Ghostbusters (2016) - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Aug 3, 2016
  • I ain't afraid of no reboot! The Nostalgia Critic tackles the 2016 Ghostbusters movie.
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Comments • 20 937

  • Noriantactician5671
    Noriantactician5671 4 hours ago

    That bit about forgetting to breathe. That actually happened to me once. I woke up and my shirt collar was in a position where it felt like I was being strangled and I forgot to breathe because I actually thought I was being strangled. Who else had a problem like that, and if you did what was your situation?

  • David Boucher
    David Boucher 5 hours ago

    GHOSTBUSTERS 3 2020 BABY oh yeah!

  • Geneva Mode
    Geneva Mode 11 hours ago

    "anorexic ones apparently" I think you mean bulimic.

  • Zece Kobold
    Zece Kobold 19 hours ago

    My biggest disappointment with this whole fiasco..? We never got the damned Hi-C Ecto Coolers here.

  • Hedi Dhraief
    Hedi Dhraief 21 hour ago

    Who came back after the real ghostbusters 3 announcement ??

  • Connor Davis
    Connor Davis 23 hours ago

    "You guys realize the Ghostbusters 3 movie never happened because of this one guy"
    That joke did not age well

  • Bryan Johnstone
    Bryan Johnstone Day ago

    You know we could have just said it was a Sony movie and leave it at that.
    A company that specializes in soulless movies.

  • Spazzboy911
    Spazzboy911 Day ago +1

    GB3 trailer has dropped

  • Matthew Moran
    Matthew Moran 2 days ago +1

    And now, Sony is making a "Ghostbusters 3" just to please the Goddamn fans. 😤

  • Madison Rouse
    Madison Rouse 2 days ago

    13:03 - squeak

  • Cracker Jack03
    Cracker Jack03 2 days ago

    The idea of the logo being a warning to ghosts is amazing. They use it from a graffiti artist is dumb they didn't have their own idea.

  • Jacob Rengen
    Jacob Rengen 2 days ago

    I completely agree with the nostalgia critic

  • Jacob Rengen
    Jacob Rengen 2 days ago

    I completely agree with the nostalgia critic

  • James Ferran
    James Ferran 3 days ago

    Wow that opening sketch. The backlash against the AVGN was ridiculous.

  • Disconnected.
    Disconnected. 3 days ago

    The longest intro ever

  • Justin 95
    Justin 95 3 days ago

    Just out of curiosity as I just started watching Nostalgia critics videos why did he stop using footage from the actual movies and go with his friends playing dress up? I feel like him reviewing the actual footage was much better. Just curious

  • TXNICK96
    TXNICK96 3 days ago

    “You keep saying that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

  • S0cialRebellion
    S0cialRebellion 4 days ago

    While I do agree that the writing wasn't that great, I really liked the movie. I like all three films.

  • S0cialRebellion
    S0cialRebellion 4 days ago

    Holtzmann was the best. You cannot change my mind.

  • Retroactive Jesse
    Retroactive Jesse 4 days ago

    I watch a scene on TheXvid and it felt like scooby doo 2 the live action one

  • Eric Nguyen
    Eric Nguyen 5 days ago

    I like this movie

  • Arsen Mingo
    Arsen Mingo 6 days ago


  • Arsen Mingo
    Arsen Mingo 6 days ago


  • Arsen Mingo
    Arsen Mingo 6 days ago


  • 3-Swords Cosplay
    3-Swords Cosplay 6 days ago

    This review showed more whats wrong with religion than whats wrong with the Ghostbuster’ fans.

  • Dan Doe
    Dan Doe 7 days ago

    I ain't afraid of no post.

  • NintendoGamerChris
    NintendoGamerChris 7 days ago +1

    I wish the Sonic fandom could learn from this. But a lot of us probably won't...

  • Bill Jacobs
    Bill Jacobs 8 days ago

    I wish Doug didn't stare things straight in the face, properly identify them, then ignore them. If the point is "Have your own opinion", then you can't say the side that wants to prevent you from having your own opinion is a valid side. You can respect people's vote, but not if they deliberately and knowingly vote for a dictator who plans to get rid of voting. Yeah, there are always fanboys of the original, but they were no worse here than they were for every other reboot/remake/adaption in history. That's rather different than trying to assassinate the character of anyone who disagrees with your narrative. That's like saying people of all sexualities should get along, including straight people who claim earthquakes and plagues are caused by the mere existence of homosexuals.

