Houston Rockets vs Toronto Raptors Full Game Highlights | October 10, 2019 | FreeDawkins

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • October 09 | NBA PreSeason | Houston Rockets vs Toronto Raptors Full Game Highlights | October 10, 2019 | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Comments • 368

  • JULiyo
    JULiyo 22 days ago +1

    Those three pointers of raptors tho..🔥

  • TheMamahani Family
    TheMamahani Family 27 days ago

    Noob westbrook

  • Hey! It's me Aaron
    Hey! It's me Aaron 27 days ago +4

    Why does siakam look like a donkey in the thumbnail

  • Iso Joe
    Iso Joe 28 days ago

    Even when we're pying easy we're deadly lmao 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • Iso Joe
    Iso Joe 28 days ago

    Sefolosha is a great pickup for Houston man

  • Iso Joe
    Iso Joe 29 days ago

    "rUsS aNd hArdEn cAnT pLaY tOgEtHerR"

  • nuj! zeugirdor
    nuj! zeugirdor 29 days ago

    Yow rockets are underrated! They scary!😱 better watch out💪

  • Cain Shin
    Cain Shin 29 days ago

    good to see raptors still in one piece after losing 2 players..

  • Anthony M.
    Anthony M. Month ago +3

    The Rockets could win a championship. If James Harden would play some deffence.

    • JULiyo
      JULiyo 22 days ago

      And know how to pass

  • Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

    The Game is good and all but that floor... Men it's OVEREXPOSED lol

  • Norman Manela
    Norman Manela Month ago

    San PO si trerence Jones Ng rocket Ng TNT

    AMDOU THE NAME Month ago

    Great rockets👑

  • max xu
    max xu Month ago +1

    rubbish rockets

  • _NaviD_ M
    _NaviD_ M Month ago

    With a good BIGMAN this Rockets are UNstopable!!!
    even with afew losses i think in 82 games they still will be NUM1 SEED!

    • _NaviD_ M
      _NaviD_ M Month ago

      Ofcourse if Capela lets them!

  • Ellie Elle
    Ellie Elle Month ago

    Harden and westbrook are both desperate for a ring.. im pretty sure they will play like 🐊🐊🐍 they will just ruin their own game goodluck 😂😂

  • Cap One
    Cap One Month ago

    Good game.

  • Bunto farming
    Bunto farming Month ago

    This season is do or die for the Rockets. I feel if they don't win this year they aren't gonna win it in awhile and will go into a complete rebuild. Harden can only carry the team so far

  • Amit_Nrg :D
    Amit_Nrg :D Month ago

    Rapotors is trash

  • drz
    drz Month ago

    Submit to China 🇨🇳

  • Rain Pasamba
    Rain Pasamba Month ago +1

    Rip raptors no change to enter this playoffs we miss you khawi.

  • Equinox79
    Equinox79 Month ago

    Nice game! 👍

    HOMER DIAMA Month ago

    Terrence jones

  • jack jack
    jack jack Month ago

    The ball bounces
    Japanese : ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Sherwin Tandingan
    Sherwin Tandingan Month ago

    .. Why raptor doesnt look like theyre champion last season? Only leonard lost right?

  • Paul Manzano
    Paul Manzano Month ago

    Did anyone else hear "Aw fuck!!" at 7:53 ?

  • Mac L
    Mac L Month ago

    Leave OG alone. He is off rhythm because he's not use to playing without an appendix lol

  • human being
    human being Month ago

    had Westbrick played shooting guard at OKC....they would have gone farther than 1st rd in playoffs

  • Phantom haha
    Phantom haha Month ago

    I don't know how Westbrook will help Houston in playoff smh

    • Phantom haha
      Phantom haha Month ago

      @nonrepublicrat I never heard Houston fans wanted Westbrook to be in their team in the first place.

      PHOENIXHDGAMING// HQ Month ago

      @nonrepublicrat Except westbrook isn't intelligent

    • nonrepublicrat
      nonrepublicrat Month ago

      you don't know, but intelligent people do;.

