Japanese Street Food - GOLD SPOT WRASSE Sashimi Okinawa Seafood Japan

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018

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  • Neenjah Rammus
    Neenjah Rammus 19 hours ago

    Yeah the fingernails were horrible.. but that fish preparation was amazing. Both the sashimi and pan seared versions looked delicious.

  • om Dadwal
    om Dadwal 23 hours ago

    Nonsense...u don't have a brain.... why r u wasting water

  • Zibi wesołek
    Zibi wesołek Day ago

    ..i te ujebane jak sam skurwysyn,paznokcie...

  • Fadea Gareb
    Fadea Gareb 2 days ago +1

    شي طيب 😂😂😂

  • Emilie von Baüer
    Emilie von Baüer 3 days ago +1

    Fish is health, fish is life! ;-)

  • Iván Yepez
    Iván Yepez 3 days ago

    Esas uñas dan es asco

  • AJK Entertainment
    AJK Entertainment 3 days ago

    Don't west too much water

  • Edna Tong
    Edna Tong 4 days ago

    But awesome technique

  • Edna Tong
    Edna Tong 4 days ago

    Green finger nail😝

  • chapbb sd
    chapbb sd 4 days ago

    So delicious!!! I am hungry now!...,😋

  • Meshim Ringa
    Meshim Ringa 5 days ago

    Japan will conquer the world with its
    Mark my words

  • Hot Waves Music & Beats

    Where’s sanitation department when u need em xD

  • CeddaR. id
    CeddaR. id 5 days ago

    Ikan asin di jadiin sashimi & sushi pada suka ga ya org jepang

  • Hermes Chen
    Hermes Chen 5 days ago

    Look delicious,but her hands look dirty

  • Tima Boss
    Tima Boss 6 days ago +1

    НЕТ, сырую рыбу есть точно нельзя...что бы там не говорили...И мясо тоже...

    • Russian bear
      Russian bear 5 days ago

      Da da sonishka na virna ytshin fkosna xaxaxaxxa

  • Retorian Omitra
    Retorian Omitra 6 days ago


  • paul feery
    paul feery 6 days ago +4

    that guys fingers make me want to vom...

  • Александр Лихачев

    Ногти с гребком фууу, яб не стал жрать

    • RugaruChl Rugaru
      RugaruChl Rugaru 3 days ago

      Остроумно , и по детски .

    • Александр Лихачев
      Александр Лихачев 3 days ago +1

      @RugaruChl Rugaru мой хер желает тебе спокойной ночи и укладывается спать под твой язык

    • RugaruChl Rugaru
      RugaruChl Rugaru 4 days ago +1

      ну и хер с тобой .

  • Икрам Разаков

    Рыбное филе и куриные грудки мне очень нравится.

  • C.I.A Central Intellegence Agency

    Gordon Ramsey: *_IT'RAW_*

  • Marcus Walker
    Marcus Walker 7 days ago

    his nails are disgusting

  • Allison Kennedy
    Allison Kennedy 7 days ago

    Those nasty ass nails touching my food like that. grosss haha.

  • Digvijay Rajpoot
    Digvijay Rajpoot 7 days ago +2

    Why m watching this ..when m a vegetarian

    • Shimon
      Shimon 5 days ago

      @Digvijay Rajpoot Hence why I said *see above*

    • Digvijay Rajpoot
      Digvijay Rajpoot 6 days ago

      @Shimon I had never eat before

    • Shimon
      Shimon 6 days ago

      Subconsciously you know deep down you are missing out.

  • Mista Getdough
    Mista Getdough 7 days ago +3

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that their hand look like it got 10th degree burn and grew back 😂

  • Mista Getdough
    Mista Getdough 7 days ago

    Why the bottom fish look like it been dead for more than a century 😂

  • Akramul Mollick
    Akramul Mollick 8 days ago

    Sab thik Hain lekin pani bahoot Waste kiya

  • Batera Drum
    Batera Drum 9 days ago +5

    As unhas do cozinheiro estão bem nojentas. Eu não comeria.
    O desperdício de água é um absurdo!

  • Briana Bernot
    Briana Bernot 9 days ago +1

    I got triggered when he whipped out the fork

  • AR_IP Channel
    AR_IP Channel 9 days ago

    Enak Gurame Bakar 😁

  • OneWay Rhodes
    OneWay Rhodes 9 days ago

    Bruh, can you put on gloves ? 🤨

    • OneWay Rhodes
      OneWay Rhodes 8 days ago

      Clément Blgh at least get a manicure or something.

    • Clément Blgh
      Clément Blgh 9 days ago

      This is food man, not medecine. Do you put gloves at home? Even in a restaurent kitchen you don't put gloves, only in McDonald or stuff like that. This is real cooking, don't worry you won't get sick if you eat it

  • Dennis Miller
    Dennis Miller 9 days ago

    2020 be ready!