  • Metal Up your dumbass
    Metal Up your dumbass 10 days ago

    Ozzy 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • The Rguy
    The Rguy 10 days ago

    I never saw it because I think the whole concept is just stupid there was no point in making it an all female cast women don't need to prove they can do what men can do gender has nothing to do with who is better at what. And people need to shut the hell up because at the end of the day who really cares

  • That One guy
    That One guy 11 days ago

    For me it’s half and half, I like the animation and the ghosts designs are good, but some plots are well, not that creative, and most parts are boring, so it’s half good and half bad

  • Elena Migliorini
    Elena Migliorini 12 days ago

    The actor/friend who plays Black Willie Wonka is... just too adorable! In my opinion. Not to sound creepy tho

  • Julia Lilienstein
    Julia Lilienstein 12 days ago

    5k downvotes and they're all butthurt SJWs.

  • Cinema Mansion
    Cinema Mansion 13 days ago

    Black Willy Wonka was kinda creepy in this.

  • Nick Mesogianes
    Nick Mesogianes 14 days ago

    Here was my issue with the movie. The cast was not THAT great. Everyone kept trying to be the funny person and it failed. They also didnt feel like real people, just sterotyoes of the person they were playing. The humor felt forced and they always had to make references to the original. They were, in my opinion, scared to do something different and explore new ideas. The closet we ever got to a Ghostbusters 3 was the video game or even the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon in the 90s. And my god, As to 1 in the movie looked like a turd on wheels. That shit was not ok XD

  • Jason Tate
    Jason Tate 15 days ago

    I don't like the new Ghostbuster movie but I have defend this movie in one point: In the original the Ghostbusters never had a motivation to proof ghosts are real. They never had a backstory what justify Peter, Winston, Egon and Ray going hunting ghosts but the new Ghostbuster movie shows why they want to proof that ghosts are real. The scene Doug said that it was pointless, where Erin explained why she believes in ghosts is very interesting and explains her motivation. This scene maybe pointless to the plot but is really interesting. When you watch the original movie you ask yourself "What is their motivation to bust ghosts?". Egon and Ray are intelligent men and you expect them to think rational but they believe in ghosts without any reason. And Peter is a guy who has a TV Show where he makes fun about people who believe in super natural. But despite the opposite backgroundstories they joined together and founded the Ghostbusters. In the new Ghostbuster movie Abby and Holtzmann encountered ghosts in their lives so they want to proof the world that they exist. Even the last Ghostbuster Patty joined them because she saw a real ghost in the subway. But Winston? Just because of the money. Yeah Winston just wanted to become rich. The new Ghostbuster movie sucks really bad but they managed to make a more plausible backstory for the Ghostbusters than the original movie.

    • Bill Jacobs
      Bill Jacobs 8 days ago

      Two problems here; first off, Peter had that TV show in Ghostbusters 2. In the original, he was a professor just like the other two, but he didn't believe in ghosts at all, he just studied "paranormal" stuff so he could bang coeds (it's literally the first scene we see of a character). Second, Ray and Egon study ghosts and paranormal activity because they are fucking geniuses pushing the boundaries of science. Seriously, both of them are walking encyclopedias of every unexplained spooky thing in modern history, not to mention experts in physics, mechanical engineering, even architecture. You don't need a motivation for why scientists do science; medical researchers don't have to have a tragic story of a family member dying of cancer. It's like saying we need to know why these cops are after these murderers; because they are cops and they are murderers!

  • Killjoy
    Killjoy 15 days ago

    the add in skits in these videos suck in my opinion and i usually skip them, but this one was great, i actually laughed a few times. by far the best review i have seen from nostalgia critic!

  • Chris Trevino
    Chris Trevino 15 days ago

    Man-O-War SUCKS!!!

  • Alex Lucas
    Alex Lucas 17 days ago

    The black chick in this video is far funnier than the other actual actress in the movie lol

  • LegoDork
    LegoDork 17 days ago

    Better than any of the "live action" Transformers movies.
    I know, low bar.

  • Parker Storms
    Parker Storms 18 days ago

    I thought Ghostbusters (2016) was an okay flick. It had funny jokes, cool action, and good effects.

    • Parker Storms
      Parker Storms 18 days ago

      P.S. Malcolm should be a voice actor. His voice sounds badass!

