Nepomniachtchi makes Vishy Anand resign in just 22 moves! | Tata Steel India Rapid 2019

  • Published on Nov 23, 2019
  • Nepomniachtchi had lost both his round 1 and 2 games at the Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2019. He came back strongly in round 3 with a miniature win over Vishy Anand. Check out the full video! The time control was 25+10 (delay), but the game ended in just 18 minutes!
    Video: ChessBase India
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Comments • 85

  • Shaik Yaseen
    Shaik Yaseen Month ago

    I don't understand why they put queens in the middle after the game over .. and is Anand lost to him?? Is that draw ??

  • hunting&fishing nz
    hunting&fishing nz Month ago

    not even a second of silent,everyone is dying

  • hunting&fishing nz
    hunting&fishing nz Month ago

    coughing is fucking annoying

  • সরপুরিয়ায় পোকা

    Anand is the MS Dhoni of chess. He is well past his prime but his sycophants are too scared to tell him to pack up.

  • Krunal KP
    Krunal KP Month ago +1

    17:19 haha lol

  • Steam
    Steam Month ago

    What's that yellow stuff in Vishy's hair lol?

    • asdfasd
      asdfasd Month ago

      lol what is that

  • Nick M.
    Nick M. Month ago

    The worst broadcasted event in history. Every second (COUGH!!!). Not to mention Red Shirt walking in front of camera as per their routine. Don't ever broadcast like this again please, for the love of Baby Yoda.

  • Andrey Yakovlev
    Andrey Yakovlev Month ago

    Зачем в конце партии Непомнящий королей поставил в центре? Видел это не одни раз и не только у него.

    • NERS 1987
      NERS 1987 Month ago

      Так при ничье делается

  • Kingcaptive
    Kingcaptive Month ago

    Just a suggestion.. if you put a cpu board illustration in the bottom right corner you would double your views.

  • Patricio Patoktubre

    La panza de Nepo jajajaja destruido

  • Pascal Minette
    Pascal Minette Month ago +1

    Watch out !
    One big tagada strawberry is coming.

  • Pascal Minette
    Pascal Minette Month ago +1

    Is the audience forced to come with a big bag ?

  • Pascal Minette
    Pascal Minette Month ago +3

    Don't miss Peter Pan passing by !

  • Esaú Álvarez
    Esaú Álvarez Month ago +1

    I see Anand not focus on the game, he looks like only reacting, Anand is on his decadence.

  • Aymen Bennasser
    Aymen Bennasser Month ago +1

    What a shame for India population that has 1 billion people and can’t be in first 3 places 😂😂😂😂

  • Harze
    Harze 2 months ago

    Nepo is interested player these days. What a game

  • JR LEE
    JR LEE 2 months ago +9

    Is there a flu virus in India right now. Man those cough are bothersome.

    • Fredobel51
      Fredobel51 Month ago

      The tournament is taking place in a sanatorium by the sound of it.

  • shomshay
    shomshay 2 months ago

    Indeed too strong

  • Abhishek Sukhatme
    Abhishek Sukhatme 2 months ago

    Feeling very sad

  • Bill Killernic
    Bill Killernic 2 months ago +3

    Its not football... its nice to have the players in frame while playing but its not an atraction! Why you think all those tournaments use DGI boards like the one in the video? *BECAUSE IT DIGITALLY REGISTERS EACH MOVE AND ARChiVES IT INTO MEMORY* = you use that data and display a 2d chessboard so that we can see what is played which is *the actual attraction* angled side view is just retarded you have to really try to make out what they played...

    • Bill Killernic
      Bill Killernic 2 months ago

      @J.C Rodríguez The worst part is that its not a production cost just overlaying a 2D chessboard and sync the moves with the video footage is a less than 30 minute issue in post production and you can use freeware software to do it...

    • J.C Rodríguez
      J.C Rodríguez 2 months ago

      I agree it´s time for chess to upgrade technology: even just a higher positioned camera could do wonders!

  • Buxy
    Buxy 2 months ago

    Ok please tell me, is he Vishy Anand or Vishwanathan Anand? Or that were two different guy?

    • Preethi Sinha
      Preethi Sinha 2 months ago

      Vishwanathan Anand.
      People call him 'Vishy' affectionately

    • Jishnu Bhattacharyya
      Jishnu Bhattacharyya 2 months ago +1

      They are the same people lol, he was the guy on the right

  • cyberstud007
    cyberstud007 2 months ago

    2 games a day is better. 3 days a game is difficult as experienced by World champions. Anand earlier and even Magnus getting into a draw.

  • mysirius1000
    mysirius1000 2 months ago

    Curry and underage hookers have taken their toll on poor fishy!

  • Vaibhav Walekar
    Vaibhav Walekar 2 months ago

    Can any one says move for as king goes to A1 position

    • Samwri Hiro
      Samwri Hiro 2 months ago

      I assume you meant h8

    • Samwri Hiro
      Samwri Hiro 2 months ago

      If gxh6 then Rxf6 with a strong attack on the king. Blacks h6 pawn is also weak. That's what I see anyways.

  • Patralgan
    Patralgan 2 months ago +1


  • Jonas Bueno
    Jonas Bueno 2 months ago +14

    13:50 Nepo's face after Re8 HAHAHAHAHHA

  • শুভশঙ্কর ভট্টাচার্য্য

    Well played.. But Sir should continue this game.. Atleast we could learn how we can defend this kind of attack.. This is called chess anytime anyone can be won..

