Buying Random Strangers ANYTHING They Want - Challenge

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
    I went up to random strangers at the mall and challenged them to buy ANYTHING they want from any store.. It got expensive!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  Month ago +6607

    This was one of my favorite videos EVER!! I love making people happy :)

    • CJM
      CJM 19 hours ago

      come to Australia and do this

    • mommy life
      mommy life Day ago

      You should take a single mom on shopping 😍that's would be good 😄 but a big shout out to you for doing this I would of been crying if tears of joy cause I know how good it feels when someone offers to pay you something last time someone offer me to pay me something it was when I didn't have enough money to pay for my kids and mine stuff put IAM lucky that IAM stable right know still not where I want to be put IAM not where I use to be so thanks to every one out there that helps other in need 😍 don't forget to go and watch my viedos IAM a small TheXvidr that hope to get big one day to provide for my kids and one day give to ppl 💙

    • xd cynicalship
      xd cynicalship Day ago

      Rug Im gonna fly to US and stand in front if every shop so Im expecting bro XD

    • Justine Adduru
      Justine Adduru Day ago

      With a 500gb

    • Justine Adduru
      Justine Adduru Day ago

      Can u buy iphone xs max for me i am from philippines

    B.P TV DAILY 2 hours ago

    Keep up the work

  • Nicko Lynch
    Nicko Lynch 3 hours ago

    Not to hate rug is one of my favorite faze members but why does he call this a challenge

  • Messi Hyp3
    Messi Hyp3 3 hours ago

    Wtff make up is expensive

  • pure Rapid
    pure Rapid 3 hours ago

    I wish I ran into you. not just for the stuff just to meet you, you spread so much happiness to me. it would make my day.

  • Stinky Buttquack
    Stinky Buttquack 4 hours ago

    U got the number wrong lol

  • tasmaniski djavo kostic

    Respect and love from SERBIA !!!

  • Aaron Howell
    Aaron Howell 6 hours ago +1

    You're so awesome bro your a great person to share your money

  • Stephanie Contreras
    Stephanie Contreras 7 hours ago

    Wish i would get lucky like them

  • Michael Luis
    Michael Luis 7 hours ago

    How at 10:36 he comes out with Gucci tooooo😂😂😂😂

  • preeT ਸਿੰਘ official

    Bro I need a phone plz 😂

  • booshay44_ booshay44_
    booshay44_ booshay44_ 9 hours ago

    This man to generous 🙏🏼

  • Tilted Nite
    Tilted Nite 9 hours ago

    She drop the soap

  • Steran Tulkas
    Steran Tulkas 10 hours ago

    Where is the apple store?

  • Nolimit chesser
    Nolimit chesser 10 hours ago

    You a great person💯🙏🏾

  • Nolimit chesser
    Nolimit chesser 10 hours ago


  • Carlos Castaneda
    Carlos Castaneda 10 hours ago

    the last shorty fine ill do it to her ass

  • Hussein muheyadin
    Hussein muheyadin 11 hours ago

    If he could know how I struggling my life he could not spend all that money on Gucci

  • Darren Byamugisha
    Darren Byamugisha 13 hours ago

    Can u buy me an Apple Watch I have never had one and I can’t afford it

    BEJAY GOMEZ 13 hours ago

    New subscriber from Philippines hehe notice me

  • Brittney & Brandon
    Brittney & Brandon 13 hours ago

    Hey guys can you all help get us to 1k subs??? Trying our hardest we are at 300 subs

    JEM&GOMAE EATS 13 hours ago

    Good job, helping strangers..
    I wish I can have the Gucci paper bags, I can recycle them😬 paper bag Gucci wow😝

  • Supreme Lord
    Supreme Lord 13 hours ago

    Ur the best bro

  • Yse Yes
    Yse Yes 13 hours ago


  • God Ussop
    God Ussop 14 hours ago

    Mr beast copy
    Like if you agree

  • Derminateur Gaming
    Derminateur Gaming 14 hours ago

    I still remember when faze wasnt a cancerous and cringey ytb channel, *but a good cod clan*

  • Lance Alaan
    Lance Alaan 15 hours ago +1

    I’m gonna go look for rug so I can be one of these people

  • Mosesss874
    Mosesss874 16 hours ago

    Did no one else realise @ 6:53 he put £335 not £355

  • Tay & Titi
    Tay & Titi 16 hours ago

    i think the second guy outsmarted the challenge by getting a bunch of things and then if they aren’t his size he could trade them.

