago

    WOW ! Thank you for sharing such incredible tricks of the trade, family secrets! I really can't wait to start making even better pizzas than ever before. Thank you Sir!

  • Thicky McGhee
    Thicky McGhee 28 days ago +18

    The amount of detail Vito shares, just shows how knowledgeable he is about the subject. Even just tearing apart the mozzarella...I just toss it on. Haha.

  • Imdor
    Imdor 22 hours ago

    Gotta love how he spends time talking about cheese thickness, but when making the pizza, stacking several slices of cheese on top of each other is no problem.

  • Invest Miami Live Miami

    This is great ! Thank you. People don’t understand how hard it is to master pizza making 😂

  • Harry Gustafsson
    Harry Gustafsson 29 days ago

    This is just so sweet that he shared his recipe. One of the kindest things I have seen this year…

  • Dibjit
    Dibjit 11 days ago

    Thanks for the great video! Lots of great tips and techniques! I'm curious about the difference in ingredient weights between this and Vito's poolish recipe on his channel. His version uses 300G of water and flour and 3G of honey and yeast? That's a huge difference compared to 200G of water and flour to 5G of yeast and honey.

  • King Jerbear
    King Jerbear Month ago +142

    Vito is an absolute legend. The way he teaches everyone his tiny little tricks makes it so the most inexperienced amateur can feel like a pro! Love his energy, thanks for sharing

    • Andrea Chinaglia
      Andrea Chinaglia Month ago

      Agreed, and watching Vito and following his hints can be really useful for an amateur, even for those with some experience and knowledge. Still it is like to watch Michael Jordan play basketball or Tommy Emanuel playing guitar, you can learn a lot, but to come close to their level needs a whole life dedication, you can feel like a pro, but the truth is that there is still an ocean between pro's experience and knowledge and our amateur one...

  • Sir Charles
    Sir Charles 28 days ago +1

    Thank you so much, this is the most enjoyable thing I have watched since a very long time. Love you for sharing your wonderful secrets with us!

  • Scott Hodson
    Scott Hodson 25 days ago

    Love the big stretch on the peel before going into the oven. Competes with moving the pizza around on the stone to finish it baking in the oven. Gracie!!

  • Casey Hall
    Casey Hall 11 days ago

    I watch Vito's videos all the time. Such a wonderful guy who loves his art!

  • marcosadcc
    marcosadcc 27 days ago

    I can see all the love, world class skills and effort in this pizza. AMAZING.

  • trumpsahead
    trumpsahead 16 days ago

    Wow! By far and away the most detailed and masterful display of Italian pizza from scratch, even the technique of expertly turning the dough. Loved it, saving this and sending to family. ciao ciao.

  • Kristian Barton
    Kristian Barton 29 days ago

    This is going to level up my pizza making using the pizza oven, thank you for sharing the recipe’s and methods.

  • Nadia mwah
    Nadia mwah 26 days ago +1

    I can taste the pizza in my mouth every time he saids “Listen to the craunch “ love his work

  • Soufiane DeMonty
    Soufiane DeMonty 27 days ago

    a true Master , I enjoyed every minute of his tutorial . Thanks for sharing your secret my man !! God bless you

  • mariclar53
    mariclar53 2 months ago +94

    This is instant happiness. The minute I saw Vito I had the biggest smile. THANK YOU!

  • pxyferz
    pxyferz 5 days ago

    14:39 I caught myself smiling on that one, he is indeed a master.

  • Peter Plantec
    Peter Plantec 16 days ago

    I always enjoy Vito. Thanks for having him on. The best tip may be the lifting and quick's obvious, but I never did it that way. No, maybe it's the level of hydration he works with. My dough is usually firmer...I do use an ooni at home.

  • Todd Griffin
    Todd Griffin 4 days ago

    I was stationed in northern Italy for two years and Germany before, and every Italian pizza I've had was wonderful. While visiting Pompeii I watched a Neapolitan pizza maker pinch off the fresh mozzarella and place it directly on the unsauced dough, then pour the sauce over the cheese pieces. It was the best Margarita pizza of my life. And I didn't just eat pizza I spent considerable time at my local restaurants watching and learning and eating. I loved Italy! The bottom line: Anything made with love is better.

  • Daniel Son
    Daniel Son 2 days ago

    Spitting image of the pizza I had in Naples! This really takes me back. I'm definitely going to follow this guide in the next month or so. Fantastic video. Fugettaboutit!

  • J D
    J D 2 months ago +170

    You know you've got a legit pizza guy when the mafia has burned down his pizzeria! 🍕🍕

    • Nineties
      Nineties Month ago +3

      @Victor Lindvall then how do you even come close to the idea that Italian elections are rigged? That the Mob has interest in politics is undeniable, it's a phenomenon that can be observed anywhere in the world in various degree, but the Mafia has nowhere near the domineering presence you speak of. We are afraid of talking about it? Bitch, please.

    • Victor Lindvall
      Victor Lindvall Month ago

      @Nineties Yeah it’s not like I’ve lived in Verona and Milan for half my life

    • Nineties
      Nineties Month ago +1

      @Victor Lindvall please, stop talking about a country you clearly don't know anything about.

    • Victor Lindvall
      Victor Lindvall Month ago +1

      @Nineties Yeah you don't live in the godfather, but the state and a lot of bigger level businesses is run by them. Just look at the sand industry in Italy. Alot don't even vote for big elections because they know it's rigged anyway.

    • AngrierGorilla
      AngrierGorilla Month ago +1

      @Giulia Cecconi I'm Italian, and I didn't know either about parmigiano, but I was told in Naples that in fact they use parmigiano on typical Naples pizza. In Northern Italy (where I'm from) this is a little known fact.

