Found 5 Explosive Devices Underwater with the U.S. Navy! (Bomb Squad Called)

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
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    Found 5 Explosive Devices Underwater with the US Navy! (Navy Bomb Squad)
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    DALLMYD  5 months ago +3725

    I feel incredibly lucky and honored to have the oppurtunity to make a sponsored video with the US Navy. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who made this happen. I went from filming scuba diving videos with my phone and a camera I found to having an oppurtuntiy to team up with the US Navy! I'm not sure how all this happened, but today was a fun day! Help me do more things like this by clicking the thumbs up button and sharing this video! I can't wait for more adventures like this! Huge thanks to everyone who has served.

  • JFetch
    JFetch Hour ago

    0:39 The US Navy putting on a gun show.

  • Lilg 3x
    Lilg 3x 4 hours ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how at 1:19 it looks like it from a movie the camera is the best i swear

  • TheRed BalloonYT

    🗝I was more worried of him getting ate by a shark or any over thing down there. And I don’t no why because if he got ate why would this video be out. ❔

  • Robert Girtakovskis

    Other TheXvidrs are sponsored by Raid, Audible, so on.
    This mfer is sponsored by the DAMN MILITARY

  • Brody Smith
    Brody Smith Day ago

    ok am i the only one that missed him finding any bombs?

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    erin j 2 days ago

    Good. Job and keeping

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    Tanner Tew 3 days ago

    Isn't the navy always nice?

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    normal youtubers: this video is sponsored by a game
    DALLMYD: this video is sponsored by the navy

  • Aunt Cynthia
    Aunt Cynthia 5 days ago

    Awesome fines lol

  • Damon Thornhill
    Damon Thornhill 6 days ago

    Buddy, you keep doing good things for the earth and we'll have to start calling you Captain Planet. Great job!

  • Erik Riggs
    Erik Riggs 6 days ago

    Alligators in San Diego?

  • Nijale
    Nijale 8 days ago

    Been rocking with u since cod montage vid drawings

  • Kimberly Tanzini
    Kimberly Tanzini 8 days ago

    Great recruitment video! They make it look like fun!

  • Raziel Ryuki
    Raziel Ryuki 8 days ago

    HOO YAH!!

  • Peyton Kinney
    Peyton Kinney 8 days ago

    I used to live in California! My Aunt and my Uncle live there! Love your channel, watch it 24/7!!

  • BvB Zedd
    BvB Zedd 9 days ago

    I remember when you were trying to hit clips on call of duty now you are being sponsored by the US navy and diving with them too. It makes me so happy to see you happy and doing what you love.

  • DarkSoul 214862
    DarkSoul 214862 10 days ago

    Saving The Ocean One Scooter At A Time

  • Eric TheCreeper
    Eric TheCreeper 10 days ago

    *sees title*

    Me: WHAT

  • Logan S
    Logan S 11 days ago

    Ehh D, throw back time!! US navy!!

  • Victoria Dawson
    Victoria Dawson 11 days ago

    As a commercial fisherman (although not in that area at all) I hate seeing that lost pot/trap. All pots/traps for any species should have what is called a biodegradable panel. My family has done extensive research with this and we have come up with a more successful solution than what our area regulators did. Our biodegradable panel fell out in less than a month which any fish could survive that amount of time without food.

  • Fossum
    Fossum 11 days ago

    This video is nervewrecking lmao

  • Caleb Gallo
    Caleb Gallo 11 days ago

    what about the other lobster in da cage

  • Kaylah Olive Horses and Crafts

    My dads in the army his name is Ballard corporal :D

  • Marilyn Turcotte
    Marilyn Turcotte 14 days ago

    Shout out to the Navy for taking you out for the day. I am pretty sure that their eyes were opened up to what you do, maybe that could be done in training dives.