  • Rafaela Marques
    Rafaela Marques 9 days ago +3

    Fiquei chocada com o desperdício de água

  • Dieu Lương
    Dieu Lương 10 days ago +1

    co ai nguoi vn xem k nhi

  • Laviva Monroe
    Laviva Monroe 10 days ago +3

    I mean how on earth do you eat raw fish

  • Laviva Monroe
    Laviva Monroe 10 days ago

    Any woman that eats this, i got really bad news.......your pussy gonna smell and taste like fish😫😫🤢🤢🤢

  • Vishuenc App
    Vishuenc App 10 days ago +1

    They WASTE lots of WATER. That's Bad. Water is PRECIOUS.

  • MLSCrow
    MLSCrow 10 days ago +6

    I would like for him to at least clean his thumb nail! C'mon. =P

  • Angel Gomez
    Angel Gomez 10 days ago

    Anyone elses ocd flaring rn??

  • heeman
    heeman 10 days ago

    기본적인 위생적인 방법이 엉망이네욤.

  • kuart arratonov
    kuart arratonov 10 days ago

    Представляю сколько глистогонных препаратов у них продается...

  • Andreas Matondang
    Andreas Matondang 11 days ago


  • Tony Madathil
    Tony Madathil 11 days ago

    Dude, water is costlier than that fish.🙄

  • ReyPhoenix
    ReyPhoenix 11 days ago

    como ese tipo tiene las uñas no me atrevo ni a pararme en frente

  • Yaralı Gönül
    Yaralı Gönül 11 days ago

    Ne mide var sizde kardeşim iğrenç 😱

  • Irfan Firosh
    Irfan Firosh 11 days ago +1

    he is wasting so much water

  • Search dog
    Search dog 12 days ago

    çiğ balığı canım çekti aq

  • Bookie Brown
    Bookie Brown 13 days ago

    Parrot fish looks tasty

  • Achote671
    Achote671 13 days ago +2

    I'm not gay but I would marry cooks like these guys no words! this is beyond

    • Brian L
      Brian L 12 days ago +1

      Yeah, you're gay. When you open up a comment by saying, "I'm not gay" then follow it up with saying you'll marry a guy, you're gay. 😂

  • lex jr
    lex jr 13 days ago +2

    I want to see how the boat is made. lol

  • Trung Le
    Trung Le 13 days ago

    If that was a white chef cooking definitely sprinkle some salt n peppa for taste. Where is fuck face Ramsey? He can learn a thing or 2 here.

    CROWN GT 14 days ago +2

    Waste water some more never clean properly and never do the whatever bone properly

  • Hasan Arıcan
    Hasan Arıcan 14 days ago

    What a dirty hand !!!

  • thinh tien
    thinh tien 14 days ago


  • toghral batoor
    toghral batoor 14 days ago

    why you are wasting too much water ??? not like that

  • zainal abidin
    zainal abidin 14 days ago


  • Paula Silva
    Paula Silva 14 days ago +3

    Fiquei com agonia por ver essa torneira ligada

  • Wally Davidson
    Wally Davidson 14 days ago +3

    Where is PETA in all this?

  • Wally Davidson
    Wally Davidson 14 days ago +4

    Sucks all this wonderful fish is now contaminated with nuclear waste

  • GTSchannel
    GTSchannel 14 days ago +2

    как можно есть СЫРУЮ РЫБУ???????

    • Russian bear
      Russian bear 5 days ago

      Na virna ti ni koshala salamon ribo.... ytshin fcosni

  • S C
    S C 15 days ago

    Ма мерза ч1ара хила тарло и. Г1озза буийла!

  • Yandi Prafunky
    Yandi Prafunky 15 days ago +1

    Aku mau mencoba ikan itu. . .

  • Yesica Sanchez
    Yesica Sanchez 16 days ago

    K manos tan askerosas y urnas d ongo Ni regalado me como eso k la gent no be


    No puedo pensar en otra cosa, que me el reguero de agua

    • Alejandro
      Alejandro 15 days ago +1

      Lo entiendo, totalmente.
      Solo pude ver esa agua fluyendo cayendo en la tabla.
      Que desperdicio.

  • psy cho
    psy cho 16 days ago +3

    sa ma coupé l’appétit les ongles sales aux début :(
    50 litres d'eau pour découper un poisson !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gino Foogle
    Gino Foogle 16 days ago +9

    Every language on the planet is in this comments section lol...

    • Guest House
      Guest House 12 days ago

      @Excuused fuck you. how is that?

