Will’s Arrival At Rudge Park | The Inbetweeners

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • On his first day at Rudge Park, Will is introduced to Mr. Gilbert, who seems an intelligent man, Simon, who reluctantly has to look after him, and the rest of the student body who welcome him with baggage themed insults and more.
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Comments • 272

  • Anxi Cyni
    Anxi Cyni Day ago

    Jay and Neil’s first words stuck with their character right til the 2nd film :’)

  • Anxi Cyni
    Anxi Cyni Day ago

    1:03 this part still confuses me. Why does he say yeah so kindly. The fact even answers is even more confusing

  • Anxi Cyni
    Anxi Cyni Day ago


  • Chelsea Fc
    Chelsea Fc Day ago


  • Imaru Lewis
    Imaru Lewis 4 days ago

    Simon desperately roasting Will to Gilbert was when I knew Id love the show.

  • Bru Swain
    Bru Swain 5 days ago

    Bit of leg at 2:06

  • Splitz Fire
    Splitz Fire 11 days ago

    Old man

  • Football Gang
    Football Gang 15 days ago

    Oooo will

  • 279atcardiff
    279atcardiff 28 days ago


  • Quicksilvur
    Quicksilvur 29 days ago

    I'M WILL

    A SHIT"

  • Liam EFC
    Liam EFC Month ago +1

    Will got off lightly making fun of Gilbert, considering how he treats him throughout the show. He gets punished more harshly for a lot less things

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 Month ago

      Where did Will make fun of him here? Either way, Will's new so there's a better chance he'd be let off.

  • David Parker
    David Parker Month ago

    Thats why you never take a shit in school

  • ProX ninja
    ProX ninja Month ago

    I like how donaven is a year below ahhaha and he acts hard haahha wussy

  • Joseph Hutchinson
    Joseph Hutchinson Month ago

    He could of just took the badge off

  • DylanJG
    DylanJG 2 months ago

    Do you put the balls in?

  • MRA 13
    MRA 13 2 months ago

    Literally the best introduction of anything in history!

  • Marco Carmona
    Marco Carmona 2 months ago

    “You’re going to die here, Will”

  • Jonboy
    Jonboy 2 months ago +1

    How can you even print a photo on them phones 😂😂

  • savage opress
    savage opress 2 months ago

    Will is a stalker

  • Laurence Ellis
    Laurence Ellis 2 months ago

    I still don’t get why Will still carries a brief case & wears a blazer when it clearly makes him stand out in & get bullied by the school

  • The Rave Music Archive
    The Rave Music Archive 2 months ago

    Dog meat & Chips. x

  • Samar Iqbal
    Samar Iqbal 3 months ago

    Will: “I just love to suck the headmasters balls!”😂

  • GodspeedFlash
    GodspeedFlash 3 months ago +50

    They should have done a parents evening episode

  • Aryam Rege
    Aryam Rege 3 months ago +1

    Life in the 6th form is NOT fair!. Lmao

  • Brain Sample
    Brain Sample 3 months ago

    gilbert is such a ponce

  • Jubair Ahmed
    Jubair Ahmed 3 months ago

    What does spakka mean

  • perrymkwii
    perrymkwii 3 months ago +6

    2:55 a legend was born.

  • ghosttarts
    ghosttarts 3 months ago

    *look at those nokias though*

  • hip2thabone
    hip2thabone 3 months ago +2

    Will: "Oh my mistake! He's a wanker!"😂🤗

  • Jaydon Shelby
    Jaydon Shelby 3 months ago

    Why has everything Will gets embarrassed by had W2 do with him Having a shit

  • Exalt Flix
    Exalt Flix 3 months ago +51

    am i the only one that sees jay,simon and niel playing football in the background at the start?

    • Anxi Cyni
      Anxi Cyni Day ago

      Hm. Somehow that 1 second of footage was very entertaining
      We made full connections with the characters back then

    • Anxi Cyni
      Anxi Cyni Day ago

      Exalt Flix *rewinds*

    • JTMVision
      JTMVision 12 days ago +1

      Avalanche Diez I just noticed

    • Avalanche Diez
      Avalanche Diez 3 months ago +4

      Oh yeah hahahaha

  • Harry Smith
    Harry Smith 4 months ago

    3:46 Fuck off😂

  • patrick kenyon
    patrick kenyon 4 months ago +7

    Will squealing out Oiiii when Donovan and his buddy take pics of him on the toilet hahaha

  • Shady Somerville
    Shady Somerville 4 months ago


  • Shady Somerville
    Shady Somerville 4 months ago


  • Shady Somerville
    Shady Somerville 4 months ago


  • King Cringe
    King Cringe 4 months ago

    Why was class only about 3 minutes?

    • oliver james
      oliver james 4 months ago

      It was registration. Lol registration doesn't even last long. After that, you go to your first class

  • Dap Fcmh
    Dap Fcmh 4 months ago


  • Liam EFC
    Liam EFC 4 months ago

    oh hello will

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 4 months ago +9

    The birth of Channel 4's greatest comedy 👏

  • tjungblast 00
    tjungblast 00 5 months ago

    Are the group ever going to beat up the bully?

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  • Owne Barlow
    Owne Barlow 5 months ago

    I was in one of those retard groups but I stilled called hem downies

  • Norwich Pulse
    Norwich Pulse 5 months ago +6

    Shouldn’t you be revising?

  • Ray14
    Ray14 5 months ago

    even though this is scripted i still feel sorry for Will

  • Harry Green
    Harry Green 5 months ago +4

    3:45 😂😂😂

  • joeDman40
    joeDman40 5 months ago +3

    I love watching these. I live opposite this school. Ruislip high school. I also go here

  • Craig x3
    Craig x3 5 months ago

    Tellison ❤

  • morbidsearch
    morbidsearch 5 months ago +41

    "His hair's a bit gay"

    • Darryl Kemp
      Darryl Kemp 3 months ago +3

      You'd be arrested for hate speech for saying that today

    • XDeluxe GamingX
      XDeluxe GamingX 4 months ago

      PendulumFTW Underrated bit

  • Chris H
    Chris H 6 months ago +12

    1:03 Wtf the guy's got a DS I know this was a while ago but I swear sixth formers never used them

    • Imaru Lewis
      Imaru Lewis 4 days ago

      I wouldnt know, I was 6 when the DS came out, why would someone playing a DS be a stretch? Everyone loves Nintendogs.

  • Eddie Brice
    Eddie Brice 6 months ago

    I feel sorry for will

  • British Buffoons
    British Buffoons 6 months ago +4

    4:15 I can hear a slow oof

  • sj11791
    sj11791 6 months ago

    "Hello! I'm Will and I'm doing a shit." 😂

  • Paul Little
    Paul Little 6 months ago

    This series was absolutely as funny as fuck classic comedy loved every episode, and then they made 2 movies which quite frankly were fuckin shite please don't make another one, cheers 🍻

  • Afroskii447 -_-
    Afroskii447 -_- 6 months ago +5

    He's such a Briefcase Wanker.

  • S. G
    S. G 6 months ago +25

    “Ah I seem intelligent”

  • Cpr1234
    Cpr1234 7 months ago +9

    First day: Simon doesn't want to look after Will
    Soon after: They become friends with Jay and Neil too

    UKSKIDS 7 months ago

    "Oh I'm Mr Gilbert I am such a big huge, massive freak and I just love to suck the headmaster's balls. And then... Is he behind me?" 😂😂😂

  • British Buffoons
    British Buffoons 7 months ago

    I can hear a cut at 0:36

  • Edwin lam
    Edwin lam 7 months ago

    Simon didn't wash his hands lmao