  • Rayan Osmani
    Rayan Osmani 17 hours ago

    This guy is cool

  • mike mantzey
    mike mantzey 17 hours ago

    I like how you remix from mr beast doing for his buddies to you doing it for random people

  • Oliver Kincaid
    Oliver Kincaid 19 hours ago

    Would do anything to have the footlocker one

    EG PHANTOM 19 hours ago

    can you buy me a phone for me? 😂😅pls

  • Don is back
    Don is back 19 hours ago

    Hey I'm from India 🇮🇳

  • aun ali
    aun ali 20 hours ago


  • Agroo Visaar
    Agroo Visaar 20 hours ago

    Bro 😂😂😂 U really did a good ass thing cause mexicans need soup Lmfaooo

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 21 hour ago

    Love bro❤️

  • Nixy joon
    Nixy joon 22 hours ago

    I would of went to hot topic and buy bt21 and blackpink merch 😂💜💜

  • Lisa Singletary
    Lisa Singletary 22 hours ago

    Send me some money cuz my 🐕 is sick and he needs to go to the vet

  • Kashif Hussain
    Kashif Hussain 22 hours ago

    Dude you should come to Kolkata,India 😊always welcome

  • King John YT
    King John YT 23 hours ago

    I wish i could have an iphone xs cause im just borrowing my moms phone and she cant afford me any phone

  • Smoke
    Smoke 23 hours ago

    Why can’t I run into someone doing this

  • LilJayyy Torres
    LilJayyy Torres Day ago +2

    I would’ve asked for the most expensive thing in Gucci 😂

  • Rene macias
    Rene macias Day ago

    Rug is so inspirational he is always in a good mood and spreading positivity and love rug is one of the few people in the world that are going to spread peace around the world thank you rug for being a great person.

    PRINCEKILL 123 Day ago +1

    It's called the first contestants not first victim's

  • Hiram Rodriguez41

    You copied mr beast

  • Vicente Delgado
    Vicente Delgado Day ago

    You mean the mall has a bunch of sores

  • Z Money
    Z Money Day ago

    How is it a challenge

  • American Kid
    American Kid Day ago

    Loool this guys a dickhead for changing the rules with the items/time in the expensive stores

  • Manuj Madan
    Manuj Madan Day ago

    851$ for shoes? I can live 2 months with that.

  • American Kid
    American Kid Day ago

    At least do 2 mins

  • Drxppy
    Drxppy Day ago

    Everyone sub to me plzzzz

  • Paugor Gor
    Paugor Gor Day ago

    The guys face

  • Christine Espinoza


  • koolmatt11
    koolmatt11 Day ago

    Why did she buy so much soap

  • l1th1ngz z
    l1th1ngz z Day ago +1

    Kid drop some random shirts that didn’t count

  • Dezzo YT
    Dezzo YT Day ago

    She putting all that soap her dumb ass

  • Karel de Waard
    Karel de Waard Day ago +1

    Imagine if the guy at h&m doesn’t had the right size at everything

  • Matthew Senneke
    Matthew Senneke Day ago

    Bro think of how much more money he’d be making if he started merch

  • Victor Tony Lysbjerg Saatterup 5CT Fjordbakkeskolen, Taulov

    Faze rug is just nice in person 😁

  • Sifat Noor
    Sifat Noor Day ago

    Andrea is gorgeous

  • Ànth0nY Esparza

    They really need sum soap

  • Daniel Enriquez
    Daniel Enriquez Day ago

    This video was dope... come to El Paso Tx


    HE got his money back from TheXvid lol

  • LavenderLushLuxury

    Aw That's So Sweet tbh. TBH.

