Teens React To Try Not To Cry Challenge

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
  • Try Not To Cry Challenge reacted to by Teens. Original links below.
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    Teens take on the Try Not to Cry Challenge. Watch to see their Reactions.
    Content Featured:
    Surprise Military Family Welcome Home at South Carolina Football Game
    Toy Story 3 - So Long Partner
    Ripple - To The Good Samaritans In Our Lives: Thank You
    Marc Mero's Emotional Mother's Day Story
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    Reactors Featured:
    Chloe, age 14
    Jayka, age 16
    Marlhy, age 16
    Jeremiah, age 17
    Ulises, age 17
    Jillian, age 18
    Rae, age 18
    Troy, age 18
    Logan, age 19
    Mikaela, age 19
    Reina, age 19
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    Teens React #226: Teens React To Try Not To Cry Challenge
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Comments • 13 455

  • FBE
    FBE  Month ago +2655

    Big thanks to Logan Shroyer star of NBC's "This Is Us" for guest starring in today's episode!
    - FBE Team

  • Isabella Maiello
    Isabella Maiello Month ago +2

    He forth one made me Hysterical cry 😭my mom is the world 🌎

  • A TS
    A TS Month ago +2

    Troy looks like Tfue

  • Physbo
    Physbo Month ago +2

    I'm sorry internet but I feel no emotion at all for Toy Story

  • Fabs2585 Borillo
    Fabs2585 Borillo Month ago +1

    10:56 why do your eyes do that?

  • Jack Treasurer
    Jack Treasurer Month ago +1

    Omg the 4th video made me cry my mum means the world to me and if I lost her I would never be able to carry on. I love you mum❀️❀️❀️

  • Clara Cuthbert
    Clara Cuthbert Month ago +3


  • Jaedyn Laanstra
    Jaedyn Laanstra Month ago +1


  • Landry Lee
    Landry Lee Month ago

    The scene from the help on the end always makes me cry

  • Ozarazil
    Ozarazil Month ago +3

    Why some women flap their hands when they cry? Hahaha their tears aren't going to dryp up from just that haha

  • Shawn Al-Muizz Ezri Hazriq

    Is it just me or Troy look like tfue

    • Devanee Valenzuela
      Devanee Valenzuela Month ago

      Shawn Al-Muizz Ezri Hazriq I actually searched it upπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚so no u aren’t

  • Dank Jerry The Mouse
    Dank Jerry The Mouse Month ago +2

    Man tears are here ;_;

  • drizzybawse ovo
    drizzybawse ovo Month ago +3

    I love you mom

  • Toni Wagdi
    Toni Wagdi Month ago +7

    One of the boys that was reacting looks like andy from toy story

  • Andrew Tan
    Andrew Tan Month ago +2

    6:45 is she use SAGE MODE?????


  • Seouleatr
    Seouleatr Month ago +1

    Mom Videos are not okay!

  • Abdulloh Rejapov
    Abdulloh Rejapov Month ago +5

    i've had the saddest story

    i didn't cry in this video *dab*

  • bangtan_ fanlizo
    bangtan_ fanlizo Month ago +1

    Omg i cryingg

  • Itzmeh Ellie
    Itzmeh Ellie Month ago +3

    I just cry on the video 2

  • Nina Vallis
    Nina Vallis Month ago +3

    Logan is so beautiful 😍

  • Jere
    Jere Month ago +4

    If there were clip of fives dieying i dont even know how hard the emotions would have gone

  • Shanon HR
    Shanon HR Month ago +2

    I didn't even cry once...

    I cried Twice :')

    • Gillian Dela Cruz
      Gillian Dela Cruz Month ago

      Lol yeah.. I didn't need emotions today 😭😭😭😭

  • Chat Rosal
    Chat Rosal Month ago +1

    React to jollibe special series

  • Dart icles
    Dart icles Month ago +2

    I started crying on the 4 won 😭😭😭😭😭😒😒😒😒

  • Ezzybola Is my Instagram

    I have no feelings

  • Master eevee
    Master eevee Month ago +1

    Number four got me to

  • Master eevee
    Master eevee Month ago +1

    Ok number 3 got me

  • Master eevee
    Master eevee Month ago +1

    I,m on 2nd vid but ain’t crying

  • Crystal Boi7u
    Crystal Boi7u Month ago +1

    I cried on the fourth vid

  • Garrett R
    Garrett R Month ago +1

    This just made me smile a lot

  • Keven Rosario
    Keven Rosario Month ago

    Its funny for me but the kid doesnt know what hes doing at 2:03

  • yasmin reyes
    yasmin reyes Month ago +1

    Bro the mom one got me,cuz today I had a fight with my mom...

