Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Moscow, Russia - July 21, 2019)

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • Filmed at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow Russia on July 21, 2019. Subscribe for more videos:
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Comments • 3 076

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore 3 hours ago

    🤨Me when I realized the James plays the solo

  • Anis Ouerghi
    Anis Ouerghi 10 hours ago

    God damn lars sucks so bad :'(

  • Muhamad Baqir Al Ridhawi
    Muhamad Baqir Al Ridhawi 20 hours ago +1

    ke sini gara2 silampukau 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Motaleb Bappy
    Motaleb Bappy 21 hour ago

    Love ❤️ From Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    BLΔCK SPΔCE Day ago +1

    Очень грустно осознавать что такой пиздатый мужик с каждым годом становится всё старее и старее.

  • Дмитрий Лол

    никогда в жизни такие убогие как моргинштерн и фейсы всякие с фараонами не соберут такой зал !!! Металика сила

  • roittmi
    roittmi Day ago

    5:57 Aaah! The chills when the crowd sings "Nothing else matters"

  • Romeo Domingo
    Romeo Domingo 2 days ago

    Metallica rocks filipino

  • Ja Ne20
    Ja Ne20 2 days ago

    So much love to you guys from my teenage years till now nothings change.

  • Rival Gustaf
    Rival Gustaf 2 days ago

    Классная Металлика

  • Funda Apaydın
    Funda Apaydın 2 days ago

    🇹🇷 müzik evrenseldir 🙏🏻👍🏻 from Turkey ı love this song and group 🤟🏼

  • Calix Ems Limdo
    Calix Ems Limdo 3 days ago

    Russian 🇷🇺 rocks...
    Metallica rocks..
    Kirk rocks... Love him for being a 🇵🇭 Filipino

  • Василий Мастерко

    Metallica -it s my live. i am russian , from Kavkaz.

  • ercn77
    ercn77 3 days ago

    Hi from Turkey. We love you

  • Rob Holloway
    Rob Holloway 4 days ago

    I love this, Russia, you have been a huge part of Metallica, we love you. Keep Rock'n. Rob, in the USA

  • Paul Pozi
    Paul Pozi 5 days ago

    Does any one have tabs for how to play kirks intro before the song starts?

  • Віталій Лагетко

    Я в 2001 в Киев били на Рок фестивале Рок Киев! Три дня нас розагревали все и Сплин даже и Алфавил и много разних рокеров и поп исполнителей из всего мира! Но когда вечором в конце врубали Хетфилд и команда все просто випали с восторга особенно Master of Puppets!

  • Greghson
    Greghson 10 days ago +4

    That last “and nothing else matters” from the crowd gave me chills

    • Greghson
      Greghson 10 days ago

      Also Russia is epic

  • Hatem Junaidi
    Hatem Junaidi 10 days ago

    Metallica legend , from malaysia👍

  • JUArias Arias
    JUArias Arias 10 days ago


  • Zalia Zaila
    Zalia Zaila 10 days ago

    Love from Malaysia...
    U r legendary Metallica👍

  • Trí Thiên Phan
    Trí Thiên Phan 10 days ago

    Tks so much!💕

  • Juliań Didier
    Juliań Didier 10 days ago +4

    5:32 beautiful Verse !

  • Kacper Lipowicz
    Kacper Lipowicz 10 days ago +2

    They are the best!!!

  • Baselini Banana Fishing
    Baselini Banana Fishing 11 days ago +1

    Hello james from indonesia..

  • parastoo Sat
    parastoo Sat 11 days ago +1

    You are my love james

  • JustTheMazza
    JustTheMazza 11 days ago

    James's guitar is the same that kicked out the awesome nothing else metters solo in Nimes, so awesome...

  • rosine alvarez
    rosine alvarez 12 days ago

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  • Santiago Morelle
    Santiago Morelle 13 days ago

    Where can I find the tabs for the doodle before the song?

