ocd and me bbc iplayer

  • Published on Aug 30, 2017
  • Documentary showing the way a mother and daughter cope with their OCD.

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  • Jamie
    Jamie 6 months ago

    They gentleman says you only get 6 therapy lessons on NHS....WELL if you really want help, pay for treatment yourself. Work and use the money for treatment.

    • Egle Jones
      Egle Jones 4 months ago +1

      Amie it costs £70 per session !

    • Ellen Sugden
      Ellen Sugden 4 months ago

      Amie well maybe WE should be trying bloody harder and giving more funding to our NHS not trying to privatise it like the conservatives are. If we end up like America, mental health treatment won’t be the only sector suffering.

    • Jamie
      Jamie 4 months ago

      @Ellen Sugden WE don't live in a perfect world. Never will :)

    • Ellen Sugden
      Ellen Sugden 4 months ago

      Amie it’s the principle, if they pay taxes they should be able to get all the treatment they need on the NHS. You wait months to get to the top of the waiting list, have you six session which aren’t enough to change much, then you’re back at the bottom and your recovery goes backwards. We should be treated the same as those with physical medical conditions

    • Jamie
      Jamie 4 months ago

      @Ellen Sugden A thousand is affordable to most in the western world.

  • Sunshine 79
    Sunshine 79 6 months ago

    My therapist is a wonderful and specialised patient with OCD. CBT has helped me a lot! I have also medication. I hope these people are getting help because it is possible to control this disorder. I have now better coping skills,still sometimes when I'm really stressed and my anxiety gets worse,so is OCD.. I don't clean that much anymore,my hands used to bleed or got infected coz I used so much different cleaning sprays. But collecting things,It's bigger issue now.

  • Denisa Popica
    Denisa Popica 10 months ago

    How does ocd start? What.s the trigger?

    • Scorness
      Scorness 9 months ago +1

      Traumas, routines , fears, the way how they were raised, etc

  • Esther Day
    Esther Day Year ago

    I have OCD and have become alcohol dependant because of it.

    • Siddharth Mehta
      Siddharth Mehta 9 months ago

      Fluvoxamine meds helped me. Ask your doc about it. I have had severe ocd before and now I am functional.

    • Roundandround
      Roundandround Year ago +1

      I know someone who is coping in this way. Seek professional help, alcohol is not the answer.

  • Roman Corey
    Roman Corey Year ago +4

    I always knew this was a horrible condition, but it’s so much worse than I thought

  • Sassi Q
    Sassi Q Year ago +7

    I feel for Tuesday and her mother. They seem like wonderful, caring people. I hope they can control there OCD more.

  • Gary Walia
    Gary Walia Year ago +3

    So how do they get it on with their partner when they have OCD? Is it okay for them to touch their loved ones.

    • Ellen Sugden
      Ellen Sugden 4 months ago

      msergio0293 we don’t all abstain from sex, there are so many types of ocd and most don’t affect touching others

    • msergio0293
      msergio0293 11 months ago +3

      I don't think they have any partners at all

  • Gary Walia
    Gary Walia Year ago +7

    Who names their kid Tuesday. Why not Sunday or Monday. Saturday and Friday sounds pretty good.