Why did Sony's smartphones lose their popularity?

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • Sony is one of the world's most popular brands but its smartphones are becoming increasingly rare. What caused the tech behemoth to lose its standings on the mobile market? Read inside to find out!
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Comments • 2 337

  • Thony6000
    Thony6000 5 days ago

    this is interesting, i had a Xperia U back in the day and i LOVED IT, i hope they come back and do things like they used to....

  • a r
    a r 5 days ago

    I loves sony xperia zx3 design

  • Christian Divina
    Christian Divina 16 days ago

    untill now, im still using my M5 and Z5, and did some underwater shots. very reliable phone.

  • saad
    saad 17 days ago

    Because the Audio jack stopped working without any reason; without any hardware failure. Was it a software glitch or sth else, God knows what Sony has been upto.
    Sony is fucking itself up.

  • Kamote Que
    Kamote Que 19 days ago

    Simple, because there's no more Ericsson in it. 😁

  • Nicolas Isaksson Palacios

    My favorite phone ever was the z5 compact. Perfect size and good all sound performance.

  • JoaoRelego
    JoaoRelego 20 days ago

    Sony needs to up their camera, software and design game to another level. They can do it, Xperia 1 it's closer but not good enough. They should bet heavy on compatibility with their cameras and Ps4 too, maybe even get slog on their phones. Also psnow on Android paid, but free with sony phones.

  • Gobi nath
    Gobi nath 20 days ago

    But they r unique not following trend

  • Babak Kamali
    Babak Kamali 22 days ago

    They are leaving phone marketing for a reason as Samsung started to follow this year, phone selling rates are decreasing and big companys like samsung and sony are trying to push other stuff like sony does it's ps4 and camera lens stuff and Samsung is pushing what matters the most(tv, ai, 5G), they are letting the Chinese brands to take the lead and they are successfully doing this.
    Samsung put around 180 trillion $ to research for that stuff and nothing for mobile.
    Chinese are taking the lead in innovation as we do not see much innovation in samsung phones these past years.

  • John Peñaloza
    John Peñaloza 22 days ago +1

    Sony should bring back the OmniBalance design in an edge-to-edge screen smartphone and price it competitively and market it aggressively! The Z5 Premium with that glossy black design looked like a literal black mirror. It was so cool!

  • LA Evan
    LA Evan 23 days ago

    Sony did, others steal

  • allie44
    allie44 24 days ago

    Interesting as I watch this on a Sony Xperia Xa2 Ultra

  • Hasan Dagher
    Hasan Dagher 25 days ago

    Well i am using Samsung galaxy s9+ coming from a series of xperia phones i can definitely say that sony is the king its the best and i am going back to sony smartphones soon

  • A FlyingBenCh
    A FlyingBenCh 27 days ago

    The Sony X Performance is still my favorite phone that I have ever owned. But they seem wavy now. The best of the best in some specs, yet will fall bottom of barrel for other specs. Gimmie a moderate priced, $750 CAD phone with the sony skin on android, dedicated camera button, and triple lenses. Sony, Mid Range is game right now, and thats where you need to aim

  • Fitz Andrew
    Fitz Andrew 28 days ago

    Watch on my Xperia t2 ultra. :)

  • Malik Nielsen
    Malik Nielsen Month ago

    Im like sony mobile they are faster than iPhone and better I don't know why did buy iPhone did expensive and not good Sony is much better and waterproof better than iPhone iPhone is only for the money and bad mobile

  • Zhi Han Lee
    Zhi Han Lee Month ago

    Remembered Sony/SE's transition to the smartphone era wasn't the smoothest e.g. the Aino's touchscreen disables once its keypad was opened, while the X10 mini was too tiny to type comfortably on. (I rmb Samsung started wining more market share from this point on by flooding the market with touchscreen models) Then in the early 2010s the complaint was about Sony/SE handsets having outdated Android OS versions, which they tried to make up for with an elaborate UI (which I appreciated), but which was then complained to slow the phone down. Later on they switched to an almost-stock UI with more updated OS versions, but then I heard of peers complaining about the phone's quality/longevity. Case in point: I had a Z1 Compact whose screen somehow cracked by itself (i.e. I didn't drop it) after just under 2 years, disabling the top third of the touchscreen

  • JDEZ09
    JDEZ09 Month ago

    The new Xperia 1 just sold out in the UK. And here in the US there are some people waiting to get their hands on it.

