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  • Published on May 6, 2019
  • I was thinking about making this a joke video but I did it serious instead.
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  • Your shrek
    Your shrek 16 hours ago +1

    The sad thing is some ppl actually don’t know this is a joke video 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍🏼 keep the good work up dunkey

  • JokersRWild
    JokersRWild 19 hours ago +1

    how dare you: Game Grumps has to go in Wendy's tier are you crazy!?

  • Skunko Hilarious
    Skunko Hilarious 23 hours ago

    When you said markiplier, my mouse was on the unsubscribe button, but you saved yourself.

  • merce six
    merce six Day ago

    what's under A? F rolf

  • DerpySnake
    DerpySnake Day ago

    Please credit music

  • Darrel Roque
    Darrel Roque Day ago

    This is a good video

  • Kira Ging
    Kira Ging Day ago +1

    It’s a joke dont dislike dummies

  • Harper Frederici (Student)

    but we can all agree on one thing DaddyOfive is the in the shadow realm

  • gabes ,
    gabes , Day ago

    Where is my boy projared

  • Ashley Lafonte
    Ashley Lafonte 2 days ago

    Idubbbz is A tier how dare you

  • Nicholas Davis
    Nicholas Davis 2 days ago

    ss tier he just called this dude a nazi

  • Darrel Roque
    Darrel Roque 2 days ago

    3:38 Congrats

  • Cache Maglione
    Cache Maglione 2 days ago

    I hope this is a joke

    • Afonso Mota
      Afonso Mota Day ago

      Do you not understand that all of dunkeys videos are a joke

  • KamikazeNW
    KamikazeNW 2 days ago

    I hope this isn't serious
    (And I know it isn't)

    • Afonso Mota
      Afonso Mota Day ago

      Do you not understand that all of dunkeys videos are a joke

  • Mr.Frixy
    Mr.Frixy 2 days ago

    I thought this was a serious tier list video but after the twelvth second i realized im wrong

    • Mr.Frixy
      Mr.Frixy 16 hours ago

      @Afonso Mota chill ik im just jk

    • Afonso Mota
      Afonso Mota Day ago

      Do you not understand that all of dunkeys videos are a joke

  • Cuper Play
    Cuper Play 3 days ago

    IDubbz number 1

  • BukovTervicz
    BukovTervicz 3 days ago

    I'm gonna put him in the B-tier. For Bird

  • ChikinOnFrydai
    ChikinOnFrydai 3 days ago

    Why hasn't Scott's subreddit taken over dunkey's subreddit yet?

  • Frozty
    Frozty 4 days ago

    PewDiePie On A?


  • Uzagamii
    Uzagamii 4 days ago +1

    Wisconsin gang

  • gamingconsumed6000
    gamingconsumed6000 4 days ago

    [Persona 4 music outro]

    You're my favorite TheXvidr now.

  • Heitor Magalhães
    Heitor Magalhães 5 days ago


  • Heitor Magalhães
    Heitor Magalhães 5 days ago


  • Leonard Gotlibowski
    Leonard Gotlibowski 5 days ago

    -SSSS tier

  • Leonard Gotlibowski
    Leonard Gotlibowski 5 days ago


  • Leonard Gotlibowski
    Leonard Gotlibowski 5 days ago

    oh wait mumbo jumbo

  • Haise sasaki the Black reaper

    why cant i see filthy frank here

  • Jaime Martin
    Jaime Martin 6 days ago

    Really Scott the woz in Z teir how dare you

  • Channel 4
    Channel 4 7 days ago

    This video predicted boogies future

  • N FynfthhyjikprqWfvibirxdqoeghjs

    You think like an eight year old, not a nine year old loyal chill pewds soldier that actually knows what’s perfect and beautiful, how dare you diss idubbbz even as a JOKE and even if it’s a JOKE YOU MUST PUT PEWDS AS SSS+

    • Afonso Mota
      Afonso Mota Day ago

      Do you not understand that all of dunkeys videos are a joke

    • SKX44
      SKX44 6 days ago +2

      this comment really has a little something for everyone, between the brilliantly crafted grammar to taking dunkey 100% seriously all the time 0/10 fuckin sucks