  • Rocco Paolini
    Rocco Paolini 18 days ago +1

    Thank you so much for clearing the "controversy" of Ghostbusters

  • Adam Pezzutti
    Adam Pezzutti 19 days ago

    Honestly, I don’t mind the ghost busters being female. But changing male characters genders seems absurd to me, like what if they turned sailer moon into a guy, if you don’t like it then your a misogynist. But if it were taking place in this time period and learning from the original cast, not changing the original casts gender. Like what if when they remake Star Wars with Prince Leia and Darth Vader being a girl. It’s just weird to me.

  • jack franklin
    jack franklin 20 days ago

    why is Malcom wearing an Australia hat

  • Nath G.
    Nath G. 21 day ago

    I'm not comfortable with how hot Rob is in this review

  • SirHippy68
    SirHippy68 22 days ago

    It's back Hi-o

  • Grumpy Oldman
    Grumpy Oldman 22 days ago

    I watched it for the first time the other day when it was on TV and really enjoyed it.
    What if; After GB2 the originals all changed their names and moved on from 'busting. Peter became a professional sceptic, Ray became a cab driver and Winston became an undertaker. That's why Winston lent his niece a hearse, because he knew the threat was real.
    But that's just a theory ... a Film Theory! (sorry, wrong channel)

  • The Wastelander
    The Wastelander 22 days ago

    SUUUUUUUUUUCK DEEEEEEEEEP FEMNAZIS AND SJWusses, I'd rather be an antichrist than one of moaning bitches
    8:30 this failure of a film will haunt him to his grave

  • The King of Stanule
    The King of Stanule 22 days ago

    Is this review a skit or the actual movie? Oh please, for the little bit of dignity Hollywood holds left, please don't tell me this was the actual movie.

  • Arjun and Arnav Menon
    Arjun and Arnav Menon 22 days ago

    There wasn't a single joke in this movie that made me laugh?

  • Starman Gaming
    Starman Gaming 23 days ago

    You know, I honestly don't like the reason WHY they made the Ghostbusters female, instead of them being female. They did it TO start a controversy to get people to watch the film, and I honestly would find that insulting if I were female. Personally, there could be a team of female Ghostbusters, but nit by replacing the original cast.

    • Starman Gaming
      Starman Gaming 8 days ago

      +Bill Jacobs Fair point, but causing this sort of controversy would quickly enter i to the collective minds of Ghostbusters' fans, intentional or not, which would also leak out jnto the internet. This could later cause some form of intrigue in the form of the common thought "It can't be that bad," or "is it really that bad?" This will also cause some to buy a ticket, rent or fully purchase the movie on release, or even pirate it on site to "See what everyone's talking about." And I can even confirm this from a similar experience from the Emoji Movie, where I viewed it on Netflix after hearing for months how bad it was. This, obviously, equals MONEY!!!

    • Bill Jacobs
      Bill Jacobs 8 days ago +1

      Actually, I'm not sure if that was the original intention, but they certainly took advantage of the all-female cast by calling everyone who disliked it a woman-hating Neanderthal.

  • Lorenzo Franco
    Lorenzo Franco 25 days ago

    Well, the reason why there aren’t that many acrobatics in the original is because they’re old, not young, Ivan Rietman purposely casted pretty much old men because he wanted to make it gritty, the only real “young” member of the Ghostbusters, debatably, is Ray, Hell, un Ghostbusters II referenced this with the line “Suck it in the Guts guys, we’re the Ghostbusters”

  • Becky The Epic Nerd
    Becky The Epic Nerd 27 days ago +1

    S H A M E

  • Caiha H.
    Caiha H. 27 days ago

    That was good.

  • Ant FromTashkent
    Ant FromTashkent 28 days ago

    I thought the movie was super mediocre. Not bad not good but nether of the extremes. I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE!

  • Timmy Long
    Timmy Long 28 days ago

    My Wife absolutely hates Melissa McCarthy and that other woman in “That Spy That Dumped Me,” Kate McKinnon. Thank god, I have a level headed wife. She acknowledges that woman can be funny but not in the way men can. Women can make me laugh, but don’t try men jokes. It’s old and boring, be interesting like Tina Fey or Mila Kunis. Lesbian jokes or man jokes don’t work. Be funny for a sake. This movie was full of women stereotypes, I’m surprised liberals weren’t so pissed. It didn’t represent anyone of the masses. Like holy shit it was as interesting as.......Black Panther, only a box office, for unknown certain reasons.