  • Eclectic Jon 101
    Eclectic Jon 101 Month ago

    My last 3 phones were Sony. But never once did they update android to a more recent version. The camera image quality was pretty awful. All 3 had problems with WiFi and eventually GPS unusable after about 18 months.
    I've switched to Samsung and have absolutely no regrets.

  • Lord Katakuri
    Lord Katakuri Month ago +1

    Price and a confusing lineup . Also, marketing.

  • Evin Akash Gunawardana

    If you want to enter the game again make a phone with curved and under display front camera setup, ul be the great again Sony do it, u have a ability to do this miracle,

  • M Morales
    M Morales Month ago +1

    They launched they first OLED last year but boy what an OLED that is! Way better than any Samsung and now they have a new killer first in the market 4K OLED on the Xperia 1. They make QUALITY long lasting products that unfortunately today's society does not appreciate. Just like HTC they are pioneers in smartphone tech and without them phones wouldn't be what they are today.

  • Joyson D'costa
    Joyson D'costa Month ago +1

    I'm sony user and I'm using it for last 10yrs, I just love the design and the camera quality.

  • Joyson D'costa
    Joyson D'costa Month ago

    I'm sony user and I'm using it for last 10yrs, I just love the design and the camera quality.

  • Far Rookie
    Far Rookie Month ago +1

    We have cheap phone from Xiaomi, RealMe, Honor, the aggressive marketing from Samsung, Oppo, Vivo.. So Sony has no place cuz their phones aren't cheap, and they don't markets their phones either.

  • RAHUL Sony
    RAHUL Sony Month ago

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium i have but very very shine
    And 4K HDR display
    Wow nice felling
    And design is Real Premium
    Love you Sony Team

  • Product reviewer uk
    Product reviewer uk Month ago +2

    For me there was always way to much bezel. To much bezel is a big no no also I never see Sony adverts so people forgot about them

  • asif hossain
    asif hossain Month ago

    Its battery life worst. M5 dual user

  • Charlene Woelk
    Charlene Woelk Month ago

    My last 5 phones have been Sony. They are rugged, waterproof and I don't have to think about it being in a case. I have used cases for some of the past Sony phones but I'm currently using the xperia xz2 and haven't put one on. Everyone else I see has their iPhones in lifeproof or otterbox and it just makes the phone so much bigger than necessary. Because of Sony I've never understood why other companies can't make their phones so that a drop doesn't kill it in the first week or month.

  • Thony6000
    Thony6000 Month ago

    Man i remember Xperia Phones back in the day, they were so cool, even compared to Samsung, now they are almost forgotten

  • DustinB855
    DustinB855 Month ago

    Main issue was no one sold them. Nvr saw a top tier sony phone for the main carriers

  • Jorks Family
    Jorks Family Month ago

    Sony is so bad and overpriced a lot japanese in here don't buy the goddamm phone. They prefer apple for the common people and android for the more techy ones.

  • Jorks Family
    Jorks Family Month ago

    Sony is just in a bad management. Look at their ps vita dumbass strategy that killes ps vita. I think sony needs to go and get a good ceo and stop being so greedy dumb but greedy smart.

  • balitang visdak
    balitang visdak Month ago

    i was a sony freak even before they came to android.
    my first android sony was that Xperia ray.
    but I've given up sony after Z3.
    all those suggestions and request, complaints and wish I sent to sony by email was realized by other android devices.. I think now they haven't even read those emails because if they did, they could have been bigger than Samsung Phones.

  • Luckie Murillo
    Luckie Murillo Month ago

    I don't ever remember Sony being a popular phone.

