Michael J. Woodard Sings "Still I Rise" by Yolanda Adams - Top 5 - American Idol 2018 on ABC

  • Published on May 14, 2018
  • Michael J. Woodard sings "Still I Rise" by Yolanda Adams for his Mother's Day Top 5 performance in front of a live audience and Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.
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    AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, will return to airwaves on SUNDAY, MARCH 11 at 8|7c, at its new home on ABC.
    The nationwide search for the next superstar kicked off in August 2017, as the Idol Bus traveled from Portland, Oregon, to Orlando, Florida, in its pursuit for talent, covering 23 cities across the country. Auditioning was made easier than ever as hopefuls also had the opportunity to submit audition videos online, as well as via select social media platforms using an official tag, #TheNextIdol, cultivating over 300,000 posts. Also, for the first time in “American Idol” history, hopefuls had the opportunity to audition through a livestream platform.
    Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation, are music industry forces and superstar judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest will return as host of the beloved series.
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Comments • 1 486

  • carrie white
    carrie white 5 hours ago

    Michael did good

  • D22 Williams.22
    D22 Williams.22 6 hours ago

    Broadway show for Michael? I'll be first in line & haven't gone to a Broadway show in years.

  • Mama Madey
    Mama Madey 7 hours ago

    I am so sad when you didn't get to the finals. You are best and maybe God has a bigger plans for you. Can't stop watching all your American Idol performance!

  • DawnaMae Padua
    DawnaMae Padua 9 hours ago

    Eliminating Michael is exactly why American Idol is trash. 😐 Just like when Jessica Sanchez lost 🙄😭

  • Producer Ryu
    Producer Ryu 10 hours ago

    He always get standing O from the judges. When is his album coming out?.!

  • solin tumaini
    solin tumaini 10 hours ago

    Am a very sad human being to date... I can't get over the fact that he did not make it.... Someone please explain to me why..... Micheal, you had the ability to light up the show and without you it's lifeless

  • Matthew Rolle
    Matthew Rolle 11 hours ago

    Yolanda would be proud!! Amazing 🤗🤗

  • Trina Eggert
    Trina Eggert 12 hours ago +2

    Not trying to be negative but last nights part 1 finale was so boring without Michael.

  • theysayshesbeautiful
    theysayshesbeautiful 13 hours ago

    they are so dumb for letting him go. i’ve been rooting for him since day 1 and he has never proved that he doesn’t deserve it. pure talent.

  • Vickie Baker
    Vickie Baker 14 hours ago

    Adore this young man...goodness and love with dwell and follow him all the days of his life....

  • mark smith
    mark smith 14 hours ago

    I am in love with Micheal J. Woodard. He is a national treasure and a star.

  • A True Fan
    A True Fan 17 hours ago +1

    Patti Labelle is performing tonight on the finale, and even SHE asked to meet and take a picture with Michael J. Now that is true star power! He is so deserving of everything coming his way.

    • Ana Carreno
      Ana Carreno 15 hours ago

      I know! I saw that. I hope Michael gets a solo in the finale! He deserves it so much! Such a shame he was not in the Top 3. he is way better than the other 3.

  • Adrien Bravo
    Adrien Bravo 23 hours ago +1

    I still cant believe ,michael is voted out

  • Doctor Mu
    Doctor Mu 23 hours ago +2

    I was watching the HORRIBLE FINAL performers. Just awful.
    Michael J Woodard is THE CHAMP. Need to hear this guy on a real record. TALENT. Some really hard accidentals, tough chords and key changes to manage here...and the kid is FLAWLESS!!!!

  • Joseph Rodriguez
    Joseph Rodriguez 23 hours ago

    he reminds me of burnell Taylor! am I the only one who thinks so?

  • Izannah Schaffer

    this show is rigged. michael deserved top 3 or more.

