Why Starters Are DISAPPEARING! | The SCIENCE of... Pokemon

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
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    There are MANY mysteries in the world of Pokemon, and one I've always wondered about is - "Why are Pokemon Starters so rare?" When you start your Pokemon journey and get to choose your travel buddy, we learn that starters are difficult to find in the wild. Today Austin is going to uncover the secrets of Pokemon starters and why they may be going EXTINCT!
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  • L S
    L S Day ago

    I knew about the Mites beforehand and lemme tell you it is FUCKED UP.

  • r\funnyvids. gaming

    Charmander is dead
    The internet:HA I will meme the s××× outta this!!!!

  • April Isme
    April Isme 4 days ago

    Gen 8 swsh: *sees vid*
    Also gen 8: wtf why am i not here, oh wait. This vids made in july 2019 :

  • Skyla Thompson
    Skyla Thompson 6 days ago

    i hate b

  • guillermo machado lopez

    Bolba was my least fav

  • XperimentorEES
    XperimentorEES 8 days ago +1

    Weirdly sad thing is, this applies to humanity too, think about it.

    As homosexuality rises in popularity it's becoming an increasing disruption to repopulation, due to both sexes being distracted by themselves and subtly but steadily reducing the birth/death ratio, while raising the presence of life debilitating diseases; a psychological issue that'll literally screw over our biological future if left unchecked.

  • Dianne Yumang
    Dianne Yumang 8 days ago


  • Prince Mark Arines
    Prince Mark Arines 9 days ago

    Into the unknown

  • Dylan T
    Dylan T 11 days ago

    Uhhh, in let’s go Pikachu, you can find Bulbasaur in Veridin forest.😁😂

  • Malia Iketau
    Malia Iketau 11 days ago +1

    I will always love you charmander forever😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jæ
     12 days ago

    yes cause these fictional characters are going extinct

  • Flooku987
    Flooku987 13 days ago

    4:00 That music remind me my old memories with uncle riczer...

  • BlueDragon24
    BlueDragon24 16 days ago

    My guess is just simply video game logic is different from anime logic. Remember eps involving multiple bulbasairs, charizards, and etc

  • Gamez
    Gamez 17 days ago

    More Shiny Pokémon in this video, than I've ever seen or caught.

  • xSPYDRx
    xSPYDRx 19 days ago +1

    as a kid i always assumed the next gen would have a previous gen's starters wild, like that they are unknown cause they aren't native there.

  • Sams Town
    Sams Town 19 days ago

    Well I thought this video was about the fact people are not using starter Pokémon in their re runs, boy was I wrong

  • Matthew Stickney
    Matthew Stickney 19 days ago

    You could get starter pokemon as a reward for beating the pokemon league on pokemon stadium with your transferpak plugged into your n64 controller... so does that debunk the whole video?

  • Omar Oliveira
    Omar Oliveira 19 days ago +1

    From now on I'll focus on breeding Pokémon to disrupt this. Have all female starter Pokémon, flood the environment with them and ruin the ecosystem.

  • Andy Raven Chenoweth
    Andy Raven Chenoweth 20 days ago

    This means nothing. This theory goes towards all species, not just starters. Pokemon can't die, and extinct ones can be brought back (half rock)

  • Woozi is Short he only 164cm

    so that's the reason most of starter pokemon are male.
    in the fact that all professor probably more strick to the female population than the male.

  • Guska Blanco
    Guska Blanco 21 day ago +1

    They should let you stock routes with pokemon that you release that way you could breed pokemon into the dice roll when you get a wild encounter.

  • a hel
    a hel 21 day ago

    I just pictured an oddish breeding with a bulbasaur. A venusaur and vileplume mix sounds like a good idea till you see a Venusaur porking a Vileplume to get a weird half breed that will end up looking like a dinosaur with mutated flower on it's back.

  • Tyler Blevins
    Tyler Blevins 21 day ago

    ummmmm..... there are multiple trainers with starters in fire red and leaf green sooooo.....

  • Massimo
    Massimo 22 days ago

    Even scorbunny?

  • Gisela Campos
    Gisela Campos 22 days ago

    That music's sounding like some cumbia. Eyyyyy🙌🙌💃💃💃

  • Topp Girl
    Topp Girl 23 days ago

    Anyone notice that his rival in game is Matpat? Nope just me?

  • Steve Fernandez
    Steve Fernandez 23 days ago

    .....ditto is litterally the exception though because it is litterally every pokemon

  • sergioh’s
    sergioh’s 23 days ago

    You’re right.... kalos gave you two!, and also now in sword and shield. So what if perhaps the champion- a friend & the Pokémon professor could give you a Pokémon according to the facts.

  • Suzy Eide
    Suzy Eide 23 days ago

    I’ve gotten one female starter and it was in Pokémon pearl, and I chose Chimchar. I was stoked lmao I had an all female team.

  • Ped 1111
    Ped 1111 24 days ago +2

    6:01 “and high school’s “

  • Caleb Marston
    Caleb Marston 24 days ago +4

    I was just wondering how you would explain Male only pokemon, such as Tyrouge's line, rufflett, etc., with this idea?

    • GalacticNova Studios
      GalacticNova Studios 20 days ago

      Caleb Marston I hope he would a dress this but apparently he is too much of a coward

  • cozentie 91
    cozentie 91 25 days ago

    0:45 shiny tepig

  • 5elgato88
    5elgato88 25 days ago

    Oh god you again... disliking and leaving

  • Uwe Jansen van Vuuren
    Uwe Jansen van Vuuren 25 days ago

    You do realize this theory is wrong right? If you read the manga you will see that special breeders breed starter pokémon and then supply each regions professors with the bred starter pokémon. In the manga, Brock actually becomes one of these breeders and mainly breeds bulbasaur for prof. Oak. Gold also becomes a very capable breeder, but since gen 5 it isn't known whether he became one of these special breeders. READ THE MANGA!

