Is It Quicker To Walk London's Shortest Tube Journey?

  • Published on Aug 30, 2019
  • The distance between Leicester Square and Covent Garden Tube stations is just 270 metres, so that does mean it's quicker to walk it than to take the train?
    We tried an experiement simulating if you were coming down the Northern Line heading for Covent Garden - should you change to the Piccadilly Line or just get out at Leicester Square and walk?
    The map used in this video is the incredible 'Carto Metro' you can download that here:
    Also, as Covent Garden is the most heavily used deep-level station served solely by lifts on the Tube, TfL themselves once tried to encourage people in 2005 (in a campaign called "Don't Follow the Crowd") to NOT take the train to Covent Garden, here's their press release:

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  • Mark Flatt
    Mark Flatt 11 hours ago

    Assuming the walker is a) able bodied and b) knows where they are going...๐Ÿค” test it with a disabled person and a non londoner...would be interesting to see...

  • Anthony Kernich
    Anthony Kernich 2 days ago

    cash fare is ยฃ4.90 lmao - you could probably get a taxi cheaper than that

  • Lea Smith
    Lea Smith 4 days ago

    But like is no one gonna me too the guy running @3.42 and still going @10.29 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Rosie Harris
    Rosie Harris 4 days ago

    Was the taxi ride quicker?

  • Angel Mcfadden
    Angel Mcfadden 5 days ago

    I always walk from Tottenham Court Road to Leicester Square.

  • Ad Ri
    Ad Ri 5 days ago

    I always thought journey between Embankment and Charring Cross (Northern Line) was the shortest

  • Poppy Driver
    Poppy Driver 6 days ago +1

    I really thought I'd walk up the stairs in Covent Garden Station today. That was a huge mistake.

  • Norma Edwards
    Norma Edwards 7 days ago

    You look both 27 and 57.

  • LaLaLand
    LaLaLand 9 days ago

    i might be nitpicking but she seems like she is speed walking whilst he is strolling. that might affect results again.

  • Janette Miller
    Janette Miller 10 days ago

    I often wondered about this as I had to use the Northern Line and I worked in Covent Garden. Now I know! The lift at Covent Garden could take a wait too in my day. Very creeky! Looks as if it has improved.

  • Diva Queen
    Diva Queen 10 days ago

    This was fun and informative - I liked and enjoyed it, thank you! x

  • Ken Young
    Ken Young 12 days ago +7

    My advice. Always avoid stations with lifts. They're slow, crowded and everyone hates queuing up for them and then competing for wall space. Yuk.

  • Jack Shiels
    Jack Shiels 12 days ago

    9:24 *IT'S REALLY WINDY*

  • Bne
    Bne 12 days ago +1

    Pretty sure the shortest distance is bank to monument

  • Rhys Groombridge
    Rhys Groombridge 16 days ago +1

    its enjoyable that you did an entire video to prove something i've known my whole life. it's always been quicker to get to covent garden from Leicester square station. especially in the past when the lifts at covent garden seemed to always be broken

  • poteyatocheapp
    poteyatocheapp 17 days ago

    6:58 im so sorry my ears are just dumb af ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • David Forcer
    David Forcer 22 days ago

    You remind me of Robert Batty

  • Daanyaal Khan
    Daanyaal Khan 22 days ago

    plz do paddington n edgeware

  • Mr Francesco31
    Mr Francesco31 22 days ago

    To be honest I do the Piccadilly line everyday personally I think Leicester Square to Piccadilly Circus is more closer. Literally itโ€™s basically walking from Five guys to the hippodrome casino which is like 3-4mins walk.

  • rahmah mohamed
    rahmah mohamed 23 days ago +1

    Came up in my recommend and it was definitely worth watching!!!!