  • Muhammad Hakim
    Muhammad Hakim Month ago

    Sony should invent a new design of smartphone eg full screen smartphone. And also execute the long start after shutdown. No need to display sony after that xperia then rainbow colour and then the home screen. Too much energy waste. Only display the xperia trademark during starting after the shutdown and then home screen.

  • Miku/Deku Fanatiker [Christian]

    I'm still a Xperia User! And my current phone the Xperia L2 that was shown in this video is really great. 👍🏻 But the price for the Xperia phones are too high to buy it. Sony must go down with the price! Or Xperia will also disappear like Sony Mobile.

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore Month ago +1

    My carrier doesn't sell Sony phones.
    Their accessibility really just depends on what carriers are selling.

  • Jordan Broly
    Jordan Broly Month ago +2

    Old Japanese customs and pride. As well as internal waring. I've always loved sony's smartphone designs, as well as other products. I want them to be successful.

  • Hedonophobia
    Hedonophobia Month ago

    I still buy Xperia Compacts because they're the only company that makes a resonably sized phone that keeps top of the line specs.
    Everyone else you have to pick between oversized or lower specs.

  • Adam Lockington
    Adam Lockington Month ago

    I'm quite keen on the Xperia 1. But I have an XZ Premium and it's still going strong. First Sony phone and it really made me a fan

  • Dom Nic
    Dom Nic Month ago +1

    Don't forget the ton of bloatware on their phones...

  • William Manuel
    William Manuel Month ago

    I have been a loyal SE fan since the T68i up to the android powered xperias. The only problem these phones seem to have is that their touch screen panels breaks down within 2 years of use without being physically damaged. Moved to Samsung and I never been happier.

  • Max K-W
    Max K-W Month ago

    I am going to be moving away from Sony after a very long time using them, main reason is the lack of software updates/support!!!
    I bought flagship Xperia XZ towards end of 2017, received one android update November 2017 to Android 8.0 and nothing since. My wife bought a mid range Nokia same time and it is still being supported with new updates, Android 8.1,and 9.0! Sony forgets about the consumer one they have bought the device, very disappointing.

  • Derrick Medina
    Derrick Medina Month ago +1

    As a major electronics company, they can always make it back. If they step away altogether, they will require something revolutionary later on. If they stay in now, they need to break the bank just to sell through American carriers. Elsewhere, there continues to be a premium phone market that buyers will seek any way they can get them. Unfortunately, there isn't much more "premium" left to be had in the marketplace.

  • Mykka Artillaga
    Mykka Artillaga Month ago

    My first and current phone is Sony Xperia C5 Ultra. It's the best in gaming! Camera quality is great too! I'll still choose Sony over Samsung and Iphones.

  • Rai Durahim
    Rai Durahim Month ago +3

    Me watching your video on my SONY phone.
    my phone: it hurts in my kokoro.

  • Bigbacon
    Bigbacon Month ago +1

    because the cameras are absolutely atrocious!!!! I stupidly bought an experia XA2 ultra and my old ass nokia 900 series windows phone has a BETTER CAMERA!! the XA2 can barely take a photo in a brightly lit room, anything less than surface of the sun lighting and you get a photo that looks like something from a 2006/7 cell phone.

  • Bilal Hussain
    Bilal Hussain Month ago

    Used to be loyal to Sony. The XZ is my last phone. Decent phones, but not as long lasting and not as good compared to other phones of similar price point. Even the main aspect of the camera isn't all great

  • pravin kumar
    pravin kumar Month ago

    I totally agree, camera department was too many problems..mostly heat and grains..but, nowadays they recognise camera problems and what people wanted..

  • pravin kumar
    pravin kumar Month ago +2

    Still , my xperia z2 feels premium in my hand..many people ask me (screen off) "that was new phone"... I have many new mobiles,but sony was Sony...i am waiting for come back sony Xperia..

  • KanoValentine
    KanoValentine Month ago

    Sony always sucked. Only the brief period of introducing the first Z series phones they were great but after that, not so much.