    • Excuused
      Excuused 13 days ago

      Gino Foogle lmao

  • scottybroker
    scottybroker 16 days ago


    • TeaPot
      TeaPot 15 days ago

      lol you discovered the new world:)

  • Ed P-ian
    Ed P-ian 16 days ago

    Жалкий человек ты !!! Чтоб уничтожить такую красоту....... Нищеброд

  • Patzy Auditore
    Patzy Auditore 16 days ago +2

    Yo no entiendo x q carajos o chingados no usan guantes.. esas uñas asquerosas...
    I don't get it. Why they don't use gloves? That awfulls nails iuuuj

  • Speedtest
    Speedtest 16 days ago

    that looks extremely tasty !

  • Deplorable D
    Deplorable D 17 days ago

    So clumsy with that scaling and cleaning it's almost embarrassing, yet the second phase preparation was like art.

  • HT Parada
    HT Parada 17 days ago

    The man's nail is dirty. This is very unhygienic that he's not using any gloves to prepare th fish.

  • Parviz Goib
    Parviz Goib 17 days ago

    Есть тут Русские?

  • سماء sky
    سماء sky 17 days ago +2

    قال ربنا تبارك وتعالى اسمه
    {وسخر لكم ما في السماوات وما في الأرض جميعا منه إن في ذلك لآيات لقوم يتفكرون}

  • Shane Goes
    Shane Goes 17 days ago +1

    Do they not cook the fish?

  • Pixel Frames Singapore
    Pixel Frames Singapore 17 days ago +1

    did anyone notice his nails... haizzzz

  • Flat Eric
    Flat Eric 17 days ago +8

    Japanese street food is like 5 star restaurant everywhere else;)

    ENISEI ZP 17 days ago

    Жёлтые ногти, аппетитно?

  • регион
    регион 18 days ago

    Без перчаток!!!нет,спасибо!!!!

  • Ana Lisseth
    Ana Lisseth 18 days ago +3

    ¿Qué tan difícil puede ser entender que después de quien sabe cuanto tiempo manipulando pescados y agua tanto fría como caliente el caballero pueda tener unas manos suaves y tersas?. Aunque no sea el propósito principal del vídeo se agradece el buen tutorial para filetear un pescado. :) :)

    KAMSING INGTI 18 days ago +3

    O:15 - 1:18 just look at his finger nails how dirty is it

  • Rubens jr
    Rubens jr 18 days ago +1

    O cara faz a comida toda com a unha suja e os fregueses comem com pauzinho. Nem de graça eu quero

    • Rubens jr
      Rubens jr 18 days ago +1

      @Everton Barbosa Mano a unha do cara e preta. Kkkk

    • Everton Barbosa
      Everton Barbosa 18 days ago +1

      KKKKk tá com água na boca ai

  • Melly Kelly
    Melly Kelly 18 days ago +1

    Dirty finger nails turned me off.

  • Santiago :3
    Santiago :3 18 days ago +1

    Yo no como ahí ni por que me paguen la comida
    Pinches manos cochinas llenas de hongos nmms que asco

    • Pepe Master
      Pepe Master 16 days ago

      La verdad no se donde ves hongos el video enfoca bien las manos y no tienen ningún hongo. Están coloradas del frío

  • Isaac Razo
    Isaac Razo 18 days ago

    Muy sano pero asqueroso..

  • Chinedu Victor
    Chinedu Victor 18 days ago +4

    All this process for just one fish

  • Verna Brown
    Verna Brown 18 days ago

    Fingernails dirty 😷

  • Rester
    Rester 18 days ago

    Кто русский го залайкаем этот клмеет, что бы инлстранцы думали, что тут написано что-то умное😱

  • ВиВи Фи
    ВиВи Фи 18 days ago

    Фу блять, можно было и перчатки одеть🤢

  • Fragen über Fragen
    Fragen über Fragen 18 days ago

    🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 ich werde nie eieder fisch essen. Was macht das für einen Sinn die Hand ohne Handschuh fasst den Fisch...und mit Handschuh hält er das Werkzeug????

  • Sergio Sampaio
    Sergio Sampaio 19 days ago


  • Goa Store
    Goa Store 19 days ago

    evrythg was gud but wasted water lot... plz save water

  • Jhon
    Jhon 19 days ago

    Que uñas tan hermosas

  • สะ เดา
    สะ เดา 19 days ago +3


  • Suvaco Games
    Suvaco Games 19 days ago +1

    Não sei porq vejo essa porra fico na vontade infeliz kkkk

  • Немец с Казахстана

    Пиздец у него ногти

  • akena nikitina
    akena nikitina 20 days ago

    А ногти грязные

  • อนันท์ อินทร์สาลี


  • Gerardo Lopez
    Gerardo Lopez 20 days ago

    Nails, is one problem the other is they used the same fish from the first dish to make another dish and probably served it to someone else now that’s gross!

  • Michelle Chavez
    Michelle Chavez 21 day ago

    Se ve bien el platillo, pero sus uñas me dan asco!!

  • Natalia Neidig
    Natalia Neidig 21 day ago

    I’m sorry this is all i was paying attention to but THEY DESTROYED THE BEAUTIFUL FISH