The Untold Truth Of Dave Grohl


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  • Chip Barkhouse
    Chip Barkhouse Day ago

    Tremendous talent. Funny dude too. Chip Barkhouse The Drummist

  • Purple_Guy0900
    Purple_Guy0900 4 days ago

    Rip Curt Cobain and hopefully many more years to the foo fighters

  • Will Wills
    Will Wills 7 days ago

    I didn’t know this guy was so cool. Courtney Love is a cunt.

  • hatednyc
    hatednyc 7 days ago

    Untold Truth about Daveeed Grohl: he’s as cool as you think he’d be

  • Gary Pendleton
    Gary Pendleton 7 days ago

    Illuminati puppets. Leapers of the world!

  • Basiliki Galanopoulou

    Ok..I really admire and respect Dave Grohl,but I didn' t know that he cheated on his wife...O.M.G

  • Viola Fontellio
    Viola Fontellio 11 days ago

    KURT 👏🏾 DIDN’T 👏🏾 KILL 👏🏾 HIM 👏🏾 SELF 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • g r e y l i e n
    g r e y l i e n 11 days ago

    i was a little annoyed by courtney but all that was awful. genuinely disgusted with her

  • William G. Bryant
    William G. Bryant 12 days ago

    Dave is a million times more talented than Courtney

  • Makk
    Makk 16 days ago

    Courtney Love is surely related somehow to Yoko Ono

  • MrMotherfuck123
    MrMotherfuck123 16 days ago

    Not exaxtly that untold.

  • Clorox
    Clorox 16 days ago

    i fucking hate Courtney Love...

  • Brandon Grazioso
    Brandon Grazioso 17 days ago

    To every singe person in the comments saying they hate Courtney Love, I have only one thing to say to you... I agree, how could you pretend Dave Grohl can't sing and then make whatever down syndrome monkey mating call that was?

  • Jess Mitchell
    Jess Mitchell 17 days ago

    “Learning to fly”😑

  • Magic Steve
    Magic Steve 21 day ago

    Little known fact: Chuck Schuldiner (vocalist and lead guitarist of Death) planned to collaborate with Dave Grohl shortly before his unfortunate death.

  • Spanish Inquisition
    Spanish Inquisition 23 days ago

    Courtney hore-Love is the worst thing since Yoko ono..... Dave Grohl is a God compared to her... Nirvana songs belong to Nirvana, not to her.....

  • Martin Brown
    Martin Brown 24 days ago

    and who gives a s**********t and f***********k

  • Carmen Bernardo Meme Owxus

    why do people hate Courtney Love so much?

  • street punkisa
    street punkisa 25 days ago

    Cobain did not kill himself.
    Grohl was lucky coz KC made him famous.
    End of story.

  • sloth Captinjackspandex

    I learned guitar just like that

  • AJ G
    AJ G 29 days ago

    Selfish bitch... Courtney love is fucking desgusting.

  • Luis Gustavo G. de Anchieta

    Dave is a legend!

  • James !
    James ! Month ago

    How old was dave when he first meet drum kit?

  • Tizhiri subliminals


  • Daniel Balter
    Daniel Balter Month ago

    I cant imagine Kurt ever doing the Muppets! The good die young and the rest just rot away.

  • Adam Parsons
    Adam Parsons Month ago

    2:32 sorry but nahh. Motörhead does

  • ChaoticBrutal Ranger

    Bunch of salty Nirvana fans in here whining about some shit their fucking junkie frontman did. It's just stupid.

  • Randy White
    Randy White Month ago

    Dave and Courtney killed Curt

  • Kirk Van Houten
    Kirk Van Houten Month ago

    What exactly is Courtney Love famous for anymore? Drugs, rehab, relapse, rehab again, calls people names in the press, starts feuds. Then every ten years or so, she puts out a shitty record that nobody cares about. Repeat ad nauseum

  • mevlut kara
    mevlut kara Month ago

    insincerity dinasour. you not deserve anything and maybe deserve prison

  • John Berg
    John Berg Month ago

    You should really remove that peanut butter from the roof of your mouth.

  • shawn cypret
    shawn cypret Month ago

    Who cares

  • - -
    - - Month ago

    One of the best drummers in the world? That came out of nowhere. Literally nobody thinks that, and I don't think Dave would claim such a ridiculous title.