  • North Face Ninja
    North Face Ninja 25 days ago

    That guys hair looks ridiculous

  • Ra Ch
    Ra Ch 26 days ago

    you really took the time out of your day to do this! sad times

  • Isabel Alexander
    Isabel Alexander 26 days ago

    aw i love the underground system

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson 26 days ago

    Bloody Brilliant

  • Frankie Emily
    Frankie Emily 26 days ago

    when he was walking the second time I saw the far from home posted and I shouted SPIDER-MAN ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • CGK Ty
    CGK Ty 26 days ago

    2:27 who's the badderz

  • Hamilton_Edits 147
    Hamilton_Edits 147 27 days ago

    Does anyone know if Victoria Palace Theatre is near Victoria coach station? If so how far

  • Andrew Burchell
    Andrew Burchell 27 days ago

    Apparently 138 people do this tube journey a day...

  • ThatGunnerJay
    ThatGunnerJay 28 days ago

    Wow. I thought, Cannon Street to Mansion House was the shortest

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson Month ago

    Do a eurotunnel video

  • Oceaan Planeet
    Oceaan Planeet Month ago

    Tubemapper looks like a nice guy. I'll check out his work.

  • English Cider Lover
    English Cider Lover Month ago +1

    Queensway to Bayswater must be a pretty short walk. They're on the same street, if I remember rightly.

    • Faris Mallick
      Faris Mallick 28 days ago

      English Cider Lover not on the same line

  • Lawrence Simmons
    Lawrence Simmons Month ago

    er.....Chesham and Chalfont an Latimer. 4 miles

  • Lawrence Simmons
    Lawrence Simmons Month ago

    so what's the longest interval between any two tube stations?

  • Eduard
    Eduard Month ago

    Did it before

  • idontsleeplol lol
    idontsleeplol lol Month ago

    Interesting but this is only using two people who don't appear to have physical disabilities. If you wanted to further study this experiment you would have to do it for people with wheelchairs or limited mobility. It maybe that one of the platforms isn't accessible etc

    • Isobella Brett
      Isobella Brett Month ago +1

      They aren't you have to travel a completely different way to Covent Garden. Leicester Sq is stairs gallore.

  • Terrus Ciekawostki
    Terrus Ciekawostki Month ago +1

    I know you from Discord xD You were giving me food in Discord Fast Food! Or was it fake account...

  • The.Clarice. World
    The.Clarice. World Month ago

    You are so right loool...I never realised it but the two stations are very pretty close, just two streets away actually....great vid thanks

  • Gates2Aion
    Gates2Aion Month ago

    I think theres one shorter than that, its DLR though and is literally under 20 seconds from one stop to the other

  • 2double0BOI
    2double0BOI Month ago

    Train wanking Ulrich

  • Social Gadfly
    Social Gadfly Month ago

    Easier to walk and faster, but you got to know the way (turns) or you end up either going to low (Charing cross) or too high Tottenham Court Road shafts-berry Avenue side. This was the story of my life used to work at the mall coming from east London.

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Month ago +1

    I used to have to travel through London on my way from the North to the South, and always used to leave the station at Kings Cross and walk to Euston, just to break up the journey. I've no idea if it was quicker or not :-)

  • Richard Wild
    Richard Wild Month ago

    But which is cheaper?

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Month ago

      costs the same if you are already on the Tube, as they are in the same zone

  • Acb Tyson
    Acb Tyson Month ago

    I generally avoid exiting at Leceister Square at all costs. It's my least favourite underground station. It's almost always busier and more chaotic than Vicky experienced in this video. I'm willing to give up 4 minutes just to have a more pleasant journey.

  • Arbeitnehmeranwalt Stรผhler-Walter

    At both stations I realy miss one thin each.
    At Leicester Square station on the northern line branch coming from the north I miss the old announcement: "THIS is Leicester Squaaaaare. Change here for the Picadilly Liiine. Next station is Tottenham Court Road!"
    And arround Covent Garden station I definitely miss the fudges shop, that has been there and now seems to just have disappeared ...

  • David James
    David James Month ago

    You two are adorable!

