Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2 - BEST GAMES!

  • Published on Sep 5, 2020
  • Let's take a look at some of the awesome games from the fourth Brackeys Game Jam!

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    Featured games:
    Divided Dungeon -
    Lost in City -
    It’s a Wrap -
    ReColor -
    Retro Rift -
    Playback -
    Dux Nox -
    RE-WIND -
    Rewind -
    In Psycho Taxi - Rewind -
    Sir Ewind -
    Rhythm Rewind -
    What the…? REWIND THAT -
    Rhombus -

    Jam winners:
    Overall: Dux Nox -
    Game Design: Rewind -
    Fun: In Psycho Taxi - Rewind -
    Innovation: It’s a Wrap -
    Theme: Sir Ewind -
    Graphics: Iridescent dream -
    Audio: Rhythm Rewind -


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Comments • 731

  • datarioniboii
    datarioniboii Year ago +1

    Props to Dani for removing his game, so others could get an equal chance. These amazing games would have been overshadowed.

  • Spirit of Vengeance
    Spirit of Vengeance Year ago +728

    Brackey's sponsors is probably the most helpful things I've ever seen in any TheXvid videos. I'm getting tired of seeing Raid: Shadow Legends everywhere.

  • BenBonk
    BenBonk Year ago +598

    Hey, me and my jam partners Yannick, and GizmoDude made Divided Dungeon. Thanks so much for featuring it!

  • Gizmote
    Gizmote Year ago +439

    I can’t believe our Divided Dungeon game got featured! It was awesome to participate in this game jam, I’m gonna have to check these out more often.

  • Steven Lin
    Steven Lin Year ago +48

    OMG, I can't believe our game make it into the video. Me and my friends make Lost in City. We put so much effort into tuning the control of our character and the interaction with wind. Glad to see that pay off.

  • GroovyMaster
    GroovyMaster Year ago +9

    Wow, that was an awesome jam! This was my first one, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Brackeys, and thanks to everyone who participated! (:

  • Ismail alsaad Sultan

    it was a ton of fun for me as my first game jam! thank you brackeys!

  • Ironfoot 19
    Ironfoot 19 Year ago +405

    "Wait, its all puzzles?" "Always has been"

  • Zig
    Zig Year ago +2

    Psycho taxi rewind looks awesome! I love the spin that they put on crazy taxi and it looks really polished

  • RoboKnight5
    RoboKnight5 Year ago +5

    This was the first time i joined a gam jam i had a lot of fun and learned congrats to all the winners and see you all next year

  • Woots
    Woots Year ago +2

    This was my first jam and I had a blast! Thanks for making this happen!

  • Rodolfo Rodrigues
    Rodolfo Rodrigues Year ago +12

    Hey guys, I'm the one who made 'Can Pirates do That?'. It was my second game jam and I almost got in top 100. Thanks to everyone that played my game and all critics and comments

  • Yannick
    Yannick Year ago +17

    Whoa it's so cool to see the game featured that we made 😍

  • Rugbug Redfern
    Rugbug Redfern Year ago +2

    This was such a fun jam! Awesome job everyone :D

  • RGB Guy
    RGB Guy Year ago +1

    Love how creative the developers get with the idea! ❤️

  • Adarsh Mani
    Adarsh Mani Year ago +1

    This was my first game jam and I absolutely loved it. Thank you Brackeys for making this happen!!

  • RedJet99
    RedJet99 Year ago +10

    oooh I love seeing these! I need a lot more practice and software before I can join, though. :)

  • George
    George Year ago +2

    Its super awesome but also a tiny bit intimidating to see how much people manage to make in such a short amount of time

  • level1
    level1 Year ago +1

    Was a great experience participating in this as my first game jam ever! Although my game isn't that good,

  • PlayAccordion
    PlayAccordion Year ago +1

    First Jam I ever participated. It was really fun. 👌 Thanks Brackeys for hosting it. 😊 I got inspired in making a game of my own and I have also improved my game after the jam ended. I'll definitely take part in some of your jams in the future. 👍 Thanks for the tutorials also. They are the best!