I'm A Tomboy, And No One Wants To Date Me

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
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    This is Jo. Actually, her name is Josephine, but you wouldn’t be able to imagine a person less suitable to be called Josephine. She’s a tomboy, and she’s proud of it. However, life as a tomboy is not as amusing as you might imagine. She’s faced a lot of problems, and she wants to tell you about them.
    Jo had trouble communicating with other girls right from her early childhood. She remembers one time when a large group of children had gathered in one place for a party or something, and her mom gently pushed her towards the other girls and said, “go play with the dolls, make friends with someone!” She diligently started moving dolls here and there and listening to boring talk about girly problems, but all the while she kept looking at the boys, who were playing something thrilling, laughing and doing their boyish stuff. She was so envious that at some point she just silently stood up and joined them. That was the moment when the fun started for her.
    Things didn’t improve as the years went by. Jo was always attracted to the world of boys, and all of her friends were boys as well. She felt at ease when she talked to them, and felt that she understood their problems and their way of thinking better. Whereas when she was around girls, she was totally clueless. Their problems were hard for her to follow, especially when they complained about boys.
    Jo had to adapt her looks to her lifestyle as well. When she went out with her friends, they always did something active, like skateboarding or exploring abandoned buildings or climbing trees. For these kinds of things, you need to dress in a practical way. She found out that jeans and hoodies are much more comfortable in this respect than typical girls’ clothes, which she had always hated in any case. And that is how she has dressed her whole life. For Jo, it was always a tragedy when they made some formal visit and she needed to dress “properly”, as people would call it. A cute dress, shiny shoes, a neat hairdo… ugh. As you can probably imagine, phrases like “wear skirts, be more feminine, you’re a girl” were the things she kept hearing time and again, until at one point her parents just gave up.
    It wasn’t that Jo felt she was ugly or anything, and that being a tomboy was her way of gaining confidence. She actually thinks she’s quite cute, and when she’s forced to be a girly girl she looks no worse than her peers. For her, being a tomboy is a lifestyle, and she’s happy with that. The problem was that some time ago, she’d noticed that her friends had started dating.
    One of the things that people were often mistaken about was the belief that because Jo was a tomboy, she must be gay. But she’s actually attracted to boys, not girls. Ironically, she actually gets a lot of backtalking from girls who say that she’s just trying to get attention from all the boys around her. She’s never taken this seriously, because she’s never had THAT kind of attention from the boys. Which is actually the core of her problem.
    Yes, she’s seeking her first romance. She has lots of boys around her. So what’s the problem, you might ask. The problem is that they don’t really see her as a girl! They know she’s a girl, of course, but they don’t want to date her, because who would date a bro? Once, there was a boy she liked, and she thought it would be wise to approach him and ask if he wanted to go out with her. And guess what - he just laughed at her! He wasn’t mean or anything, it was more something like “Sorry bro, I don’t see you as a GIRL”. Seeing the look on her face, he corrected himself: “I mean, THAT kind of a girl”. Oh thanks, now that’s much better!
    This was the first time when being a tomboy had a negative effect on her life. She even tried to put on make up and a dress, but felt really weird and the boys just looked at her strange as well. She gave up and lost hope. It seemed like it was a price that she had to pay to keep the comfortable and amusing life of a tomboy. She became a bit melancholic looking at all those happy couples, and felt that something was missing from her life for the first time.
    One day she was invited out to go skateboarding, but she wasn’t in the mood so she just sat there, watching her friends and thinking her sad thoughts. One of her oldest friends soon came over to sit with her and asked why she was so sad. She didn’t want to lie, so she explained everything as it really was - that no one wanted to date her because no one considered her a potential girlfriend. “Don’t cry”, he said, “I’ll go on a date with you!” She refused out self-respect. “I don’t need charity”, she said. Suddenly, he became very serious and said that he really wanted to. And so she accepted. Accidentally, she had made the same mistake all her friends had made with her - she hadn’t considered his feelings, because you don’t go on dates with buddies. Well, she was mistaken.
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  • Nova Wolf Squad
    Nova Wolf Squad 4 hours ago

    I'm a tomboy and I will always be a tomboy people bully me but I say OK

  • Cassidy Captain
    Cassidy Captain 5 hours ago

    Hate to say it but I'm a tomboy and no body likes me not even the boy nor the girls

