LGR 486 Update! Installing & Enjoying Windows 3.1

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • The LGR Woodgrain 486 PC is due for an upgrade... to the year 1992! I've got a boxed copy of Microsoft Windows 3.1 and a brand new Microsoft Mouse to enjoy so let's install everything on top of MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.0 and have fun with Lode Runner and Print Shop Deluxe.
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  • Mark Hyde
    Mark Hyde 13 hours ago

    Still come back to this video for nostalgia - being an 80s kid, DOS, and 16 bit Widows was a wonderland in the 90s :)

  • Carlos Augusto
    Carlos Augusto 2 days ago

    my first one was 3.11 for workgroups...

  • beezle1976
    beezle1976 3 days ago

    Sorry, far from on topic, but to those that don't, I recommend turning on subtitles.
    Some of them are kind of amusing. This video for example at exactly 2.00 in has the subtitle "(plonk)" when LGR places his copy of Win 3.1 on the table.
    Yes, I realize it's probably just me, but it amused me :-)

  • Vincent Richnomd
    Vincent Richnomd 3 days ago

    They took Windows 3.1 and amp it up to Windows 95

  • Vincent Richnomd
    Vincent Richnomd 3 days ago

    But not for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 won’t be possible

  • Vincent Richnomd
    Vincent Richnomd 3 days ago

    In short 3 years Windows 95 came along and poor Windows 3.1 was lifted behind and forgotten lol

    CSHARP 7 days ago

    I think the mouse manual shows a left handed man because Bill Gates

  • Cheesy The Gamer
    Cheesy The Gamer 8 days ago

    What are all the games that will run on Windows 3.1 might buy some for my 3.1 system.

  • Mic Maj
    Mic Maj 9 days ago

    I type: win
    DOS: Bad command or file name

  • Michael Leonard
    Michael Leonard 9 days ago

    That monitor brings back memories. We had a Packard Bell Legend 115 when I was a kid.

  • Vladislavs Dovgalecs
    Vladislavs Dovgalecs 15 days ago

    Great video! So many memories came up :) thanks!

  • zen
    zen 16 days ago

    Those Roland speakers look amazing.

  • Marnix de Vries
    Marnix de Vries 22 days ago

    Your reading of the Microsoft Mouse manual reminds me of the “In a world...” movie trailers 😂.

  • Logan Palmer
    Logan Palmer 22 days ago

    8:40 Cleanliness is indeed important when keeping your balls at bay.

  • pan koza
    pan koza 27 days ago

    r o l a n d

  • michael lunn
    michael lunn 28 days ago

    I miss mouse trails !

  • Christian Gaskins
    Christian Gaskins Month ago

    Lgr i have a problem with my monitor hp w1907 it powers on but themenu shows up for 5 seconds the it turns off

  • dreambyte
    dreambyte Month ago

    Fine video. Thumbs up for showing the 5.25" floppy release. :)

  • Los Vlogs de Yeril
    Los Vlogs de Yeril Month ago

    iTS so funny having a manual on how to use a mouse, i have an old vhs on how to use Windows and its just way too funny how they advertised GRAPHIC INTERFACE

  • Bill J
    Bill J Month ago

    Skip the BS, show me the console cheats for Ski Free

  • Timothy
    Timothy Month ago

    Should've touched on 16bit to 32bit compatibility/incompatibility... and the BALL in the mouse... encourage today's kids to find a ball mouse and FeeeEEL how antiquated it is compared to their current touch screens and their memories of optical mice... SAY IT... dang-it! - - - - ALSO, remember in that operating system, when a program crashed, EverYTHIing Crashed... That wasn't changed until Windows 2000 when the operating system didn't sit on-top of MS-DOS.

    btw, I like how your editing excludes the HOURS of waiting for stuff to load and install. When I die, I'd like to see a spreadsheet on how many hours of my life was spent on waiting for my Amigas, 286, 386, 486's, etc loading Sh!t.

  • Andrzej Jakiś
    Andrzej Jakiś Month ago

    24 pages of user manual for 2 button mouse xd

  • Ben Kloos
    Ben Kloos Month ago

    Did I miss it or did you not show everyone the 3.1 Ctrl+Shift Easter Egg??

  • Cid Sapient
    Cid Sapient Month ago +1

    back then u didnt really use windows for gaming
    there was kinda no point
    u had such limited resources to begin with
    any type of overhead on most machines would kill FPS in games as ud run out of memory constantly

  • judg3TH
    judg3TH Month ago +4

    LGR 486 Update! Installing & Enjoying Windows 10.

