Buying Random Strangers ANYTHING They Want - Challenge

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
    I went up to random strangers at the mall and challenged them to buy ANYTHING they want from any store.. It got expensive!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  5 months ago +8205

    This was one of my favorite videos EVER!! I love making people happy :)

    • Mzbarbie24 Edwin
      Mzbarbie24 Edwin Day ago

      FaZe Rug i wish you can surprise me all the way in Africa
      I love surprises but I have never been surprised in my 29 years 😭

    • Isabella Sanz Fino
      Isabella Sanz Fino 7 days ago

      FaZe Rug if you respond to this, you will make my day! ☺️

    • Isabella Sanz Fino
      Isabella Sanz Fino 7 days ago +1

      I wish you can make my day like this 😔

    • Yesenia A
      Yesenia A 8 days ago

      Is there a link to your clothing ...really like the sweater your mom had in one ot your videos

    • lazerbeam is a god lazerbeam is a god
      lazerbeam is a god lazerbeam is a god 9 days ago

      You are the best you are a romatal and I look up to you if a meet you one day I will be the happy you are the best and that is a fact.

  • marjorie etes
    marjorie etes 17 hours ago

    Find A Homeless MaN And Buying Anything They want

  • med amine kaddar

    That guy went for the ugliest Gucci neakers , i would've gone straight for the bags !

  • Juli Faye Silo vlog
    Juli Faye Silo vlog 2 days ago


  • kolle reke
    kolle reke 2 days ago

    In viking times we had berserker ,they was so crazy ,after eating mushrooms, they had no fears for anybody. They killed and robbed! But they never took an Advantest on poor people!

  • kolle reke
    kolle reke 2 days ago

    You must stopp this! Follow thru and give this people a place to live or stopp using them! The Norwegian viking !

  • Louie Del Castillo
    Louie Del Castillo 2 days ago

    faze rug im from philippines i love your videos

  • Erjona Dembogaj
    Erjona Dembogaj 3 days ago

    9:35 '' 30 seconds bro '' hahhahaah

  • lady stardust
    lady stardust 3 days ago


  • safwan solah
    safwan solah 3 days ago

    please come to malaysia

  • Nicholas Antonio
    Nicholas Antonio 3 days ago

    Bro...u need to come to india and do ths...

  • nourchahin 117
    nourchahin 117 4 days ago

    Lady: My name is Melissa
    Faze Rug: Alissa??
    Lady: Melissa

  • Mad max cars Dubai
    Mad max cars Dubai 4 days ago +1

    Buy me to

  • ShirBeauty
    ShirBeauty 5 days ago

    Awesome video !! I would choose a Chanel purse but Sephora would be great too lol 👛

  • John Steven Kirsch
    John Steven Kirsch 6 days ago

    Hi im one of your fan im from Philippines i love watching all of your videos :) God bless you always man

  • Shivam Chaudhary
    Shivam Chaudhary 7 days ago

    Copying Mr. Beast

  • Aden Chen
    Aden Chen 7 days ago

    faze rug i’m so sad that i live in malaysia and u live in San diego :( if i lived in san diego and all i wished is to see u...or if u can maybe buy me something my life is back a part ..

  • Brianna Contreras
    Brianna Contreras 8 days ago

    Can I meet you in real life

  • Barry Fish
    Barry Fish 8 days ago +1

    Pls subscribe to my channal

  • Beautywithconfidence

    I know I recognized this shopping center! I’m always there 🤣🤧

  • Chris Myo Vlogs
    Chris Myo Vlogs 8 days ago

    Please visit ph Faze rug haha I eant to join the challenge

  • Alex Najer
    Alex Najer 9 days ago

    Gucci is super overrated fr lol

    JDRZ GAMER 9 days ago +3

    The last girl and rug would make a cute ass couple

  • Infomus Record
    Infomus Record 9 days ago

    HOLY FUCK 2.O, I would've brought nexus 2000 cdjs

  • Hermy Becky
    Hermy Becky 9 days ago

    And rug was like aww the needed some soap 🤣

  • born devil Rohan
    born devil Rohan 9 days ago

    Hii i am from india can u please give me at least 1 smart phone sir
    @FaZe Rug

  • Hassnain haider
    Hassnain haider 9 days ago

    That shoe choice by that girl was shit

  • Art Demjaha
    Art Demjaha 9 days ago

    Pay for your gym, too

  • Norman Elangbam
    Norman Elangbam 9 days ago

    Will you buy me a chuwi hibook pro sir. I really need it.