  • fiona goldwater
    fiona goldwater 5 hours ago

    I can totally understand, I am a tomboy too. My mom hates it with a push ion, she has never like my way since I was a baby. But there's nothing she can do about beacues I am a 32 year old grow up woman. So ye

  • Its Xxgrandproxx
    Its Xxgrandproxx 6 hours ago

    Male = male girl = girl
    Male = -girl-

  • stacey elrod
    stacey elrod 6 hours ago

    Im a tomboy and i have some kinda boyish and if i was a boy i would like u bc ur like a boy and ur cool 😎 😎

  • it’s maia not miai
    it’s maia not miai 6 hours ago

    i’m so quirky!!! not like other girls!!!😔😫🤪🤪🤪

  • Kelli Andrews
    Kelli Andrews 6 hours ago

    Gosh...Back in the day Tomboy didn't mean what it means now...
    It was a word we used for girls that were into guys stuff more than the frilly girl stuff...She was the girl you could take hunting or fishing and Wasn't Scared to Bait her Own hook!!! Who could change a tire Faster than a dude or at least her brother lol! Yet was a girl and loved to slow dance Without the hairspray cough !!! Who loved to watch her dad work on cars or go boating with him!!! However we Also Knew they loved guys just Not dresses!!! Except for church,weddings and funerals!!!
    Guys could hang out w them an not be critiqued on Every little thing! Yet Everyone Knew they loved guys!!! Guys secretly had crushes on them Because they Knew them girls sure cleaned up awful pretty and were REAL!!!
    Most the tomboys in my day are now married to men and have children and roll their sleeves up to fish with their children and and teach them to bait their own hooks!
    Oh now those women actually dress up for a night on the town with their husbands!!!
    See that is the secret here in my town the tomboys here weren't unattractive oh hell na! They were just Not wanting to get noticed by the Wrong man!!! Or young men!!!
    So it was a defense against unwanted advances which unfortunately in some places you have that....Gd Bless you all

  • Bilal_gaming_ TV
    Bilal_gaming_ TV 7 hours ago

    Not trying to be rude and stupid, but what is a “tomboy”

    • d ddd
      d ddd 7 hours ago

      a tomboy is basically a girl that wants to be a boy, correct me if im wrong.

  • Lia Flores
    Lia Flores 8 hours ago

    My friend Aliyah is much better than me a lot of boys like her but me I see my self sloppy I asked her for advice one time she said be fancy a couple days later I fell and said you have more fancy I told my self I can be any girl I want she dose not have incherest of me for a friend but I don't care!

  • Isa Silence
    Isa Silence 8 hours ago

    If she was bi I’d date her

  • minecraft gamer
    minecraft gamer 8 hours ago

    That not true and guys should respect girl who they are and I love tomboy cause I like girl act like boy and heck my friend was tomboy and she used to be my friend but not anymore and now she become my girlfriend and l still love her no matter what and I don't care she act like boy or not .

  • ANGEL Queen
    ANGEL Queen 8 hours ago

    Whats wrong with tomboy , people think that your gay but your not why why why why if boys play with girls that doesn't mean a boy is trans 😒 why would people do that dont be sad is okay you can be yourself ❤ i hope your happy to be yourself nobody loves me but i dont care because i dont need a boy like what i think i can have one dont care of they have crush on pretty girls and then girls play with them ugh i dont even have friends 😔😔

  • Jimmie 24
    Jimmie 24 9 hours ago


  • Foster's Thoughts
    Foster's Thoughts 9 hours ago

    People can like what they want. Learn that.

  • Tiny Eevee
    Tiny Eevee 9 hours ago

    I’m gay and and a Tom boy

  • Glitter Alexandria
    Glitter Alexandria 10 hours ago


    if someone is being a bitch, just say


  • Mohamed Waheed
    Mohamed Waheed 11 hours ago

    I am a girl that's named Waheed

  • XxSharaixX
    XxSharaixX 11 hours ago +1

    I am a tomboy and everyone thinks I am gay and sometimes I accidentally go to the boy toilet and the boy think that I am a guy and continues doing their thing so do I. I just go the one of the boy’s stall and no not the one where u hold ur ding dong and piss I mean the stall just like the girls toilet

  • Dollar Dog
    Dollar Dog 13 hours ago

    I am 100% sure that you are a trans

  • Dollar Dog
    Dollar Dog 13 hours ago

    I hate tomboys!

