the funniest glitch in fortnite

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • the absolutely BROKEN glitch in fortnite battle royale season 10 is SO FUNNY!!!
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Comments • 2 461

  • McCreamy
    McCreamy  Month ago +1860

    this glitch is broken

    • Laughing Elite
      Laughing Elite 6 days ago

      give credit asshole

    • Trillix FN
      Trillix FN 15 days ago

      @Trizion stfu

    • Bush Gaming
      Bush Gaming 25 days ago

      McCreamy go fuck yourself

    • Yassin Hassan
      Yassin Hassan 26 days ago

      McCreamy is best yt ya the best person to brake stuff lazar

    • david Spood
      david Spood 26 days ago

      ur a fucking asshole for stealing a small content creators glitch and not even giving him credit

  • Manuel Serna
    Manuel Serna 2 days ago

    Am not using your creator code you thief

  • Mike Flores
    Mike Flores 5 days ago

    Whose here after the black hole event?

  • Dark _
    Dark _ 5 days ago +1

    I’m here at 69K likes
    I think not

  • Random_Nerf
    Random_Nerf 5 days ago +1

    Everyone needs to stop posting the thing about copying retali8 and some click folks. HE UNDERSTANDS OMG SHUT UP JUST BECAUSE HE KNOWS DOSENT MEAN HE COPIED IT

    DIMAS SANCHEZ 6 days ago


  • gamer m
    gamer m 9 days ago

    6:55 you are MÜLL

  • Kaden Lawler
    Kaden Lawler 9 days ago

    What happened to the sweaty mccreamy

  • Rayaan Shan
    Rayaan Shan 12 days ago

    You are a beasts

  • Adam Katz
    Adam Katz 18 days ago

    99% of the comments: you stole this from mr fresh Asian retail8 and lazerbeam
    1%of the comments: actually about the video

  • GamingBrandan
    GamingBrandan 18 days ago

    Hey I been watching your videos awhile and I’m getting ready to start playing fortnite on my phone and pc and can you guys subscribe my TheXvid channel please

  • Арсений Галяутдинов

    3:35 давай, давай, давай?

  • Yessenia Larios Bustamante

    It’s not glitch

  • FracturedSykes
    FracturedSykes 22 days ago

    Does anybody know the name of the intense music at the end of the video?

  • Luca De Re
    Luca De Re 23 days ago

    You mean you used other people’s big brains for you

  • Nevan Bennett
    Nevan Bennett 23 days ago

    Wish I could like every comment saying mccreamy stole the content

  • Yøung Løg
    Yøung Løg 24 days ago


  • CasoandSky
    CasoandSky 24 days ago

    Piece of shit

    FLEXTOR GAMING ERA 24 days ago

    *You were suppose to do fun with this glitch not to kill people you trashhead*

  • Georgios Dionysiou
    Georgios Dionysiou 24 days ago

    Fortnite Made me switch to apex

  • Global Nexus
    Global Nexus 24 days ago

    give ppl credit creamy or ul lose subs

  • 21 Gamer Street
    21 Gamer Street 24 days ago

    99 % Of comments - Give Credit to retali8t
    1 % Of comments - F**k off

  • ItzzzJet BTW
    ItzzzJet BTW 24 days ago


  • Crestツ
    Crestツ 24 days ago +1

    Aww Fucking V 12 mate Fucking Newwwww SKIRT SKIRT.

  • lot mejia
    lot mejia 24 days ago +1


  • Eli Direct
    Eli Direct 24 days ago

    we used are big brains AKA we looked on yt after seeing it on ig lol nice vid keep ur good vids up:D

  • Werewolf_devil Gacha Xox


  • Han Geeyong
    Han Geeyong 25 days ago


  • Viviani penton
    Viviani penton 25 days ago

    Your a fucking bitch for copying

  • Bill Humphreys
    Bill Humphreys 25 days ago

    Holy shit, everyone's so dumb he gave credit in the description of the vid.

