13 Types of Students After Exams

  • Published on Nov 18, 2018
  • The hardest part about exams is not the actual exam itself but getting back the results! Who will pass and who will fail?
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  • Milton - Fortnite

    T1T5 means tits :D

  • Crazy WaterMelon
    Crazy WaterMelon 2 hours ago

    Can anyone help me?My cat is under my chair and biting me...😐

  • aesthetically anna
    aesthetically anna 2 hours ago

    51 is not a pass??!! Im so confused!

  • aesthetically anna
    aesthetically anna 2 hours ago

    Wait, why did they laugh at 18 but nit 49??????

  • Tisjot Sandhu - Walnut Grove PS (1416)

    when i get mad5:54

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Bacon Man

    Is “T1T5” suppose to be Tits?

  • Liam Gunther
    Liam Gunther 5 hours ago

    Where’s the I’m gonna kill my self if I don’t pass student

  • Soremi
    Soremi 7 hours ago

    T1T5 stands for TITS if you didn’t know

  • Jack Tyler
    Jack Tyler 8 hours ago

    class tits lol

  • Latina girl gacha lover I love mai dog

    Pfttttt the fight is bad

  • Louis West
    Louis West 10 hours ago

    T1t5 am I the only one who thinks it says tits

  • Neo Liu
    Neo Liu 12 hours ago

    wtf is this shit

  • 0_ Hlx
    0_ Hlx 12 hours ago

    2:51 People talking about Densie getting a hundred precent *teacher announces Kevin got a hundred precent* Kevin:I'm flexin on my score Densie: weird flex but ok *later Denise gets one hundred and two*. Kevin:*wh3t th3 he11*

  • AVideo Gam3r
    AVideo Gam3r 12 hours ago

    How did I end up here....?

  • AA3
    AA3 13 hours ago

    Lol kevin celebrite to early

  • ArchiPLays
    ArchiPLays 13 hours ago

    4:47 me after an exam except I miss one mark from full marks xD

  • oWO Niki
    oWO Niki 13 hours ago

    This like upin ipin next generation

  • Ahnaff
    Ahnaff 13 hours ago

    U know that t1t5 means tits right

  • Moonlight B-A-E
    Moonlight B-A-E 15 hours ago

    I’m the disappointed +emotional one always 😂😂😂.....this was so relatable

  • Shubhang Darshan
    Shubhang Darshan 15 hours ago

    3:05 Thug life mode on.😎😎

  • It’s ya dead meme
    It’s ya dead meme 15 hours ago +1

    My brain: clas T1T5
    (Try’s to find out y it was put there)
    My brain again: T1T5...T...oh. OHHHH!

  • Sub_ Zero
    Sub_ Zero 16 hours ago

    Do you realize that Class T1T5 its like TITS?

  • ExGoldAxe
    ExGoldAxe 16 hours ago

    Wtf so ez in singapore 50+ pass indonesia 75+pass wtf

  • anonymous gamer 360
    anonymous gamer 360 16 hours ago

    Lol I'm just like Jianhao tan

    RISHABH MISHRA 17 hours ago

    What is the meaning pf class t1t5

  • Dinky Doink
    Dinky Doink 18 hours ago

    Disappointed spell wrong liao

  • Dinky Doink
    Dinky Doink 18 hours ago +2

    This is how much Teacher Siti's electrical bill was

    • Eve C
      Eve C 16 hours ago

      It was 2 dollars ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)

  • Siri Yadla
    Siri Yadla 18 hours ago

    the way they were fighting just gets me lol

  • spiral tæ
    spiral tæ 19 hours ago +1

    This is one good job for Kev- FOR DENISE!

  • Deepsleeper101
    Deepsleeper101 20 hours ago

    You guys are Malaysian right cause I can tell by your accent

  • Bodie Wereta-Abbott
    Bodie Wereta-Abbott 20 hours ago

    One of the classes r called tits but spelt different lol

  • Bilgee Carlos
    Bilgee Carlos 20 hours ago

    That feeling u have so close to hundred

  • SDomingo
    SDomingo 20 hours ago +1

    Wish that u and Debbie have a bright future!!!