  • Nova Nia
    Nova Nia 13 hours ago

    She kinda sounds like Kaitlin from mincraft diary’s and mincraft mystreet

  • Remski Cute
    Remski Cute 15 hours ago

    I’m also a tomboy

  • Coco Go
    Coco Go 15 hours ago

    Oof I’m both

  • Nicholas Tham
    Nicholas Tham 16 hours ago

    *sniff* This.... This should be a movie...

    *sniff* Fucking beutiful

  • Lach & Tay
    Lach & Tay 16 hours ago

    There is a bunch of girls nowadays who comment online that they're tomboys, when most of them aren't. For some reason girls nowadays seem to think it's cool being a tomboy, when it really doesn't matter. Be yourself!

  • Blue Girl
    Blue Girl 17 hours ago

    that was so inspiring!

  • mr. frosty & sneezer
    mr. frosty & sneezer 18 hours ago

    If I were boy
    Even just for a day,
    I roll out of bed in the morning
    And put on what I wanted and go

  • mr. frosty & sneezer
    mr. frosty & sneezer 18 hours ago

    If I were boy
    Even just for a day,
    I roll out of bed in the morning
    And put on what I wanted and go

  • The Gacha Lovers
    The Gacha Lovers 19 hours ago

    Me and my mom are tomboy too, we have a lot of friend, well most of them is boys but it's ok in my school

  • _user_ _name_
    _user_ _name_ 19 hours ago +1

    Is this girl stupid they don’t see you as a girl cause you’re a fucking tomboy

  • Beatriz Tarrayo
    Beatriz Tarrayo 19 hours ago

    Idk if im a tomboy or a girl well im not a... Girlygirl

  • Glenn Hatch
    Glenn Hatch 20 hours ago

    I’m actually into tomboys
    (Like if you agree)

  • Spanish Boss
    Spanish Boss 20 hours ago +1

    At first I thought the plaster was ur teeth 😂😂😂

  • Tis I, The Tortellini.
    Tis I, The Tortellini. 20 hours ago

    I can relate but at the same time, I can't. I never had friends, I mostly hung out with my cousin and tried to hang with his friends. I grew up with him as like an older brother, and my idol. I grew up playing video games(Halo to be exact) and he was also the one who got me into other games, Role-playing, drawing, and so on. My love for video games was good, although I never really got out, much, I still enjoyed to view of outside and other things. I never really wanted to wear dresses, skirts, none of those girly things. I was always in pants and a hoodie. I was considered a nerd and geek but I found that great about myself. Though, turns out nobody likes that. I've been to a bunch of places and only found one interest of a friend and was a best friend actually, but after my aunt yelling at her for what my cousin had been doing during our stay there, I ended up losing her. I guess family came first I suppose.. so after that, I still had no friends. It ate at me and I felt really horrible. I still do, my cousin is still my best friend but he.. somewhat doesn't count. It feels different for me. I never had anyone like me, sure a few dates and whatnot but those were only middle school, to which nobody took those seriously and I didn't either cause I wanted something more. I'm still confused about myself and I am chubby, I'm not pretty, I don't wear makeup like all the other girls do, I know all this. Though I don't plan on changing anytime soon because of it. It's difficult to find someone and to get my humor, how awkward I am, to find someone I could FINALLY call friend again, cause that one friend who drifted off made me feel happy, made me feel like I'm worthwhile and great things happened when we were with each other. I know she was a true friend and I understood why we separated. I knew it was for the best, because I knew my family would do it again and I didn't want her to go through it. Having a best friend was fun, and being myself is fun, being a tomboy and a nerd from time to time, but I usually keep it to myself. I'm used to just being alone anyway.