  • Dolores Santos-Francisco

    OMG!!! can not wait to do my own love your pizza recipe straight from two very passionate pizzaïolo - keep posting!!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your families

  • Bigrig Cookin
    Bigrig Cookin 29 days ago

    i have been making pizza at home for the last 3 years from scratch. I have always felt that i could not perfect the dough properly. Now i know exactly why. I was using the wrong flour! all my other techniques are the same. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO!!!!!! I absolutely cannot WAIT TO TRY THIS!

  • Miles Marcoux channel

    Imagine that your first job at 16 years old at a pizzeria end up with you having to deal with the mafia and change city, and the first you do is to go to Naples to learn how to make a pizza the even more traditional way. The love this man has for pizza is unsurpassed. Truly a master!

  • Mike Lunardi
    Mike Lunardi 28 days ago

    I've been watching Vito and learning since he started his channel, he has come a long way and proud of him.
    lol his measurements and directions improved dramatically! (his passion remains the same)
    be ready for friends asking when its pizza day at your place again and again...thx Vito

    • LostInMySpace
      LostInMySpace 26 days ago

      Mike, can you tell me Vito's channel? Grazie...Filippo

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson 2 months ago +85

    Vito is THE pizza guy! I've been watching him for a while now, and all of my dough (regular and gluten free for my wife) are his recipes! You must have that soft and crunchy texture. Its simply the best.

    • Dora Cotterell
      Dora Cotterell Month ago +1

      @Chris Thompson Ah … you are kind to me. Thank you so much. May someone else return the favour right back to you!

    • Chris Thompson
      Chris Thompson Month ago

      @Dora Cotterell

    • Dora Cotterell
      Dora Cotterell Month ago

      @Chris Thompson - I went to his channel and did not find a video for gluten free pizza dough. May I ask a
      kindness from you? Could you take the time to share the link for the pizza maker’s gluten free video? I just haven’t been able to locate it amongst his videos. I would be very grateful for I am, unfortunately, gluten intolerant and though I can practice & learn these techniques … l’m only able to savour a gluten free pizza crust. I just cannot locate the correct video! 🤦‍♀️

    • Chris Thompson
      Chris Thompson Month ago

      @Dora Cotterell Yep, I make it for my wife every time I make regular for myself! 👍

    • Dora Cotterell
      Dora Cotterell Month ago

      Chris … Vito actually has a gluten free pizza dough recipe on his channel!

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    Emanuele Apuzzo 13 days ago +8

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    Victor 23 days ago +4

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    • Victor
      Victor 17 days ago

      @I Am , I Said Yes it's been said in this thread that canned tomatoes are the best option. There is no strawman, please read before commenting. And also yes, imported tomatoes are better than canned tomatoes.

      By the way, you saying that I'm advocating for imported food in general is a stretch and also a strawman.

      To end this nonsense, I will say to you that processed food is very different than fresh food. If you don't see the difference then make an effort and educate yourself, don't come to me to explain to you the difference between a fresh tomato and a canned one.

      edit: Happy new year!

    • I Am , I Said
      I Am , I Said 19 days ago

      @Victor tomatoes are a summer crop, not available all year without transportation. You’re advocating for imported food?? And to address your strawman (no one said tinned was better than fresh), Tinned tomatoes are not “processed food”, they are preserved via canning, a tradition humans have used for centuries. How does putting fresh tomatoes in a can differ to you cooking and freezing fresh tomatoes?

    • Victor
      Victor 20 days ago

      @Taking Stock Imported tomatoes are very cheap and available all year. I would suggest that you cook big batches of tomato sauce and then freeze it in smaller containers if you're the lazy type.

      Processed food is NEVER better than fresh food, this is something that feels really obvious to most people. Are you guys on denial because you like the guy in the video or something?

    • Taking Stock
      Taking Stock 20 days ago

      unless you live in the tropics and can grow tomatoes year round, what you gonna do?

    • Victor
      Victor 21 day ago

      @DP Canned tomatoes are used universally by any restaurant that's focused on quantity of servings rather than quality. And of course they're not better than the real thing.

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    I bought a wood fired pizza oven in the summer and the two things that I think are key

    1. The dough - I've been doing mine wrong - defo going to follow this recipe
    2. Managing the fire in the oven. I used to just put cold wood on the fire and it just put the fire out! Now I put the wood in on one side to heat up and then transfer it to the fire

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    • Senhor Okami
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      @kantraxo ikol its hours of prep no 6 hours of non stop work. big difference there. dont be lazy. have friends that work on 18 hour shifts that still make their own food and dont take shortcuts cause they know good quality food is what will help them keep the pace for the next 18 hour shift.

    • kantraxo ikol
      kantraxo ikol Month ago

      don't forget the six HOURS prep time....that'd put a crimp on any pizza.... if i'm missing out doing it in 30 min flat start to finish, using premade dough, and the quality is less than perfect because i use frozen cheese instead....i'll deal with that, because i have pizza in 30 minutes.... which is all the effort i need to make a pizza better than most delivery places make, and it didn't cost me 90 dollars and 5 hours prep time, IF i remember to make the dough the night before , so it's actually like 29 hours of prep time for one tiny pizza. no. thank. you. i'm sure it's delicious i'm sure it's a masterpiece of a pizza. i just don't want to put in 2 days of prep time to do it

    • Senhor Okami
      Senhor Okami Month ago +1

      but that would be mostly because North American Pizza kinda sucks. the few places that do have good pizza are expensive.

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