Jacksepticeye Reacts To "Watchmojo's Top 10 Jacksepticeye Videos"


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  • Skychrew
    Skychrew 5 months ago +17440

    subnautica was a good series that I enjoyed

    • TheDeathSlayer83
      TheDeathSlayer83 Day ago

      I wished Subnatica was in there because I really enjoyed the series and that's what got me to love subnatica

    • Snookersroblox
      Snookersroblox 2 days ago

      Subnsutica is life Jack never leave your life behind. Plz!!!!!??????!!!????!!!!???!!!!

    • Robert Sabie
      Robert Sabie 4 days ago

      deep down deep down deep down dark

    • Mastergaming 1106
      Mastergaming 1106 5 days ago


    • Tubs 45
      Tubs 45 6 days ago


  • Zane Murphy
    Zane Murphy 3 hours ago

    Glory to Arstozca

  • Zach Himiona
    Zach Himiona 4 hours ago


  • Superzninja 1
    Superzninja 1 8 hours ago

    AI: Do you contain silicon also
    Jack of the past: No my breasts are real.
    Jack now: Teheheh Oh my f***ing god

  • Alkyl Gaming
    Alkyl Gaming 9 hours ago +1

    Both hitmen series

  • SP McKick
    SP McKick Day ago

    Are you going to play Subnautica below zero?

  • entirely * partial

    Prop hunt was fucking hilarious

  • Gidster1
    Gidster1 Day ago

    It’s watch mojo, the list is going to be shit. That’s why happy wheels was number 10, but it should’ve been like number 1 or 2

  • Steve Ford
    Steve Ford Day ago

    It's really funny for me because my dad's name is Steve

  • Steve Ford
    Steve Ford Day ago

    Bring Evie back Jack

  • Ben Bartlett
    Ben Bartlett Day ago

    I absolutely loved the Detroit become human series

  • William Davis
    William Davis Day ago

    I like all the vids u make

  • Kortey Azianor
    Kortey Azianor Day ago

    Haaaa!aaaaaaaaaa!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy wheeels

  • Marcus Kronberg
    Marcus Kronberg Day ago

    why is thanos in the corner?????????????????????????

  • Gregory Panagiotidis

    Where the fuck is skate 3

  • Lewis Rogerson
    Lewis Rogerson Day ago

    and subnauica

  • Lewis Rogerson
    Lewis Rogerson Day ago

    escapests should have been there # # # # # b# # # # # # waggwanwaggwanwaggwanwfaggwanwagw

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    1o. heart

  • Lily Spedding
    Lily Spedding 2 days ago

    I loved every single series. Yeet.

  • James Nelson
    James Nelson 2 days ago


  • Paula Muller
    Paula Muller 2 days ago

    I definitely loved all of your vr games and deep sea series

  • William Strickland
    William Strickland 2 days ago

    I really hate sprint commercials

  • Hyena Pax
    Hyena Pax 2 days ago +1

    Theses a secrete boss in undertale 2

  • Legacy 266
    Legacy 266 2 days ago

    anybody love the subnautica series?

  • Joshua J.R
    Joshua J.R 2 days ago

    We would definitely care what you need to say about politics because we follow Jackaboy the bossotronian boss.

  • Oliviia Cleveland
    Oliviia Cleveland 2 days ago

    Where’s Detroit:become human??

  • BurningTrigger
    BurningTrigger 2 days ago

    Prop hunt was very enjoyable

  • FoxMcloud5655
    FoxMcloud5655 2 days ago

    14:23 Anyone else catch that editing error?

  • Nicky Overholtzer
    Nicky Overholtzer 2 days ago


  • Elina Haapanen
    Elina Haapanen 2 days ago

    I personally loved the Fran Bow series. The story, the characters... And most importantly the voices! Apparently there's going to be Fran Bow 2, so I hope Jack plays that as well.