  • Bobbi Nunyabiz
    Bobbi Nunyabiz Day ago

    Still heartbroken that Michael didn't win. He will win in record sales! ❤️

  • José Garcia
    José Garcia Day ago

    Yes Yes Yes. You out my dude finally!! Was getting hard to watch 🙏

  • Jessica Shem.
    Jessica Shem. Day ago

    He need to go on the road and also he needs to sing in a movie almost like sister act

  • Wheelman 123
    Wheelman 123 Day ago +2

    I just watched American Idol 2018 videos (because they didn't air it in my country) and I immediately like him, I'm rooting for him to win, but I read the comments and.. noooo he's eliminated?!! That's really too bad :( his voice is so amazing :(

  • marie harris
    marie harris Day ago +3

    I am watching the show tonite but my heart isn't in it without Michael
    American Idol is a popularity contest not a talent contest. If it was a talent contest Michael, Ada and Journey would be up there tonite.
    I am not saying that Caleb isn't excellent . He is. But the level of talent and artistry of michael and Ada are in a class alone.
    Of the three tonite, I vote for Maddie. But it is Michael who steals my heart.

  • Chauntel Bland
    Chauntel Bland Day ago

    I hate to be the wet blanket in the bunch, but as a Yolanda Adams fan, this version didn’t really do much for me.
    There was just a lack of emotion for me that you would expect from Gospel music. But I guess this version did something for somebody. When you get Katy Perry talking holy, then you must have done something.

  • Lazarus Douvos
    Lazarus Douvos Day ago +4

    finale is not the the same without MJ

  • Bobby
    Bobby Day ago

    I cant beleve he lost ..american idol is racist just like america

  • Crystal Moncada
    Crystal Moncada Day ago +1

    He should’ve had made it !!!!! Love you Michael!!!!

  • Walter Kitchenman
    Walter Kitchenman Day ago +1

    He was better than anyone in song selection.On every show. Even with this song it's as if he and the judges knew he was going home. He is way more than a
    great singer.

  • Gavin Mula Moses 513

    It was so refreshing for the soul to see someone perform a Yolanda tune on such a grand stage. Many many blessings coming his way. There's so much more out there for him. He's the winner in my eyes. Such a real, pure artist.

  • Aguardina Santos
    Aguardina Santos Day ago +1

    Did they didn't vote becouse they expect he was save or they just been stupid.

  • mel fantastic
    mel fantastic Day ago +1

    Real talent

  • YaBoyDutch3
    YaBoyDutch3 Day ago +1


  • Kayode Oladimeji

    Want to learn how to sing? Check this out

  • Alexis Lexis
    Alexis Lexis Day ago +2

    THIS BOY DESERVED TO WIN , or at least be in the top 3 , absolutely gutted and disgusted , god some Americans don’t know how to vote

  • Darian MAdison
    Darian MAdison Day ago +1

    I cant stop crying

  • Sasha T.
    Sasha T. Day ago +3

    He's the winner

    He won this since his first audition

  • calabis
    calabis Day ago +1

    Doesnt look Disney pop...sorry that's the music scene now

  • Dale Jones
    Dale Jones Day ago +1

    why is he so hottttt

  • Cheryl Blossom
    Cheryl Blossom Day ago +1

    I get goosebumps every single time I hear his voice and I always get teary eyed, his voice is just magical. He was both mine and my fathers favourite and we thought it was obvious he was going to go through and possibly win it ALL.
    The people voting in this competition are crazy, I'm just saying.

  • third eye order
    third eye order Day ago

    He got voted off because he looks to much like wayne brady and abc is still mad at wayne brady for leaving.

  • Rhys Taylor
    Rhys Taylor Day ago +2


  • Rhys Taylor
    Rhys Taylor Day ago +1

    U BETTER SANG. ❤️❤️❤️😢😢😢

  • enchiladas66
    enchiladas66 2 days ago +1

    People need to continue watching American Idol. This is so much better than the Voice or any other singing competition. At least everyone in America has a chance to enter a vote unlike the Voice. I may not be happy with my favorite getting voted off but that won't keep from watching because so many are so great to hear sing and the judges are fun to watch. Please don't ever cancel American Idol again!

