Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Has Emotional Encounter With Mother Orangutan.


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  • Bud Wilk
    Bud Wilk 8 hours ago

    She just needed a sugar daddy.

  • Yaoipigglet
    Yaoipigglet 11 hours ago +1

    Check out the Google Doddle! They honoured Steve Irwin today and a picture of him with the orangutan mum is in it too.

  • Tom Ramsay
    Tom Ramsay 14 hours ago

    Very touching

  • roso peligroso
    roso peligroso 15 hours ago

    "One I'll take with me for 9 more years"

  • Ayushmaan Bhavya
    Ayushmaan Bhavya 17 hours ago

    Happy birthday man i love u

  • Ayushmaan Bhavya
    Ayushmaan Bhavya 17 hours ago

    I love him so much

  • HyperCrack
    HyperCrack 22 hours ago

    R.I.P Steve...

  • Dr. Rockso!!!!
    Dr. Rockso!!!! 23 hours ago

    Happy birthday Steve, I still miss you and I'm gonna make sure both my daughters watch your show and know who you are. 😭❤️

  • Seba1805
    Seba1805 Day ago

    "Mommy mommy!! what is that?? is it dangerous??"
    "No, love. That's Steve Irwin. Come, take a look!"

  • Michael Parado
    Michael Parado Day ago

    Miss you mate ☝️💙

  • Ross
    Ross Day ago

    Trying not to cry watching this... I miss you Steve!!!

  • Adam
    Adam Day ago

    So who thinks Humans didn't evolve from apes?

  • SXDNESS 90
    SXDNESS 90 Day ago

    We all miss you Steve❤️

  • xxxko xxxko
    xxxko xxxko 3 days ago

    rip a angel wıth out a wıng

  • Unik dan Nyata
    Unik dan Nyata 3 days ago

    Miss u Steve, without you, none care anymore about animal world

  • Poppins123
    Poppins123 3 days ago

    Awww he was such a lovely man. I always used to have this theory that all animals knew who he was and that they passed it on to each other "That's that Steve Irwin guy . . hes one of us ya know !" Every single animal he came into contact with, seemed to love and trust him !

    AMANDA SWORLD 3 days ago +1

    Such a magic moment i think she was looking for a Husband . R.I.P Steve still missed so much.x

  • Martin
    Martin 3 days ago

    I love orangutans and miss Steve.

  • Rajesh Varma
    Rajesh Varma 3 days ago


  • TripleB1888
    TripleB1888 3 days ago

    Steve Irwin and Bob Ross. Enough said.

  • tehilovely
    tehilovely 3 days ago


  • Mags D
    Mags D 3 days ago

    Miss you Steve!!

  • Oso K
    Oso K 4 days ago

    Stive will be missed forever

  • car8i8 b
    car8i8 b 5 days ago

    I miss him..he had a heart of gold

  • sean
    sean 5 days ago

    Rip steve

  • Jayne Eyre
    Jayne Eyre 5 days ago

    You can see how much respect and understanding he had for the mother orang; notice he never touched her or her baby although he was probably very tempted to, but just calmly let her touch and snuggle up to him. It's the same with mountain gorillas that are habituated to human presence; when goups of tourists visit them they are not allowed to ever touch any of the baby gorillas even if they come right up to them and touch or sometimes even groom or climb on them, because no matter how relaxed the adults might seem any touch by a human can be possibly misinterpreted as a threatening action.

  • 600firefly1
    600firefly1 6 days ago +1

    Hes bricking it here.. so much for the natural close relationship. 🙄

  • skeleton G
    skeleton G 7 days ago +1

    He was such an amazing man, an inspiration. His memory lives on and his family and friends still do good. 💟✌

  • Ann M
    Ann M 8 days ago

    This mamma definitely felt Steve's love, sense him as harmless. What a beautiful man Steve was. Indeed we all miss him so much!

  • Nolan Forsyth
    Nolan Forsyth 8 days ago

    Hey we miss you Steve you were one of the best. 👍👏😰😥

  • Bheena Choytooa
    Bheena Choytooa 8 days ago

    Waaaaaah, she fell in love with you. It's love at first sight!

  • Blue Bleeder
    Blue Bleeder 8 days ago

    I think she wanted him to kiss her

  • hisham 3018
    hisham 3018 8 days ago

    Man , I teared up watching this video . I don't know what is more beautiful , Steves innconect reaction , or how trustworthy the organtuns are to us humans 😢😢😢.

  • Sandra Sharp
    Sandra Sharp 9 days ago

    He had tremendous love and rapport with animals.

  • Sandra Sharp
    Sandra Sharp 9 days ago


  • The Bomb diggity
    The Bomb diggity 10 days ago

    He's so fukin nervous I love how respectful and caring for animals and animals feelings

  • Mermaid
    Mermaid 11 days ago

    I love you and miss U my childhood Hero....