  • FNAF and MLP Lover
    FNAF and MLP Lover 2 days ago

    My favorite was paper please

  • Rem Iang
    Rem Iang 2 days ago +1

    Who got a ad by Morgz playing coin master

  • that guy rock
    that guy rock 3 days ago

    My fav series are prop hunt tales from the borderlands and the the boss series

  • Adrian Campos Jr
    Adrian Campos Jr 3 days ago

    I was also thinking that jacksepticeye song all the way

  • yeslekthefreshmaker
    yeslekthefreshmaker 3 days ago

    You warm my heart. Your videos can make me forget a terrible day and always make me laugh. And Subnautica and Dad of Boy boy are up there as my favorites.
    Thanks for doing what you do, Sean

  • ry4n1s4bb4d3n
    ry4n1s4bb4d3n 3 days ago

    gta 5 amagadon mod review was one of the one of the first and funniest videos by you i have seen

  • Austin Butler
    Austin Butler 3 days ago

    "wait. why are you doing that, your weird" ok jack i need to tell you something (deep breath) your still weird

  • Austin Butler
    Austin Butler 3 days ago

    can prop hunt come back

  • Jacob Shackles
    Jacob Shackles 3 days ago

    Its odd how at the end, it hit me right in the feels hearing jack get so deep. It feels weird not seeing him so energetic and without colored hair.

  • Jacob Shackles
    Jacob Shackles 3 days ago

    Was it just me, or does the way jack acts so serious and the music make you feel like hes done with his TheXvid days and moving to something els in his life?

  • HineyBeAr784
    HineyBeAr784 3 days ago

    I love the subnautica series and the papers please series

  • TheHappy1
    TheHappy1 3 days ago

    Who’s cutting onions?!?!😢

  • Mychael Sartalis
    Mychael Sartalis 3 days ago +1

    What happened to the walking dead final season

  • Ruairidh Henderson
    Ruairidh Henderson 3 days ago

    I've just realised that all the way has 74 million views in 2019

  • Im Coughing
    Im Coughing 3 days ago +1

    Happy wheels is like CaptainSparklez Mianite.

  • JD Davis
    JD Davis 3 days ago

    Turbo dismount

  • zeroparchment 94
    zeroparchment 94 3 days ago

    watch mojo reacts to jacksepticye reacting to watch mojo

  • girls can game
    girls can game 3 days ago

    1: Detroit become human
    2: Detroit become human
    3: The escapists
    4: Detroit become human
    5: The escapists
    6: Detroit become human
    7: The escapists
    8: Detroit become human
    9: The escapists
    10: Detroit become human

  • Allexn121
    Allexn121 3 days ago

    "I'm a TheXvidr I don't have to get up for shit" -jacksepticeye 2019

  • Jessica March
    Jessica March 3 days ago

    IMPOSSIBLE MARIO. First video I ever saw. It hurt I was laughing so hard. I actually called my mum and my teenagers into the room to watch it.

  • VonKraftMC
    VonKraftMC 3 days ago

    I know this is getting posted in 2019, but I swear I thought FNAF would be at least on the list.

  • Blessing Chimezie
    Blessing Chimezie 3 days ago

    Oh yea and undertake and funniest home videos

  • Blessing Chimezie
    Blessing Chimezie 3 days ago

    Duck life.....dammit egsy!

    LUV ANGEL 4 days ago

    Hey Jack react to smile HD

  • Elysium
    Elysium 4 days ago

    So, it's a video from Sean, on a video about videos of himself.

    Why did that confuse me so much?

  • Daelathツ
    Daelathツ 4 days ago

    17:56 ahem logan paul vs ksi

  • TheTripleJJJ 017
    TheTripleJJJ 017 4 days ago


  • Jacob Robinson
    Jacob Robinson 4 days ago

    skate 3 if my fav

  • Deadlydan05
    Deadlydan05 4 days ago

    Happy wheels we need more

  • CCDelvo
    CCDelvo 4 days ago

    My favorite Jacks videos are when he doesn't take an hour and a half to say what he doing and GETS TO THE DAMN POINT!!!

  • old phone
    old phone 4 days ago

    Whenever I'm wondering what to watch I never end up on watchmojo its always this really really weird guy called jacksepticeye

  • Andy gt
    Andy gt 4 days ago

    i loved human fall flat

  • DaNk_MeMeS
    DaNk_MeMeS 4 days ago

    I’m only in 4th grade I don’t have to get up for work

  • Assassinwolf731
    Assassinwolf731 5 days ago

    Where is The Escapists?