  • Ned Gipson
    Ned Gipson Month ago

    Grohl is a BEAST

  • tm agad
    tm agad Month ago +1

    would’ve been way better if Courtney killed herself instead of Kurt
    oh well what can ya do...

  • Elijah Garcia
    Elijah Garcia Month ago

    Grohl kicked out Will because Will had his own style and didnt do what Dave said. He hired Taylor because he did everything that Dave told him to do.

  • Reformed-Edge
    Reformed-Edge Month ago

    Courtney is still a murder suspect as far as I'm concerned.

  • Gazza Williams
    Gazza Williams Month ago

    It's called Learn to Fly ffs

  • Rusty Sussen
    Rusty Sussen Month ago

    I mean cmon. he pretty much became Kurt in foo fighters

  • Rusty Sussen
    Rusty Sussen Month ago

    I believe Dave killed Kurt. not Courtney not suicide dave

  • Amelia Espindola
    Amelia Espindola 2 months ago

    pat smear❤❤❤❤

  • Manlike BigFen
    Manlike BigFen 2 months ago

    Dexter mannings voice lmaoooo

  • Paul Feldman
    Paul Feldman 2 months ago

    "Suicide", you say? The fuck it was; that ugly slag waxed Cobain. He had like 20 times the heroin in him it'd take to kill a junky with a huge tolerance, was incapable of firing the weapon in his and the furniture's positions and the suicide note wasnt in his writing.

  • Andy E
    Andy E 2 months ago

    Courtney love is a bitch

  • ladyofthe 80s
    ladyofthe 80s 2 months ago +1

    Ms Love

    You are a garbage person who drained the life out of your own husband literally and figuratively

    Frick you

  • VulkansHellfire
    VulkansHellfire 2 months ago

    that bitch doesn't deserve to be up stage wtf

  • Royce Winters
    Royce Winters 2 months ago

    courtney love is a cunt whore bitch ass licking fuck face piece of shit that needs to go to hell

  • Jesse Peveril
    Jesse Peveril 2 months ago

    windoda rydeuh 2:52

  • Black/HeavenVEVO
    Black/HeavenVEVO 2 months ago

    I mean nirvana was the worst band in the world, but dave is the greatest musician of our generation! Such a great guy.

  • Roy Steven
    Roy Steven 2 months ago

    Fuck courtney love

  • Oliver Adams
    Oliver Adams 2 months ago

    That’s not why Pat Smear left

  • Feledwards
    Feledwards 2 months ago

    Courtney Love is garbage

  • Phantom Messenger
    Phantom Messenger 2 months ago

    I’d say Dave is worried that Courtney doesn’t like him🤣🤣🤣

  • Kaiden James
    Kaiden James 2 months ago

    There's a lot wrong with this video

  • Kaiden James
    Kaiden James 2 months ago

    Pat smear didn't leave because of Youngblood

  • Amy Galgano
    Amy Galgano 2 months ago

    Too fighters are the best

  • hey bro!!!
    hey bro!!! 2 months ago

    You mean Learn To Fly

  • ItsyebØinØlan TØP ll-//

    Kurt kobain was killed by his wife

  • Jamie Nisherig
    Jamie Nisherig 2 months ago

    Fuck Courtney love an her big fat shitty hole

  • TB Puzzles
    TB Puzzles 2 months ago

    funny how Courtney dissed dave for his singing, when her voice is so horrible and dave was an amazing singer in nirvana, and still is today. he always has had a great voice and always will because hes dave grohl.

  • Dary Kinnaman
    Dary Kinnaman 2 months ago

    Courtney Love is a skank! She killed Kurt Cobain or had a part in it. She is a talentless nothing. Dave Grohl is awesome.

  • Kzummo
    Kzummo 2 months ago

    Courtney love is like the woman who is married to someone in the military and wears his rank

  • arthur soctomah
    arthur soctomah 2 months ago

    This fucking guy.....I mean come the fuck on

  • Operation Agatha
    Operation Agatha 2 months ago

    One of the best drummers in the world?
    Are you fucking serious?
    This guy sucks ass on EVERY fucking instrument he plays!
    Quit celebrating mediocrity! You can say you like his music if you're culturally malnourished enough to be a Poo Fighters fan but you can NOT say he's an accomplished musician!
    I played better than this chump when I was 14 and had only been playing around a year!

  • Ametrida
    Ametrida 2 months ago


  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 2 months ago

    you forgot about the part where he supported a foundation that thought aids was fake . . .

    and the part where he sold out.

