What a round! Lewis Ritson & Robbie Davies Jr go for broke in the last 💥

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Relive the sensational last round between Lewis Ritson and Robbie Davies on Saturday 19 October 2019 at the Newcastle Arena, where The Sandman prevailed to move one step closer to a World Title shot.
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Comments • 81

  • Rocky slack
    Rocky slack Month ago

    Both gave it their all,hats off to both of them.their showed true heart and desire.Davies will come back,big congrats to Ritson. Unreal fight in every round...atmosphere was awesome!!

  • Stuart Johnson
    Stuart Johnson Month ago +1

    Tell ya what Robbie Davies Sr will be looking down from above with his HEART ♥️Bursting with PRIDE.!!! Well done Junior. Sorry big RESPECT to Lewis Ritson as well.

  • Brummy boxing fan
    Brummy boxing fan Month ago

    If you dont have goosebumps after that round you are not a boxing fan

  • Alaina Celestine Sta. Maria

    Nothing serious.. Common

  • Soldier Of God
    Soldier Of God Month ago +1

    Great fight just wish they had a little more power, a lot of the punches throughout the fight looked like pillow punches & arm punches lol but it was entertaining no doubt

    • KyleJames9619
      KyleJames9619 Month ago

      Soldier Of God they both have punching power but put so much into those early rounds it took a lot out of them. They were both buzzed at times during the fight but it was just sheer heart and desire that got them both through it.

  • tomstoonARMY
    tomstoonARMY Month ago +2

    Toon toon, black and white army!!!!!
    Top effort lads!!!!!

  • Jo
    Jo Month ago +3

    I hope Lewis ritson gets the fight at st James park against Taylor he is the most exciting boxer to watch well done

    • Donald Berry
      Donald Berry Month ago

      Taylor would kill him-he needs more time

  • Kevin Mcleod
    Kevin Mcleod Month ago

    Was fucking mint , what an amotsphere it was

  • junior Arsenal
    junior Arsenal Month ago +1

    Class fight

  • Jimbo McStutterville
    Jimbo McStutterville Month ago +6

    Newcastle crowd is class

    • K Ri
      K Ri Month ago +1

      We always give our boys %100 full support whether they are winning or losing. It makes for a much better night for us if there winning because we then use that win as an excuse for an all night party, not that we ever need an excuse but the atmosphere in the bars and clubs is so much better after a local boy does well.

  • maroccy
    maroccy Month ago +1

    Great fight !!

  • Kaasam Ali Khan
    Kaasam Ali Khan Month ago +3

    Best British fight this year for me

  • Alan Ward
    Alan Ward Month ago

    Us geordies man it in wu blood to keep gan!!! Go on Ritson lad (Y)

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales Month ago +1

    This is going for it lol yea ok sucks

    • Jose Morales
      Jose Morales Month ago +1

      @Nufc Gray IL go a round with ur mom

    • Nufc Gray
      Nufc Gray Month ago +2

      Go in the ring with one of these and they would knock you out in one round you fanny

    • Jose Morales
      Jose Morales Month ago

      @Jimbo McStutterville sure I will like u wash away like shit

    • Jimbo McStutterville
      Jimbo McStutterville Month ago +1

      lol you melt, its after 11 rounds of back and forth..no shit they're a little sluggish

  • Thomas Beattie
    Thomas Beattie Month ago +1

    Geordie boys we are here! Slap your lass with a Christmas tree!

  • Martin Delbosque
    Martin Delbosque Month ago +4

    Great fight Mexican Style ...

  • Dee Naijaboi
    Dee Naijaboi Month ago +4

    That' was a proper proper fight.

  • Tyson 'Gypsy King' Fury

    fight of the year 100%

  • rm D Great
    rm D Great Month ago +1

    2 bums are fighting..

    • Stuart Johnson
      Stuart Johnson Month ago

      rm D Great. Was it Great when your BUM got rammeD or was you fighting.?? Ya BUM.

    • john bloggs
      john bloggs Month ago

      rm D Great ur mom has a great bum tho

    • king and Country
      king and Country Month ago

      And one triggered English hater can't stand to see great British boxing , jealously . lol what a fucking crybaby loser you are .

    • conney puss123
      conney puss123 Month ago +6

      Beat your fat

  • Vasya Vasya
    Vasya Vasya Month ago +1

    Shitty judges, this tournament was the lowest in term of judgement

  • Graham Paterson
    Graham Paterson Month ago

    I'm sitting here 2 weeks on from having my jaw broken in 2 places,and it was on the mend till I watched this and was screaming at the fucking telly,what a fucking tear up,I salute the pair of them absolutely fucking gladiators.

  • Simon Ross
    Simon Ross Month ago +4

    great stuff boys, true grit !

  • bigdog scarborough
    bigdog scarborough Month ago +9

    That was up there with the best fight of year

  • Eddie Dazn, boxing
    Eddie Dazn, boxing Month ago +7

    I think Antony Joshua would Beat ritson inside 7 rounds

  • Don Spartan
    Don Spartan Month ago

    Loads of soft punching. Where's the power??

    • You're Right But
      You're Right But Month ago

      Don Spartan You fucking asshole😂 Daftest comment on TheXvid.......EVER😂

    • Swagg123
      Swagg123 Month ago

      @king and Country By a midget like you? Man you get neck pain from looking up to tall people all day right? A midget living in the bad weather country and shame of eu ...

    • king and Country
      king and Country Month ago

      @Swagg123 lol shut up you fat casual idiot . You'd get smashed on the streets of England let alone the boxing ring .

    • king and Country
      king and Country Month ago

      Lol another jealous English hater , another casual and a crybaby loser . what a dickhead you are .

    • Ollie grigg
      Ollie grigg Month ago

      Swagg123 very true, ksi and Logan Paul have more power than both of these

  • Tom Abela
    Tom Abela Month ago +2

    Just watching the man shadow box in the crowd

    • Mike Hancho
      Mike Hancho Month ago +1

      @DNF Danninetyf You can see him at 2:14 and at 2:30. He's wearing a white shirt

    • DNF Danninetyf
      DNF Danninetyf Month ago

      Tom Abela - Where at? Hahaha

  • Malamute
    Malamute Month ago +23

    these guys are worriers. Maximum respect to these young lads.

    • K Ri
      K Ri Month ago

      Well said, totally agree.

    • Jtaism
      Jtaism Month ago


    • Kaasam Ali Khan
      Kaasam Ali Khan Month ago +1

      @Malamute low blow

    • James Hoad
      James Hoad Month ago +2

      Yeah they both fraught with worry! 🤣

    • Malamute
      Malamute Month ago +2

      @L L they worry they might become a Dadashev

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn Month ago +12

    To be fair the scouse finished strong here

  • Craig Burt
    Craig Burt Month ago +4

    Great fight

  • mick 07
    mick 07 Month ago +3


  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson Month ago +20


  • Southwestuk
    Southwestuk Month ago +10

    Cracking fight

  • Rocky Hogan
    Rocky Hogan Month ago +23

    Heart and Desire!! Unbelievable!