  • Lia Hatzakis
    Lia Hatzakis Month ago


  • Ben Petter
    Ben Petter Month ago

    Goldhawk Road to Shepherdโ€™s Bush Market is shorter distance

    • Archie
      Archie Month ago

      No it is not, the distance & time is longer for that journey (considerably in the grand scheme of things)

  • Tarek Grant
    Tarek Grant Month ago

    It's funny because I work right there and have seen tourists go into the station at Leicester Square and come out at Covent garden because they don't know any better, its only about a minute walk but I guess it helps that I have a skateboard which cuts my time down by about 2 thirds

  • Adrian Thoroughgood
    Adrian Thoroughgood Month ago +6

    Why didn't you take it in turns rather than make Vicky do all the walking?

    • ้™ˆๅŒ—ๅฎ—
      ้™ˆๅŒ—ๅฎ— 20 days ago

      They anticipated that walking would be faster, so Vicki takes the likely faster route despite being slower on foot, while giving the likely slower route to Geoff who is faster on foot for a better chance of winning the races. Since Vicki consistently won all three test races despite her slower walking speed, this proves the point better as the winning route is given a handicap while the losing route is given an advantage.

  • Charl
    Charl Month ago

    Iโ€™m very lazy so imma take the tube ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Brian McGuinness
    Brian McGuinness Month ago +47

    You make the most interesting/boring videos ever. So weird. But I keep watching.

    • p123
      p123 22 days ago +2

      Agreed, same here. I think it's because he's a charming nerd.

    • Mr Crackers
      Mr Crackers 22 days ago

      Brian McGuinness thatโ€™s a good way of saying it literally a video of people walking around London with monotone voices but I stayed to the end

  • Commander Liquor
    Commander Liquor Month ago +1

    Now this is classic Geoff Marshall stuff I signed up for!

  • SoulShows
    SoulShows Month ago

    And then the lovely geeks rubbed their naughty parts together for roughly 15 minutes and said it was a good day!

  • Dylan O
    Dylan O Month ago

    Anyone know the song he uses in the background btw? Thanks for any help!

    • Dylan O
      Dylan O Month ago

      @CharlieLS Yo you are literally so funny like you are without a doubt the funniest person ive ever heard

    • CharlieLS
      CharlieLS Month ago

      Dylan O darude sandstorm

  • K-Fan
    K-Fan Month ago

    This video made me wonder about the depth of Leicester Sq. versus Covent Garden stations. In the process, I came across this great set of charts for the depth of tube stations (click on the Download a PDF link at the bottom), that probably some here already know as The Londonist has published two article on it. Based on the graph (using TFL data) Covent garden is 37 meters below the ground level, and Leicester Sq. is 33 meters or a difference of about 4 meters which is about three stories (a story is about 3 to 3.3 meters depending on who you ask - Geoff used 3.04m/story for his calculations). The ground level rises from Leicester Sq. to Covent G. about 3 meters (or about one story) and the tube appears to go about 1 meter lower.

    Another interesting factoid for Geoff fans is that if you divide the official depth (37m) by the official number of steps of 193 at Covent Garden it comes to approximately 19cm whereas Geoff measured in his "All Tube Stations have 15 Stories" video the step's rise to be 17cm. Maybe there are some rounding errors and some level changes that are not part of the 193 "official" steps or Geoff measured a short step rise (although all steps in a single staircase are supposed to have the same rise).

    Based on Dan Silva's charts, Covent Garden is 37m or about 11 to 12 stories based on a 3 to 3.3-meter story.

  • includenull
    includenull Month ago

    I need to know where I can get that tshirt.

  • Robert Gambling
    Robert Gambling Month ago

    On the BMT Brighton Beach Line are two stations that are about 500 feet (152m) apart. They are Beverly Road and Cortelyou Road. Looking at a Google Map aerial, the platform ends seem to be slightly less than 500 feet (152m) apart. But, the station entry head houses seem to be about 800 (244m) to 900 (274m) feet apart. A Q train of ten cars is 600 (183m) feet long, so a train going from one station to the other can simultaneously platform the ends of both stations briefly.

  • Girish Kamath
    Girish Kamath Month ago

    8:01 lol, Cockfosters

  • THjelm
    THjelm Month ago

    Would it have made any notable difference to have arrived at Leicester Square on a northbound train instead? I mean, considering how platforms are aligned, stairs etc.

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Month ago

      I doubt it as the platforms are side by side at the same level