LGR 486 Update! Installing & Enjoying Windows 3.1

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • The LGR Woodgrain 486 PC is due for an upgrade... to the year 1992! I've got a boxed copy of Microsoft Windows 3.1 and a brand new Microsoft Mouse to enjoy so let's install everything on top of MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.0 and have fun with Lode Runner and Print Shop Deluxe.
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  • Stimpy McStimp
    Stimpy McStimp 4 hours ago

    The windows 3.1 and Lode Runner nostalgia was real! The purple dude intro calling "Sierra" still sometimes pop through my head and probably will be doing till the end of days.
    And I also forgot the cars background. I do remember some sort of red tiling background.

    The pc we had didn't have many games for windows but mostly on DOS where there also was something of a GUI installed to make it easier, can't remember the name but I do remember the program Norton Commander with the two folders side by side. I somehow thought that the games for DOS, even if there was a Windows 3.1 version, were better. But that maybe could be because our pc was crap!

    Now I am on the nostalgia the first games I remember were Star Control, Prince of Persia 2 and Monster Bash episode 1. Oh and some other game where you were a spaceship where you needed to ' eat away' pieces of the space of the enemies until it was too small. And yes, all those were in DOS.
    Fun fact: while I was doing Monster Bash I was eating a 'frikandel' (a stick of fried meat sorta) and one of my first teeth got stuck in there when I took a bite.

    Jeez, what a trip down memory lane just seeing Clint zipping through WIndows 3.1 .... :-)

  • Emanuele Vaccari
    Emanuele Vaccari 6 days ago

    Wow this brings me back! My first 486 had windows 3.1 and I even had an internet connection using Trumpet Winsock , browsing with Netscape 2 and emailing with Eudora mail. Played a lot of Little Big Adventure on it!

  • James Gunby
    James Gunby 6 days ago

    Rubber-coated *ballllll*

  • Riot Jayne
    Riot Jayne 7 days ago

    Cool Clipart Crab ^^

  • GamerLuke20
    GamerLuke20 8 days ago +1

    Nice mug.

  • Smash Hit Network Kapamilya

    Windows 3.1 25th Anniversary Edition!!!

  • Milo The Triple M
    Milo The Triple M 8 days ago


  • acalthu
    acalthu 9 days ago

    techmoan mug!

  • Joseph Bentley
    Joseph Bentley 11 days ago

    The *B A L L*

  • John Gilbert
    John Gilbert 12 days ago

    3.1 was important. 95 was way important. looking back, it went downhill from there.

  • cowboyatthebebop
    cowboyatthebebop 13 days ago

    I miss old windows

  • Fred W
    Fred W 13 days ago

    Why didn’t you install 3.11 for Workgroups. Now that changed the game. Networking! Even though Amiga was way ahead of its time.

  • Princess Celestia
    Princess Celestia 14 days ago

    tada.wav is the biggest loss in modern windows

  • Lee H
    Lee H 14 days ago

    I'm New to older OS if using w98se would this cover games for w3.1 or is it essential to get w3.1 to not miss out on alot of classic games?

  • deadnerves
    deadnerves 15 days ago

    ahhh the good ol 3.1 my first OS

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 15 days ago +1

    I converted Missile Command from MTX512 BASIC to Borland Turbo Basic which when compiled to EXE files made them run much faster.

  • Gabriel Korytiak
    Gabriel Korytiak 15 days ago

    hey did you know that windows 3.1 can get on the internet ? Yup Windows 3.1

  • lyianx
    lyianx 15 days ago

    I need to put 3.11 on my 486. Its been a very long time since i have messed with it tho, not sure my disks are still good... if i can even find them.
    Also, totally jealous you had an NIB Microsoft mouse.

  • Patrick Aubry
    Patrick Aubry 16 days ago

    I still own the Microsoft keyboard that goes with that mouse.

  • Channel Zero
    Channel Zero 16 days ago

    15:19 to 20:37 Lazy Game Reviews, proudly brought to you by Techmoan.

  • Subatomic Nucleotide
    Subatomic Nucleotide 17 days ago

    So who else just ordered a Techmoan mug?

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 18 days ago

    I want you to review WebTV

  • FeelingShred
    FeelingShred 18 days ago

    One thing I always wanted to know, both for modern and old systems: do screen savers or just turning the screen off after some time (laptop) actually reduces power usage? Does it make a dedicated Radeon GPU use less power for example?

    • Aleksander
      Aleksander 12 days ago

      Screen savers? No.
      Turning off the screen? Yes.

  • יוחנן בן-יעקב
    יוחנן בן-יעקב 18 days ago +1

    Happy 1000th video Clint! Thanks for the excellent content and memories!