  • Vicente Paulo Faustino

    Very very nice! Nice time when I started using computers

  • Dan Thompson
    Dan Thompson Month ago


  • Michael0075
    Michael0075 Month ago

    Someone needs to create a version of Crysis for Windows 3.1. Use side scrolling graphics like the original 8 bit Nintendo's Contra but with the Crysis story complete and intact. I'm sure a Windows 3.1 OS environment can handle animated sprites with no problem. Most sprites in the game could be done using either large 100h x 50w pixels or a smaller 64h x 32w pixels with between 24 sprite frames and 42 sprite frames depending on memory limitations. With 256 colors available and either 8 bit levels of detail or 16 bit levels of detail for the sprites and back grounds. The backgrounds can be done using between 3 and 4 separate layered planes. One primary plane and the standard offset platform plane and one or two backdrop planes for the environments. I don't think you can do transparent colors but you could just simply do a blank sprite with a white outline to represent the stealth mode of the nanosuit. Simple controls for running, jumping, punching, and kicking for the basic moving around stuff. A simple swim animation using maybe 4 or six frames of animation for that. I figure a maximum of 60 individual sprite frames would give you all the animation you'd need for a side scrolling action shooter. Then when someone asks, "Can it run Crysis?" You can say, "Sure." That would actually be kind of cool.

  • Claudia Burns
    Claudia Burns Month ago

    Oh... you and MS-DOS 6.22.

  • Jordan Thompson
    Jordan Thompson Month ago

    That starfield takes me back to messing around with my friend and his old black and white laptop his dad gave him. Pretending the starfield was the viewscreen of our "Spaceship".

  • pigzzry
    pigzzry Month ago

    Love the cool crab

  • Vink
    Vink Month ago

    Right at 21:22 that 'are you sure you want to exit' dialog box really brings back memories. I'm sure many people from the era will recognise those colourful yes/no/cancel buttons, which means the program was written using Borland's C libraries for Windows rather than using Microsoft's compilers. It would probably be an interesting video if any programmers out there talked through their old IDEs, as it would probably surprise quite a few people seeing the 'behind the scenes' of the programs they used to use and how they were written!

  • adews
    adews Month ago

    Now upgrade it to Windows 10

  • AliiCatTV
    AliiCatTV Month ago

    We have the same monitor.. Wow!

  • Kyle Gunsser
    Kyle Gunsser Month ago

    He said rubber ball ;)

  • rooster sideburbs
    rooster sideburbs Month ago

    win 3.1 my first o/s. what happened to the gateway monitor? Wish i would have kept my old gateways.

  • jaxmk1
    jaxmk1 Month ago

    I noticed in the mouse manual,the pics for mouse movement and clicking are for the left-hand people....was that a thing back in the day?

  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan Anderson Month ago

    Noice! I'm confused about your comment at the end, though, that you don't actually own a copy of WfWG3.11, but have "another version of Windows for Workgroups". What other versions are there? (You referring to 3.1 vs. 3.11?) And even if you had another version, why *not* install and use it on the Woodgrain?

  • Ante Matković
    Ante Matković Month ago

    I remember using Windows 3.1 back in 2003 in school, a lot of fun!

  • Logan Ayers
    Logan Ayers Month ago

    11:30 wheres the tada startup sound

  • Karl-Heinz Erlenhain

    we've come a long way from a Windows version that everybody wanted to have to a windows version that you could get for free but many didn't want. i still regret upgrading from windows 7 to 10 :S

  • hillary Ford
    hillary Ford Month ago

    you should get "Desktop Toys" and try that one

  • Leandro Tomasoni
    Leandro Tomasoni Month ago

    thanks for the jump to the past... oh yeah! :)

  • William Barath
    William Barath 2 months ago

    3.0 came before there were stable standard hardware options for M$ to support. Even Win95 was facing hardware that couldn't be trusted to not to lock the system up if you tried to enable it. It wasn't until Win98 and Plug-n-Pray support came that I would begin to blame M$ for failing to support sound hardware out of the box... and of course they shipped Win95 with not only sound drivers and utilities, but also a video player, video teleconferencing, and 2 sample music videos on the installer CD.

  • amaxamon
    amaxamon 2 months ago +6

    TV/movies are so crappy now it's more entertaining to watch someone install Windows 3.0.

  • Valley Kid
    Valley Kid 2 months ago

    I'm not sure if this is your thing or not. I started binge watching your videos, as I'm part of the same era, in fact, I've owned much of the same hardware as you've featured. After watching some software nostalgia, I wonder, have you had any experience with OS/2?
    I haven't taken the time to look that up, but if you ever decided to put a video out about it, and how compatible it was in the ways you cover (for example authentic experience with games and sound hardware, I would be super interested!

  • epy leaver
    epy leaver 2 months ago

    Did you ever play astro fire on Windows 3.1?