  • AFrancesca P
    AFrancesca P 2 months ago

    Who here lived in Tassie?

  • Joe Fediaczko
    Joe Fediaczko 3 months ago

    “Learning to Fly”

  • firsttimecaller longtimelistener

    I play music I play drums bass and guitar the way we he likens the guitar to drums makes zero sense to me

  • John DeF
    John DeF 3 months ago

    I dont love him or hate him. I just dont get all the hype. When you grow up with The Who, Zeppelin, Stones, Pink Floyd, Beatles and Black Sabbath Dave doesnt exactly knock my socks off.

  • Gabriel uewouw
    Gabriel uewouw 3 months ago

    I don't think David Grohl is a great drummer. A great drummer would be Neil Peart not Dave Grohl.

  • Paul Scarpa
    Paul Scarpa 3 months ago

    Best drummer in the world growl is not even close to that title fucking poo fighter's

  • Rave Ray
    Rave Ray 3 months ago

    Courtney love kills Kurt 4 real

  • angel cano
    angel cano 3 months ago

    I don’t hate Courtney, I just respect her.

  • Caleb Walker
    Caleb Walker 3 months ago

    actually dave learned to play guitar fro an old beatles tab book

  • Baneeh 96
    Baneeh 96 3 months ago

    Who loves Dave??

  • Derek Martinez
    Derek Martinez 3 months ago

    Courntey Love is human cancer....fuck her

  • 777certain
    777certain 3 months ago

    google "Dave Grohl Coffee Addiction"

  • Vince Gedeon
    Vince Gedeon 3 months ago


  • John Thackray
    John Thackray 3 months ago

    I don’t care what anyone says. A part of my heart said Courtney had something to do with his death

  • aria darden
    aria darden 3 months ago

    He looks like Vic from pierce the veil in the 90s

  • Omar
    Omar 3 months ago

    I knew all of the things in this vid, nothing "untold".
    Then again, I fucking love Dave Grohl.

  • emilvar
    emilvar 3 months ago

    If Dave is a hurricane then she is silent,sneaky fart

  • Joel Bouska
    Joel Bouska 3 months ago

    what about them crooked vultures and his coffee addiction?

  • robert mobley
    robert mobley 3 months ago

    I believe El Duce!! That bitch wanted Cobain dead. Check out the El duce interview

  • tim knudsen
    tim knudsen 3 months ago

    some of your facts are alittle wrong


    Just here to say Dave is so over rated!!!

  • CheeserCheesi
    CheeserCheesi 4 months ago

    He’s actually Winston Churchill reincarnated into a banana inside a robot suit.

  • Toxic Play
    Toxic Play 4 months ago

    Kurt and dave where like brothers

  • jesper does minecraft
    jesper does minecraft 4 months ago

    errmm it was a dave grohl add on this video

  • Barry Berry
    Barry Berry 4 months ago +2

    Whats the "untold" part in this

  • linrkirk
    linrkirk 4 months ago

    Murder. Shame on you.

  • Kate Kinzer
    Kate Kinzer 4 months ago

    Is Courtney Love EVER sober?

    I AM THE YEAST 4 months ago

    "After the suicide of Kurt Cobain" .... What suicide?? His blood stream had 3x the lethal dose of Heroin. "Yeah he was incapacitated but he still managed to maintain consciousness to pull the trigger"

  • Daniel Blanke
    Daniel Blanke 4 months ago

    This video was garbage. Nothing untold. Just some fact about Dave, Kurt, Foo Fighters and Nirvana

  • James Mongold
    James Mongold 4 months ago

    Man. What a cool dude.

  • skeggjold gunnr
    skeggjold gunnr 4 months ago

    I clicked on this video after always hating Nirvana, after never really 'getting' foo fighters...but when I heard this guy *ACE* some Neil Peart at Rush's induction to the R&R hall of useless opinions (when does Judas Priest get inducted?) respect.

  • Con27Kel
    Con27Kel 4 months ago

    I feel like I need to dry myself off, after listening to that slobbery 5 and half minutes

  • Cameron Guitar
    Cameron Guitar 4 months ago

    Courtney is such a bitch I can't believe she said kurt hated Dave that's just a line you don't cross.

  • purry
    purry 4 months ago

    and who told courtney she could sing ?she's so delusional ! as much as i love kurt i never understood ... why ? ! why her man ? !