Ex-E.T. - Special Jury Award 2009 for a graduation film

  • Ex-E.T. Student film codirected by Benoît Bargeton, Yannick Lasfas, Rémy Froment, Nicolas Gracia produced by ESMA - École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques, producer Karim Khenissi www.esma-montpellier.com. A Playful and rather perverted child causes trouble on an alien planet where order and steadiness reign.

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  • Ariah Colt
    Ariah Colt 7 hours ago

    Difference in anyone or anything is what makes us everything unique and special.😇😇😇

  • kenia gamer
    kenia gamer 16 hours ago +1

    No le entendí madres

  • Crazy Videoholic
    Crazy Videoholic 23 hours ago

    Okay now i knew the reason behind the corona virus

  • Albert Tho
    Albert Tho Day ago


  • Test Saja
    Test Saja Day ago

    Saya itu udah kerap tapi engga ada kelanjutannya

  • kerannlue72
    kerannlue72 Day ago


  • karitoo garcia
    karitoo garcia Day ago +1

    ESO niño tú se >:D

  • ana jose
    ana jose Day ago


  • Ирина Васечко

    Класс прикольно

  • Jason Sanchez
    Jason Sanchez Day ago

    6:28 what the heck are your doing😲😲. When he reaches earth oh uh okay I guess that's okay😐😐

  • free fire
    free fire 3 days ago

    El final creo que nasi asi

  • free fire
    free fire 3 days ago

    No manches rapidos y furiosos 20

  • Lucero Herrera
    Lucero Herrera 3 days ago

    For the yea

  • Теодора Тарино

    So that's where the kids come from,,,

  • Jurandi Timóteo
    Jurandi Timóteo 4 days ago


  • Mayundeok -Maverick
    Mayundeok -Maverick 5 days ago +2

    Its like a planet but everything they do is a chain reaction

  • Zizal Sumlod
    Zizal Sumlod 5 days ago

    Im geting nervi

  • Zizal Sumlod
    Zizal Sumlod 5 days ago

    Okokokokok i give up

  • Tiffany Fejos
    Tiffany Fejos 5 days ago +1


  • phanomeo
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  • phanomeo
    phanomeo 6 days ago

    4:14 the dad look creepy

  • phanomeo
    phanomeo 6 days ago


  • Daiken Mussa
    Daiken Mussa 6 days ago


  • Анастасия Дусметова

    I just wanted to kill that alien! Down is a minor!

  • Caleb Marriott
    Caleb Marriott 7 days ago

    Sooooo the kid got OCD when he ate the cube...

  • Zion Dasmarinas
    Zion Dasmarinas 7 days ago

    This is a day in the life of an alien that becomes human. When the babies got to earth, they should have been sent to Area 51!

  • 窩千穂
    窩千穂 7 days ago


  • ArtistGuy
    ArtistGuy 8 days ago

    so i am a alien :-(

  • Aria mendes
    Aria mendes 8 days ago

    Under life post years most go to hospital and back then got shocked with us😂

    MEATSHARK 8 days ago

    И попадут за свое плохое поведение они в Россию

  • Griselda Meza
    Griselda Meza 9 days ago

    No habrá segunda parte 😁😁😁😁😁

  • NothingElseYT
    NothingElseYT 9 days ago

    The language :
    Children : EP
    dad : I don’t know I didn’t hear him talk

  • Hirwan Septiyani
    Hirwan Septiyani 11 days ago

    Boy being craetive
    Other people :wait thats illegal

  • Hirwan Septiyani
    Hirwan Septiyani 11 days ago

    People with OCD's be like

    АВОКАДО ЧЕК 12 days ago +1


  • Cyrus jamito
    Cyrus jamito 12 days ago

    Planet of OCD

  • Cass DoesCrafts&Art
    Cass DoesCrafts&Art 12 days ago

    I've never understood what the description meant by perverted. What did he do that was perverted?

