UFC 236 Post-Fight Press Conference: Dana White

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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  • kurdo ali
    kurdo ali 4 months ago

    Khabib vs Tony when happen

  • tony montana
    tony montana 4 months ago

    Keep transgender fighters out of the octagon

  • Elias Hajjar
    Elias Hajjar 4 months ago

    Dana ! Please I need a great job .... please 😎 I am exited about this announcement 😁

  • Jp Bravo Bravo
    Jp Bravo Bravo 4 months ago

    Dana white has made it impossible for me to get the fight or watch them I’m a dad of 4 kids that has been a fan since I was a young kid don’t watch any other sports I just don’t feel the same as I do fighting competitions the fight are getting more and more expensive and harder to get he is known all about the money I’m a true fan of the sport don’t forget the people is what made ufc what it is butt butt he don’t care about us my best of wishes for him I will no longer be able to be a fan of the only sport that I love

  • Ben Holland
    Ben Holland 5 months ago +1

    It was Dana and Ufc that made a mockery of the interim belts not us,by Stripping everyone straight after over stupid reasons

  • mitchell newman
    mitchell newman 5 months ago

    These clowns still talking about McGregor, fook McGregor has washed out and exposed, not coming back. I'm i personally would not be one bit upset if he never comes back. Btw baldy if you get McGregors dick out of your mouth people will understand you better

  • mitchell newman
    mitchell newman 5 months ago

    Are you serious only 50k for them guys going out there and putting millions of dollars in your fat pos hands. If Dana didn't have fighters he would have no money. Pay the Damn fighters you joke of a human being

  • Pears Spanker
    Pears Spanker 5 months ago +1

    I wanted Dana to play the character of "LORD VARYS" in Game Of Thrones 😂

  • Cezary Nowak
    Cezary Nowak 5 months ago

    Dana White will soon be in Porno-Biznes because she knows that is the most profitable business apart from MMA!!!

  • Leslie Bell
    Leslie Bell 5 months ago

    Connor who??

  • Raziel Uchiha
    Raziel Uchiha 5 months ago

    Does anyone feel guilty watching these men and women fight ?

  • some guy
    some guy 5 months ago

    17:56 - 'If Jacare keeps winning and doesn't get a title fight, that guy might kill me." It's great that he has acknowledged that.

  • Bill Lee
    Bill Lee 5 months ago

    Interim titles mean shit to nobody but Dana.

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot 5 months ago

    Does usada go to Russia or Ireland?

  • Schnok21
    Schnok21 5 months ago

    Jon Jones would kill him, without any doubt! But i have to admit: I would watch that ;)

  • Parody Central
    Parody Central 5 months ago

    Get this Dana piece of shit off the TV. He is worse than a fucking lawyer and car salesman! Fucking crook!!!

  • Robert Duncan
    Robert Duncan 5 months ago

    Whats a PI?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 months ago

    “I knew there were going to be some hiccups” ... $%#%^@&* !

  • Brandon York
    Brandon York 5 months ago

    Honestly feel like Lesnar isn’t trying to fight DC. Dude makes that huge scene trying out his shitty WWE acting and then never tells Dana he’s ready or makes a public statement about what he wants to do.

  • lets stickygoat
    lets stickygoat 5 months ago +1

    50k bonus ain't enough for those fights chief

  • cameron nataucappo
    cameron nataucappo 5 months ago

    I'm worried how the old timers that just pay through PPV not everyone can afford ESPN plus and have good enough internet like the ppl that live in rural areas

  • Alexander Ruiz
    Alexander Ruiz 5 months ago

    Dana "I haven't even thought about that yet" White

  • nba nba
    nba nba 5 months ago

    So the #4 and #5 fight for a belt? With out the #5 ever fighting the top 3?? Making up fake belts just so "something is on the line".... This is getting silly now.

  • Hiroyuki Heisosumi
    Hiroyuki Heisosumi 5 months ago

    What was that fighters name Dana? Oh yeah...Israel Amendantes....wait I didn't catch that....one more time please?

  • lawmaker22
    lawmaker22 5 months ago

    jones vs israel? are u crazy? jones will kill him, play him like a toy, dont do this Dana, dont pust israel to humiliation...i dont think he will beat whittaker either, Rob will put him down KO

  • bob builder
    bob builder 5 months ago +1

    Who the fook what's to see poirier vs Khabib? Give Khabib a wrestler.

  • Phatt Boah
    Phatt Boah 5 months ago

    2:15 Dana's Scrooge McDuck hand signs

  • Noah Ziegler
    Noah Ziegler 5 months ago

    So glad Max Griffin beat the brakes off that terrorist before he could strap a bomb to his chest and blow up innocent Americans.

  • Slick Silver
    Slick Silver 5 months ago

    I love Bobby knuckles but he does NOT hit harder than Kelvin

  • Amp Blaster
    Amp Blaster 5 months ago

    This is for all the idiots that don’t like interim title fights.
    Guess what dipshit, there still isn’t a champion in either of those weight classes, so no one cares.

  • twatzek
    twatzek 5 months ago

    Pay per view is all f'd up!!