  • Swift TheMiningManiack

    Next Do Teen React to The Tucker Zone plz

  • Lydia j. cat girl
    Lydia j. cat girl Month ago +5

    Toy stories 3 I cryed

  • Yellow Diaster342
    Yellow Diaster342 Month ago +5

    Number 4 got me tearing

  • Brian Solano
    Brian Solano Month ago

    Everybody I have a dare listen to the weeknd without singing at least one word or dancing

  • Vanilla Beans
    Vanilla Beans Month ago +2

    Didn’t cry once.

    • yasmin reyes
      yasmin reyes Month ago

      Vanilla Beans
      Ur a solis person
      Lol jk

  • Luna Draws
    Luna Draws Month ago +4

    Someone make them cry about Gabe he dog last words...

  • Juan Carmona
    Juan Carmona Month ago +2

    Me vid 4 WAAAAAAA

  • Juan Carmona
    Juan Carmona Month ago +3

    Me:watches vid 3
    Me:PlOT twIsT

  • little cooly08
    little cooly08 Month ago +6

    My mom:boys and man don't cry
    Me:oh rlly
    My mom:yes
    Me:watch the vid mom!

  • Aukse Aukse
    Aukse Aukse Month ago +5

    The mom one got my 😭

  • Olivia Ryan
    Olivia Ryan Month ago +2

    I cried about the mom one

  • Slimer life
    Slimer life Month ago +4

    On the 4th video is was like no stop plz

  • Kitty Unicorn
    Kitty Unicorn Month ago +2

    I didn't cry but some just made my day c=

  • Brookie Livingston
    Brookie Livingston Month ago +3

    I’m not crying you are!!!
    No no I am crying. We all are!!!

  • Deepa Block
    Deepa Block Month ago +1

    i stoped at nine mins i cant handle this its to sad

  • ap 4735
    ap 4735 Month ago

    the mom one is sad

  • ap 4735
    ap 4735 Month ago

    they mom one is dado :(

  • Troy Whisenant
    Troy Whisenant Month ago

    None of them made me cry

  • Willows awesome world
    Willows awesome world Month ago +3


  • Samantha Lynn
    Samantha Lynn Month ago +1

    I lost at Toy Story 3. I couldn’t contain it

  • rxdddrxses
    rxdddrxses Month ago +1

    the fourth one got me

  • PugPing
    PugPing Month ago +2

    11:33 anybody notice the kindness video go up a point?

  • Edward Workman
    Edward Workman Month ago +1

    i definitly give the mom one a 55555

  • Alaska_dreamer*cookie! 5

    The toy story got me soooo hard and the 4th one

  • Yoeus and Bawi
    Yoeus and Bawi Month ago

    I cried so hard

  • Simran Jakhu
    Simran Jakhu Month ago +1

    I cried at school because my favourite teacher left my heart and school

  • Simona Ronca
    Simona Ronca Month ago +3


  • Pyrablitz 19
    Pyrablitz 19 Month ago +1

    The 4th one got me

  • HannahPlayz -Fortnite and More!

    I legitimately cried at the 4th one it was so sad πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”

  • Cool George
    Cool George Month ago +5

    But the one with the mum is super sad

  • Cool George
    Cool George Month ago +3

    The first one got me

  • Mike Pabst
    Mike Pabst Month ago +1

    Try not to cry to the chrismas shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!##!!!