    • Connor Schultz
      Connor Schultz 22 days ago

      @Uwe Jansen van Vuurenpokemon is from japan as is the TV show hence it's called an anime,
      Besides that manga was suppose to come out after gen2, but it was delayed heavily several times, the games are the orginal and the main part of the franchise, the rest was created as promotional material, you can also see a legendary pokemon from gen 2 in the first few episodes of the anime, which came out in April of 1997, this is another remnint of gen 2 being heavily delayed, that manga is likely in the same boat

    • Uwe Jansen van Vuuren
      Uwe Jansen van Vuuren 22 days ago

      Just remember, the breeding option only came out after the second gen games. So the logic behind breeding from the manga was first, it's shown in chapter 23, which was released on 1997, 3rd of Feb. long before second gen was released.

    • Uwe Jansen van Vuuren
      Uwe Jansen van Vuuren 22 days ago

      @Connor Schultz You seem to be right. The manga is still better though XD And it's not an anime, it's an cartoon

    • Connor Schultz
      Connor Schultz 22 days ago +1

      @Uwe Jansen van Vuuren um, no the pokemon anime isn't based on that manga nor any other in any way, they are both based on the games which came first

    • Uwe Jansen van Vuuren
      Uwe Jansen van Vuuren 22 days ago

      @Connor Schultz You're right, but I still think it's relevant since the 'cartoon' and manga are based off of the manga. Your theory also contradicts itself since it is unknown how legendary pokemon breed. Unless Arceus somehow made all legendaries immortal, lol.

  • Thomas the Tankin Dankin

    Your over exaggerating

  • kuntal mukhrjee
    kuntal mukhrjee 26 days ago

    How many theorists are there in this channel

  • Davidsmith smith
    Davidsmith smith Month ago

    now we know, what pokemon battles are.................................... i guess "fainting" in the wild is population control

  • Matty D Parker
    Matty D Parker Month ago +1

    *Nintendo when they get an email from Austin:* Oh no, not again...

  • Macho Marcy
    Macho Marcy Month ago +13

    "and has a high charisma score, fertilize every female in a species."
    Must be a bard.

  • Goose Gonzalez
    Goose Gonzalez Month ago

    at least we could get mewtwo as a starter

  • Popmaster 5971
    Popmaster 5971 Month ago

    You Missed Generation 8.

  • Tobias Pause
    Tobias Pause Month ago

    huh, the green line for Bulbasaur was in the end still higher than in the Beginning. Going down yes, but not jet extinct.

  • AcostaJrSavage1 Savage

    At 3:37 the squirrel is shiny

  • hardlife
    hardlife Month ago +1

    Can’t wait for the future when people create mind controlling data transformers in which I can stuff my favorite animals with and fight all of my friends with them and become a Pokémon master

  • Tijana Milenković
    Tijana Milenković Month ago

    Squirtle is not turtle/squirell hybrid

  • Chester chen
    Chester chen Month ago +1

    I walked behind Bill's house and there was no tall grass and it crashed my game!

  • ;-;
    ;-; Month ago

    Where’s gen 7?

    DEATH KILLER Month ago +1


  • Confused in General
    Confused in General Month ago +6

    Austin: since gen... now *shows ultra sun and moon*
    Me: *laughs in medieval weapons*

  • Christopher Marshall

    Why would you think their extinct. If you connect millions of pokemon games together . Oak give everyone the choice everytime you start and then people breed them. Oak and other professor probably do a bait and switch with everyone.

  • Czhekh Meytt
    Czhekh Meytt Month ago

    Shiny hunters: I didn't think so.0

  • David Wamsley
    David Wamsley Month ago

    your tepig and squirtle at 0:40 are shiny, congrats

  • not me
    not me Month ago

    why is there quinceanera party music in the background????

  • It’s Kai
    It’s Kai Month ago

    Were frokie

  • Sigrid Bjergbakke
    Sigrid Bjergbakke Month ago

    So you are confirming, that women are more important than men - now make governments give us more money :P

  • ToxicSocks 24
    ToxicSocks 24 Month ago

    Waaaaiiittt... A gam theory thumbnail without green text? What is this

  • dog gamer
    dog gamer Month ago +26

    Theory: When A Pokemon And Ditto have a baby, the offspring is ditto permanently trapped as the other pokemon.

    • dog gamer
      dog gamer 20 days ago

      @GalacticNova Studios Dear God. If You ever speak like that again, Ima Send My Rock Em Sock Em Robot To Beat You Up. The Code Is Too Powerful.

    • GalacticNova Studios
      GalacticNova Studios 20 days ago +1

      I mean there is infinite evidence to suggest that Pokemon are nothing more than the physical equivalent of computer code and energy (even in their own world ) so the this theory and the base code could be ditto and all Pokemon are in fact just ditto that we're asigned a form to hold

    • para baum
      para baum 21 day ago

      Maybe also humans?

    • dog gamer
      dog gamer 22 days ago

      @para baum why not

    • para baum
      para baum 22 days ago +4

      Theory: ALL Pokemon are Ditto pemanently stuck in one form

  • anewor yaniham
    anewor yaniham Month ago


  • Recneps07
    Recneps07 Month ago

    why are tepig and squirtle shiny? I think I found Austin’s favorite starters.

  • Puddlegum Draws
    Puddlegum Draws Month ago

    Why are all the males shiny