• Published on May 13, 2019
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  • C H R I S
    C H R I S 4 months ago

    That's not a bug that's a trick
    3 bug is so annoying some others player are doing that to me😒😫

  • T̶a̶m̶a̶g̶o̶ S̶l̶i̶c̶e̶

    well rip kufra 2019-2019

  • SeanyAwesome YT
    SeanyAwesome YT 6 months ago


  • Kenneth Orense
    Kenneth Orense 6 months ago

    So you're zilong? in elgin news hmm😮

  • J Paolo Mance
    J Paolo Mance 6 months ago

    I read on an update, these were mentioned. Therefore, are not bugs. Those are intended

  • G-Kaiser
    G-Kaiser 6 months ago

    His second is still there if he uses ult to cancel it

  • Naig Kram
    Naig Kram 6 months ago

    Please also notice natalia's bug. When she die's on grass area, the exclamation point pops because her passive still working. Damn, it wastes my skill because I thought that she is already alive and lurking in the darkness.

  • Lancelot Arthuria
    Lancelot Arthuria 6 months ago

    I wish I have Khufra

  • Blue Lemonade
    Blue Lemonade 6 months ago

    I'm waiting for a Lesley,Lunox,Odette,Guin Bug muwehehhehhhwhwwhw

  • BlackIce 123
    BlackIce 123 6 months ago

    The best

  • Geralenn Gevertas
    Geralenn Gevertas 6 months ago

    🤨 -> 😯 -> ☹ Go ... oooooo 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 Iss Good 👌🏼 Oo Kk

  • Marlon Delicana
    Marlon Delicana 6 months ago

    That first skill helps me a lot especially in rank match

  • Nathan Nathan
    Nathan Nathan 6 months ago

    The first one is not a bug! This is the problem to the players that started in mobile legends, you guys are so ignorrant.That is an example of "hidden mechanics" of MOBA games and playing mobile legends without experience on its roots (DOTA and LEAGUE OF LEGENDS) is a hustle and takes time to explore the in depth gameplay of MOBA.

  • Deymdry Geronimo
    Deymdry Geronimo 6 months ago

    Hindi po bug yung sa 1st skill . Sinadya po yun pede sya makatalon ng obstacle .

  • Eudorastin Y
    Eudorastin Y 6 months ago

    Are u zilong in the elgin news

  • Justine Rein Quinajon
    Justine Rein Quinajon 6 months ago

    u know on the next update mobile legends make khufra's first skill to jump more on obstacles

  • JC Santos
    JC Santos 6 months ago

    Get drag not hit

  • Templar Approved
    Templar Approved 6 months ago

    That third is definitley a bug.

    ML GAMING 6 months ago

    The first skill is not a bug moonton relly made that

  • Jan Uriel Urbina
    Jan Uriel Urbina 6 months ago

    bug indeed

  • Gabriel John Dela Paz
    Gabriel John Dela Paz 6 months ago

    At the thumbnail Khufra has an arm!?

  • ツakari
    ツakari 6 months ago +2

    We filipinos are good at english but i think this accent thing is a legend 👌 im not lying. This will be my memory when i quited ml

  • kate sakura.gakusei
    kate sakura.gakusei 6 months ago

    What if his 3rd skill, when someone dodge but pushed back cause of the knockback

  • Tri Atmaja Aji
    Tri Atmaja Aji 6 months ago

    Yss vs Khufra

  • Weed master 123
    Weed master 123 6 months ago

    There’s another glitch on 2nd skill bouncing ball hits 2 times if you hit the 2nd skill fast enough I killed squishes with this glitch alone

    RYAN ANICETO 6 months ago +3

    1:42 i just want to correct u its actually "DODGING" :-)

  • wp thunder
    wp thunder 6 months ago

    are you a filipino?