    WHYEE Month ago +1

    4:38 we love Singapore short films.. HAAH

  • Peter Schmalz
    Peter Schmalz Month ago +1

    Homecoming videos always make cry

  • Satisfying Sisters08
    Satisfying Sisters08 Month ago +2

    The 4th vid made me cry so hard

  • Hermie Bin Md Tahir
    Hermie Bin Md Tahir Month ago +3

    Has there ever been Furious 7 ending in this kinda video? That scene was sad dude! And it's real life than the videos you're showing smh

  • Jefferson Dela Cruz
    Jefferson Dela Cruz Month ago +2

    I did not cry in 2018 im still a kid for real

  • Lawand Gamer x
    Lawand Gamer x Month ago +7

    10:59 damn boyyyyyy

  • Nathan Gaming
    Nathan Gaming Month ago +6

    Dang!! TOY STORY GET ME😒😒

  • Charlotte Erekose
    Charlotte Erekose Month ago +8

    Video 4 got me

  • Tumambing Clan
    Tumambing Clan Month ago

    Marthy from the chicken girlsssds

  • Migo Abunio
    Migo Abunio Month ago +4

    The toy story is so sad because andy gave woody to the girl if you agree πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  • Kevin Kreutzer
    Kevin Kreutzer Month ago

    Dang I must have no heart I give all these vids 1

  • 706mobbin
    706mobbin Month ago +1

    Done subscribing

  • Atzhary Sanchez
    Atzhary Sanchez Month ago +2

    I cryed so much that snot came out :...(.... I said ewww me

    oh on the toy story

      HELLO THERE Month ago

      Little Rock on the Stage light I’m sorry but.... cried*

  • amina
    amina Month ago +5

    okay but honestly the Jessie scene in toy story 2 makes me more emotional. Everything was beautiful, and then Jessie was left for years alone, like...so sad.

  • Marrshmellow Fluff
    Marrshmellow Fluff Month ago +1

    I only cried at the toy story one because I watched the video on who Andy’s dad was and where woody came from and daaaaaaaaaaaasssamn

  • Sofia Reyes`
    Sofia Reyes` Month ago +1

    The scene from Toy Story 3 was the best scene I've ever seen. With Bonnie to carry the torch now that Andy's no longer the gang's owner, I can see a ton more adventures happening when the FOURTH film makes it's debut! Who knows what Woody, Buzz, and the others might do then? #PlayBig #ToyStory4

  • Megan Burr
    Megan Burr Month ago +1

    mobile.twitter.com/cwassoint/status/1071477645932683265?s=12 this will get em

  • The musical Style
    The musical Style Month ago +2

    I cried with toy story 3

  • Kookie Kookieplayz
    Kookie Kookieplayz Month ago +1

    On 4 and number 3. I cries

  • Kookie Kookieplayz
    Kookie Kookieplayz Month ago +1

    I just wiped my tears and started crying again

  • SuperGirly _Gamer
    SuperGirly _Gamer Month ago

    I have a heart. I always feel sad and happy. I love everything in my life. 😘

  • Mikayla Cameron
    Mikayla Cameron Month ago

    The fourth one is a message about mothers love

  • Adelyn de Guzman
    Adelyn de Guzman Month ago +3

    The mom one got me hard. I literally had to pause it to prevent me from actually crying. Yooo 😫

    GOOEY DRAGON Month ago

    No kingdom hearts?? Smh

  • Brayson White
    Brayson White Month ago +6

    I Cry on mom one

  • Danny Plays
    Danny Plays Month ago +4

    for the mom one i cried for a half an hour then my mom came up to me and i said to my mom i love you and gave her a big hug and stayed their for ten minutes

  • Reginald Shaw
    Reginald Shaw Month ago

    5 on the guy

  • Sadie Thomas
    Sadie Thomas Month ago +2

    almost cried on the mom one

  • FanGirl 2121
    FanGirl 2121 Month ago +4

    That's gonna be when I see the "How To Train Your Dragon:The Hidden World" movie..
    welp, wish me luck in February... I might not come back alive...

  • gacha wolf killer XP
    gacha wolf killer XP Month ago +2

    There making a part 4 on the toy story

  • Slay Gurl
    Slay Gurl Month ago +3

    I didn’t cry for any of them but the mom one was sad but I didn’t cry

  • Panda Baby
    Panda Baby Month ago

    my cow boy

  • panda sings
    panda sings Month ago +1

    I cried on number 4

  • Gamer LUKE GL
    Gamer LUKE GL Month ago

    I saw Jakas tears

  • Angel Ghost
    Angel Ghost Month ago

    My score
    Vid 1-0
    Vid 2-1
    Vid 4-3
    Vid 3-6
    Number 3 made me actually cry for him