  • Aus-firestorm Gaming
    Aus-firestorm Gaming 21 hour ago

    Ima tomboy and I am proud of ot

  • dom duck
    dom duck 21 hour ago

    What sooo I’m a just in the wrong school? ALL THE GIRLS ARE MEGATHOTS (in my school)

  • dom duck
    dom duck 21 hour ago

    Jokes on you I’m a male I don’t date

  • yoit yeet
    yoit yeet 22 hours ago +1

    I W O N D E R W H Y

  • Karisma Pindell
    Karisma Pindell 22 hours ago

    I understand this

  • Dusty Din
    Dusty Din 22 hours ago

    I can relate to this a lot

  • Geomayra Tacuri
    Geomayra Tacuri 23 hours ago

    I am also a Tomboy and now I am not ashamed of it 👍🙂😊

  • fizzy jack gameing
    fizzy jack gameing 23 hours ago +1

    Yo this girl is annoying

    • milionxx
      milionxx 8 hours ago

      I have to agree. This bitch have to realize that you ain't born with being gay or born as a tomboy. You chose it yourself to feel special, because they finally wanna be something.
      And what is this crap, "It's just how you feel.." Bitch gtfo witcho crap,
      Shit, that's it brother.

  • ShowJumping Dreams
    ShowJumping Dreams 23 hours ago


  • Crafty Girl DIY
    Crafty Girl DIY Day ago

    I so really do agree with this video. While yes girls were jeans and t shirts today and not as much skirts They still were much makeup they still where the more extreme feminine version of the outfits. I don’t really, I wear hoodies and not tight jeans. I’m also really tall and Im not really skinny but not really fat, I’m an athletic shape, which for most people isn’t attractive on a girl.
    Also I don’t act like a typical girl. I feel the same way she did and still do. Boys either see me as another friend or don’t find me attractive in that way. But I hope her words are true for me as my hope is low but I have at least some faith.

  • Tracy Powell
    Tracy Powell Day ago

    I'm a tomboy and I'm gay and I get bullied

  • Rockie Road Ice cream

    I don't like wearing and doing girly things.... Lol

  • Sofia Rubinstein

    am I the only person who hates dresses

  • Double0tart Trouble

    Too Bad

  • Moira Lindner
    Moira Lindner Day ago

    I get it, no one ever wants to date the nerd so here I am, I am in a class of twenty kids and one of six who is singlee

  • Minty Lettuce
    Minty Lettuce Day ago +1

    I’m a girl and when I was younger the kids in first grade literally thought I was a boy, I wore capes and hid nerf guns in my back pack. Also I thought almost every girl was a “tomboy” ?

  • Animal Club
    Animal Club Day ago

    I understand because I am a tom boy too and I get along with boys better than girls but I do have friends who are girls but they are tom boys just like me!

  • Your Left Toe
    Your Left Toe Day ago

    Get it girl

  • Reese Lallensack

    I’m a tomboy too, I completely understand this whole video. I have to deal with identity problems, and I’m the only one in my friend group the doesn’t have a date for my school dance. 😂😂😂😂 this video made me smile, I love it because I can relate to it on a personal level! 👍👍

  • erica〜
    erica〜 Day ago


  • Caro E
    Caro E Day ago

    I used to be a tomboy but I just ended up becoming half n half like I hang with boys and do “boy activities and sports” but I dress girly or sometimes I throw on a t shirt and some sweatpants and chill XD

  • JoeJoemac 9
    JoeJoemac 9 Day ago +1

    The caption said my name is joe

    Its supposed to be jo ok

  • John johnson
    John johnson Day ago

    It's even harder when you disabled #foreveralone

  • Melody Perez
    Melody Perez Day ago

    I'm a Tomboy ♡♡♡this video was very helpful :-)

  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones Day ago

    Story of my life🤣

  • Hugo Turcoos
    Hugo Turcoos Day ago

    What’s a tomboy could someone tell me?

  • the mad clown
    the mad clown Day ago

    Sadly I think tomboy girls or punk girls are much more attractive then girly girls

  • Kelly Lambert
    Kelly Lambert Day ago

    Thats what happened to me took

  • Aisha Ali Khan
    Aisha Ali Khan Day ago

    I love this

  • Andrea Molnar
    Andrea Molnar Day ago

    I just don't understand. What's the problem if somebody is gay? Maybe bisexual. Why poeple has a problem with them? You need to think ,before you say it. It might will hurt that/these person(s).❤

  • Saaikr Guney
    Saaikr Guney Day ago +1

    But girly girls is not my type i was allways the strongenst girl in the class i always be the best in sport then girls they like a potato or something they are not fast they are a cry baby like stand up in a life you need to fall and stand up !!!! But be urself

  • Saaikr Guney
    Saaikr Guney Day ago +1

    Im a tomboy to i dont like the Dresses but girl dont like the stuff what i do but im a happy to be a girl

  • Celia Aviana
    Celia Aviana Day ago

    Damn, I’m in college and never have a bf. Is this bad?