    • Bill Jacobs
      Bill Jacobs 8 days ago

      Because they actually don't have a problem with stereotypes themselves; they only have a problem when the wrong people use them. My favorite example is from the UK; feminists protested, and got rid of, women-only cars on the subway, because it was sexist to imply they were too weak to be around men. Now they are protesting, and may get, women-only cars on the subway, because NOT having them is sexist, for it exposes women to the danger of men. Whichever position a man takes will get them attacked for reinforcing "stereotypes". It applies to blacks and LGBT and other groups; they can be as stereotypical as hell, but god forbid anyone say anything (look at Pride; they don't like the stereotype that gay men are sluts, but their own parade is about the most sexualized thing you can legally watch in public).

  • Cameron Young
    Cameron Young 28 days ago

    Loved the review. You and your team are impressively inventive.

  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter Month ago

    CURSE YOU black Willy Wonka

  • Lbpc2 2
    Lbpc2 2 Month ago +1

    I prefer this over the original FIGHT ME

    • Bill Jacobs
      Bill Jacobs 8 days ago

      Hey, that's fine. If you'd rather have rancid fish ice cream over chocolate ice cream, more power to you.

  • Shelli Blossom
    Shelli Blossom Month ago

    that whole feminist movement in the movie is dumb the feminist movement is about females being equals not females being better not females taking the role of males and males taking the role of female i find it an interseting version (not counting the stupid making the guys so stupid and sexy shit)

  • TheScholar74
    TheScholar74 Month ago

    The Kate McKinnon impersonator is really good except for the brown hair.

  • Dary Babilonia
    Dary Babilonia Month ago

    Never seen it and Never will...

  • PBBJ 89
    PBBJ 89 Month ago +1

    You know what... I'm giving this a thumbs up simply due to the fact that it gives a perfect *__* you to all the crazy SJW/PC people who made this movie a bigger deal then it had to be. I mean, it's a comedy cult classic about capturing ghosts... Why was this ever a gender studies class with a minor in shame?!

  • Elijah Jarman
    Elijah Jarman Month ago

    I actually enjoyed the movie for what it was

  • Mo Flow
    Mo Flow Month ago +1

    People are fucking sexist.

    Oh look it’s 11! Yeah he is funny! And she’s depressed!

  • Jaybird 2911
    Jaybird 2911 Month ago

    Sonic fans feel like this all the time just replace some words 21:36

  • Peterstoric269
    Peterstoric269 Month ago +1

    When there’s a bad movie, that has nothing good. Who you gonna watch? Nostalgia Critic!

  • Valdemire Kreshnov
    Valdemire Kreshnov Month ago

    Ghostbusters was interesting, it was literally a 6/10. The new one was literally a 2/10... the Director is a twisted individual, half the cast are garbage and the only two interesting people they had on the show they shafted.
    The only character I didn't hate was Melissa McCarthy.

  • royce weinberger
    royce weinberger Month ago +1

    Nostogltic critic is littering me with anti SJW and SJW people lol

  • Jay Ess
    Jay Ess Month ago

    19:51 every once in a while it is fun to be an asshole Critic.

  • Blade Madlabs
    Blade Madlabs Month ago

    Wait what? Ghostbusters standing for freedom?! They literally imprison ghosts tho

  • lord darkmoon
    lord darkmoon Month ago +2

    The movie was sexist against men

  • Pulha Da Moita
    Pulha Da Moita Month ago +2

    there are only 2 ghostbusters movies , there are only 2 genders , long live overlord trump! xD

  • sarah williamson
    sarah williamson Month ago

    Jediism is a thing, why can't ghostbusters be a religion

  • Parmenus Bowler, II

    I can feel Harold Ramis rolling in his grave.

  • Siren Nexus
    Siren Nexus Month ago

    DBM=BuzzFeed Tower

  • TheBruiserBurner
    TheBruiserBurner Month ago +1

    To me this film is more like a scooby doo movie. Bright visuals, ridiculous villains, am I alone on this?

  • seth perkins
    seth perkins Month ago +1

    The new ghostbusters movie was awesome and fuck the original

  • seth perkins
    seth perkins Month ago +1

    Fuck controversy

  • Emily Benson
    Emily Benson Month ago

    I ain't afraid of no post!!

  • Norris Vaughn
    Norris Vaughn Month ago

    I love Ghostbusters 2

  • Lizafoot For5
    Lizafoot For5 Month ago

    I find this film average too

  • Fox Animates
    Fox Animates Month ago

    To be honest if anyone asked me what I think of the new ghostbusters I’d always just say, what’s ghostbusters

  • CraftyCrowGaming
    CraftyCrowGaming Month ago

    In my personal opinion, I thought this movie was really good! Especially the fight scene with that awesome orchestral theme! This movie may not have the same spark as the original but you can't hate this movie for changing stuff around... Look at how much Batman has changed! Or hell even Spider-Man! Movies can't stay the same forever... Movies are like us... They evolve... Thank you for reading this really long comment lol and remember... I ain't afraid of no post!