  • Change Jackson
    Change Jackson 2 days ago

    I honestly think American Idol is about sex appeal because all the people that can actually sing and have bone chilling talent got sent home.

  • Keandra McNeil
    Keandra McNeil 2 days ago +1

    The first lines just spoke to every part of my heart. Almost made me uncomfortable lol this kid has a beautiful gift and it’s been such a joy to watch him on this show.

  • Glau Figueiredo
    Glau Figueiredo 2 days ago +1

    This kid is pure talent, a true artist. Not necessarily an ordinary “American idol”. In the future he may become an international idol. Most of the past winners didn’t accomplish much after the show. But I think he will, he’s unique

  • TingMania
    TingMania 2 days ago +1

    Now Michael is gone. This season was officially over.....

    CARMEN B 2 days ago +1

    I can't imagine he didnt make it. He is for me the most amazing the greatest singer. I love him so much. No one compares. I want the industry to do in sort this artist makes cds and gives shows. Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!! The company who will decide to sign him up will make money coming out their ears. This singer has to make it through the industry somehow. I will support him for a long time to come.

  • Elicia Morris
    Elicia Morris 2 days ago +4

    Dang! It's like he stuck his hand in my chest and pulled out my soul. DAMN THIS BOY IS AMAZING!

    • Raquel Cuello
      Raquel Cuello Day ago +1

      Elicia Morris i feel the same as you. He is a master of melody. Can't get enough of his music.👍

  • Nancy Stone
    Nancy Stone 2 days ago +2


  • Lhitz De leon
    Lhitz De leon 2 days ago +5

    One of my fave. I love Caleb too but I think Michael with this performance proved that he deserve the spot on the finale

  • Eisra A.
    Eisra A. 2 days ago +3

    He makes EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. HIS. OWN!!! a winner in my eyes!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Miu Meyer
    Miu Meyer 2 days ago +2

    I will not continue to watch American Idol ,I’m here just to watch Michael and feel his songs.Im so sad

  • Miu Meyer
    Miu Meyer 2 days ago +2

    I could also cry!I need his album !he is different he could give the meaning of music...

  • K Schallert
    K Schallert 2 days ago +3

    Michael you are a STAR! You came in at the Top 5 people in all of the Country! That is AMAZING!!! You NEVER give up! Keep singing (as if anyone could stop. you) and you will move the mountains with your voice, your precious sweet spirit, and the genuine love you radiate. I'm watching every one of your videos over and over again, I just LOVE you so much! I'm probably your oldest fan too. I'm a 61 year old great grandma, singer-songwriter, music teacher, and I know the real thing when I see it! You! You are the real deal! Keep on refining that beautiful gift God has given you and you will change the world! God Bless You Michael J!

  • melintine x
    melintine x 3 days ago +1

    Peaceful and relaxing voice

  • Beth Wagner
    Beth Wagner 3 days ago +2

    Michael should have been able to pick the songs that went w/ his style, not be forced to sing country. If there had been a night of singing broad way songs, Michael would have won this hands down. His best song was Cabaret.

  • Florence Truong
    Florence Truong 3 days ago

    I'm not crying... ahhh

  • Becky Ramroop
    Becky Ramroop 3 days ago +1

    I love u michael

  • Marissa Leuterio
    Marissa Leuterio 3 days ago +1

    Michael i love u so much u are amazing goodluck boy... We love u

  • Hikim Harper
    Hikim Harper 3 days ago +3

    Im disappointed, but grateful he was able to showcase his talent, and share it with us.

  • Louis Ingram
    Louis Ingram 3 days ago

    Saint Michael JMW, great closing I saw in your eyes tears for the first time, 12 years you have been doing this, with no tears. The Stage was set for your Crucifixion, then the Tree of life sprouts from your feet. Wow, You Baptized so many with the Holy Spirit, some are still not awake yet.. "If there is a Devil, then there is a GOD". Keep The Faith.