  • Traton Carroll
    Traton Carroll Day ago

    I’m a tomboy

  • Its just Nightmare

    I m a tomboy

  • Ms. Banana
    Ms. Banana Day ago

    At least someone wanted you at the end. But I'm never getting anyone

  • OnlySesil 1718
    OnlySesil 1718 Day ago +1

    I’m a tomboy too!

  • LDS German shepherd boy

    I feel like I'm a very effeminate boy, but I'm straight, and like girls (even though I've gotten some backlash from time to time from other peeps thinking I'm gay😕

  • DarkkSoda
    DarkkSoda Day ago


  • Kimball Crowder
    Kimball Crowder Day ago

    i am a tom boy and a girly girl depends on the situation 😂😂

  • Or Not
    Or Not Day ago

    I do wanna date you

  • Amirul Aiman Fairy Tail

    i like tomboy is't it cool when girl look boyish

  • William Redfern
    William Redfern Day ago

    Strange this was the sort of girl friend I always wanted,,they did not come I am single,,

  • Chewy Fishcake
    Chewy Fishcake Day ago

    I'll never get anywhere in life :')

  • lordmuhd
    lordmuhd Day ago

    Oh i actually half tomboy and half girly

  • lordmuhd
    lordmuhd Day ago

    I like this girl i love parkor on my friends table

  • Ooga booga Gimme them toea

    Fuck tomboys fuck gay people and fuck trans people you all should go to hell

    • milionxx
      milionxx 8 hours ago

      Amen, I gotta agree on that one.

  • Humming For Songs

    I love Tomboys they r the best they look very cool and amazing looks ❤️❤️

  • dennis tiamson
    dennis tiamson Day ago

    Coll story

  • Khreestian dane Reyes

    Tomboy means a lesbian

  • Mita Yudoyono
    Mita Yudoyono Day ago

    Well my nephew’s friend is a tomboy and she was beatiful he said and he like her

  • Jun 준
    Jun 준 Day ago +1

    I hope I can find my love too~
    GL girl😂😄

  • Companion Cube
    Companion Cube Day ago

    No offence, but your friends (except for that one who actually listened) are kinda stupid.
    To have a girl buddy who shares a lot of interests, understands your problem and have some similar ones you can understand is great by itself.
    But when you become even more than friends, when you become so close you develop feelings for each other, *while still sharing interests and problems*, that like a fucking dream come true!
    I really wish I'd find a tomboy girlfriend one day.

  • Yusuf Abdullahi
    Yusuf Abdullahi Day ago

    Actually your a tom girl because your boy and not a girl wait your a girl nvm and wth most girls are tomboys my sister is one but she still wears makeup but she wears hoodies jeans and stuff

    GACHA QUEEN Day ago

    i know but i cant tell my parents

  • GamingWithMal OMG

    I am both tomboy and girly

  • TerminaterFTW
    TerminaterFTW Day ago

    Being a boy is better though


    Btw I Have to tell i am a lesbian i am atraktive to girls

  • Kids Filming
    Kids Filming Day ago +1

    I am the same exact way

  • AwesomeDoge [Official]

    I’m a Tomboy too, but I have a equal balance between boy stuff and girl stuff. I know how you feel.

  • It's Annsworld
    It's Annsworld Day ago

    Since Im tomboy I hate having to listen to people who seem so damn confused about what a tomboy.
    When I go to fancy places I'm allowed just to wear collered shirts, jeans and sometimes ties too.
    I like to climb trees a lot too. I just do stuff that I wanna do.

  • Petronè Theron
    Petronè Theron Day ago

    I'm a tomboy and I won't change it for the world maybe it's a little bit of struggle now and then but I like who I am and I won't change it :)

  • Sleeping Artz
    Sleeping Artz Day ago

    I'm a Tom boy/Girly girl and I attracted a smart sweet bi boy. And I'm happy because I love his personality! But I have a bsf I use to like.. And he has kinda gotten jealous.. It sucks. I love his personality too, calm, quiet, serious but childish in moments. Me and bsf have a lot in common.. Music taste, opinions, Humor.

  • LukeSouza •
    LukeSouza • Day ago +1

    so if your a girl and a tomboy you cant be confused what gender you are JuSt LoOk DoWn In YoUr PaNtS