  • chucky cromers
    chucky cromers 13 days ago +2

    Metallica and Russian fans more bigger than trumph & putin

  • Nicko Rhz
    Nicko Rhz 13 days ago

    nice strato

  • Mt Everest 8848 Nepal
    Mt Everest 8848 Nepal 14 days ago +2

    Best crowd ever!!!!

  • dimass1979
    dimass1979 15 days ago +1


    • Dutyk
      Dutyk 10 days ago

      И стал ещё более симпатичен

  • Bloody Sunday
    Bloody Sunday 16 days ago +1


  • дмитрий макаров

    Красава ёпть. С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ 🎄 🎁 👍

  • Куличенко Александр

    Люблю Вас Парни, красавчики вы!

  • 3_asy_boi Reee
    3_asy_boi Reee 16 days ago +7

    Hello Russia from u.s.a., Texas Metallica is so freakin AWESOME god bless RUSSIA 🇷🇺

  • Игорь Королёв

    С Новым Годом! Счастья!

  • Евгений Левчев

    Я полюбил эту песню в далёком 1998 году, под нее танцевал медляк с любимой девушкой, это нетленка...

  • Sq Q
    Sq Q 17 days ago +1


  • UltimateEditorZ
    UltimateEditorZ 17 days ago +1

    Why do they have so high tempo in live performances. The original song is slower

    • UltimateEditorZ
      UltimateEditorZ 14 days ago

      @Music Fan276 then they should perform less songs. Ruining these legendary songs is not an option.

    • Music Fan276
      Music Fan276 16 days ago

      There's probably a time limit on stage. Even if they're the only ones.

  • raghup1
    raghup1 18 days ago

    I am from India, I don't listen English songs much but idk why I feel a kind of connection with this song. I played this song on the loop for straight couple of hours. Idk what to say, but nothing else matters.

  • Donmakaron Makaron
    Donmakaron Makaron 19 days ago

    Хетвилд просто отработал свой гогнорар.пресно....в Мексике было ярче и живее

  • Anna Tetro
    Anna Tetro 19 days ago

    So Lars, this song. I am now 43, so saw you age 14 ish and since a fetus, they have tried to shape me and control my thoughts, actions, what I am and I stand and stare and see nothing. Finally it is hell only and I say, gee, MJ dead, gotta go find some help and then they rose up like oogedy boogedy shadows, look at all we did to you. Oh. Didn't notice. Sorry. Now a decade later, I'm staring, they are still there, oogedy boogedy, you will obey us. I look to the left, are you still there? What are you putting into your fans? Watch them ban it now.

    • Anna Tetro
      Anna Tetro 19 days ago

      Lars says I feel like I'm in Jesus Christ Superstar, that scene when they say, hey Jesus would you die for me? They freeze the frame of his reaction as if it was real. You carry your crosses with grace. We saw Canada crying in vain, on the ice, as if their cheers mattered or their ideology, or public image told to the people. What will America be like today. The loss of Wayne is real Jones, nothing you can do about it. Russia is meddling in our hockey games, they are out doing stuff. Better sanction their skates. But it is you who blew up as them. When you attack another's sport, when you deny them, you get denied equally. Figure skater has to leave so you can have your war, well, yours left too, Canada. No win in it if you have to KO out all your players. Need to find new ways because it would appear, no one ever actually obeys. Stop trying to get them to. Thank you Metallica. Shiny object of death do us part, because we don't know why Ronnie had that frown, but when he took the faceoff, they all fell down yeah yeah. SO many ways to shape the world in a musical maze. So do what you have to do to play well. Rely on the developing your authority within not go by an outer world sound into you or shaping you. Joe Mario Ns is not American. Just remember that twisted you turn soul trail. We did our part to help you all. Keep that one eye open indeed...