  • Jumar Guma
    Jumar Guma Month ago

    Toronto's superfan has flew all the way to other side of the world lol

  • Eric Lastomen
    Eric Lastomen Month ago

    Naglaro ba si terence jones

  • Art Labrador
    Art Labrador Month ago

    ang pogi ni siakam

  • Dominic Lou Bescoro

    Lol siakam thumbnail

  • Gero Ayuban
    Gero Ayuban Month ago


  • Rex R4D
    Rex R4D Month ago +1

    11:14 that voice crack doh 😂

  • Hitaro Yusuke
    Hitaro Yusuke Month ago

    Im not a rocket fan but I sure wish that they will be in the finals this coming season with harden and westbrook.

  • frank brown
    frank brown Month ago

    Westbrook has turned from a both ends of the floor hustler to a both ends of the floor spectator. Plays zero D and just watches on O unless ball is in his hands.

  • CoreA
    CoreA Month ago

    if raptors owner know kawhi&green gonna carry his team to finals and win championship they well offer them max contract so sad.

  • Chad Taylor
    Chad Taylor Month ago

    This channel thinks they slick adding those misses to the highlights you expect them to make them it's like why was that in there highlights lol

  • epi pi
    epi pi Month ago

    Westbrook looks like ninja turtle and the other guy in the thumbnail looks like snail.

  • Fast Life Information

    danielsd ead

  • Fast Life Information

    latin kings are ugleeeee old

  • Fast Life Information

    fucked lady pink silly

  • Fast Life Information

    latin kings suck dick

  • Jericho Dichosa
    Jericho Dichosa Month ago

    Russ + the beard = DISH CITY ...

  • The Shaderoom Teenz

    Rockets got so much depth at shooting 3s they going to be hard to beat this year I think they will make the finals and win it

  • lalabagh
    lalabagh Month ago +1

    8:08 isn’t harden travelling?👀

  • Jessie James Ancheta
    Jessie James Ancheta Month ago +2

    Westbrook 3points are going in watch this man goes to work .lakers vs clippers vs rockets on west

  • sandy
    sandy Month ago

    Not bad at all for our bench mob! I’m impressed.

  • Yes Sir!
    Yes Sir! Month ago

    Cowards! And you fans are cucks to China. You let the dictatorship of China fuck your players infront of your eyes and you like it.

  • Skender Skender
    Skender Skender Month ago +4


  • So Cool1
    So Cool1 Month ago

    They are running around like chickens with there heads cut off they will never win a ring

  • Sebastian Kehr-Christensen

    Toronto Raptors

  • Dj Zephyr
    Dj Zephyr Month ago +1

    Just want to see WB dunking on some defenders

  • Bitfroste Seigeheim
    Bitfroste Seigeheim Month ago +2

    Japanese audiences appreciates what NBA Players do or did in the court on both teams. Yes; they are NBA fans.

    • icecreaman2010
      icecreaman2010 Month ago +1

      everybody wants to be black but dont knowbody want to be black.
      they want the blackness

  • Jesse Ramales
    Jesse Ramales Month ago

    When the season starts I would like to see changes.. Westbrook don’t Belong shooting guard he belong Point guard always... James Harden should stay shooting guard he’s the one that has 3 points”... Houston Rockets got it 🚀💪🏼we just want to see the teams to fix.

  • Raymond Arsedale
    Raymond Arsedale Month ago

    Raptors will be number 5-7 seed this year lol

  • P4F Ace
    P4F Ace Month ago

    Siakam is trash

  • Edward Bliss
    Edward Bliss Month ago +1

    Here's what I took from that game. Stanley Johnson sucks, OG Anunoby needs to learn how to score, Terrence Davis is going to lead the Bench Mob 2.0, and it looks like Norman Powell is going to have a breakout season

    MID ONE Month ago

    Fucking video

  • Mohammed Chang
    Mohammed Chang Month ago

    i love nba