  • Berryguy2000
    Berryguy2000 5 days ago

    Jack you should play red dead redemption 2

  • Rebelempire Rules
    Rebelempire Rules 5 days ago +1

    Did anybody else notice that jack was wearing the same shirts in the thumbnail?
    Edit:wait nevermind

  • Caylyn and Kenzie
    Caylyn and Kenzie 5 days ago

    Detroit and Spider-Man

  • Brennan Tilton
    Brennan Tilton 5 days ago


  • Tayla Chapman
    Tayla Chapman 5 days ago

    Jack I think you should play more prop Hunt because when you got chased in my head I would be thinking GO JACK RUN FOR YOUR FUKIN LIFE!!and it was the funniest series I have ever watched except for happy wheels

  • Anti Epicness
    Anti Epicness 5 days ago

    LUCKILY it's a weekend, I don't have school, and I'm watching this at midnight XD

  • vastolorde !
    vastolorde ! 5 days ago

    So inspired jack good job

  • René Schwager
    René Schwager 5 days ago

    Jack said he would come back to BeamnG drive but he didnt (yet)

  • River Cool-guy
    River Cool-guy 5 days ago

    my favorite series was and still is subnautious (subnautica) and prop hunt , aand funniest home videos

  • shawn
    shawn 5 days ago

    Jazz Punk & Papers Please were my favourite series.

  • Michael O'Sullivan
    Michael O'Sullivan 5 days ago

    I liked papers please

  • megha bhasker
    megha bhasker 5 days ago

    i like the pubg series with friends,
    and mostly all videos with friends

  • MR.handsome 80085
    MR.handsome 80085 5 days ago


  • Slayer Dope
    Slayer Dope 6 days ago

    WTF?? Where is my skate 3 at??

  • Naomi M
    Naomi M 6 days ago

    I love watching jacks series! He puts some much emotion and brings it to life almost. Some of my favorite series are:
    Detroit become human
    The last Guardian
    Life is strange
    Bendy the ink machine
    Until dawn
    House flipper
    Rick and Morty VR

  • carolann beebe
    carolann beebe 6 days ago

    I'm on my moms account on my computer (I don't feel like changing it) and Jack said august 20th and that's my birthday

  • Flame the Fire Fox
    Flame the Fire Fox 6 days ago

    Man jack has gone a long way....jack I got into you from the "ALL THE WAY" song by schomo.

  • David Walinga
    David Walinga 6 days ago +1

    1:27 when u play to much fnaf and get paranoia

  • Unoriginal username
    Unoriginal username 6 days ago

    Snaz undertell

  • Serra20
    Serra20 6 days ago

    Watching this at 3 am.
    Lost it at the ''I got jumpscared by myself''. I swear that reaction was beautiful XD
    I laugh everytime I repeat that. So perfect XD

  • Tubs 45
    Tubs 45 6 days ago

    all the way

  • Doge
    Doge 6 days ago

    this got meta real quick

  • jakethegamer Madmqn
    jakethegamer Madmqn 6 days ago

    This video was uploaded *ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!*

  • AWESOME taco guys
    AWESOME taco guys 6 days ago

    Top 3. 3. Happy wheels 2. Subnatica 1. Undertale

  • autumn s
    autumn s 6 days ago

    see i don’t think happy wheels should be any higher than number 10. its definitely a memorable series that deserves to be in the top ten, but i don’t think it should be any higher on the list. it’s a decent series but it’s definitely not the best series.
    i’m a huge fan of all the collabs like prop hunt and golf with friends, but i also love undertale and papers please. but reading your comments should’ve definitely made the list

  • Zoha Mashhood
    Zoha Mashhood 6 days ago

    Detroit or Spiderman
    (both are relatively new)

  • Anna Vedenchuk
    Anna Vedenchuk 6 days ago

    "I just want to make people smile and I want to make people laugh."
    And you've just made me cry

  • Zoey Bow
    Zoey Bow 7 days ago

    Wait hold on is it bad that I’m watching at 5:30 in the morning?

  • cable spark
    cable spark 7 days ago

    Papers please was amazing

  • Poof
    Poof 7 days ago +1

    No no no...


  • Heather H.
    Heather H. 7 days ago

    I've watched Life is Strange series like 4 times ima rewatch it again😭😂 same with Resident Evil 7

  • Vixen 525
    Vixen 525 7 days ago

    Prop hunt never fails to make me laugh.

  • Santo Valentino
    Santo Valentino 7 days ago

    TheXvid is just reactions to reactions of reacting to reactions

  • Zeldaboii 26
    Zeldaboii 26 7 days ago

    Dream Daddy?!?!?!

  • Paul Chaunt
    Paul Chaunt 7 days ago

    I can’t pick one video but happy wheels was the best series ever 😭