    • Anna Tetro
      Anna Tetro 19 days ago

      Tomorrow is Anastasia Alexei Rasputin Metallica Day. Novy God Rasputin death. Have you loved your Metallica today, America. You better get on it. It's Outlaw Torn Day but somehow we made it a month. How precious you are to us, what you mean to us, love of our lives. From RU with love. Thank you for singing out their pain and suffering it so we can live. We want RU to win. Yeah. Friggin' kids, sad but true, they are in you. xo

    • Anna Tetro
      Anna Tetro 19 days ago

      RU hockey hero yesterday vs Canada was saying, thank you for teaching us how to swim, Jason, and all with Anna. As he did the breast stroke on the ice. It has a lot of meaning but at the very least, Jason tamed the veles beast so RU could live. He said, until it sleeps, what he said, ANNA, you have to listen to this song, and it got him while he slept as Vishnu but they are alive and RU got the win. Never use habs royals against Lenin and his spouse house esp in QC. Natalya was the last to see Alexei, as they buried him, why would they do that to a child? If you cannot love the ones you are playing, you get hit. James gets hit a lot and loves us. I am sure he is tired of falling for America with Anna and Wayne. Or even MJ and Axl. Pls respect your heroes if you want to be one. Amen.

    • Anna Tetro
      Anna Tetro 19 days ago

      Axl taught Anastasia to run and play free in the streets. Unruly in America and it shows, Freddie. She cannot aim that way for you. And because you deny her, Canada, she doesn't care, nothing else matters but her freedom. When you trap others, you get trapped. Hockey is no laughing matter but your fate. She has a hurt nose to save your great one copy cat when Ru nearly sliced his nose off like MJ. She won't be around forever to save you. Poor ole twisted fate you. Yeah, they high five, bow, thank you.

    • Anna Tetro
      Anna Tetro 19 days ago

      The Little One said, but saints should listen to us praying and asking for help. You and Wayne are too slow to answer. You didn't listen and got hit by my most peaceful loving God routine. What does that say about you. Lazy unruly children, like Freddie taught us and now your masters rise, Metallica but through RU. The children say you helped Anna become humble and not walking loud or talking loud to listen to us. All this teaching is ruining that. That is the loss for your west. She must be pure and silent listening to be able to be the cure and priest who pays the priest. When you deny us, you are denied. Ok then children. Obey metallica and win. Let's try to help America but I see they are just killing Romanovs. That's America no?

  • sigit abdurrahman
    sigit abdurrahman 19 days ago

    man age like wine

    JIMI JAMES 19 days ago

    Nwo/eu-epp debt clowns think they dominate the world,but really we heterosexuals know that Metallica rules the world,freedom!
    Greetings russian patriots,from 'stralia.

  • j. MAniAc40
    j. MAniAc40 20 days ago

    Pl come to Mumbai at once🙏🙏🙏

  • Lucia Tejera
    Lucia Tejera 20 days ago


  • zairy ismail
    zairy ismail 21 day ago


  • Mulyana Romdoni
    Mulyana Romdoni 21 day ago


  • That Fat Gamer
    That Fat Gamer 21 day ago

    It's nice to see Kirk use a Stratocaster for cleans, especially like this song

  • Sameer yaris
    Sameer yaris 22 days ago

    Free download... from Bangladesh 2019best song...2019 still listing

  • Sameer yaris
    Sameer yaris 22 days ago +4

    Still listing 2019 .... who's agree me with the following ever no

  • viviana ormeño cerda
    viviana ormeño cerda 22 days ago +2

    Chile 🇨🇱 lo mejor metallica son legendarios

  • DJE
    DJE 22 days ago

    oh wow! Es increíble lo que logra la música, amo a esta banda❤️👍😘🎶🎶🎶

  • Легенды выживших

    Низкий поклон за "Группу крови"!!! Цой для нас - Больше чем рокер!!!

  • anothai88
    anothai88 23 days ago +1

    Moskova, rocks!

  • Muller
    Muller 24 days ago +1

    1991's to 2019' th...when times and diistance are nothing else matter...bravo

  • imiliana Xavier Campos

    Quem cresce aí ouvindo Metallica?

  • emine şahin
    emine şahin 25 days ago

    Russia is burning 😎🙈🔥