  • 63DIRTY
    63DIRTY 2 months ago

    Strange- 3.0 came on the usual floppy, then, 3.1 is on 5 1/4 discs?

  • Candy m
    Candy m 2 months ago

    I miss 3.1

  • Ram21s
    Ram21s 2 months ago

    Clint, the Lode Runner and Microsoft Arcade brought back some memories, thanks for making this video.

  • Qaijo
    Qaijo 2 months ago

    Sly comments like "blackjack and hookers" are why I'm subscribed to this channel.

  • DarkObelisk
    DarkObelisk 2 months ago

    All of my games and software (Wordperfect, XTree) required me to drop out of Windows and back into Dos so I recall thinking Win 3.1 was kind of a cool gimmick but basically useless.

  • fixxxer3456
    fixxxer3456 2 months ago

    Holy crap, I just looked and if Wikipedia is right 3.1 and subsequent 3.x upgrades were supported up to 2001! Right around when XP came out! That is crazy

  • Sebas Eu
    Sebas Eu 2 months ago

    Always when upgraded windows form a version to the next one, I used to launch the install/setup from the previous version of windows. That way, I was sure that all the settings, drivers, etc are kept and uprgaded

  • ScoopexUs
    ScoopexUs 2 months ago

    Well, if you didn't install Windows 95 on your 1995 PC but upgraded it to install 3.1... *cough* I'm sure Windows would be not a dog on it. Everyone else who got 3.1 for their PC got the dog. People with Macs, Amigas, or Archimedeseses just looked at PC users. "You can suddenly... do word processing in a window?" Betweens spurious hourglass waits, such as if you moved the mouse cursor. And after more than a decade, you couldn't game on it either.
    - I'm just saying we had no idea what you were excited about. Why would anyone pay $1500 for such a piece of landfill? (Which, it turns out, all but 5 PCs of this era left in the world are. Yours is one. Don't worry, I exaggerate, but it's pretty close to the truth. No personal computer had as terrible second hand value as a 3 years old PC. It. Was. Junk.)

  • SuperDerek RPGs
    SuperDerek RPGs 2 months ago

    Clint, please track down a working t-shirt cartridge, this would be terrific for oddware! :)

  • I Munoz
    I Munoz 2 months ago

    Vaporwave Desktop

  • Paul Morrison
    Paul Morrison 2 months ago

    First windows OS I used.

  • FireDragonStarTV
    FireDragonStarTV 2 months ago

    Have you played the Xbox Live Arcade Version of Lode Runner? It's really good. It even works on Xbox One. That's how I play it.

  • John F
    John F 2 months ago

    This is going to give me nightmares. Wasn't there also a 3.11, last update before '95? I swear there was one last broken update that made my 486 packard bell useless.

  • The Minimum Wage
    The Minimum Wage 2 months ago

    Aaaaaah that model M sounds so great.

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 2 months ago

    How do you get all those old components, are you traveling back in time or something?

  • necridos
    necridos 2 months ago

    lode runner was way better on nes then 3.0 imo

  • Perudor
    Perudor 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for the amazing journey back to the early 90s :o)

  • Nathan Gibson
    Nathan Gibson 2 months ago

    But will it run crysis?

  • D Zee
    D Zee 2 months ago

    Wow.... Luckily, i never had to install this, my 1st pc came with 3.1 pre-installed in 1993. I was just blown away with this. What a blast from the past .

  • DISnut
    DISnut 2 months ago

    You remind me of my uncle. He liked assembling and upgrading computer hardware, and criticized Windows.

    Then again, no other OS is any better lately. macOS has its faults, and you need a degree in rocket science to figure out Linux.

  • Nicholas Settle
    Nicholas Settle 2 months ago

    "Flippin 'eck!"

  • denshi.moe
    denshi.moe 2 months ago

    Windows 3.1 was the first version of Windows I have ever used so this video makes me feel quite nostalgic!

  • Dylan Harrison
    Dylan Harrison 2 months ago

    You should do a video where you look at early versions of Linux on original hardware.

  • Chad Kennow
    Chad Kennow 2 months ago

    Disk 7 is typically printer and networking drivers. That's why it skips it on 3.0 and 3.1.

  • Toru the Red Fox
    Toru the Red Fox 2 months ago

    the _ball_

  • ReaperHacknSlash
    ReaperHacknSlash 2 months ago

    yeah me too packard bell same monitor i had windows 3.11 when i was a kid back in 1993 or 94 can't remember i htink fall of 93 like oct 93' had a packard bell computer with the same monitor with ms dos 6.22 it came w ith a box and i mean a nice SIZE book for windows 3.11 working with groups and ms dos it was a nice big package.