    SANTANU GORE 20 hours ago

    T1T5 more like T I T S

  • Dozzier
    Dozzier 21 hour ago

    Are we just gonna ignore that the class number spells "Tits"

  • IceWolf_ J
    IceWolf_ J 23 hours ago

    if people fail your test just try hard the next time

  • Afroze Farhana
    Afroze Farhana 23 hours ago

    The nerd boy wored off white x jordan

  • Trining Tecson
    Trining Tecson 23 hours ago +1

    Soooo if denise wrote her own questions she got more mark....


  • Lenny Fortnite And ROBLOX

    Class t1t5...

    Class b00b5... hmmmm....

  • Its Haley 2nd Channel I Love You

    Why Is Kevin's Face Like That When He Gets Ripped Off

  • New ASMR
    New ASMR Day ago +1

    LOL JIANHAO because weird flex but 👍

  • Harrison Allen
    Harrison Allen Day ago +1


  • Sofia Mallari
    Sofia Mallari Day ago

    What kind of person are you in a test

  • Capitain ChocolateMint

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that their classe is T1T5?

  • Gertina R.
    Gertina R. Day ago

    동포하고 💖☺️

  • Adam Baker
    Adam Baker Day ago

    Woman gan da sta

  • Conan Edogawa
    Conan Edogawa Day ago

    1 like=Kevin to lose weight

  • Million DOLLars
    Million DOLLars Day ago

    I faaaaaailed...😞😖🙂😏

  • IceCube1235 :D
    IceCube1235 :D Day ago

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    theres always that aisian
    whos better than u

  • Alexis Maynard
    Alexis Maynard Day ago

    Me as the emo student lol

  • AlphaOfDarkness
    AlphaOfDarkness Day ago

    I love these videos! Whenever i have a bad day (Nearly everyday at school) i always get on my PC and I watch one of these videos! thank you so much JianHao Tan for creating these SUPER funny videos! I love u so much! thank you for being the sun when it rains! :) Love all of this!!!!!!!!!!

  • ItzGummieFox C.
    ItzGummieFox C. Day ago

    And the rules is NO RULES!

  • Richa Boppuri
    Richa Boppuri Day ago

    i just realized after all this time that T1T5 looks like "tits"

  • Lovely lucy
    Lovely lucy Day ago

    The beaver part killed me😂😂💀

  • BFFGaming
    BFFGaming Day ago

    Did anyone realise it was Gacha Logic when he kissed the other guy when he fell over?

  • Abby's World
    Abby's World Day ago

    How is a 50 passing

  • Aaron Perry
    Aaron Perry Day ago

    There’s this girl who always gets over 95% and moans about being stupid

  • Venice Mojar
    Venice Mojar Day ago

    Even tho I'm 80 above I'm still the top 1 in class last yr grade 5 and I'm dissapointed still they say compliments to me and etc..

  • Markus Bergh
    Markus Bergh Day ago

    Your videos are the best,I love if!

  • Greninja 90
    Greninja 90 Day ago +1

    I am the student who almost passsed

  • •Røleplay Squad UwU•

    ǝɔᴉu ʎɹǝʌ ǝɹɐ soǝpᴉʌ s,oɐɥuɐᴉɾ

  • •Røleplay Squad UwU•

    I am like denis );

  • Milda Bal
    Milda Bal Day ago

    I had my exam today oof

  • Ashlyn Sinclair
    Ashlyn Sinclair Day ago

    I always get super scared about my grades and then coincidently I end up getting an A the majority of the time :/

  • Kyle*Memez Animations

    Anybody noticed
    T1T5 > TITS
    No just me?

  • Hafizh Mardiso
    Hafizh Mardiso Day ago

    50 % to pass? Bruh here in Indonesia you have to get at least 78%

  • Destiny Eclipse
    Destiny Eclipse Day ago

    Well they lucky
    My school fails after 60%

  • Crispp
    Crispp Day ago

    1:04 subscribe

  • Lulu GatchaGirl
    Lulu GatchaGirl Day ago

    1+1=6 because 1 is one and + is two and the other 1 is another 1 and = is two

  • JyeVlogs
    JyeVlogs Day ago

    T1T5 = Tits

  • YoonMin박
    YoonMin박 Day ago

    0:15 that one friend you have who doesn't iron their uniforms

  • jisoo blackpink fan!