  • Jella Sullivan
    Jella Sullivan 19 days ago

    I still have windows 98 CD

  • TwisT
    TwisT 19 days ago

    those speaker are so sexy ;)

  • quatz1981
    quatz1981 19 days ago

    My first OS.

  • nicky davani
    nicky davani 20 days ago

    I prefer storm. I hate hotdog stand. Lol. I love the cheer music that came right after. Doodoo! Oh my fox, we had both a Mac and a windows machine and the time and I loved windows 3.1.

  • Rizki Haryoprakoso
    Rizki Haryoprakoso 20 days ago


  • mosez
    mosez 20 days ago

    Ahhh windows 3.1

  • 005 AGIMA
    005 AGIMA 20 days ago +1

    Legit version of Windows 3.1? Now there is something I never owned :D

  • Douglas Titchmarsh
    Douglas Titchmarsh 21 day ago +3

    Serious nostalgia, but I have to admit starting my PC years with DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.11.

  • Huntron
    Huntron 21 day ago

    This screen right here, it really does it for me.

  • Keatononame
    Keatononame 22 days ago +2

    7:17 I like how they have illustrated an "ergonomic" mouse being used incorrectly with the left hand.

  • David Galbraith
    David Galbraith 23 days ago

    Now 3.11.

  • everytiem
    everytiem 23 days ago

    i always enjoyed your videos. thanks for existing, LGR!

  • SexyBulldozerMan
    SexyBulldozerMan 24 days ago

    get sim farm

  • This Intangible Existence

    Great video!

  • Polikarpov Mosca
    Polikarpov Mosca 25 days ago

    Says he wants to enjoy Windows 3.1. Doesn't even install Sim Tower.
    To add insult to the injury he already has a Maxis group from Sim City

  • Graham Davenport
    Graham Davenport 25 days ago

    why not 3.11 for workgroups, and internet enabled?

  • Andromeda
    Andromeda 25 days ago

    OMG the memories!! When you said MIDI files!! I used to be a huge collector of MIDI files in the 90s!!

  • ComputerNerdInside
    ComputerNerdInside 25 days ago

    When you were on the color settings menu it looked like you didn’t clock on a bigger color setting before you closed out?

  • ComputerNerdInside
    ComputerNerdInside 25 days ago

    Hey, I have this old IBM PC 5150 that I have no use for. When you plug it in the PSU fan spins up some, then down, nothing more. Needs obvious cleaning, but you might be able to get it going, if there’s any way I could get it to ya.

  • Dave's Retro Desktop
    Dave's Retro Desktop 26 days ago

    I remember using my first computer mouse. It was back in 1988 and it was the Commodore 1351 on my C128, and I used it for running GEOS. I still have it and it still works after all of these years.

  • FarBike
    FarBike 26 days ago

    superb. you just opened drawers in my memory i forgot were stored in my brain. 486 generation.

    EVANCOOL 26 days ago

    The ball...

  • some brine shrimp on the internet

    Win for Windows!

  • Stonetic
    Stonetic 26 days ago

    Seven floppy disks for a GUI OS. My current windows folder is in the multi gigabytes and I have no idea what they're doing with all of it.

  • CrazyNickGR Κούλογλου

    Hey Clint can i ask you something? How can i sent you stuff to unbox?

  • Letande
    Letande 26 days ago

    That version of Windows... that mouse... so many memories

  • greylocke100
    greylocke100 27 days ago

    I have been trying to find an old shareware game, "Descent" but I haven't had any luck.
    I used to have an old 8088 with 384k of ram with a daughter card expanding the ram to 512k. I had more fun with that and my 286/12 with 1 mb of ram, loading up Windows 1.1, 2.0, then 3.0. I finally had to get a 386, when Windows 3.1 came out.

  • awoodbridge
    awoodbridge 27 days ago +1

    Can you do a ZZT review?

    DAS' STUFF 27 days ago

    Back when I worked as a tech support agent I used Windows 3.1. We sold computers with Windows 95 and NT 4.0 at the time.
    I was actually using high-ish end parts running an old operating system, so it ran rather fast actually.
    The computer I used at home had 95 and my Notebook had NT 4.0 so I still had modern technology.