    • M
      M 2 months ago +2

      You waste too much capacity if you play everything out. You need to focus on preparing and the next games, so its better for the Tournament to resign on lost Positions

  • Arr Kay
    Arr Kay 2 months ago +3

    Vishy resigned because of the coughing .. couldt concentrate

  • Kevin Wellwrought
    Kevin Wellwrought 2 months ago +1

    Anand brought down to his knees very easily.

  • Paul Morphy
    Paul Morphy 2 months ago +4

    How are you supposed to know whats going on from that angle? What a useless video

  • Boris Erjavec
    Boris Erjavec 2 months ago

    Is it a forced checkmate?

    • Robin Ros
      Robin Ros Month ago

      I haven't analysed it with an engine, but I think that after every king move, Qg4 leads to checkmate on g7 (or g8, after ...Kf8, Qg4 Rec8, Qg7+ Ke8, Qg8#), except when Anand would have captured the knight on f5 with the queen, which would in turn be recaptured by Nepo's queen. So the only way to stop mate in 3 is by sacrificing the queen, which obviously leads to an easy win for Nepo

  • Marvin Malatji
    Marvin Malatji 2 months ago +3

    Why don’t the audience applaud for Nepo but they did to vishy when he won against Wesley So. So arrogant 😤😤

    • Amit Handa
      Amit Handa 2 months ago

      @Liberty yea u r correct

    • Liberty
      Liberty 2 months ago +4

      @Rohit Debnath yes they can applause opposition for playing well. something most indians lacck !!

    • Rohit Debnath
      Rohit Debnath 2 months ago

      Just think, India vs Bangladesh cricket match is going on in India and BD wins do you really think that the crowd is going to cheer for BD's win. 🙄

  • Bo Jangles
    Bo Jangles 2 months ago

    Washed Anand. Also, 7:50 picks nose. 8:00 eats booger xD

  • christopher ndoroma
    christopher ndoroma 2 months ago +2

    The invisible tension between chess players 😂

  • KUMAR Academy
    KUMAR Academy 2 months ago +2

    yesterday it was disappointing . after the win against wesley i was high on expectation watching this match and i was expecting for anand to win and take the lead .. but he lost

    • Tushar V
      Tushar V 2 months ago

      Not actually possible to take the lead with just 1 win, Magnus is too many points ahead.

  • Mohan Lal Bhadupota
    Mohan Lal Bhadupota 2 months ago +3

    आनंदजी को 25 मि. का गेम मे पुरा सोचकर हि खेलना चाहिये था
    ऊनके बिशप और नाईट कि अक्टिविटि से नेपो. को कोई परेशानी हि नहि हुई
    पुर गेम मे केवल ऊन्होने डिफेंस हि किया

  • Snackbar
    Snackbar 2 months ago

    Can these guys tell the future?

  • AFelip
    AFelip 2 months ago

    Que todo el publico comió chile antes de empezar?? Que estresantes, me recordó a lo que decían de las distracciones que le hacían a Korchnoi en contra de Karpov

  • musicguitar
    musicguitar 2 months ago +8

    Just goes to show that you can’t let your guard down at the elite levels of chess. I’m sure Vishy will bounce back.

  • shanu gaur
    shanu gaur 2 months ago +4

    Sad moment for anand and all his supporters I think he will come back tomorrow

    • Liberty
      Liberty 2 months ago

      he has to come to play. playing from home is not allowed ! lol

    • Keshav Mundada
      Keshav Mundada 2 months ago

      Yes he will come back

  • Jebanis
    Jebanis 2 months ago +93

    is everyone in this room suffering from lung cancer?

    • Amerphil Maharlika
      Amerphil Maharlika Month ago

      Just mute your sound.

    • Hainiek Jeksen
      Hainiek Jeksen Month ago

      That is a backsound for tata...

    • Power King
      Power King 2 months ago

      Jebanis indeed must be very enjoying to concentrate

    • Otaku hunter
      Otaku hunter 2 months ago +1

      this period is the time when the seasonal change is at a peak in the eastern side of Bay of Bengal and the max and minima temp's differs a lot in the past few decades.Naturally there's a increase in feverish people

    • khilan panchal
      khilan panchal 2 months ago +4

      😂😂 Yes looks like, it makes player s very uncomfortable.

  • Hamza Prince
    Hamza Prince 2 months ago +26

    it s hard to follow the game from this perspective, wish you coud add the bord on the screen, it make things more easier, and thank you for the coverage of the event.

    • Bloke Bloke
      Bloke Bloke 2 months ago

      @Mick and Rorty GKJ doesnt request. he only orders !!

    • Mick and Rorty
      Mick and Rorty 2 months ago

      @Bloke Bloke ok buddy send me a request

    • Bloke Bloke
      Bloke Bloke 2 months ago

      @Mick and Rorty play with me man. im GKJ (garry kasparov junior)

    • Bloke Bloke
      Bloke Bloke 2 months ago

      hamzy - gud 1

    • Mick and Rorty
      Mick and Rorty 2 months ago

      @Marcio Araujo 1700-1800 are u on lichess I'm Addieminem

  • Viki M
    Viki M 2 months ago

    Why there are no soundproof barriers between players and spectators, all Indian spectators have TB it seems, constant coughing and sneezing. Shit environment to play like this.

  • 2 PAC
    2 PAC 2 months ago +6

    "We are all human" moments.