  • sulli
    sulli 25 days ago

    holy hell can yall stop bitching about credit? lazar and fresh have "stolen" creamys content too. youtubers doing something other youtubers have done isnt anything different and its not stealing content. stealing content is reuploading a video which is clearly not what he did. and plus, yall clearly already know about it so i dont get the problem.

  • Bush Gaming
    Bush Gaming 25 days ago

    Go fuck yourself

  • Navercenate
    Navercenate 25 days ago

    Wow stealing retali8 and not giving him credit damn thats dissapointing

  • Cyberclaw 2.0
    Cyberclaw 2.0 25 days ago

    You didn't find it out

  • Ray Jimenez
    Ray Jimenez 26 days ago

    Do more with Fitz and the gang

  • Faggot Hunter69
    Faggot Hunter69 26 days ago

    You NEED to play with coyote again

  • Gaming Rooster
    Gaming Rooster 26 days ago

    Loser didn’t find it

  • Boca Vlad
    Boca Vlad 26 days ago

    Reunite xd clan like if you think is a good idea so mccreamy can see

  • Hypoz
    Hypoz 26 days ago

    Minecraft : Come on! Why won’t you die??
    Fortnite : I M E A

  • A73fn
    A73fn 26 days ago

    For sone reason its hillarious when he zoomes in replay😂

  • Jokilowkey Pokey
    Jokilowkey Pokey 26 days ago +1

    Your mum getting mad:

    It’s cuz if of that dam phone

  • Kakqin
    Kakqin 26 days ago

    Ur so fucking gay

  • Master Epic
    Master Epic 26 days ago

    I love how you do these glitches with your main account

  • david Spood
    david Spood 26 days ago

    your a fucking asshole for stealing a small content creators glitch and not even giving him any credit.

  • ded inside
    ded inside 26 days ago +1

    dude you stole this idea and gave no credit, i have lost respect for you come on man i though you were cool and a nice guy SMH

    This glitch was found by " Lazarbeam, Mr fresh asian, and Retali8"

    you also have done this my other youtube channels honesly you are a massive dick

  • kenneth on ipad
    kenneth on ipad 26 days ago

    Me being early and seeing this:
    like how can you own a glitch? just stop saying he stole it when he’s just trying to have fun with it.

    • Nico Plyley
      Nico Plyley 26 days ago

      Just like someone can't "own" a challenge video yet most TheXvidr's have the decency to credit the person who came up with the idea. In the case though, not only does he not give credit to Retali8 he tries to claim is as if it's his original ideas and that he came up with it, That's just stealing content. It would literally be as simple as linking his channel in the description.

  • Zorak YT
    Zorak YT 26 days ago

    I was gonna say he stole it from retali8 but everyone already has, oof to mc creamy

  • rcoon_toasty ???
    rcoon_toasty ??? 26 days ago

    1v1 tojo

  • Cuzzy Koro
    Cuzzy Koro 26 days ago

    Fortnite is and will always be gay

  • Zx Clear
    Zx Clear 26 days ago

    How can i join clan ur in?

  • Zeus O_o
    Zeus O_o 26 days ago

    Day 2 of reminding Creamy to play Minecraft Stretch.

  • Nedran Mills
    Nedran Mills 26 days ago +1

    I subscribed and hit that like button

    Jensen HARGREAVES 26 days ago

    Btw u didn’t find it. Even lazarbeam showed the person who found it

  • Dalton Potter
    Dalton Potter 27 days ago

    I bought urs and zuckels youtooz j now can’t wait to get them in

  • mUrDa_ tRip222
    mUrDa_ tRip222 27 days ago

    McCreamy i saw you in my game the other day u were playing team rumble lol

  • simply jojo
    simply jojo 27 days ago

    vault McCreamy for stealing glitches

    Your stole this from Retail8 and Lazarbeam

  • Dylan Bennett
    Dylan Bennett 27 days ago

    Dylan Bennett
    You tube

  • Zachary Burmo
    Zachary Burmo 27 days ago

    Your such a good youtuber can I have a shoutout

  • mhamill76
    mhamill76 27 days ago

    Where is ainsley bro?

  • Kamal Mohamed
    Kamal Mohamed 27 days ago +1