  • Luz smd
    Luz smd Day ago

    hes like ‘30 seconds bro? 😑😐'

  • Elijuah Israel
    Elijuah Israel Day ago

    7:21 hell no

  • jessy marlove
    jessy marlove Day ago +1

    Bruh I have been seeing ya videos trying to give back to ya funs bruh you’re the best hope other youtubers can get this there’s nothing worthy like giving someone a forever smile. Great job my bruh hope I also get to this

  • fasteddys1
    fasteddys1 Day ago

    Why don’t you come to the uk and buy me a Yamaha raptor 700r plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Morgan Wallace
    Morgan Wallace Day ago

    Why did she buy 3 white shoes 😂

  • Madison Green
    Madison Green Day ago +1

    that was so sweet and thoughtful of youuuuu💓

  • Ratheesh Vsuresh

    I don't want that much only 6000 usd for close my home loan

  • DyingEx
    DyingEx Day ago

    Andrea was fine ssf

  • Shpresa Al soni
    Shpresa Al soni Day ago

    Fuck this shit dud you feel bad what about the others i hate this vid

  • Tiffany Raphael
    Tiffany Raphael Day ago +1

    I loved the Sephora that a great guess buts it’s already there LOL

  • Spicy Guap
    Spicy Guap Day ago

    He used scooby doo soundtrack

  • Legendary Moskov

    Sana all

  • X MEN Wolverine
    X MEN Wolverine Day ago

    Seriously bro I know u have more money....if u wanna give free money please give money someone who need it ...or that money change their life.....or help the poor make their life little bit easy ...plz bro ..that will come back to u in Diff ways

  • Kimberly Fonseca

    am I the only the one that thinks his smile & laugh is the cutest ? 😅

  • KDM 007
    KDM 007 Day ago

    my man got gucci shies 😍😍😍

  • Joshua Sumaoang
    Joshua Sumaoang Day ago

    Ohhhhh, Edward's a fine man 🤪

  • Daniel Balderas
    Daniel Balderas Day ago

    The last contestant was pretty thicc though 🍑

  • Josue A
    Josue A Day ago

    Background song please ?

  • Emilia Diana
    Emilia Diana Day ago

    Okay but we all know even if they would have dropped stuff he would have been like “ I’m still buying you all that for atleast trying , effort” 😂

  • House yeet
    House yeet Day ago

    This is a money wasting video

  • Omid Ahmadi
    Omid Ahmadi Day ago

    I need a iphone x mix let's goooooo😂😂😂

  • Elijah Blackstone
    Elijah Blackstone 2 days ago

    Bro he’s so humble and nice and spreading positivity is what we all need to do 😁

  • D P
    D P 2 days ago

    That girl picked the same shoes

  • Planemender Becker
    Planemender Becker 2 days ago

    Dude I love your vids I am a subscriber and I put on notifications

  • ChloStorm
    ChloStorm 2 days ago +2

    That guy at the Gucci store made it seem like he was running the channel 😂✨

  • Officer Anthony
    Officer Anthony 2 days ago

    So lucky

  • Jeff Philip
    Jeff Philip 2 days ago

    I wish i had here life

  • Jeff Philip
    Jeff Philip 2 days ago

    Sana all :(

  • Nick 710420
    Nick 710420 2 days ago

    Andrea!! Rapidoooooo

  • Nick 710420
    Nick 710420 2 days ago +4

    Lmfaooo the second dude was grabbing clothes so fast I don’t even think he got his size

  • Sehar Xx
    Sehar Xx 2 days ago +2

    Id have went to apple and got airpods and an iphone xs😂😂

  • Dreadlockchef
    Dreadlockchef 2 days ago +3

    Bruh I literally lost my job and I’m gonna be homeless in days and I stumbled this video if it’s gods will please help?

  • Lacaso Vlog
    Lacaso Vlog 2 days ago

    Nigga went in a Gucci and got the ugliest shoes wtf 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    NECKBROKETV 2 days ago

    3:10 you are addicted to soap lol

  • S e n p a i_S a n
    S e n p a i_S a n 2 days ago

    Why are you copying Mr. Beast