"One Size Fits All" On Different Body Types

  • Published on Jan 2, 2015
  • All women’s bodies weren’t created equal.
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    Soap Bubbles / Mr. Goodvibes
    Warner // Chappell Production Music
    Candace Lowry
    Lara Parker
    Kristin Chirico
    Sheridan Watson
    Allison Bagg
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Comments • 14 387

  • Agnieszka Kozlowska

    Being able to get something on is different to something fitting

  • Riley Perz
    Riley Perz Day ago


  • Note Book
    Note Book 2 days ago

    I love Candice!

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 3 days ago


  • Aerys Scherz
    Aerys Scherz 3 days ago

    Brandy Melville is one size only. It doesn’t claim to be one size fits ALL.

  • Jade Ewing
    Jade Ewing 3 days ago

    Lara is like a boring Aubrey Plaza

  • K C
    K C 3 days ago

    That moment when you want to @ Brandy Melville but it's a TheXvid video

  • A proud Hufflepuff
    A proud Hufflepuff 4 days ago

    Ava literally just complained the whole time when everything fit her

  • Jess Bonin
    Jess Bonin 4 days ago

    1:22 killed me 😂😂

  • Rae
    Rae 4 days ago

    And that’s on Brandy Melville

  • Georgia Cornelius
    Georgia Cornelius 4 days ago +1

    *pulls skirt to breasts*
    iTs tO sHoRt

  • Tardisin221B
    Tardisin221B 5 days ago +1

    "One size fits none" there, I fixed your title

  • Xx ItzPurpleGirl xX
    Xx ItzPurpleGirl xX 5 days ago +4

    Try to find a comment that isn’t about Lara...

  • ZayZay
    ZayZay 5 days ago +1

    Literally everything fit lara but she still complained about everything to make her life seem bad

  • Pochi Owl
    Pochi Owl 6 days ago

    The size 0 girl be cute tho-

  • Helluva Hottie
    Helluva Hottie 6 days ago

    Whenever I try something like this and it doesn't fit, I feel like my self esteem just decreased. Especially those times my "friends" literally called me fat, like wow okay, u don't have to say it to my face

  • Learner De Curious Queeñ

    1:28 I LIKE HER

  • Eryn Sarmiento
    Eryn Sarmiento 6 days ago

    lara is giving me size 13 nikes vibes

  • kit kat hme
    kit kat hme 6 days ago

    Oh my damn god. People. STOP COMPLAINING THAT SHE PULLED UP HER SKIRT. ITS A FASHION AND COMFORT PREFERENCE YOU DAMN IDIOTS. i do the SAME THING. Are you gonna rage on me now? Do it. Idfc. Every damn comment is abt the way she pulled her skirt up. So how about you think abt ppls COMFORT. Even if the shows about if it fits or not. If it doesnt fit how SHE WEARS IT (not every damn person wears their skirts around their hips) then it DOESN'T. FIT. END OF STORY.

  • Daniel Crane
    Daniel Crane 6 days ago

    There’s a difference between body type and how much you eat.

  • Smiley Artz
    Smiley Artz 7 days ago +9

    Lara is like : why aren’t they giving me gucci

  • Elite Hydra
    Elite Hydra 7 days ago

    I didn't kno titans exist
    Levi has entered the chat

  • S_t_r_a_n_g_e_r_I_T _
    S_t_r_a_n_g_e_r_I_T _ 8 days ago +1

    “Doesn’t fit me”
    *tank top looks amazing on her*

  • The Average Cupcake
    The Average Cupcake 8 days ago

    2:51 I think you mean 90% of AMERICANS

  • Maisie Watkinson
    Maisie Watkinson 8 days ago

    Im sorry but everything other than the skirt, fit Lara perfectly. I think she is complaining to make a point that one size fits all clothing shouldn't be a thing

  • lizard girl
    lizard girl 9 days ago

    That girl represents me lol

  • Little French Toast
    Little French Toast 9 days ago

    ok with lara but sheridan and kristin are REALLY FUNNY

  • Hai Evry1
    Hai Evry1 9 days ago

    Girl you pulled that up all the way to your breasts.

