Star Wars VIII : The Last Jedi Official Trailer #2 (Synthesia Piano Tutorial)+SHEETS&MIDI

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • According to Star Wars Official, this is Official Trailer #2.
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Comments • 54

  • Samuel Fu
    Samuel Fu  Year ago +40

    sorry, according to Star Wars (official), this is official trailer 2

    • Rhys Evans
      Rhys Evans Year ago +1

      Samuel Fu I completely did the hole thing!!!!!!!!! thanks for posting this

  • Movie and Series Scenes

    I can't get the sheet music. It says the sheet is unavailable. How can I get the sheet music for free? Please help.

  • spartandud3
    spartandud3 8 months ago

    If I may offer some constructive criticism. Use of a pedal and different volumes would make it really pop.

  • Blue
    Blue 8 months ago

    I could play that!
    If the rest of the raptors were still alive :( i miss them.

  • Learning with Elizabeth
    Learning with Elizabeth 11 months ago

    i like your job

  • Learning with Elizabeth
    Learning with Elizabeth 11 months ago +1

    i loved that awesome

  • öllisölli kiitunen


  • Leon Heyer
    Leon Heyer Year ago


  • taito_jr
    taito_jr Year ago

    Amazing music!

  • anders wolf
    anders wolf Year ago

    The second part is impossible

  • TajnyGraczX
    TajnyGraczX Year ago

  • Uğur Varolxxx
    Uğur Varolxxx Year ago

    Ş ş

  • JD Bond
    JD Bond Year ago

    Last one was two loud, and now this one is too quiet

  • Tobi
    Tobi Year ago

    Its nice

  • Akshat Kumar Bohre

    I never new there was a new movie until now!

  • Star wars Fan
    Star wars Fan Year ago


  • MR Let's Play's
    MR Let's Play's Year ago

    Geil, super, super gemacht.😀😆

  • Freddie the angry lizard

    I watched film it was longest out then all but shocking

  • Eldyy
    Eldyy Year ago +1

    I think this was meant for someone who actually has the force. Just play left/right hand normally and play the extra keys with your mind.

  • White Pnter
    White Pnter Year ago


  • Azeez Ahmed
    Azeez Ahmed Year ago

    That Kylo Ren music at 0:57 and breakdown at 1:13 gave me chills

  • Diana bermudez
    Diana bermudez Year ago


  • bjbishop
    bjbishop Year ago

    who else saw the movie a day early

  • Andoni Tarragona
    Andoni Tarragona Year ago


  • Olivér Tóth
    Olivér Tóth Year ago +16

    R.I.P fingers

  • Asdrubale 983
    Asdrubale 983 Year ago +1

    The name of the song?

    • R2-D2
      R2-D2 Year ago

      Elemarac It was reys theme i think

    • El Mirdal
      El Mirdal Year ago +1

      its the imperial march.

    • Redrexi
      Redrexi Year ago

      Gr4vitY No that isn't, that's Rey's theme.

    • El Mirdal
      El Mirdal Year ago

      Hyper 983 the trailer song is a mashup of various star wars themes with a twist, for example in 0:21 its actually the imperial march.

  • The Bestest
    The Bestest Year ago +2

    Can I use this on my other account ill tell them about you

  • ScottishStark240
    ScottishStark240 Year ago +9

    Too bad I'm not a rathtar LOL

  • Isabelle SALOMONI
    Isabelle SALOMONI Year ago +2

    Really good!!!

  • Kyrex Yoshiaga
    Kyrex Yoshiaga Year ago +1

    Yay, another trailer!!!! I'm so excited!!! Also, I love this channel so much!

  • HyperNova
    HyperNova Year ago +6

    Okay, I can do this.
    Um, meh?

    • anders wolf
      anders wolf Year ago

      General Nerf Its actually easy, but 1:20 is the part where its getting impossible.

  • Byto
    Byto Year ago

    Note perfect. Bravo. And great job getting it out so fast!

  • Wrench Breaker
    Wrench Breaker Year ago

    i feel like you should've taken a bit more time and care into this one...

  • Pablo Onrubia
    Pablo Onrubia Year ago +4

    "I dont think now is the best time" please

  • The Boi496
    The Boi496 Year ago +7

    If it was not for you, I wouldn’t have known there was a new trailer!

    THE COLD SAMURAI Year ago +4

    Cool finally somethin GOOD

    • Echo Gaming
      Echo Gaming Year ago

      SUBZERO GAMING agreed, screw w avengers

  • nishant sharma
    nishant sharma Year ago +20

    you are awesome man
    May the Force be with you😀

  • harm
    harm Year ago +28

    That was fast!

  • Teeve 900
    Teeve 900 Year ago +5

    I love your vids and I look up to you! BTW this is trailer #2

    • Teeve 900
      Teeve 900 Year ago

      Samuel Fu OK,

    • Samuel Fu
      Samuel Fu  Year ago

      well, i can't change

    • Liz Jones
      Liz Jones Year ago +1

      Samuel Fu This is the Official Trailer #2 according to Star Wars (Official)

    • Samuel Fu
      Samuel Fu  Year ago

      i tot the previous one is teaser trailer, this is official trailer 1