  • Mochi :3
    Mochi :3 14 days ago

    You fit in because of your camouflage

  • Dondi Dykes
    Dondi Dykes 16 days ago

    Isn't the Midway decommissioned

  • Pure Bordem
    Pure Bordem 16 days ago

    You should come to London and dive in the river Thames, you could find some WWII weapons maybe, some phones, go pros etc

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    Texas0warrior 17 days ago

    That guy has a mustache of a GOD

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    Lal Mohan 20 days ago

    I like the blonde guy

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    Novineux 21 day ago

    mmmmmm so many yummy men! ;D

  • Elijah Rife
    Elijah Rife 21 day ago

    Pls fix the camera shake, i got super motion sick trying to focus on his face. Other than that it was a great video.

  • Chelsea Leer
    Chelsea Leer 23 days ago

    My bf is already signed for navy and I’ll be hopefully signing next year for navy to

  • IWAP0TAT0305
    IWAP0TAT0305 23 days ago

    that lobster likes you to mutch

  • IWAP0TAT0305
    IWAP0TAT0305 23 days ago

    hey I went to that ship

  • Kevin Anthony
    Kevin Anthony 24 days ago

    How many recruits did they get out of this video do you think?

  • ImLucasss
    ImLucasss 24 days ago

    Plot twist he found a real one and he got kikled

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    Hi how are you

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    I’ve been on that ship that mite sink the sumaren net bye

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    Rakuen Growlithe 29 days ago

    What's the pixelated area on your arm at 14:15?

  • Mv BubbleMilk
    Mv BubbleMilk 29 days ago

    0:37 joe
    Who's Joe??

  • Chidike Johnson
    Chidike Johnson 29 days ago

    This reminds me of king Kong 😂

  • A heart for animals

    Applause for freeing some lobster!! 🙌🏼

  • cbart 1987
    cbart 1987 Month ago

    GO Navy

  • Theresa Odell
    Theresa Odell Month ago +1

    Being from San Diego, I'm not surprised you found a bird scooter in the water. People are always tossing them in the ocean for whatever reason. Especially areas like Sunset Cliff's

  • TheShadowCompany
    TheShadowCompany Month ago +1

    Dat title tho the navy can handle bombs u dont need squad

  • Arthur Lucena
    Arthur Lucena Month ago +2

    1:50 boat....
    How many times he said boat loll

  • Krystal Keener
    Krystal Keener Month ago

    Your are so COOL!!!!

  • Richard Porter
    Richard Porter Month ago

    If I remember right you can modify a fish finder to do the same job as the sonar in this video. Just make sure that you can adjust the sensitivity of the fish finder. Of course you would have to either build or try to find a water proof box for the display and batteries. It shouldn’t cost more than $300. I believe it would help you find more items on the bottom of any body of water.

  • Jesse Demler
    Jesse Demler Month ago

    Typical Navy expenditures: Fords and Evinrudes 😂🤮

  • Cheri Dransfield
    Cheri Dransfield Month ago

    Wow I went on that boat 2 years ago never thought about the stuff that could be down there.

  • Kim Page
    Kim Page Month ago

    What a great experience for you!

  • Space Foox
    Space Foox Month ago +3

    3:01 damm dude look at those buns 🤑🤑

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    Loyce March Month ago

    No gaters in CA water.

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    Robert Hutchins Month ago

    What’s the museum name?
    I want to go visit there

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago

    Super cool that the NAVY would let you come out and do this with them! Looks like a great time!

  • RoninRin
    RoninRin Month ago

    You should show them some of the other cool stuff you can do in the Navy. Like scrubbing the toilets of a ship that 40+ guys shit in. Doing the Laundry, and many more!

    I love that they try to show how cool it is, but it can actually be rather dull doing the same crap you can do outside the military.

  • ryan sherfield
    ryan sherfield Month ago

    they forgot the last labster

  • Alfany Diaz
    Alfany Diaz Month ago

    1.8k dislikes. I hope Santa brings to gifts to y'all dislikers. This video is A-mazing!!!