    • Bill Jacobs
      Bill Jacobs 8 days ago +1

      No one is mad for the vague charge of "changing things". They are mad for it's poor comedic writing, it's nonsense, and, most important, for the director and cast openly attacking anyone who criticized it for any reason.

  • Marshmallow Zilla
    Marshmallow Zilla Month ago

    I never seen ghostbusters

  • happyhorror86
    happyhorror86 Month ago


  • Forest
    Forest Month ago

    Geeks and nerds became the bullies ? I understand that is how you feel how I see it is geeks and nerds are still being bullied today. But unlike growing up where it was the high school jock now a days it is the SJWs. They are invading the geek and nerd culture trying to make everything PC and forcing their ideas and agenda onto us the geeks and nerds of the world and bulling us to either accept their ideals or get bashed as what ever they spew now a days.
    Ask any geek or nerd we are not against diversity or females and if anything a female Ghostbusters cast could have been a good thing but it wasn't it was un-funny and clearly had a SJW agenda. Geeks and nerds are not against diversity but forced diversity.
    A character shouldn't be defined by what they are rather who they are. That is the problem on both sides people judging by what rather than who.

  • Sven Tyrson
    Sven Tyrson Month ago

    Meninists was a joke about men's rights activists acting like modern day feminists.

    • Sven Tyrson
      Sven Tyrson 7 days ago

      +Bill Jacobs so it was a parody of how it would sound if a group of men and women advocating for men's rights would act like feminists, but it had nothing to do with men's rights advocates?
      What color is the sky in your world?

    • Bill Jacobs
      Bill Jacobs 8 days ago

      No, meninist was a deliberate satire of feminists that had nothing to do with MRAs.

  • molly opie
    molly opie 2 months ago

    Love this review and LOVE the Goku shirt!

  • Joshua Ingobo
    Joshua Ingobo 2 months ago

    Holy Land of Wasted Lives?
    … So repeated copyrights claims and demonetization.

  • Even Bob
    Even Bob 2 months ago +1


  • Lucy Gault
    Lucy Gault 2 months ago

    24:27 #red dwarf

  • Katherine Byers
    Katherine Byers 2 months ago

    It would have been way funnier if the characters were more defined. They were all very one-dimensional to me and the whole thing just didn't have the same soul as the original. I love Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon but they just weren't given the right material

    • Bill Jacobs
      Bill Jacobs 8 days ago

      You mean it's possible to have more development than "has a vagina"?

  • L K
    L K 2 months ago

    18:35 🎩 *Black* Willy Wonka! ✨

  • Christopher Alflen
    Christopher Alflen 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who noted that?!?!?

  • Christopher Alflen
    Christopher Alflen 2 months ago

    Since when is Evilena blonde????

  • Fire Guy
    Fire Guy 2 months ago

    Actually a 1%

  • Fire Guy
    Fire Guy 2 months ago

    This film deserves a 20% on rotten tomatoes

  • 극공이MUI Goku
    극공이MUI Goku 2 months ago

    This might trigger everyone but I have to say this............

    Sony Entertainment ruins every movies and animations (Including mah boi Spider-Man). Because Amy Pascal and Ami Abrid motherfucking bitches of it. Heck, they even worse than Donald Trump. As I'm TRUE MARVEL FAN I WILL NOT WATCH INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE UNLESS SONY GET EATEN BY DISNEY AND BRING SPIDER-MAN FULLY COMEBACK!!!!!! SONY GO FUCK YOURSELF OR FIRE AMY AND ABRID!!!!!!! THEY MAKING ENTERTAINMENTS LIKE RUINED DRAGON BALL SUPER ANIME VERSION BATTLE OF GOD AND RESURRECTION OF F!!!!!!!


  • Timothy Bergeron
    Timothy Bergeron 2 months ago

    the 4.8k thumbs down are the feminists that viewed this movie and hated every man review of this movie. But somehow...... we didn't get such a negative impact of Ocean's 8 where it was a big box office disaster. But, wow, Ghostbusters!!!!! Fuck you... Plus I love that this is a retaliation for James. GO ROLFE. Can that be a slogan for his upcoming election that we all want?