  • LR266
    LR266 5 months ago

    A UFC Africa card with Adesanya, Usman and Ngannou would be big for Africa.

  • Riley Welton
    Riley Welton 5 months ago

    Lol Dana so heated about the losses from PPV on espn+ he has his shirt almost wide open. What a joke! s/o to reddit and twitch for providing better streaming then the UFC itself like wtf?

  • khrawkupar
    khrawkupar 5 months ago

    @5.12 was that Samuel Jackson?

  • 724tito83
    724tito83 5 months ago

    F#ck pay per view lol, I'll watch at a sports bar, then you tube🎅

  • Matthew Schutze
    Matthew Schutze 5 months ago +2

    Dana White wants to cause a riot between Australia and New Zealand.

  • Richard Brabbs
    Richard Brabbs 5 months ago +1

    Just because an interim belt fight is brilliant doesn't make the belt worth anything its a bullshit belt and calling the fighter a champion is like calling a silver medal winner a champion having said that this ufc was brilliant

  • Neil Anderson
    Neil Anderson 5 months ago

    I didn't think the Gastelum fight was as good as what is being made out. It was a good fight without a doubt but imo the main event was as good if not better. I love both Holloway and Poirier and am so happy for Dustin but I was screaming for him to keep working as I thought he was blowing his early lead when he was trying for those takedowns. Holloway is maybe a bit unlucky not to get a draw? Great fights.

  • taraishot100
    taraishot100 5 months ago

    2 kiwis going at it for the title proud to be kiwi.

  • Erik Nickles
    Erik Nickles 5 months ago

    getting sick of this guy talking about game of thrones like its the best thing since sliced bread especially after these amazing fights

  • enuff2u
    enuff2u 5 months ago

    I want to see Jon Jones fight Johnny Walker before any talk of Jones fighting Israel Adesanya becomes serious.

  • Jon Kozak
    Jon Kozak 5 months ago

    Dana not mentioning poirier is really weird

  • Future Baby
    Future Baby 5 months ago

    Khabib 🐐

  • João Pedro Pepê
    João Pedro Pepê 5 months ago

    Ufc 236...... two best figths in a long time.... Gastelum x Adesanya? Man!....... what....what a figth!!!
    This was SOOOO GOOOOOD! Historical figth!

  • Kimbo Drift
    Kimbo Drift 5 months ago

    Interium belts just shouldn’t look the same as the real belts its stupid if there not the same make them look different so they have a different feeling to em

  • michael plemel
    michael plemel 5 months ago

    well spoken, what a racist remark

  • hector lazcano
    hector lazcano 5 months ago

    I missed the first fight do to the ESPN app was having problems. And in the middle of Max vs Dustin my internet cuts off for a few minutes. I love UFC and I watch all the PPV events, prelims and fight nights. But this streaming shit is some bullshit... not happy with it 🖕🖕🖕

  • jon barker
    jon barker 5 months ago

    Please set the fight up in Brisbane, Sydney, or Auckland!

  • Dry Rot Aus
    Dry Rot Aus 5 months ago +3

    Gastelum is a monster. He closed the distance and lit Israel up like it was nobobys business despite the difference in their reach. 236 ppv was worth every penny. Congrats to both new champs!

  • jason c
    jason c 5 months ago

    Dana White looks like a thumb.

  • Mike Rigby
    Mike Rigby 5 months ago

    Money hungry motherfuckers with this espn+ bullshit. Never will i buy another ufc event. Go on youtube right after and see the fights anyway. Boycott trumps homie and the greedy ufc origination

  • DeCarlo Calloway
    DeCarlo Calloway 5 months ago

    So obvious Dana approves who asks “questions” before... Same mfers asking the same boring questions...

  • Michael Franzese
    Michael Franzese 5 months ago +1

    Does Dana think we're all that dumb? He knows that the interim issue isn't the fight itself. It's how that "champion" is handled after he wins that "belt"..

  • KNZ Sfinx
    KNZ Sfinx 5 months ago

    Dana is subtle as always.
    It’s not about interim belt. The fight would have been great because of the fighters. Dan Henderson vs Shogun was great w/o the belt.
    People don’t like interim belts because they in the past winning one didn’t mean shit.

  • hippyhappyhobo
    hippyhappyhobo 5 months ago

    i really dont get why tony is not the next fight for khabib, what the hell does that guy have to do to get a title shot

  • worm food
    worm food 5 months ago

    Why aren't the champions expected to defend their titles anymore?

  • Malikai Johnson
    Malikai Johnson 5 months ago

    I didn’t like the Adesanya scorecard. I thought I was a draw, comes down to an opinion of the 3rd round which I gave to KG. But the judges got everything else right 1 KG 2 Stylebender 4 KG 5 10-8 for stylebender

  • Max Towers
    Max Towers 5 months ago +2

    Fights like those should earn fighters 100k instead of 50k.... Maybe even more than 100K..

  • ElteeMullet
    ElteeMullet 5 months ago

    Why not have Tony vs Porier. Fake champ vs fake champ.

  • / Jay Cee \
    / Jay Cee \ 5 months ago

    Why r these nerds asking mma fighters about game of thrones lol