  • Jerri Patterson
    Jerri Patterson 3 days ago +3

    You are destined for greatness young man. You had my vote

  • Latrisa Rogers
    Latrisa Rogers 3 days ago +1

    American Idol, what did you come back for? It's hard to believe your real "winner" is off the show. Politics and haters; don't know which is worse. Mr. Woodard, your voice is platinum with gold words. You clearly send waves of emotions to my soul and others. Your personality, loveable. Your stage presence is heart and soul compelling. Your smile is what the world needs, especially in the times we're living in now. Don't change anything about yourself, God will take care of that and will continue to give you ALL you need. Your mother birthed a chosen one. You are a VERY rare commodity. Much love and continued success to you. And to your mother, God bless you ma'am, you have to be just as remarkable as your son. Love ya young man. Can't wait for your album.

  • Hamid Partia
    Hamid Partia 3 days ago +1

    Michael, You are amazing man, bravo

  • hakeemdj368
    hakeemdj368 3 days ago +2

    the real star no need to be a winner ... and Michael is just one of the next stars of America. Good luck Michael. you have a style...
    btw, how many idol winners do not become a big star? why? maybe because they are not real stars...just a winner of song fest...

  • Yuri Villarin
    Yuri Villarin 3 days ago +2

    MJ,thank you for the great experience your music and artistry brought to us, your fans. You never failed to give us a fresh and unique experience everytime you went up on stage. Get yourself ready for the world! We love you!

  • Maison de Roshe
    Maison de Roshe 3 days ago +1

    I got so emotional watching this

  • Mandell Mann
    Mandell Mann 3 days ago +4

    This kid can sing any genre. He is totally amazing! I hope to hear him sing the full version of “I still rise”

  • Lucy Lu
    Lucy Lu 3 days ago +1

    will not be watching now he's gone. SO SAD.... Merica a how u do dat???????????

  • marie harris
    marie harris 3 days ago +2

    Dear one, you are Blessed by God. When you sing I am breathless. My soul is moved beyond belief. I have never heard anyone like you.
    I lOVE you and support you
    Stay on this path. You have a DIVINE GIFT. LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU.

  • marie harris
    marie harris 3 days ago +5

    Well I am devastated. Michael is the most talented and amazing singer I have heard in years. His talent is of DIVINE ORIGIN. I cannot even believe he was not voted in the finals.
    He will succeed anyway. But America you weren't sensitive enough to appreciate the purity and absolute beauty of his voice and his performance.
    Michael I love you. Keep on going dear one. You ate Divinely anointed.
    Without a doubt.

  • kim frising
    kim frising 4 days ago +3

    everyone loves this unbelievable shining young man. hes the best contender in my eyes and ears.. song chioces, bang on little brother. i also have alot of faith in all and in you. we will miss you for now and patiently wait for the bigger yet to come. this aint it, i know. all the love and prayers for you my micheal. kimbo from winnipeg manitoba canada p.s.you helped alot of people with everything that you do and touch. i dont know if you realize it or not, but you do.

  • Alicia Montgomery
    Alicia Montgomery 4 days ago

    I absolutely LOVE him!!!

  • Alicia Montgomery
    Alicia Montgomery 4 days ago +1

    I am soooo upset that he didn’t go through! I cut it off immediately and said I don’t want to see anymore! But I know he’ll be in the finale, so I’ll watch it. He will get signed though! This isn’t the last we will see from Michael J. Woodard!

  • jefrey padilla
    jefrey padilla 4 days ago

    You are an amazing singer! I am your fan!

  • Virginia Varilla
    Virginia Varilla 4 days ago

    i think his a humble person. God bless him.