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 12 days ago


  • Joe Renitta
    Joe Renitta 13 days ago

    He was my dad's favourite and mine too!
    We miss him whenever we see his son's videos....He's following his dad's footsteps..hope he becomes great like his father!

  • Edude117
    Edude117 14 days ago

    Why do the good always die young?

  • Longinus
    Longinus 17 days ago

    Damn, I miss Steve Irwin. One of a kind :(

  • Deanna Glory
    Deanna Glory 19 days ago

    Miss Steve!

  • Nita Cruise
    Nita Cruise 20 days ago +2

    It's hard to Relieve that Steve is gone!! Everyone knew he was a magnificent person!! It's so hard to lose the best. We have been missing you Steve.

  • K
    K 20 days ago

    Amazing to rub heads and be sooo close! Wow.

  • Tom Pow
    Tom Pow 20 days ago

    So what I did was. I stuck me thumb in it's arse!

  • Lori Sanford
    Lori Sanford 20 days ago +1

    That was so beautiful I wish he was still here on Earth with us he is missed so very much I'm glad I found this video 😊💕

  • maryann Hope
    maryann Hope 24 days ago +1

    So sadly missed, you were one in million! RIPSteve.

  • Insomniac
    Insomniac 26 days ago

    How can anyone dislike this video? They must be terrorists. This incredible, genuine man was such a champion for animals all over the globe. He’s missed tremendously. Gone way too soon, but he’ll never be forgotten. He’d be so proud of his wife and kids for continuing his very important work, saving wildlife from humans and their greed, habitat loss and extinction. I ❤️ and miss you Mr. Irwin. You were one of a kind. #RIPSteveIrwin 🙏🏼

  • Renee Martin
    Renee Martin 26 days ago


  • Marc le roux
    Marc le roux 26 days ago

    and yet today we murder these beautiful apes for palm oil and their territory :(

  • J-WAR
    J-WAR 26 days ago +1

    If an orangutan had to chose one human to meet, she couldn’t have chosen a better one.

  • Flx Gld
    Flx Gld 26 days ago

    That's what made Steve the best that ever did it...G.O.A.T!

  • Stef1 Langan
    Stef1 Langan 28 days ago +1

    Or man how sad is this what a guy steve irwin will always be and will always be in millions of people's hearts

  • peter cornelius
    peter cornelius 28 days ago +1

    Wow.. I cried... 😭

  • Schrödinger's Angry Cat

    That was awesome, she sat next to him like old friends, beautiful!

  • JokerL1000
    JokerL1000 29 days ago

    Her son just wanted an Autograph.

  • Gatch Attack
    Gatch Attack Month ago

    You know you're a good person when a mama orangutan comes up to you with her baby.

  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson Month ago +2

    I really do miss Steve more than any other lost celebrity. That man was a class act RIP buddy thanks for the entertainment and know the world loves and will take care of your family and always remember you

  • UK Medic
    UK Medic Month ago +1

    We miss you Steve xx

  • no 1 cares
    no 1 cares Month ago

    Bless him he was such a good guy

  • Darlene Lovre
    Darlene Lovre Month ago


  • Emily M
    Emily M Month ago +1

    I really believe that many animals can sense the spirit / soul / mind (whatever you want to call it) of people they meet. This is why people like Steve who exuded kindness and compassion are embraced by them.

  • Pyumi BR
    Pyumi BR Month ago

    I spent many hours watching Steve because of his limitless love for animals. He is a pure, kind and lovely soul who taught us the unconditional care we must have for all the living creatures.

  • Von Bondi
    Von Bondi Month ago +1

    My husband has a heart of stone, but still respects and loves Steve Irwin❤️

  • Dolores Delgreco
    Dolores Delgreco Month ago +1

    There is no one like him. ( maybe his children) there was somethng bout him. A very, very special man. The world loved him...

  • denny smith
    denny smith Month ago

    Always SO loved his spontaneity... R.I.P. you wonderful human... Creatures of all species have truly lost an ambassador of note! Remember day I heard about his demise... I had my little Maltese poodle on my lap & put my head into her fur & sobbed...
    Humans were intended to live in paradise with creatures...being loving & nurturing caretakers ....not exploitative... hunters... et al ... had joyous experience of forming a close friendship with a beautiful male lion cub named Mafuzza...from 3 mnth old til he was 18mnths & his mane was showing & also an elephant in Knysna Elephant Park... ecstatic feeling of joy...the wild smell of the animal... indescribable...

  • Lis Achmad
    Lis Achmad Month ago

    We miss you Steve

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind

    At that moment you have to just go with it, hug the ape like its family, who cares if it attacks you and you die, its a good way to die.