  • Christian jay Santos
    Christian jay Santos 6 months ago


  • Nash the CAT
    Nash the CAT 6 months ago

    Is it good to buy khufra

  • Habib Ziyan
    Habib Ziyan 6 months ago

    Are you indonesian

  • ᴍʟʙᴜ25
    ᴍʟʙᴜ25 6 months ago

    Its now longer

  • Kiyanne Castro
    Kiyanne Castro 6 months ago

    Mas ayos yung first hehe

  • Kiyanne Castro
    Kiyanne Castro 6 months ago

    Wow pwede pala yun😏

  • Alolan Exile
    Alolan Exile 6 months ago

    Hey bro, I’d like to report another bug. Please help me let the devs see this one. This involves his first skill. There are times (10%-20% chance) that when you use your first skill, even if you DIRECTLY HIT an enemy along the line, sometimes you just pass through them and land on your target destination instead of landing on them and knocking them up. I’ve encountered this bug so many times especially when I charge in the grass. Enemy is directly on my line or even just near in front of me but I just pass through them and land on my target destination. I believe this is a bug because whenever this happens, the enemy gets stunned but there’s no knock up effect-which shouldn’t really happen if I miss the skill, right? I hope you notice my comment. Cheers! Global 67 kufra here! Noypi!

  • Vincent Sayson
    Vincent Sayson 6 months ago

    Like your voice. Hahahaha

  • if you roast me my profile will kill you

    Are you from Philippines?

  • たかはししずざけ

    I think the 1ST skill is a buff for him I think

  • deliriousmindz
    deliriousmindz 6 months ago

    As a khufra main, the first skill extension has been added in recently to put you as near to where your skill lands at the end of it.
    Another bug with the S1 is sometimes you will fly right through enemies without knocking them up. They still take damage though.

  • M I G S
    M I G S 6 months ago

    The ulti is not bug

  • Gwenn Acupicop
    Gwenn Acupicop 6 months ago

    Sometimes when I try to use khufra's first skill, it cancels upon release. Why is that?

  • Ismayz
    Ismayz 6 months ago

    Gamit na gamit sa MPL si Khufra

  • GD Rykuπ•
    GD Rykuπ• 6 months ago +1

    Tae Mo Ang Skill Hinde Yung Bug,

    NCT CLEMON 6 months ago

    how to dashh chou ?

  • Hannara Han
    Hannara Han 6 months ago

    And I thought this is a job for horror chan... (-_-)/?

    THENOOOB HUNTER 6 months ago

    Filipino accent😂

  • MLBB Fros
    MLBB Fros 6 months ago +1

    Khufra First Skill is not a bug,on the other patch it says, Kufra can now pass more obstacles!

    • im a potato
      im a potato 6 months ago +1

      Read his comment in the comments section, he corrected it so chill bruh haha

  • I am Omaewamoushinderiu

    1st skill - yay!
    2nd - meh
    3rd - why!?

  • Mythic Gamer
    Mythic Gamer 6 months ago

    it sound like zilong in Elgin news

    JM SQUAD 6 months ago

    Ok pero di ako user ni Khufra

  • Ammaraikal Aikal
    Ammaraikal Aikal 6 months ago

    All skill is okey only 2 skill is bug

  • ᄆᄆ TEMPEST
    ᄆᄆ TEMPEST 6 months ago

    I might just buy you

  • Mr.Ordinary Checks
    Mr.Ordinary Checks 6 months ago

    useless ulti

  • Gaster Venom
    Gaster Venom 6 months ago +1


  • Rupali Baruah
    Rupali Baruah 6 months ago +1

    Hello Elgin urs my favorite

  • chauncey brayden casala

    Congrats on 1mil kuya elgin

  • Aethernal MaXiMuS
    Aethernal MaXiMuS 6 months ago +1

    1st skill isn't bug lmao mag basa ka naman nang new patch notes
    Khufra can now pass more obstacles

  • ML BłäçķPāņťhêrGaming

    I think yi sun shin just using a skill in the third skill of kufra

  • Jhim Manicad
    Jhim Manicad 6 months ago

    hindi bug yung first skill

  • Angelina Chen
    Angelina Chen 6 months ago

    Why your voice sounds like Zilong? (At the Elgin News)

  • Abyssal Gaming
    Abyssal Gaming 6 months ago

    Wow.. The 1st skill Is pretty cool... Anyone going for practical..😂