  • maya sagi
    maya sagi 10 days ago

    Everyone need to stop coming at lara just because you say she looks good in it dosent mean she likes it just because she has a "perfect body" dosent she cant feel uncomfortable and insecure are we really that bad that we are taring someone down because he has insecurities?

  • Molly Benson
    Molly Benson 10 days ago

    I wear a bigger size than Candace !!!!!! I’m 12

  • Suzuki Areum
    Suzuki Areum 10 days ago

    2:51 I'm all for body positivity, but there are a lot of people that dress would fit. You don't always need to exaggerate things to get your point across.

  • Dolan BabeS
    Dolan BabeS 11 days ago +1

    One size fits all

    25 million people. *INteResTiNg*

  • Luella Richmond
    Luella Richmond 11 days ago +2

    Why does everyone hate Lara?

  • Lauren Lanterns
    Lauren Lanterns 11 days ago

    You know...after watching these and knowing Lara’s health issues, I wonder if she was having a bad pain day and that’s why she wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic. Just a thought, no one come at me

  • StarArt101
    StarArt101 11 days ago

    My name is Jada 😂😂 I am know they name of a dress

  • Horny Dib Membrana laundry basket

    * so short*
    Girl you literally put that all the way up I-💀

  • Tea_de_ Tae
    Tea_de_ Tae 13 days ago

    One size is crazy I’m a 2 and I STILL was too big....

  • Mad
    Mad 14 days ago

    omg lara stop it

  • Exvalon C
    Exvalon C 15 days ago

    Lara's Tees is actually a dress so please people don't hate

  • OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez

    I kinda want to slap Lara in the face

  • Sock p
    Sock p 15 days ago

    it doesnt fit because its not supposed to GO THAT HIGH

  • Anthony Miceli
    Anthony Miceli 15 days ago

    Is like Lara the new hitler in this comment section?!?

  • Shubbi Offc
    Shubbi Offc 15 days ago +3

    Me when I go to buy clothes
    "No, well this ain't it"
    "Why am I so fatttt"
    " why does everybody have a thin body but me"

  • Maddy James
    Maddy James 15 days ago

    She probably pulled the skirt up that high because it’s the only way it would fit just be nice

  • literally a loser
    literally a loser 15 days ago

    Most of these aren't fit things, they're style things

  • Glass
    Glass 16 days ago +2

    *_pulls skirt all the way up to boobs_*
    “It’s just kind of short on me”

  • Access to my energy Is YOUR privilege.

    When she pulled the skirt up one leg, I felt that 😭, new year's resolution don't fail me now.

  • itstatilol
    itstatilol 16 days ago

    Buzzfeed: let’s make a video about how one-size fits all clothing is deceptive and not universally wearable
    Layla hoodie: you said what? 😂

  • ok boomer
    ok boomer 17 days ago

    Alison is cute

  • Georgia Kelly
    Georgia Kelly 17 days ago

    Offcourse the skirt doesn't fit Kristin

  • Lilli Holton
    Lilli Holton 17 days ago

    At 1:22i almost lost it

  • シAliyah - Roblox
    シAliyah - Roblox 18 days ago +12

    Lara is so annoying
    She is just complaining and everything fits her

    • シAliyah - Roblox
      シAliyah - Roblox 10 days ago

      @maya sagi
      I am not saying anything but
      what I meant is she just keep complaining and that's annoying

    • maya sagi
      maya sagi 10 days ago

      stop shaming her maybe she just feels insecure maybe she dosent like her body and thats why she is complainig just because you think it fits her dosent mesn she feels good in it people have insecurities you know and you all out here shaming a women because she is insecure about her body!

  • k k
    k k 18 days ago +1

    the first one is a *tank* a *tank top* it's supposed to be short

  • Yaya girl
    Yaya girl 18 days ago

    Lara isnt her name

    *its karen*

  • Doyo Thang
    Doyo Thang 18 days ago +2

    Sorry but your fat isn’t normal or a regular size so sorry that clothes doesn’t fit you

  • Raquel Filipa
    Raquel Filipa 18 days ago +1

    The girl with 0 size, stop complaining literally everything fits you I wish I was like that 😂

  • audrey wain
    audrey wain 18 days ago +1


  • jackie Noona
    jackie Noona 19 days ago

    Supersized people: hold my fat

    TAYNA_CBS 19 days ago

    1:22 I FELT THAT