  • Jencarlos Hernandez
    Jencarlos Hernandez 10 days ago

    They Lady gotta go fast fast fast and fast

  • Ugaaaska Xafada
    Ugaaaska Xafada 10 days ago

    This insane!!!!!!

  • roldan timonera
    roldan timonera 10 days ago

    I wish you also here in philippines someday☺

  • Hello People
    Hello People 10 days ago

    Nice 👍

  • Leneria F
    Leneria F 10 days ago

    The girl who went into footlocker makes me sick 😒🥵

  • PS4 King
    PS4 King 10 days ago

    I’m sorry I watched it late 🙏
    If you pause at the time 13:22
    It looks like he’s possessed

  • Arvi kisoиеи
    Arvi kisoиеи 10 days ago +1

    10:41 said golf ball

  • Jovie Caducoy
    Jovie Caducoy 10 days ago

    Can I do the same challenge but i am in the Philippines. 😊😊😊
    Love lots,

  • Gerabell 17
    Gerabell 17 10 days ago

    God bless

  • oK.A.Y
    oK.A.Y 10 days ago


  • Emmanuel Malana De leon

    One of the best videos I've watched from your channel

  • James Antiquina
    James Antiquina 10 days ago

    I already anticipated you would buy it. What a kind man💪😍

  • donrainesoh
    donrainesoh 10 days ago +26

    That girl at Sephora should have just grabbed palettes.

  • X-Ghost- 22
    X-Ghost- 22 11 days ago +1

    The black guy benny wanted to steal things even tho Faze was gonna pay for them, LOL.

  • R Lopez
    R Lopez 11 days ago

    I love this

  • Alexander Villegas
    Alexander Villegas 11 days ago +2

    second guy was a freakin genius

  • Yusuf Can
    Yusuf Can 11 days ago

    Why is he saying nice to meet you I meaannnn
    Heyy nice too meet you you cost me 100-900 dollars for just 1 minute

  • Daniela Mejia
    Daniela Mejia 11 days ago

    You’re so amazing 😮👏

  • fablox k8
    fablox k8 11 days ago +1

    why dont u make happy homeless people bro? this is so sad...

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 11 days ago

    I enjoyed this a bit too much !
    When you move to LA go to Westminister mall 🤪

  • Elvira Manybunu
    Elvira Manybunu 11 days ago

    I like you 🤗

  • Elvira Manybunu
    Elvira Manybunu 11 days ago

    Hey my name is Tristan I'm from Australia Darwin NT

  • young ston_na
    young ston_na 11 days ago

    Damn bro make me happy too

  • Lynne Gulbrand
    Lynne Gulbrand 11 days ago

    Looks like you are having so much fun. Sad you don't live in my town cause I sure need some new stuff. Living on disability sucks. My poor car is really old and about to break down, it's a 2001 and so sad. But I'm really happy you helped those young people and I hope they help someone in return. God bless you .

  • sjsksgwkwk sksjw
    sjsksgwkwk sksjw 11 days ago +1

    one of the reasons why i wanna be rich is to do things like this. 😍

  • Tony Barajas
    Tony Barajas 11 days ago

    Isn't this place fashion vally

  • Draw with Moaed
    Draw with Moaed 12 days ago

    Awesome 👍 like your video 😊

  • Nicole Murray
    Nicole Murray 12 days ago

    When I saw the price of those Gucci shoes, my mouth dropped. I’ve never felt so proud to shop Cucci 😂

  • Gerry Gonzalez
    Gerry Gonzalez 12 days ago

    Content stolen from MrBeast.

  • Ema Tera
    Ema Tera 12 days ago

    How much did he spend that one day????? It’s good that u always want to put positive energy, u sure did make people’s day😁😁😁

  • Ema Tera
    Ema Tera 12 days ago

    The first one though😂😂😂😂😂😂