  • Brennen Parker
    Brennen Parker 27 days ago

    Nice techmoan mug! 🤘

  • MTRredux
    MTRredux 27 days ago

    Hey LGR have you seen the Kenshi game...I think you would like it

  • DeadlyPenguinMusic
    DeadlyPenguinMusic 27 days ago

    i'm living for that tall serif font

  • Vermilicious
    Vermilicious 27 days ago

    Windows 3 really was a game changer. I just loved exploring this operating system as a kid. It's not the greatest for entertainment purposes, even if there are some charming games for it. You always had DOS in the background for your gaming needs though. What I miss the most is the simplicity of the user interface. That has just really gotten worse ever since, starting with the start button introduced in Windows 95. Most of us have gotten so used to this Start menu, that when they wanted to remove it, Microsoft had to get it back. This doesn't change the fact it's terrible from a user interface perspective. Windows 3 just had the basics right, and we could still live well with that, I believe.

  • chris b
    chris b 27 days ago

    The fun thing is how it takes less time to startup than Windows10!!

  • MeshMN
    MeshMN 27 days ago

    How about OS2 Warp - I remember flipping a coin in the store when i needed an OS - Windows won the toss but i always wanted to SEE what Warp was about.

  • Roberto Diaz Beltran
    Roberto Diaz Beltran 28 days ago

    Hey Clint, i think i have never see you reviewing Elite or Frontier: Elite 2, it would be quite nice, even more if you do a 4 part review for every one of them :3
    And no Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (which is on steam btw) or Monkey Island either... just saying xD

  • C R
    C R 28 days ago

    That's cool!

  • pikadroo
    pikadroo 28 days ago

    I had some doubt on the "Enjoying Windows 3.1" part of the title but I'll be darned, I really did enjoy that. =/

  • plan7a
    plan7a 28 days ago

    :D ['Flipping 'eck!'], In reference to the Techmoan mug. LOL.

  • MK4000
    MK4000 28 days ago

    the baaaaall

  • David Bergmann
    David Bergmann 28 days ago

    Hey LGR! You're a cool dude

  • David Laverick
    David Laverick 28 days ago +1

    Have you heard about the new System Shock remake?

  • Romaji
    Romaji 28 days ago

    This is the latest version of Windows that I've never used. Unless you count 95 as fundamentally different from 98

  • hond654
    hond654 28 days ago

    Why do we need anything better when we can have SimCity on Win3.1? :D

  • marlb0r015
    marlb0r015 28 days ago


  • Brian M
    Brian M 28 days ago

    Flippin' 'eck! A Techmoan coffee mug!
    My evil, twisted (and probably still doused in allergy meds) mind has a question: What would happen if this was installed on a modern computer? What sort of nightmarish horrors could be expected? Or, would it simply not run?

    • John Rogers
      John Rogers 28 days ago

      Well I think 3.1 is only a 16 bit OS/shell, so it likely would hang itself trying to figure out an x64 processor

  • eyescovered
    eyescovered 28 days ago

    can't wait for 3.11!

  • Daniel Quinn
    Daniel Quinn 28 days ago

    cool video bro nice!!

  • YouTube YouTube
    YouTube YouTube 28 days ago

    Yeah apple motherboard

  • Donald Person
    Donald Person 28 days ago

    Back then I remember I hated Windows so much that I refused to install it. I just used DOS (up until 6.22), and finally when Win95 came out, I decided I liked it enough to use it ;-)
    Everything I wanted to do with my computer I could do in DOS at the time -- at some point.. I think just before '95 came out, I came across a copy of GEOS & thought that was kinda fun and used that for a while.

  • N8NK QRP
    N8NK QRP 28 days ago

    Same monitor I had but my system was a lowly Packard Smell 486 SX25. I also ran Win 3.1 on DOS 5. But then I found the AMAZING Norton Desktop for Windows. It takes 3.1 to the next level. It was windows done right. Alas, I grew up, and I turned to Linux. Thanks for the fun videos!

  • AcerJJJ
    AcerJJJ 29 days ago

    Nothing better than eating Krystals at 10 pm while watching an LGR video. 👍

  • -
    - 29 days ago +1

    • No 3.11 WFW? 🤨
    • Nice TheXvid Pedant mug. 👍
    • Ah, those halcyon days of using Print Shop Deluxe to print color pictures on the school printer. ☺
    • I think you forgot to play _Chip's Challenge_ . ¬_¬

    • Evan Jahomes
      Evan Jahomes 26 days ago

      i mean look at how long he was using 3.0

  • kimjongkek
    kimjongkek 29 days ago +3

    pouring coffee on top of a model m is risky business.

  • Pinakin Kale
    Pinakin Kale 29 days ago

    Really dig that new intro not gonna lie

  • Pocket Fluff Productions

    Only once in my life did I see a computer running Windows 3.1 with functioning SVGA drivers. I guess most people whose computers were new enough upgraded to 95 pretty quickly.