  • Ms. Naj
    Ms. Naj 4 days ago +1

    Wow amazing! I cried. Something about it

  • Kianoosh Akbari
    Kianoosh Akbari 4 days ago

    no matter whats happened im still a believer in you micheal j woodard and i cant wait to listen your first albume and ofcourse next ones. love you so much bro

  • Matthew Foster
    Matthew Foster 4 days ago

    Judges SAVE!!!!!! Please, we all love him.

  • Meza Gallardo
    Meza Gallardo 4 days ago +1

    He is a gift from God. I really love this boy. Listening to him make me happy.

  • yeongiwon1
    yeongiwon1 4 days ago +3

    My friend! You are champion!

  • Renee Cassandra
    Renee Cassandra 4 days ago

    Michael J should have been in the finale, and crowned the Winner, he was the Best Performer, and Singer with so much Love,and Happiness on stage, and way more entertaining then the final three,.. No longer watching American Idol, without Michael J it won't be the same. # Michael J is the Winner for me Always!👏🏻👌👑

  • Rebecca Gross
    Rebecca Gross 4 days ago

    sing that song

  • Ann Robert
    Ann Robert 4 days ago

    You good guy

  • Tammy Adams528
    Tammy Adams528 4 days ago

    well I just found out he lost so the show just ended for me. This young man is INCREDIBLE and they know damn well he should have gone all the way... what kind of foolery is this?????

  • Saulo Pedrosa
    Saulo Pedrosa 4 days ago +1

    He is the best. No doubt.

  • Micheal Singleton
    Micheal Singleton 4 days ago

    I am just going to stop looking at these shows really because you can't tell me this kid wasn't a winner!!! Smh. Michael you will be the next Jennifer Hudson!

  • Sharon Dixon
    Sharon Dixon 4 days ago

    Im a little late with this but isnt funny howGod put this song on Michaelsheart after the results were read its kikehe prepared him in h his sprit That in the name of jesus you shall rise!!keep the faith Mj God got you and we cant wait to see where hes taking you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Joyce Wyatt
    Joyce Wyatt 4 days ago +1

    Can someone please take him with you on a tour

  • Priscilla McGhee
    Priscilla McGhee 4 days ago

    So I was devastated to see you didn't go further, I actually cried.....but know MJW you are AWESOME and God's has plans for you. Keeping following your dream, soar! I can't wait to see whats coming next for you. Glad to see your MOM! America you made a mistake but his opportunity will come. MJW ************

  • Lisa Burnett
    Lisa Burnett 4 days ago +1


  • Per Henriksson
    Per Henriksson 4 days ago +1

    the only one with a true original voice. You can always say when it is a Michael Woodard interpretation and voice and I cannot say that about any of the others

  • Cindy Atkinson
    Cindy Atkinson 4 days ago

    I can't watch this any more. Michael is gone

  • Cindy Atkinson
    Cindy Atkinson 4 days ago

    I watched this just to see him he should have made it. No matter what I want his first record

  • Smiley Emmanuel
    Smiley Emmanuel 4 days ago

    So sad..the reason why is the same reason country music still sales..THEY SUPPORT THE ARTIST! They still buy albums,they vote etc..He will be fine as long as people support his art.

  • Valerie Pearson
    Valerie Pearson 4 days ago +1

    Soooo beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • oyindolapo adeyanju
    oyindolapo adeyanju 4 days ago +1

    There is no winner this season.. they just robbed the winner

  • Bashful ghosh
    Bashful ghosh 4 days ago

    It kills me how we won't get an At Your Best cover from Michael in the finale, that would be amazing to see live.

  • Matty
    Matty 4 days ago +1

    Tbh going out early is probably better for his singing career, that’s how it usually goes

  • Saale Gokart
    Saale Gokart 4 days ago

    america doesnt like niggas, i think hes very unique, his titanium version is high class

  • Nandar Sunandar
    Nandar Sunandar 4 days ago

    OMG!!! He touch my heart 😢😢😢