  • yingliu31
    yingliu31 12 days ago +1

    The new sonic movie

  • Duda Ferreira
    Duda Ferreira 12 days ago +1

    Eu já tinha visto esse vídeo na aula de inglês

  • Vivian Gaviola
    Vivian Gaviola 13 days ago

    i rremember dragon balls

  • Edgy Loser
    Edgy Loser 13 days ago +1

    Me: can we have Megamind?
    Mom: we have Megamind at home
    Megamind at home:

  • nuza Ccf
    nuza Ccf 13 days ago

    Replay button: 6:40

  • Mai Thi Nguyen
    Mai Thi Nguyen 14 days ago

    Maybe all the kids are hypnotised because his pupils dilated when he ate the medicine when he was hypnotised his pupils were the same size of the others

  • Isabella Jorge
    Isabella Jorge 15 days ago


  • Tab Incognito
    Tab Incognito 15 days ago


  • anh ngoc
    anh ngoc 17 days ago

    omg baby thanos

  • Regina Gutiérrez
    Regina Gutiérrez 17 days ago

    Parece que de hay se copiaron la película de home

  • Melanie Andersen
    Melanie Andersen 17 days ago

    New world OCD land

  • Flame 2.0
    Flame 2.0 17 days ago

    Fucky parents

  • Yuri -Lee
    Yuri -Lee 17 days ago +1

    Bu niye benim anasayfama düştü ki.? HDJDHD

    DEADLY MAMBA 17 days ago +1

    the Megamind story.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 18 days ago

    So our parents lie about we’re we came from 🤣🤣

  • канал дианы
    канал дианы 18 days ago


  • Jay Reyes
    Jay Reyes 18 days ago +1

    So we are alien then a baby was sent to the earth from an alien planet what but is this take and this is making me mad why did they sent him

  • Tereza Matějková
    Tereza Matějková 18 days ago

    ohhhhhhhh i cryyyyyyyyyyy

  • ッڪـروري
    ッڪـروري 18 days ago +1

    هاي بشهر ميلادي

  • Дима Растовский

    Hmm maybe I born from aliens

  • Leng Yudong8888
    Leng Yudong8888 19 days ago


  • Leng Yudong8888
    Leng Yudong8888 19 days ago


  • mohd haziq
    mohd haziq 19 days ago

    blue flim Melayu dan Indonesia

  • Lilli Belle
    Lilli Belle 20 days ago

    I‘m eating Gummi bears while watching this

  • Jesus Master
    Jesus Master 20 days ago

    4:41 rompió la cuarta pared

  • Foxy
    Foxy 21 day ago


  • The Siennashow
    The Siennashow 21 day ago

    I 😻! Aliens?

  • exbay ey
    exbay ey 21 day ago

    1:42 me running from school

  • Mrs.Попугaйчиk


  • Brie vlogs 15 !!!
    Brie vlogs 15 !!! 22 days ago

    Don’t Judge a book by its cover

  • 塔塔
    塔塔 23 days ago


  • Jaime Basilio
    Jaime Basilio 23 days ago

    Que horrible!!!

  • Abdul Jabbar
    Abdul Jabbar 24 days ago

    It means i am an alien

    IRINA BEAUTIFUL 24 days ago

    с 2020

  • Divine Healing
    Divine Healing 24 days ago


  • exbay ey
    exbay ey 24 days ago

    Preschoolers when someone says f#%$: 1:21

    OLIVIA ELSING 25 days ago

    The language they speak “UUUUUUUUU”

  • danayla shazier
    danayla shazier 25 days ago

    and this is how we got bart simson

  • Khangplays Tran
    Khangplays Tran 26 days ago

    Ohhhhhhh so the kids in the adoption center and orphanage kids are aliens ohhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Ben Wallace
    Ben Wallace 26 days ago

    My child is not perfect so I send him on a space ship to earth because he is not perfect.

  • Katrina Eyang ndong
    Katrina Eyang ndong 27 days ago

    All special babies are sent in the earth!that's what I understand

  • isa cris
    isa cris 27 days ago

    Poderua ter tradução