  • Trukkle
    Trukkle 29 days ago

    I have so many good memories of the creative talking scheduler making an utter arse of itself mispronouncing things.
    My dad's name was the first thing Simon would say every single time he started talking, the digital idiot pronouncing it Roh-Bin, and would drag the word appointment out to four or five syllables.
    A jankyrobotic american accent, at full volume accross a UK garden so it can be heard in the shed:
    "Roh-Bin you have annn ap-poin-t-ment in five minutes: Ha. Ha. You are all ready late."

  • synthstudiodevries.com

    I missed the screen antics screensaver with this man on the deserted island with the tree in the middle, remember? Had such fun with it, watching it.

  • Guy L
    Guy L 29 days ago

    Just a few words to say that - no I am not into old games - but love your videos. They are informative, neutral enough and must take you a lot of work to review all those band new old products. Enjoyable and informative. Thank you.

  • ez45
    ez45 29 days ago

    Ooooh, I have one of them and use it on my MS-DOS Laptop. Didn't know it was that shiny from the factory, I figured it would be from heavy use! Heh.

  • Slaytronic
    Slaytronic 29 days ago

    sorry it took me all these years to finally see one of your videos wish i had know about you sooner :) subbed

  • Bent Sound
    Bent Sound 29 days ago

    The noise you made at 3:42 is my new ringtone!

  • Andrew Tubbiolo
    Andrew Tubbiolo 29 days ago

    You should try an early Linux on that '486.

  • Pico Herbie
    Pico Herbie 29 days ago +3

    Did he say he made a backup with blackjack and hookers?

  • RetroVault
    RetroVault 29 days ago

    I still have 3.1 on floppies and dos 6.22 . I have same mouse

  • RetroVault
    RetroVault 29 days ago

    Oo yeah

  • lukearoo
    lukearoo 29 days ago

    I bought a new usb mouse the other day, and it had half a trees worth of instructions packed with it too.

  • Bionic Man
    Bionic Man 29 days ago


  • WR3ND
    WR3ND 29 days ago

    The 486 and Pentium era was a bit past my time in some ways - building and repairing computers from used parts as a kid, until I could afford new components to build whole systems as a teenager - so it's nice having the opportunity to revisit it.

  • hugeshows
    hugeshows 29 days ago

    Some fun facts... Now, forgive me because I installed hundreds of PCs on 3.11 WfW so I may be confusing some things... But anyway, I knew before you opened the box that you were needing 7 disks. IIRC they used 7 disks for all the various formats regardless of disk capacity, because the install script knew to look for certain files on certain disk numbers. When you copied these disks, you had to make sure to name the disk or install would fail... Also, I think the part where it modifies your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT is something like adding the windows dir to your search path in the case of the autoexec, and then adding FILES=60 BUFFERS=40 and DEVICE=HIMEM.SYS to the CONFIG.SYS. Again, these are old memories... Ask me about the Novell Unicode disk...
    Re Print Shop: That was the first piece of commercial software I ever owned. I'm talking about the original PC version in the yellow box. Everything was of course in black and white because all we had then were dot matrix printers. Color printers had come out, but were seriously expensive and cruddy beyond belief by today's standards.

  • Ndlanding
    Ndlanding Month ago

    AH! that's just past where I started (i.e. pure DOS), and I put it on my 386SX 20MHz after my computer friend sent me 4MB of RAM to add to the original 1MB. Only ever used Windows for the odd Word thingy, unril I got the best prog ever: AMI PRO!

  • Zachary Johnson
    Zachary Johnson Month ago

    I'd love to see you do videos on Windows 1 and 2 LGR

  • stigoftdump
    stigoftdump Month ago

    kinda want a 5hr video of you installing/fiddling with early-to-mid '90s MS OSs/add-ons/etc. you're hitting all my nostalgia buttons right now.

  • Dave P
    Dave P Month ago

    Haha yes! I clicked like the exact right moment to get the Tada noise accidentally. Love when those things happen,

  • Carl Gundel
    Carl Gundel Month ago

    I quickly upgraded to Windows 98 on my vintage 486 gaming machine (sans woodgrain), but I will have Win 3.1 on my 486 Compaq laptop and I have OS/2 Warp on my Thinkpad X20. Cool that you have a MS serial mouse. I managed to buy the same one NOS on ebay for about $12. So much fun. :-)

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis Month ago

    To be honest, Windows 3.1 is one of those very few systems that I used a fair bit back in the day but hold absolutely no nostalgia for. That is probably because back (late 486 era) then I was really only interested in games and pretty much every game you could get back then recommended it be played on MS DOS or PC DOS rather than Windows because of memory limitations and the extra system overheads that were associated with the Windows system. For me Windows only became of interest with Windows 95, but I would rathe go straight to Windows 98SE. Just for the extra stability you get with the slightly newer (read bug-fixed) version.