South Park: Phone Destroyer Pre-Registration

  • Published on Aug 23, 2017
  • Pre-register now to be among the first to play AND get an exclusive ManBearPig costume!!
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  • Bonnie B.
    Bonnie B. 3 months ago

    Wait I pre registered way back when and I never got the outfit, WTF?

  • The unprofessional

    I got that pig skin

  • no one
    no one Year ago

    Oh no i forgot to register

  • Marc
    Marc Year ago

    Will you ever make of so you can remove the hat?

  • Marc
    Marc Year ago

    Does anyone else find it annoying you lose three battles for example and go down a rank

  • Fallout
    Fallout Year ago

    So, I had a Samsung Galaxy 6 which I pre-registered this on, and it broke. I got a new Samsung after the game came out, logged in with my Google account I used to pre-register and I didn't get the outfit, any help???

  • BOi_BeNdY Man
    BOi_BeNdY Man Year ago

    Release this on the android tablet

  • LMQ eSport
    LMQ eSport Year ago

    H e y G u y s , 1 0 0 % F R E E C O I N S & C A S H H E R E !? ? ?


    I have a Samsung galaxy s8 edge.i preregistered for the game & it keeps cutting the begging after it loads it restarts.i would realy like to play the game i waited months for it 2 come out.I've installed & uninstalled it multiple times and it still wont work.can someone help or tell me if my phone is compatible????

  • Shadgant A
    Shadgant A Year ago +1

    I alredy wear it

  • Silvurrr Boi
    Silvurrr Boi Year ago

    Ive got dat betch XD

  • prokeikas 72
    prokeikas 72 Year ago +1

    To bad that I can't download it

  • Vanessa Hernandez

    Greetings from the future the game is great

  • Ramen
    Ramen Year ago

    uhh I don't have it so nice lie :)

  • Potato Chip
    Potato Chip Year ago +2

    I signed up for the pre register and didn't get squat when it came out. Fuckin liars.

  • Iro Arashi
    Iro Arashi Year ago

    I got it!

  • Purpleslimevsgaming 1

    I didn't get the manbearpig outfit

    • Fallout
      Fallout Year ago

      I didn't get it either, and I registered the moment it was on the play store.

  • Moo?_ Gaming
    Moo?_ Gaming Year ago

    When's It gonna come out for play store

  • Tal Dishno777
    Tal Dishno777 Year ago

    Is it. Sequel to fractured but whole

  • Purpleslimevsgaming 1

    I preregistered

  • Hot Boy
    Hot Boy Year ago

    I registered

  • JamesYD PH
    JamesYD PH Year ago

    Well i already got the game...

  • Eden Reyes
    Eden Reyes 2 years ago +1

    The game coming out on November 9

  • kipplik KI
    kipplik KI 2 years ago

    I'm registered

  • frostie
    frostie 2 years ago

    Hey i pre registerd on the play store (Belgium) when will it be out in Belgium? And will i also get the costume?

  • OK At Best
    OK At Best 2 years ago

    you can play it already =]

  • SirLaggsALot
    SirLaggsALot 2 years ago +2

    The thing is..

    I'm already pre-registered and I'm 11.

  • Amy pine 5
    Amy pine 5 2 years ago

    Still waiting....

  • Uriel 895
    Uriel 895 2 years ago +2

    ¿¿Its free??

  • Mr :D
    Mr :D 2 years ago

    The game look nice and South park also my favorite show but I'm waiting for it 😃

  • by.hi5
    by.hi5 2 years ago +1

    Looks like Wildcat at the end

  • by.hi5
    by.hi5 2 years ago +1

    Already pre-register it

  • Dragon Galore
    Dragon Galore 2 years ago

    Is it free

  • XD Odd XD
    XD Odd XD 2 years ago +1

    the hype is real

  • WOrThY FOe
    WOrThY FOe 2 years ago

    i have played and its one of the best game i've ever played

  • Cut Throat
    Cut Throat 2 years ago

    What date and month will be released

  • Florin Gherman
    Florin Gherman 2 years ago

    When You launch game on the play store

  • Лиза Ширяева

    █▬█ █ ▀█▀ 18+ ➨

  • Haru Chan
    Haru Chan 2 years ago +1

    I cant wait :'v

  • rebelrunner561
    rebelrunner561 2 years ago

    Can't wait for new season

  • Megu
    Megu 2 years ago

    Is that game free ?that my favourite show so i wanna play thay

  • Денис Юрченко

    Windows Phone?

  • Theater Freak Productions

    I pre registered it so exited0

  • Eren's titan boy
    Eren's titan boy 2 years ago +2


  • Santiago Carrasco
    Santiago Carrasco 2 years ago

    Cant wait

  • Snowy the Gegret
    Snowy the Gegret 2 years ago

    When is the game coming

  • Annie Knitts Engasgapiru

    I have this game

  • J wilson
    J wilson 2 years ago

    oh, please dont tell me they censored it!

    • delfyxie
      delfyxie 2 years ago

      wordsD Vlogs no they didn't.

  • kavundora
    kavundora 2 years ago

    So cool

  • Ruling Renegade
    Ruling Renegade 2 years ago


  • Ggg

    I'm think Cartman need to sing ,,Good Feeling"

  • Stanley Animations ツ

    I've been pre-registered yesterday when I searched it xD

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez 2 years ago

    But what day and month of this game come ?

  • PoisonBurn
    PoisonBurn 2 years ago

    wheres the release date!!!!!

  • stinky Ass
    stinky Ass 2 years ago

    it doesn't available at malaysia yet😥😥

  • IdarbsGaming
    IdarbsGaming 2 years ago

    This is cool and all but
    *What is the FUCKING release date*

  • Kazuto :/
    Kazuto :/ 2 years ago +1

    I LOVE SOUTH PARK!!!!!!!!!

  • T O K Y O X
    T O K Y O X 2 years ago

    Just preregisterd right now

  • by.hi5
    by.hi5 2 years ago

    Already pre-register

  • Jacob McGee
    Jacob McGee 2 years ago

    Got it just because there's something free
    Remember kids: If it's fo free, it fo me