Bray Wyatt unveils his Universal Championship in the Firefly Fun House | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
  • Yowie wowie! Coming off of his title win at Crown Jewel, Bray Wyatt showed off his Universal Championship, complete with his custom side plates, on the debut episode of WWE Backstage.
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    Bray Wyatt unveils his Universal Championship in the Firefly Fun House | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX
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  • WWE on FOX
    WWE on FOX  7 days ago +4148

    What did you think of Bray Wyatt winning the Universal Championship?

    • Faceless ,.
      Faceless ,. 4 days ago


    • Mohd zakuan Zakaria
      Mohd zakuan Zakaria 6 days ago

      Totally suck..

    • Cadde EZK
      Cadde EZK 6 days ago

      Have a beautiful day

    • CPZ Gamez
      CPZ Gamez 6 days ago

      Why no custom belt? and pls don't let Roman Reigns be teh first feud. So many other interesting and potentially amazing feuds

    • Riri Pari
      Riri Pari 6 days ago

      This is good for him. I love Seth, but its time some other wrestlers get some time with the title. Bray deserves this!

  • Alone Gmp
    Alone Gmp Day ago


  • Johnny82Utah
    Johnny82Utah Day ago

    Yowie wowie

  • JESUS Pumagualli

    So Brock left smackdown because he didn’t want to face Wyatt that says a a lot

  • ChrisC 18
    ChrisC 18 Day ago

    I was sitting at BDubs and then I looked up and saw Bray staring at me

  • Landon Slayton17

    Idc that he's champ as long as he actually shows up every episode like Seth. I don't want someone who's too scared to show up as the champ. He ok tho

  • Stevon Barrett
    Stevon Barrett Day ago

    This is all Matt Hardy's fault!!!

  • rob iglesias
    rob iglesias Day ago

    Will he fight mankind since he has a picture with xx on his eyes

  • lucas barbosa
    lucas barbosa Day ago


  • musicman787
    musicman787 Day ago

    no wonder the WWE has gone to shit lmao

  • MurryCoolz HD
    MurryCoolz HD Day ago +1

    What has wwe become

  • Moz M
    Moz M Day ago

    0:51 hah

  • Frank Sabados
    Frank Sabados Day ago

    Copied from Pee Wees Playhouse WWE writers are pathetic

  • Blake Richardson

    who else thinks the fiends is the most powerful person in the wwe ever

  • Dime piece
    Dime piece Day ago

    The "All you have to do is let me in" May be referring to his brother...."All you have to do is bolieve" it'd be interesting if they finally were paired up

  • Cj Wolf99
    Cj Wolf99 Day ago

    Should’ve done it at hell in a cell

  • rasheed robinson

    I was disappointed because it looks exactly the same

  • mahdi b
    mahdi b Day ago

    stuped son of bech thinks his vry scery and cool

  • Knikos 007
    Knikos 007 Day ago


  • Ghanshyam Dayma
    Ghanshyam Dayma Day ago

    We want the fiend Vs Brock Lesnar in survivor series 😩🙊

  • The Hitman
    The Hitman Day ago +1

    2:25 "have a buddhaful day"

  • William O'Brien
    William O'Brien Day ago

    This man can just print 💰

  • Darias Languedoc

    Ngl im baked as fuck and that promo was fucking magical. Arguably one of the best I’ve ever seen bray Wyatt do

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns Day ago

    Next Oppernent


    The 7th Holder of universal champion

  • Linh Thai Duong
    Linh Thai Duong Day ago

    He will the loose the title soon. Vince has a way to fuck things up. Just like he did in the past when Bray was the most entertaining character in years, and his time in the spotlight was cut short.

  • No one in particular

    God this is gold.

  • Franklin Savage
    Franklin Savage Day ago

    The strap should be remade to look like stitched together flesh.

  • dannyrivera8300
    dannyrivera8300 Day ago

    I thought it would have been a custom championship but nope it's the same ugly ass red championship belt

  • Brian Marisa
    Brian Marisa Day ago

    He is talented. He deserves it

  • ainiudey
    ainiudey Day ago


  • Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin Day ago


  • Will Morgen
    Will Morgen Day ago

    I was mad

  • Pam Clarke
    Pam Clarke Day ago

    Oh wowie... I needed a good laugh and this was definitely it.

  • kauan pereira
    kauan pereira Day ago

    WTF 😈👿👹👺😈👿👹👺💀☠️👻

  • James Towns
    James Towns 2 days ago +1

    He should go against The UnderTaker for the Universal Title

  • Muhammed I. Jhaban
    Muhammed I. Jhaban 2 days ago

    Too bad, now he is going to lose it.. he didn't need it!!

  • bagsikdangal
    bagsikdangal 2 days ago

    Now that I think about it, the Bray Wyatt/Fiend gimmick is reminiscent of the Corporate Kane/Demon Kane gimmick.

  • thisdamnthingy
    thisdamnthingy 2 days ago

    He put some growl on that "let me in"
    Nice touch.

  • Jeff Cranford
    Jeff Cranford 2 days ago

    We’re going to have a super wowie time!!! 👋🖐🏻✋🏻👋

    ANNA CWC 2 days ago


  • BeanieShizzle
    BeanieShizzle 2 days ago

    This shit is a riot after smoking some weed lol. Check out my TheXvid

  • EOD Ace
    EOD Ace 2 days ago

    I just noticed how weird his eyebrows look

  • Kofi_gacha 64
    Kofi_gacha 64 2 days ago

    What!!!!!!! omg I thought Seth burn down Firefly fun house no sweet God no I don't like my Wyatt at all (╥﹏╥)

  • Kara Marante
    Kara Marante 2 days ago

    Bray is a good wrestler and he’s actually freindly

  • Garrett Nelson
    Garrett Nelson 2 days ago

    Not a Bray Wyatt fan, but good for him. Love to see The Fiend vs Kane. Just my opinion.

  • Kenjo Mendez
    Kenjo Mendez 2 days ago

    They need to revamp the look of this title. The red "WWE Championshop" ripoff look needs a change.

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi 2 days ago

    Now this, does put a smile on my face

  • Marcus Mcclain
    Marcus Mcclain 2 days ago

    2.6k people with no sense of humor.

  • Nat8 The gr8
    Nat8 The gr8 2 days ago

    OK that is wrong,🤬

  • Tasmine Edwards
    Tasmine Edwards 2 days ago

    With the entire NXT invasion angle, the suits should reach out to the Fiend to help defend Smackdown territory.....

  • Thrickie Bᴇʟʟᴏ

    Bray Wyatt is demon

  • Stuart Cumings
    Stuart Cumings 2 days ago

    Worst champion ever😞

  • Warzgill Wells999
    Warzgill Wells999 2 days ago

    I'm glad he won

  • Rahul Salve
    Rahul Salve 2 days ago

    Brey is best

  • Clone Squad
    Clone Squad 2 days ago

    Is this a better be tbh

  • Kevin the king KTKMU6

    Come without ur mask
    Stomped Rollins and title returns to ROLLINS

  • alfredo canchola
    alfredo canchola 2 days ago

    All I could think about was Eric Andre when he said let me in

  • Sweety Shaw
    Sweety Shaw 2 days ago

    Bhai Ronda rouse Kab aayegi

  • shadapakap
    shadapakap 2 days ago

    Sex symbol is pretty accurate. ♥