  • Psilord87
    Psilord87 Month ago

    Watching this makes me smile, Steve Irwin was one of my heroes growing up as a kid, Always loved the Crocodile Hunter on TV. I'm sad Steve Irwin is not with us on this earth anymore, However when I watch his son Robert Irwin on T.V. weather it is on their Show "Crikey!!" Its the Irwin's or see him on Jimmy Fallon it makes me smile to see how much Robert is like his father Steve
    In the way he is so passionate about Wildlife and has Steve's charisma as well too. It is good to see Steve's legacy lives on through his children and others who looked up to him :)

  • 0121
    0121 Month ago

    dnt trust no dumb thing..the next one might kill you.

  • Cathy Baldry
    Cathy Baldry Month ago

    What a privilege for both Steve and for that mother to have gotten to spend time with out angel Steve Irwin

  • lahteehdah99
    lahteehdah99 Month ago

    Steve is extremely lucky!!! This is one of my favorite videos ❤️ Orangutans have proved time and time again to be one of the sweetest and SMARTEST animals on earth . And look at how Steve is glowing. This is what he lived for.

  • hassan abbas
    hassan abbas Month ago

    what a man! beautiful soul

  • Maryam Farokhzadeh
    Maryam Farokhzadeh Month ago


  • No one Special
    No one Special Month ago

    I'm so glad he got to experience this. How cool!

  • Kristina Geisendorff

    God Bless his heart. He really loved animals. I'm glad the rangatang didn't hurt him..

  • Latvia Ball
    Latvia Ball Month ago

    Gorillas are famtastic and fascinating

  • Truth
    Truth Month ago

    And then a trophy hunter from Idaho showed up and killed her and her baby

  • Courtney Renfro
    Courtney Renfro Month ago

    I just cried . It’s too beautiful . :)

  • Leo Alexander
    Leo Alexander 2 months ago

    I know this sounds kind of ridiculous, but I have this man to thank for the path I chose in life and where I am today. My love of science has been an important part of my life since I was a small child, so I chose to pursue a Bachelor of science degree and now a grad degree. t was watching science and nature documentaries like the Crocodile Hunter that kicked it off. Though the exact path has shifted as I've grown older from biology/zoology (the closest thing to Steve's job, short of maybe "manhandler of animals", that I thought was possible to actually pursue) to neuroscience and psychology, I've never wanted to do anything else but a career in science.

  • okandrew42903
    okandrew42903 2 months ago

    God...the smell must be unbearable...

  • Joby Joseph
    Joby Joseph 2 months ago

    I miss you a lot dear steave,

  • Potting Soil
    Potting Soil 2 months ago

    Steve dying was worse than 9/11.

  • Michelle Guerra
    Michelle Guerra 2 months ago

    I’ve fallen in love with another woman lool

  • scott leck
    scott leck 2 months ago

    I'm from the US and I have to admit I was upset the day he died. I could only imagine how the people of Australia felt.

  • Sai Ren
    Sai Ren 2 months ago

    I got angry when several orang utans were poached for their body parts in my country, Malaysia years ago when I was a kid, apparently they were hunted for organs to be shipped to China, the only orang utan left was a young baby that was named Budi later on by the time forest rangers found them tugging at her butchered mother (she is is now at the Sabah Orang Utan Sanctuary).There needs to be a law that allows to kill poachers.

  • jeevan m
    jeevan m 2 months ago


  • Mr. King Kitty
    Mr. King Kitty 2 months ago +1

    Baby wants some contact with Steve but mom will not let it.

  • Jammy James
    Jammy James 2 months ago

    Loved watching this guy when I was younger and was devestated when he passed on, there is a lot of people out there who said he only harassed wildlife but those where never his intentions. He truly only ever wanted to get closer to nature and experience its wonders.
    Rest in Peace Steve, we miss you.

  • Benjamin Park
    Benjamin Park 2 months ago

    Can’t believe he died so young. It’s enough to turn the religious off God.

  • carrot top
    carrot top 3 months ago +1

    Steve irwin may have died at a young age, but he lived a more fulfilling life than most.

  • KilerZombie _23
    KilerZombie _23 3 months ago +1

    I wanna be like you !!!

  • beethovensbeloved
    beethovensbeloved 3 months ago

    The mother orangutan knew that Steve was no threat, that the love he showed for them and all animals was genuine. You are greatly missed, Steve!!!

  • elliott geraldie
    elliott geraldie 3 months ago

    And now I’m just gona shove my thumb up it butt

  • Jill Campbell
    Jill Campbell 3 months ago

    Amazingly tender. If only humans were as kind and trusting toward other animals.

  • Marco A
    Marco A 3 months ago +9

    One of them is endangered, the other one is extinct. These apes sure are the closest things to humans

  • Oskaz
    Oskaz 3 months ago

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  • Agustin rahmaone
    Agustin rahmaone 3 months ago

    Heart breaking

  • Buford Montgomery
    Buford Montgomery 3 months ago

    At least god took Mac Miller out, almost Demi lovato too. Shit balances out in the end I guess

  • Nathan Walker
    Nathan Walker 3 months ago