  • CrazyTesseract
    CrazyTesseract 2 months ago

    As computers (and phones) get smarter and smarter, people get dumber and dumber.

  • Stimpy McStimp
    Stimpy McStimp 2 months ago

    The windows 3.1 and Lode Runner nostalgia was real! The purple dude intro calling "Sierra" still sometimes pop through my head and probably will be doing till the end of days.
    And I also forgot the cars background. I do remember some sort of red tiling background.

    The pc we had didn't have many games for windows but mostly on DOS where there also was something of a GUI installed to make it easier, can't remember the name but I do remember the program Norton Commander with the two folders side by side. I somehow thought that the games for DOS, even if there was a Windows 3.1 version, were better. But that maybe could be because our pc was crap!

    Now I am on the nostalgia the first games I remember were Star Control, Prince of Persia 2 and Monster Bash episode 1. Oh and some other game where you were a spaceship where you needed to ' eat away' pieces of the space of the enemies until it was too small. And yes, all those were in DOS.
    Fun fact: while I was doing Monster Bash I was eating a 'frikandel' (a stick of fried meat sorta) and one of my first teeth got stuck in there when I took a bite.

    Jeez, what a trip down memory lane just seeing Clint zipping through WIndows 3.1 .... :-)

  • Emanuele Vaccari
    Emanuele Vaccari 3 months ago

    Wow this brings me back! My first 486 had windows 3.1 and I even had an internet connection using Trumpet Winsock , browsing with Netscape 2 and emailing with Eudora mail. Played a lot of Little Big Adventure on it!

  • James Gunby
    James Gunby 3 months ago

    Rubber-coated *ballllll*

  • Riot Jayne
    Riot Jayne 3 months ago

    Cool Clipart Crab ^^

  • GamerLuke20
    GamerLuke20 3 months ago +1

    Nice mug.

  • Milo The Triple M
    Milo The Triple M 3 months ago


  • acalthu
    acalthu 3 months ago

    techmoan mug!

  • Joseph Bentley
    Joseph Bentley 3 months ago

    The *B A L L*

  • John Gilbert
    John Gilbert 3 months ago

    3.1 was important. 95 was way important. looking back, it went downhill from there.

  • cowboyatthebebop
    cowboyatthebebop 3 months ago

    I miss old windows

  • Fred W
    Fred W 3 months ago

    Why didn’t you install 3.11 for Workgroups. Now that changed the game. Networking! Even though Amiga was way ahead of its time.

  • Princess Celestia
    Princess Celestia 3 months ago

    tada.wav is the biggest loss in modern windows

  • Lee H
    Lee H 3 months ago

    I'm New to older OS if using w98se would this cover games for w3.1 or is it essential to get w3.1 to not miss out on alot of classic games?

  • deadnerves
    deadnerves 3 months ago

    ahhh the good ol 3.1 my first OS

  • Gabriel Korytiak
    Gabriel Korytiak 3 months ago

    hey did you know that windows 3.1 can get on the internet ? Yup Windows 3.1

  • lyianx
    lyianx 3 months ago

    I need to put 3.11 on my 486. Its been a very long time since i have messed with it tho, not sure my disks are still good... if i can even find them.
    Also, totally jealous you had an NIB Microsoft mouse.

  • Patrick Aubry
    Patrick Aubry 3 months ago

    I still own the Microsoft keyboard that goes with that mouse.

  • Channel Zero
    Channel Zero 3 months ago

    15:19 to 20:37 Lazy Game Reviews, proudly brought to you by Techmoan.

  • Subatomic Nucleotide
    Subatomic Nucleotide 3 months ago

    So who else just ordered a Techmoan mug?

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 3 months ago

    I want you to review WebTV

  • FeelingShred
    FeelingShred 3 months ago

    One thing I always wanted to know, both for modern and old systems: do screen savers or just turning the screen off after some time (laptop) actually reduces power usage? Does it make a dedicated Radeon GPU use less power for example?

    • Aleksander
      Aleksander 3 months ago

      Screen savers? No.
      Turning off the screen? Yes.

  • יוחנן בן-יעקב
    יוחנן בן-יעקב 3 months ago +1

    Happy 1000th video Clint! Thanks for the excellent content and memories!

  • Jella Sullivan
    Jella Sullivan 3 months ago

    I still have windows 98 CD

  • TwisT
    TwisT 3 months ago

    those speaker are so sexy ;)

  • quatz1981
    quatz1981 3 months ago

    My first OS.

  • nicky davani
    nicky davani 3 months ago

    I prefer storm. I hate hotdog stand. Lol. I love the cheer music that came right after. Doodoo! Oh my fox, we had both a Mac and a windows machine and the time and I loved windows 3.1.