  • Totaraum
    Totaraum 7 days ago +3

    Wait oh my god my boy played persona 4 music as his outro yes please mr. dunkey man

  • AidenL Strayhorn
    AidenL Strayhorn 7 days ago

    jack should in the sss tier

  • The_Awesome_J
    The_Awesome_J 7 days ago +1

    I’m probably x tier

  • Daniel Vasylenko
    Daniel Vasylenko 8 days ago

    Love how you sometimes put music from Star Control 2 in some of your videos. I remember Battle theme in one of your first Overwatch videos, and now Druuge theme here 0:22 which is EXACT second where this sequence of music starts in actual Druuge theme, IN 0:22 (google it, if you don't believe me). IS THIS COINCIDENCE?

  • Thatgaming Guy
    Thatgaming Guy 8 days ago

    As peter Parker said
    I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye.

  • Viziro
    Viziro 8 days ago

    Alot of people clearly can't tell that this video is a joke and take it literally. Which is actually funny.

  • Ruben Garcia
    Ruben Garcia 9 days ago

    I realised it was a joke when you put Scott the Woz beside such a terrible TheXvidr
    He made Wii Play bearable
    I agree with everything else tho

  • Spunky Animations
    Spunky Animations 9 days ago

    10 years ago I tried showing Nostalgia Critic to my best friend and we are no longer friends. COINCIDENCE?!

  • Chapapa
    Chapapa 9 days ago

    Jake Paul makes you FEEL like Batman

  • Springday Autumnmoon
    Springday Autumnmoon 10 days ago

    I love that Nostalgia Critic is the only one Dunkey is serious about.

  • Divorce Papers
    Divorce Papers 11 days ago

    I want my man milk all over dunkey because he didnt include roblox as a S tier

  • Burry
    Burry 11 days ago

    i came here for witness of content cop

  • Joshua Martins
    Joshua Martins 11 days ago

    Aaay P4 victory theme for the outro😀😀😀

  • Salad Snek
    Salad Snek 11 days ago +1

    It's kinda funny seeing some of the people who take this video seriously, especially the people on Scott's channel who haven't even watched the video

  • Grim Úlfr
    Grim Úlfr 11 days ago

    Some of this seemed like his actual opinions, though a lot of it was clearly sarcasm. It's a shame, because most of the ones he listed highly in a way that I felt was genuine are channels that make me cringe, and that I don't understand how they're so popular.
    On a sidenote, it's exhausting to see so many overly used references and memes on every video of every channel of TheXvid, I remember when people used to actually be original and funny..

  • Emilio Lopez
    Emilio Lopez 11 days ago

    Why you gotta do my man Scott and game grumps like that 😢

  • Place2Game
    Place2Game 11 days ago

    I was forgotten...

  • xkygerx
    xkygerx 12 days ago

    I cant believe he did my boy Scott that dirty

  • High Ground
    High Ground 12 days ago +2

    Hey y’all Z TIER

  • SMGJohn
    SMGJohn 13 days ago

    LOL, such a great list.

  • Hunter XXL
    Hunter XXL 13 days ago

    Why is pewdiepie A and not s? I mean what do u want him to do?

  • Konrad078
    Konrad078 13 days ago

    where am i

  • RandomGarbage
    RandomGarbage 13 days ago

    Is this list sarcasm

  • Anh Phan
    Anh Phan 14 days ago +1

    ffs i've been pronouncing h3h3 wrong this entire time

  • FakeMoon
    FakeMoon 14 days ago +1

    Where did idubbz go? 3:36

  • Kevin Brand
    Kevin Brand 15 days ago

    Did he intentionally call Jake Paul a Nazi?

  • Ben Soares
    Ben Soares 15 days ago

    I thought this was a serious tier list but when you described Jake Paul I knew this was a joke

  • Finnegan Hudson
    Finnegan Hudson 15 days ago

    Flip it around and it’s accurate

    • SevenFour
      SevenFour 7 days ago

      Nostalgia cr

    • Parapraxium
      Parapraxium 12 days ago

      nostalgia critic is the steven spielberg of youtube content

  • MGames
    MGames 16 days ago

    What about ksi he said you were his favourite youtuber

  • mlg pro star Gaming
    mlg pro star Gaming 16 days ago