    Jian hao tan u pass 49.5 u still pass coz u round up u get 50 and yay u pass!

  • Lava Girl
    Lava Girl Day ago

    I like Ren Yi Xiang the most! And i hate Kevin but i like Demmie and Denise!

  • Nathan Hybreas
    Nathan Hybreas Day ago

    You think it’s a Suit case at the start but it’s actually a

    1000 Noodle pack
    Asians these days
    Wait I’m Asian too oh sh!t

  • Gaming Nörd
    Gaming Nörd Day ago


  • • Keca Grande •
    • Keca Grande • 2 days ago

    Nicole say she skipped half of the exam, but she got 51/100 that actually half of 100 IF SHE DIDN’t skip half of the exam she’ll beat kevin!

  • kitty gaming
    kitty gaming 2 days ago +1

    I subscribed and liked please pin me 😢😢😢

  • Michael Ferreira
    Michael Ferreira 2 days ago

    Who here binge watches Jin Hoa?

  • Jewellery Heart
    Jewellery Heart 2 days ago +1

    *pulls random mirror out of no where*

  • Navia Henderson
    Navia Henderson 2 days ago


    BEAVER!!! >:3

  • Phia Griffith
    Phia Griffith 2 days ago

    I actually want to go to middle school already even though I still have 5th and 6th grade to do :( ALMOST DONE 5th grade

  • Julia West
    Julia West 2 days ago

    I loved the part where he’s says your such a beaver I laughed my heart out and I loved where. Her says I thought a squirrel was the worst insult

  • Michael Daley
    Michael Daley 2 days ago

    I thought passing is 65%

  • xxXDuhItzGachaLele xxX
    xxXDuhItzGachaLele xxX 2 days ago +1

    Teacher:The One With The 100 Percent Mark isssss
    Kevin:Yesss *rubs his paper work in Denise Face*
    Teacher:The One With The Highest Mark In The Class Issssssssss
    Denise:Yesssss!! *waves hands around the class*

    Kevin, I’m Sorry

  • WoahThatKidJay
    WoahThatKidJay 2 days ago +1

    *b* *e* *a* *v* *e* *r*

  • HS Gurl
    HS Gurl 2 days ago

    The foreign student is hilarious 😂😂😂😂 i saw that type a lot these days 😂😂😂

  • Wendy Ketchens
    Wendy Ketchens 2 days ago

    Let us go die from this video

  • K A
    K A 2 days ago

    Ren Yi Xiang vs Kevin
    Who’s gonna Thanos snap the other out of existence first?

  • I hate Spiders
    I hate Spiders 2 days ago

    T1T5= tits

  • Aesthetic Noob
    Aesthetic Noob 2 days ago


  • Thomas Mok
    Thomas Mok 2 days ago +5

    Jianhao fails 1+1
    But passes 7-2
    logic.exe has stopped responding.

  • Nicolette Barnedo
    Nicolette Barnedo 2 days ago


  • itsZinZin W
    itsZinZin W 2 days ago

    One like equals one Slap for Denise

  • XxProJeff
    XxProJeff 2 days ago +4

    Who is watching in 2019?
    Because I am

  • Nikki Maxwell
    Nikki Maxwell 2 days ago

    Class t1t5 is exactly like my class

  • Scile 93
    Scile 93 2 days ago +2

    I laughed a hundred times watching this. Thanks for sharing.

    GACHA WAFFLEZZ 2 days ago +24

    *You know how expensive it is to study in Singapore?*
    me: Aren't... you in... Singapore?

  • Ville Thormé
    Ville Thormé 2 days ago

    I love all the people in this vid

  • Leona Resl Vlogs
    Leona Resl Vlogs 2 days ago

    Weird flex but ok XD