  • Kapil Sadaruvan
    Kapil Sadaruvan Month ago

    my first cell phone is sony ericsson k300i in 2005 and last is sony z3 and still using. my best sony ericsson is P990i and i brought 2006. it still works. sony stops laptop and computers. near future i'm thinks they stop producing xperia line.

  • ujwal ganesh
    ujwal ganesh Month ago

    I agree with a friend below, there is no marketing for sony phones, it's been a long time we saw any ad and of course the prices are not justified for the hardware. Having said that, they can come back stronger.. Good luck..

  • 1111qq1
    1111qq1 Month ago

    That annoying squear shape thats the problem

  • Negoverse Lynz
    Negoverse Lynz Month ago

    Maybe they are stingy and self centred on their own bad looking designs and less equiped with features.

  • jlkklo15
    jlkklo15 Month ago

    I just love Sony

  • Jes Favor
    Jes Favor Month ago

    My last Sony phone was the Z3 compact. Its design was better than what's seen in many flagship handsets from Sony these days.

  • ZeeRoX
    ZeeRoX Month ago

    I have high hopes that Sony makes a comeback. When they work its amazing and i have seen they starting removing the dedicated camera button. ... idiots

  • William Petters
    William Petters Month ago

    Sony just start from the bottom again like a flagship phone with mid range price like oneplus. Don't be so prideful.

  • Francis Gilbert
    Francis Gilbert Month ago

    Sheepism is why this happened, not only to Sony but also to Nokia, Microsoft and HTC.
    US consumers love to follow what other are doing.
    They bought heavily into Apple and Samsung because other people were doing it.
    They did no research. If they did they would have realised that they were paying lots of money for old tech.
    These consumers are not capable of wholesale free thought.
    Many people I know ended up not being happy with their Samsungs. When I asked them why they bought it, they say I don know..
    If you look to all markets outside of the US, there are thousands of manufacturers that make phones. They refuse to bring their phones to the US, because they know that they won't have a fare chance. Look for yourself

  • Stahn Misake
    Stahn Misake Month ago

    The xz 3 is the best Phone

  • Wolfram
    Wolfram Month ago

    I see the Sony have no finger print reader and that instantly kills my purchase

  • Furious D
    Furious D Month ago +1

    I own an Xperia Z5. Technically they are good phones with even better durability (compared to other brands) but they don't seem to market as much as Apple and Samsung. The Android market is a lot wider than Apple so they compete with other Android phones.


    Do the same vid for Nokia and LG LG have good phones but their popularity never have a high jump

  • Bob Holness
    Bob Holness Month ago

    Had Sony for 15 years and wouldn't change. 👍🏻

  • Dewa Made Bagus Wibisana

    Sony smartphone death in my country. Poor built quality(screen failure, screen gap, screen purple, waterproof failure, etc), poor OS, poor service center

  • Vishal Choudhury
    Vishal Choudhury Month ago

    The reason why the smartphone is getting saturated because the lack of innovation.. increase ram numbers and better hardware is not innovation.. we need better software, innovative design like Asus Zenfone 6 etc.. a phone that looks standout from the other.

  • stallio
    stallio Month ago

    Hey SONY aren't you feel shame leaving behind your audiophile customers? A brand known for music equipment, for music Phone is running a rat race. There are enough punk who will love your Japanese style Phone to give you profit.
    Shame on you Sony for ditching music enthusiast customer and making whooping expensive 2000k DAC & AMP
    I don't know when you will stop this rat race.

  • Bogdan tm
    Bogdan tm Month ago

    Sony phones are bad. I had z3 compact, z3+/z4 and z5 compact, all of them got yellow stained displays, and two of them got the battery covers unglued, one had to get a camera replaced... And that's just my experience who knows how many faulty devices people wasted money on. No matter how much I hung on to my Sony devices they proved to be awful. Sony is just a label, with poorly made products selling for premium $
    Samsung has bloatware and bad screen-on time but except for that they don't break on their own they just go on and on flawlessly. - using my S7 since about 3 years now